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08:14 Oct 20 2006
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The job i was counting on fell threw.

I don't know what to do.

It's been 7 months since i was last employed.




Magick With the K

08:46 Oct 14 2006
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I saw in a journal a pet peeve of people spelling Magic with a k IE Magick. The following is an explanation to clear things up for you.

Being a wiccan, I spell it with a k.

Now this may not be at all correct in any shape or form. However, it's part of my religion. Yes you can spell magick (magic)

The following is an example of what the word

Magic means

Magic - A parlor trick. An illusion of the eye.

Magick- Pretaining to preforming rituals in wicca

This is why i spell it with a k. To not give an illusion of the wrong meaning. At least in my eyes.

Hope this clear things for you.




Ghost hunting 103.2

20:04 Oct 11 2006
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What do you do if you run into a trouble spirit?


if one runs onto a spirit that likes causeing trouble then i would have to say see what kind of trouble it is causeing first. record whats its doing...this way one can figure if it a ghost or poltergiest. if it is a poltergiest then one could have a medium come into the place and try to get it to leave. that usually works, but if that dont then have the place blessed and then that should do the trick.


GT what do you think a ghost is ? Is it a lost soul, body

energy left behind or what ?

i believe that a ghost is a spirit that is capable of holding energy.

not all spirits can hold energy but can gain it depending on who and what it is


Any idea why it decides to haunt what it haunts ?

usually when a sprit haunts a place it is usually tied to it somehow.

but then again there are rouge spirits that travel. with them it is

where they can find the energy to hold their matter together.


Wraith (13)

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Re: Ghost hunting 103

Posted: 10:42:36 - Oct 17 2006

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these are some great stories keep them coming all :)

yes i have written some things in my journal. some very usefull information.

so if you want come and take a look :)

my worst experience being a hunter.

i had a very small crew about 6 years ago. just 2 other ppl that had said they knew

what they was doing. so on the first hunt with this crew, one had said that something

had touched them. we started dong an E.V.P. and the recorder was hit out of the hand

of the person that was using it. well i still got my video equipment going and did catch

some stuff on that, things that did reach a level of a poltergiest. well the rest of my crew

scattered and never returned. so the rest of that night i was doing this all by myself and had felt something

touch me and push me just once. it didnt do it again but that i would have to say was my worst exp...nothing

even remotely close to that has happened since. most encounters are good ones but there are the occasional bad

one. but them are way far and few in between.




ghost hunter 102.1

15:10 Oct 07 2006
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Further questions answered


here are some answers for your questions.

my question

What was the event or thing that got you started in all this?


well i have known since i was 10 years old that there was something different about me.

i had seen spirits before then but didnt know quite what was going on.

then when i was 16 years old my sister actually introduced me to the world of the paranormal.

i tried to reconcile what had happened with me before but with help

i realized that i had been in this for quite some time without acknowledging it.

my question

What sources did you presue to find out what to do?


you can go to pretty much any paranormal society websites and they can give you a basic outline

of what one could do in that area. i found all kinds of sources from actuall college books to just biography type books as a referance. but most of my

readings and trainings come from a fellow ghost hunter.

my question

You say not to go by one's self. Why is this?


there are many reasons for this. one is so that if you get hurt then some one can either go for help or call for help. another reason is the more people that you have with you emits an energy itself and causing a spirit to interact with you more.




A topic I found rather intresting

22:35 Oct 06 2006
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This is the topic that has an intresting view point to me. I felt it was worth a journal entry to further go over in thought.

It's from the thread Ghost Hunting 102

I'm assuming there was a Ghost Hunting 101, or 100. Who knows but the creater of the thread.

Which was oppend by: GreusomeTendacies

He had written the following.

"the other thread was very interesting and wanted to keep it going.

this is the last thing said in the other thread.

i would suggest doing some reading up on the paranormal and other entities as well that way you would know what is what and the different entities you may encounter.

then depending on how much you have that you can spend for equipment.

a basic starter kit comes with a flashlight with a red lense on it, an EMF meter, a digital thermometer, and some batteries as long as you have your own camera and video equipment.

but without the starter kit...you can use a tape recorder and a mic, or use a digital voice recorder in which i reccomend for doing E.V.P.'s. and a polaroid camera for pictures.

and if you can try to have some one with you with a pen and paper to record every little sound that you hear. if some one else in the place sneezes it needs to be recorded so as not to be mistaken for a paranoral entity. need to record exact time of every sound you hear.

that is just the basics. if you need anymore info just message me and ill give you all the info you are seeking on this matter."

After filtering threw all of the questions and answers I had come up with the following questions.

"Why would you want to ghost hunt?

What purpose does it serve to you?

What is the reason you go and look for entities that should be left alone.

Do you have an understanding that no one else does?

Why is it only very few see them?"

In which GreusomeTendacies responded in a very timely manner


i really appreciate your questions. here are my personal thoughts on them.

Why would you want to ghost hunt?

it is something that i have been around most of my life, even as a child and grew to love it.My reasoning for doing a ghost hunt is feeling that there is more to this world than is what is recognizible to the eye and hidden from the mind.its just like one that can believe in a ufo. its not seen but beleived in.

What purpose does it serve to you?

my purpose for ghost hunting is not to show people that they exist because everyones beliefs are different, but personal pleasure to myself in knowing what ive studied can be a reality.

What is the reason you go and look for entities that should be left alone.

the reasoning that i have for doing this is, most of the time it is others wanting to know if what they see or hear is what they think it is.whether paranormal or otherwise, is why im hired to do these things. i have the highest respect for ones that have passed and other things to that nature. i work in a cemetery and am around these entities all day long most of the time.

Do you have an understanding that no one else does?

i dont think i have any better understanding on the subject matter than anyone else doing it. this is one subject that is very hard to understand,especially when there are mixed beliefs.

Why is it only very few see them?

that is a very good question my friend. i think that NightMystress hit that one pretty well. there are gifted (or cursed) people that have a gift to be able to see and even talk with them. i can see them once in a great while myself and deem it as a gift. but not all others can look at that the same way. one thing learned in all this is that everything varies from person to person. their gifts and / or beliefs."

In which I replied


I appresate you replying to my questions. Some great answers some I was expecting to hear.

Others I'm actully pleased that you responded the way you have.

It dosn't look like your purposly trying to harm spirits that don't know what they are doing in our reality.

Though, to date I've only been able to gain the nack of feeling them. I've to this day never seen one myself. As much as I wish to.

Any advice on how to go about really for me to prove to myself my feeling isn't just a bunch of hog wash. I tend to believe that you can do anything with the mind set."

In which I still await a reply to. Which again is the following

"Any advice on how to go about really for me to prove to myself my feeling isn't just a bunch of hog wash. I tend to believe that you can do anything with the mind set?"

Perhaps I'll ask him again. I have submited an open line of communication between us. I'm hoping all goes well. The more I find out the more it drives me.

This forum thread was worth it to me. To express a side of me no one really knows.




I've never felt so down

13:18 Oct 04 2006
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Typically I'm a down person looking only twords the negitive.

I've had serveral friends come and go from this site.

I've had serveral lovers come and go from my life. Only to be forgoten or left out.

I hate when I feel something for someone then it turns out they don't want to be with the type of person I am. Then they feel they have to ignore me for the rest of my exsistance.

A few entries I wrote about My vampire visualation.

I'm serioulsy going to think about making my first article.

If you love me ... you know who you are.

Remind me you still feel that way about me.

Don't forget me. Don't leave me and pass me up.

I feel so down.



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