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"Ooh Baby"

00:44 Jan 19 2011
Times Read: 603

Carry me down into that liquid place again.

Were we meet without talking, were we laugh

without making a sound.

Wedge your knees between my thighs,

and slip your fingers into me again.

Let them glaze with human delight,

and lift them to your lips.

Let your fingers tell you what they found.

I'll kneel before the sunset of your skin,

it's pale tone beginning to blush, evenly,

every cell inspired to read, pushing towards

that ruddiness of purpose, that sigh.

My hands will wrap around the tendons

of your waist, to hold you here.

I lower myself over you, like clouds before

a storm.

The enormous thunder, and the rain.



01:20 Jan 19 2011

That was amazing.

01:24 Jan 19 2011

Thank u...:D

00:13 Jan 30 2011

Very nice. Welcome to the Coven.

08:43 Jan 30 2011

Thank u...i'm soo happy to be in ur coven...*sighs of relief*...:D

23:30 Feb 11 2011

this piece is.. quite superb.


"Lost Love"

03:52 Jan 18 2011
Times Read: 617

I wish i was strong like i used to be,

Before hurt and pain weakened me.

Then this wouldn't hurt so much,

all i need is your gentle touch.

You know you are and what i mean..

Your know that your; are a part of my




06:43 Feb 12 2011

don't worry kind soul your man will come



01:11 Jan 12 2011
Times Read: 644

Please take me.. melt me in love's crucible.

Till fire flows through my trembling loins,

to awake my aching body, to your lusty lover's call.

And to fill my dreams with visions of carnal delights.

Kiss me hard and part my hungry lips, with your tongue.

And guide my mouth down on you, to drink my fill from you, till i am drunk with the divine.



01:25 Jan 12 2011


01:28 Jan 12 2011


22:21 Jan 15 2011

omg that was good :)

22:04 Jan 17 2011

Wow. In my next trip to Rio, Do you want to come as a visitor?

20:02 Jan 18 2011


22:44 Jan 18 2011

Thanks everyone..:D


"Once Again"

23:03 Jan 11 2011
Times Read: 647

At night when sleep invades me..

Words run through my mind.

Words i have heard,

Words i have read.

Words i longed to hear.

Words of pain, love, & longing.

Words, meaning everything and nothing.

Ordered at my will..

Words to be remembered,

and written in the morning.

Images flash in my mind,

of dreams and reality.

And i wish to sleep once more..

Forgotten words come back to me.

And lure me into the darkness,

of the night.

Once more to see what i cannot know..




"My Dream Man"

17:21 Jan 11 2011
Times Read: 658

I always meet my dream man in my thoughts..

So gentle, so loving, so sensitive.

So sweet, so good, so caring.

So loyal, so decent, so understanding.

So trustworthy, so naughty, so cheerful.

So handsome, so dynamic.

So spiritual, so sympathetic.

Sometimes i am lost in my dreams,

i see that he is with me.

I am on the nineth cloud,

i am walking on air.

I am feeling the happiest person.

I am special for that special someone.

But when i exist from my dreams,

i smile foolishly...

I keep waiting for that dream to come true.

I know when the right person comes along,

he will be before me.



17:29 Jan 11 2011

A lot of people have such dreams - but simply dreaming isn't enough. Allow people into your life, remain open minded and explore yourself thoroughly. You will find what you're looking for eventually.

17:52 Jan 11 2011

Thank you..i'll try to be ..


21:44 Jan 09 2011
Times Read: 670

As you slept i could not.

I stood trembling, lost in thought.

You on one side, me on the other.

Yet i blushed when i pull back the covers.

I slid in carefully under the sheets,

Praying our skins would not touch or meet.

My heart racing out of control,

wanting to have you, wanting to hold you.

Feeling every vein in my body pulse,

with that relentless beat.

Like a volcano, wanting to erupt,

surging with heat.

Pulling the pillows with the sheets uptight.

Feeling the urge to flee or fight.

No where to run, no where to hide,

trying to fight this need inside.

I've overcome this battle of pain and lust.

And won something more important, his trust.





03:41 Jan 08 2011
Times Read: 694

They cover their faces,

it's like a mask before you.

They leave their traces,

you can never tell what's true.

They are the rainbow,

their eyes pierce the night.

It's not a one man show,

they aren't in a normal fight.

They are held together,

They're unlike anything before.

They will never weather,

they're presence u shouldn't ignore.

One will smile,

you will never know whats coming.

Over this many they are in denial.

They thicken the air which you are breathing.

It's written on this journal,

u better put your faith somewhere.



22:35 Mar 09 2011

hmmm ....



03:30 Jan 08 2011
Times Read: 695

You burn my sun

with all your lies.

Could it be more fun?

Truth can hurt sometimes,

but what hurts me more

are lies.

The truth is all i expect,

and yet u tell me lies.

Your lies can never suspect.

I hate liars and cheaters,

to the very core.

Because they make me sore.

Tears of stone wouldn't fall,

You dont want me to hold it against

you, is that all?

I am tired of living in the darkness..





00:49 Jan 08 2011
Times Read: 703

Bring me to his paradise,

a feeling within.

Naked to his loving eyes,

caressing me with sin.

I long to feel his softest kiss,

upon my dampened skin.

Bring me to his pardise,

and let our bodies meet.

The trickle of the outside rain,

would shower us with heat.

I wish to be his fantasy,

and make our desires complete.




"Behind your Mask"

03:03 Jan 06 2011
Times Read: 714

Entangle the words, the pain your are in.

Hold in your anger, bottle your sin.

Abolish it all, abide by their strength.

If you were there money, you would be spent.

Living as a shadow, life behind a mask.

Hiding the truth, detroying the past.

Just tagging along, not enjoying the ride.

Nothing more than breathing, keeps you alive.

Look at the picture, with a shattered glass.

Taking so long, life's moving so fast.

Think of those words, say them out loud.

They may not like them, but your are so proud.

Listen to the music, it is off key.

But at least you are, who your meant to be.




"Beyond All Dreams"

23:40 Jan 03 2011
Times Read: 745

Have you ever needed someone,

to take the fragile pieces of your heart,

and wrap careful hands,

Deep within the cushioning cotton of his own?

Someone who can pull you close,

when your feeling so alone.

Who speaks not a word,

but knows how to touch you,

in that one special place.

That let's you know you are still alive.

Someone who can look into your eyes,

and see past the darkness,

that has come to cloud your soul.

Someone who finds that one spark of caring,

who nurtures it back to life...

The one special someone

who can wrap you with his body,

and give your soul a hug.

Someone you can always love..



03:22 Jan 04 2011

We all need someone to keep us warm,

and chase away the cold.

We all need someone to keep us young,

and stave off feeling old.

We all need someone to hear our woes,

and let us know they care.

We all need someone with whom to laugh,

and have many good times to share.

We all need someone to be our rock,

and give us strength when we are weak.

We all need someone to fill the void,

and finally be the soulmate we all seek.

We all need someone to give us love,

and dare not attach a single string.

We all need someone to fill our hearts,

and into our souls the light they shall bring.

We all just need someone.....

08:39 Jan 05 2011

Your poem is inspiring and I hope that you find the person you have described.


"Black Knight"

21:55 Jan 03 2011
Times Read: 753

In this world full of hurt and pain,

i need someone who would help me through the rain.

To comfort me when i'm sad,

doing everything just to make me glad.

In this world i need a brave Knight,

who would never give up a fight.

A Knight who would dry away my tears,

telling me to overcome my fears.

A Knight who loves me for who i am inside,

with him there's nothing more for me to hide.

A person who will still be standing strong,

even though everything has gone wrong.

I need someone who is willing to give me more,

someone i can call my Knight in Shining Armor.




"Past Wonders"

19:49 Jan 03 2011
Times Read: 756

As i walked upon the earth,

i stop and wonder.

There i see a standing wolf,

eyes fixed upon the moon.

He speaks of the days,

when man worked with them,

with each other, hand in hand.

But as they broke apart,

each direction lead to another door,

a door with love, a door with life.

They step through them,

and so that brings us to today,

when we watch them sing there song.

They try to tell us what we are,

and that we are all the same.

Deep down, in every heart,

we are all animals..




"What Do I Do?"

01:56 Jan 03 2011
Times Read: 795

What do i do, now i've reached the edge?

The cliff is steep to the plain below.

Miles upon miles of empty air.

And no hand will i hold, but your hand,

and your not there!

What do i do, when smothering black

of night engulfs me...coldly dark

So dark i tingle with sudden fear.

No arms do i need but your arms,

and your not there!

What do i do, with a life that tells

the end of the world in a darkened mist;

but still must keep senselessly on.

No love keeps my heart, but your love

And you...you are gone!



05:44 Jan 03 2011

Rely ye not upon the arms of others to hold back the dark.

Wield the torch against the night with the strength of thyself.

Stand fast towards the dawn and let not one tendril of shadow touch thee.

The mists shall fade with the first break of day and thou shalt have one a great victory indeed.

The hearts of friends beat with thine own, standing with thee in spirit when they cannot in flesh.

Once the night hath fallen, the day shall be yours.


"Winter's Sexual Night"

04:12 Jan 02 2011
Times Read: 822

A touch of skin & slippery,

with a hint of hint of sweat.

We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets.

Eyes met briefly & begged for the chance,

to abandon all our incertainties.

You began your work on my lips,

probing gently as if drawing sex,

from a deep well of longing & need.

Then heated tongues met in the midst,

of hot quickening breaths.

And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts.

Then intoxicated with those spirits,

our clothes found resting place on the floor,

piece by piece, until there was no hiding place.

The skin meshed with skin, as the floor became

the center stage.

You moved on top of me easily,

and lowered yourself gently.

Kissing me as i was filled with you.

As i gasp broke the kiss,

your hand stroke the stray of my strands,

away from my forehead.

Our slow rythm gave way,

to urgent & demanding thrusts of passion.

And threw me into extasy, with the strength

of your blows.

You left me screaming & soaked in oblivion

again & again..

As you collapse in top of me, still hot & sweaty..

Hoping you'll seek my gifts again...



06:22 Jan 02 2011

Phew, what a nice piece of work this is. Good job! :D

06:25 Jan 02 2011

Very tasteful, yet primal. Well done.

13:59 Jan 03 2011

Love the imagery. Very, very well done.

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