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First time

03:56 Nov 30 2010
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i've been in a hospital for awhile and the first time I was the patient. Nothing really serious. Apparently, I had a cold, or something, without realizing it. My body fought it off, and attempted to get rid of it and that inflamed my airways. This is more or less what the doctor told me; don't penalize me on accuracy. Was in for several hours, and left with 5 days worth of azithromycin to treat acute bronchitis. A crappy thing to happen 6 days before my birthday.



19:26 Nov 30 2010

glad to see that your ok though :)

21:58 Dec 01 2010

yep. :)



03:11 Nov 28 2010
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My comp's internet is lagging..




Random List

02:40 Nov 28 2010
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1. Laser tag is just like paintball, minus the bruises that last for 3 days. It's 10x more fun.

2. Fruit cake= nasty

3. Driving on the interstate during a holiday is scary. Very scary. I've never driven on a road that has a speed limit higher than 50mph before. I've only ever been on a highway before 3 times.The speed limit was 70!!! :(

4. I have a very interesting family.

5. Custard is not the same as ice cream; it's better.

6. For my birthday, in 8 days, I get to bake my own cake. They promised. :)

That is all.





01:48 Nov 22 2010
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I asked to borrow my sister's camera. *sigh*

So freakin irritated right now. You are a control freak. If you let me take the pictures for my project, doing the project would be so much easier. At least I know that you need flash when the room is dark and taking the pictures at very weird angles obscure details.

I have to write an analysis paper comparing two paintings or a painting and a sculpture. Emphasis on analysis. I can't use half of the pictures you took because the details are so bad. Grrrrr...

Not only that refuse to let me upload them straight to my computer so that I know they're in order.

On a positive note I'm happy: my sister returned home safely.




It's scary.

00:00 Nov 21 2010
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It's scary when you meet someone who seems to have a better idea of what's going on in your head than you do...Someone who both irritates you and makes you curious. Curious because you can't seem to figure them out, and they have you nearly pegged.





21:47 Nov 19 2010
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*crosses fingers and holds in breath*

I hope I made the right decision today.

I have not failed, as long as there is hope.





20:22 Nov 15 2010
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Instead of leaving class alone, I told him to hang out with me when I was about to go eat lunch on campus. He did. Apparently it was his last class of the day, and he always leaves home around that time.

I wished I got out before noon.

I went into his bookbag and found his manga collection and sketches.

Who doesn't read bleach? I don't know it too well, but I see it everywhere.

Since I'm probably already 100 books behind, I didn't bother to start.

The deal was I would draw one of his drawings the way I draw mine, and he would do the same. I'm still not done yet; some people accuse me of being to perfectionist. I'm not a perfectionist, but I do aspire to be both accurate and precise.

I've made a new friend. That's rare. I'm usually to myself at times.

I feel different, but the same. I can't explain..





00:34 Nov 15 2010
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Epic. This will be my favorite song for a prominent part of my existence. Ironspy by Splashdown. That is all.

"Iron in my spine's conducting lightning.Raging, anger,

Yeah, you've never been truly mine,

But if you were... I wouldn't want you anyway."




Once again

02:05 Nov 14 2010
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they're gone.


200 miles

Such far distance away.




No worries..

02:14 Nov 13 2010
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My dinosaur has had issues for the longest. I used to play sims on it but I deleted so programs believing the lack of memory space was the cause in the decline of speed.

My uncle, a physicist, is really really good with technology.

Apparently, uninstalling virus protection using an uninstaller program will only cause you problems. Because virus protection programs are soooo large and all over your PC you must remove them manually. When we made the switch from Norton to McAfee, McAffee probably got mixed in with what Norton left behind. Improperly installed virus protection programs can mess up your computer.

Now I must go back to uninstall both Norton and McAfee manually. Then I will update with the latest version of Norton.

This is good news for dinosaur.

I recommend Norton over McAfee. It works so much better, and the customer support is FAST! I had a problem last week on my laptop and the Norton peoples added a year to my subscription.

So many people hate Microsoft. I wonder why. Note: There was sarcasm for those who missed. For some reason 9 out of 10 viruses are made for Microsoft. My next computer will be an Apple.

How is powerpoint for vista not compatible with XP??! I got points taken off my project. I'm starting to see why my particularly computer savvy freinds hate Vista, and Microsoft in general, and LOVE apple.





04:19 Nov 12 2010
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Is this silly? Or not?

I carry my learned notions- not preconceived-

but should they ever give?

You said hello to me and asked my name. I quickly tugged the string, and exited the bus at my stop without ever speaking.

I waved bye to the stranger asking my name. Do I regret not speaking? No.

I finally paid back the acoustic guitar player, but he refused to take it. He said not to worry about it. I gave me a folded piece of notebook paper and told me to open it later. It's a sketch of

Gaara- I told him that was the best character on the show. :)

Today was a bit too warm. This is November?! Why is it so warm? 60 degrees? Really? *disbelief*




Guys are weird. :P

04:57 Nov 09 2010
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Guys are weird. The guy in chem lab shows up at the recruitment office during my volunteer hours. The computer is right behind a wall; you see nothing until you pass the wall. I'm logging into Excel repetitive prospective student data when he walks by, gasps, then says "Alexis!"

I'm thinking "What?!"

He vanishes into thin air. (Actually he just walked away really quickly.)

I'm thinking to myself: "Did I do anything wrong?"

I've come to the conclusion that I do indeed have the plague.

That's the only reason people I can think of that someone I don't even know would avoid me.

This is continuation of "well, that was strange." That was my first encounter with him.





20:55 Nov 08 2010
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Mood:destructive, frustrated, angered, and useless. All at once and for a variety of reasons.

I miss my best friend more now than I did before she moved.




01:13 Nov 07 2010
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I'm almost NEVER home on a Saturday at this time. I'm either just getting home, or doing something to make me forget that I'm just some person who's success in can only be measured by 5 letters of the alphabet.

This is the result of my boredom. Enjoy.

I made a video,


and a song instrumental.





In response to:

00:17 Nov 07 2010
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Do you think Katy Perry's California Girls melts Justin Beiber's popsicle?

I know a youtube video so dumb you could feel your brain rot as you watch it. It's so bad, it's good- which is bad.

It's like the movie Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, where mega shark takes down the plane. It's like when you paused the movie Snakes on a Plane and realized there is a "snake" setting on the microwave. It's a crazy sort of feeling that either results in "What the hell?!" or you laughing so hard that if you were eatting brocolli could come out of your nose. (Don't laugh at the last bit. A couple of months ago I did laugh so hard broccoli...well, you know. Let's not get into the gross.)

The point is "What the hell?"or the uncontrollable urge to laugh are the only two responses you'll get if you ask someone that who's familiar with the context of the question.

Curious about the brain rotting video? Search Charlie the Unicorn on youtube.


To lazy to start a new post

The best song currently in existence:Here in my arms by Hello Goodbye.

It just gets stuck in your head, and you have no idea what the lyrics are as you hum it throughout the day.

I looked up the lyrics and I glad it's not like Korn's adidas. I hummed that one for awhile until I figured out what he was saying. It explained some of the looks I got from people. lol.




One of those days where you need

18:41 Nov 06 2010
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1. a hug

2. good cry movie

3. chocolate





Well, that was strange.

03:35 Nov 06 2010
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Ok. In chem lab, this guy I've never noticed before kept looking at me. Correction: He was staring. When I caught him the first time, he looked away and pretended he wasn't. The second time I caught him, he glared!!

So, I decided to solve the mystery, and find the answer to the question: Why?

At the end of class, I go over to talk to him. I say: "Hey, what'd you think of the lab?" I couldn't think of something better to ask; that's the first question that popped in my head after walking over there.

He looks at me like I'm a alien or something, says fine, and then rushes out of the classroom like I have the plague or something.

I'm thinking afterwards, "Well, that was strange."





02:56 Nov 05 2010
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This is the funniest thing: 1. Go to google maps 2. Go to get directions 3. Put Japan as start location 4. Put China as end 5. Go to direction #43

...laugh and repost





20:21 Nov 04 2010
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Highlight of my day: I seldom read the newspaper, but today I did and I came across an article that was absolutely hilarious.

It's about the recent vandalisms to the speeding traffic cameras. (...the cameras that take pictures if the sensor detects speeds that's too high above the speed limit.)

The most recent case was someone blew the circuit with a match.

Here's what the reporter asks the police investigator: "So no chance that the camera could have gotten a picture before the crime?"

The man answers: "Well ma'am, because of the design of the camera, the only way it would've caught the person on film is if they were running by at 35 mph with the match."





03:41 Nov 03 2010
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I'm in a coven now...

Maybe I should participate...

Or not.

I don't know.

I visited the page. Who puts small pale green font against light grey? I don't feel like deciphering text right now.

Easy to read should be a requirement. Light color against dark color of vice versa.

I probably could over-analyze and be nit-picky but I won't. My opinion seldom matters.

I'll quit the complaints here and analyze the code tomorrow.




Sue Always

02:00 Nov 02 2010
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I wonder who else wants to sue Always for there "Have a happy period slogan." I don't think there is a such thing as a "happy period."



02:58 Nov 02 2010

I know...happy my ass!


List of things to do before I die:

01:32 Nov 02 2010
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Edit: Someone asked me if I was dying earlier. NO. It's not to early to start a list, is it?

Also the list is not set in stone. If I change, I will change the list to suit me.

1. Go skydiving

2. Learn either piano or guitar

3. Travel the world. See # 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, and 27

4. Learn to swim; why? See # 10.

5. Write a book and get it published

6. Learn at least 2 languages fluently

7. Figure out my Rubik’s cube (The darn thing still eludes my logic skills; I shall not give in.)

8. Have my portrait painted

9. Meet that dude who does those insanely good sidewalk chalk drawings

10. Swim with a dolphin

11. Be film extra

12. Plant a tree

13. Get a puppy

14. Grow a garden

15. Donate $5,000 to charity; I’d feel selfish if I didn’t.

16. Attend a concert; I’ve never been to one. It would be magical to see Staind or A Perfect Circle live.

17. Climb an Egyptian pyramid

18. Explore a Rain Forest

19. Play in a non man-made waterfall

20. Stroll along the Great Wall of China

21. Helicopter over a Hawaiian volcano. (It’s either that or building my house in one, to see if they’ll let me buy flood-by-lava and severe-heat-damage insurance.)

22. Float in a hot air balloon

23. Ride a camel into the desert

24. Meet the Dalai Lama

25. Bury a time capsule.

26. Learn to ride a horse.

27. Build gigantic sandcastle on beach

28. Build giant castle out of Legos

29. Give blood; I’ve never done so. I feel selfish.

30. Take picture with random celebrity

31. Get rid of fear of heights. See # 22.

32. Throw karaoke party with lots of balloons and bubble wrap as additional recreation

33. Hone my cooking skills

34. Build a tree house in my parents backyard (though, I probably won’t use it much now)

35. Lick frog butt *inside joke*

36. Take a picture with President Obama

37. Paint someone’s portrait

38. Turn around in a really large chair and say to someone "I've been waiting.." in the most ominous voice I can manage. lol. Movies inspire..

My life is boring. Highlight of my day: In chemistry we started thermodynamics, which is a lot simpler than chemical reaction equilibrium concentration problems. I saw this cute guy at the bus stop, and he said hi to me. Our substitute physic teacher makes it so much easier; he plugs in the number and gets rid of all the algebraic letters at the beginning. That way the only letter you see in the one your solving for.





03:04 Nov 01 2010
Times Read: 704

1. The only difference between an "adult" party and a "kid" party is that everyone over 21 gets drunk. The party is dry at first. Then my brother-in-law tries to stand up, but is on the floor in minutes. After I laughed so hard I couldn't breath, I had to pull out the camera. Then I take a picture and post it on his facebook page, because he refuses to take down an embarrassing picture of me that he took a few weeks ago.

2. Brownie points for the auntie. I took my nephew trick-or-treating. Five-year-old's are so creative.



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