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02:11 Feb 28 2017
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Bandit heard people walking up to my front door, in the rain, before they even rang the door bell. His barking woke me up and he stopped as soon as I went downstairs.

Good security alarm backup. :D



05:14 Feb 28 2017

Go Bandit the wonder dog :)


20:05 Feb 27 2017
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So it's cold and raining today.

I opened the door to let Bandit out to do his business and he took one look at the rain and wet ground and was like.....

 photo 1A SAVE OVER_zpsyz1gtqzx.jpg



20:07 Feb 27 2017

Smart dog. He doesnt like to hop on water puddles

23:58 Feb 27 2017

You mean you didn't open an umbrella for him? :)

02:14 Feb 28 2017

@LordFangor....They still make those? lol


19:20 Feb 27 2017
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Update: The DMV recognized their delay in sending out my new registration and stated if I were to get pulled over, the po-po's system would show I am valid.

Also, I wouldn't be cited even if I weren't valid until March 16. I always thought it was the 1st day after one's expiration date.





18:58 Feb 27 2017
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The DMV is tripping this year.

So back on Jan 30th, I renewed the Hummer's registration online. Passed the SMOG check and all. E-Check shows cleared by my bank.

However, here it is with one day remaining in Feb, the month my sticker expires, and no new sticker.

So I call. The auto-voice says the call wait time is 30-60 minutes and asked if I want to leave a call back number. I say yes and it saves me in line.

I get the call back, but it hangs up. So I call again and now the wait is 60-80 minutes. WTF?!

I'm going to hate to have to drive to the DMV and then wait in line to take care of this, but if I can't resolve it today nor get my sticker in the mail today, tomorrow is the last day I can legally drive without being possibility stopped by the popo which I'd have to use that legal day to drive to the DMV. 😡



19:02 Feb 27 2017

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave


04:03 Feb 27 2017
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Play Me....




22:58 Feb 26 2017
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I hate having to poop after every meal.

They say you should never go grocery shopping when you're hungry because you'll over spend since everything looks delicious.

Well I can't even go out and eat and then go grocery shopping because I'd need to poop and I hate pooping in public restrooms.

When I go out to eat, it's there and back to home to poop.

Then I might go out again somewhere else.



02:51 Feb 27 2017

I feel the same way.

04:14 Feb 27 2017

I like the comfort of my own bathroom as well.


04:58 Feb 26 2017
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Other than grooming, I accomplished nothing today......And I'm ok with that. ☺️




03:53 Feb 26 2017
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Why are people still getting this wrong?

There are 50 Stars on the american flag. Each star represents the 50 states. Not 51, not 52....50!!!

 photo 1A SAVE OVER_zps4ok9fb0f.jpg




03:25 Feb 24 2017
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This month's Herbal Medication shipped directly to my front door from ClubM...

 photo 1A SAVE OVER_zpswoxwuuye.jpg




01:31 Feb 24 2017
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When you're having a bad day...Just know it could be worse.

 photo 1A SAVE OVER_zpsd6kj75xo.jpg



01:41 Feb 24 2017

and as we all wake up from passing out just see this.... ty for the terror of this..... and the month worth now of night mares....


01:00 Feb 24 2017
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I'm down to 2 packs of bacon, a loaf of bread and assorted can foods.

I should go to the 99 cents store and the grocery store, but I'm sooooo comfortable when I'm home.

They are going to find me starved to death, naked, but with a smile on my face.




22:46 Feb 23 2017
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So there is this online debate about when a couple breaks up, should they each go through all their social media accounts and delete every picture of the two of them together?

These are my thoughts. On the one hand, even though your past is your past, what happened, happened. No one can go back into time and erase their past. The closest thing to doing that is developing amnesia, but that only erases your past for you, not anyone else that was exposed to it. One can have so many pictures saved that it would be just to time consuming to accomplish such a task. If the next person doesn't like looking at the pictures, ask them not to or if the option is available, blinded that album from their ability to view it.

On the other hand the one thing to help a person move on is to get rid of material things that may remind one of their Ex. However, that can be a huge task depending on the duration of the relationship and the volume of stored memory items one may have amassed. Furthermore, it can be wasteful if one considers the same furniture you've both set or slept on, same dishes eaten off of, hell they may have purchased for you necessities such as door knobs and medicines.

I've personally thrown away, shredded or burned photos as well as donated or trashed gifts. As far as electronic memorabilia, I try to keep relationship pics consolidated to delete the entire album instead of having to go picture by picture.

I've even had an Ex ask me to get rid of bedroom, living room, and dining room sets because it was shared with the person before her. However, when it came to her leaving and wanting half of everything purchased during our marriage, I questioned why would she want it since we shared it together, she then said she was just being childish before. Well no duh! If the next person doesn't want to sleep in the same bed one shared with another, compromise by having them buy a new one and sale or donate the old one. Problem solved.

Just because one prepares for negative events doesn't mean one is jinxing the relationship from the start. All it takes is for it to happen once catching one off guard for the experience to wise one up to never be unprepared again.

One should always hope and try for the Best outcome, yet prepare for the Worst.

Just one man's opinion.




20:19 Feb 23 2017
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So I came across a YouTube video where this couple was going to attempt the BLAZIN' BUFFALO WILD WINGS CHALLENGE.

So the guy starting to place the chicken pieces on his girl's plate. She was looking at each piece as he removed it from the box and set it onto her plate in front of her. She then began to reach to get them for herself and he asked, 'What are you doing? She looked at her plate and asked, 'Oh, are these mine?' He said, 'Yeah baby'.

She had this expression on her face like she wanted to do something, but wasn't sure if she should. As he began to say that he has his and she has hers, the girl grabbed the box with his chicken in it and placed it in front of her and slid her plate in front of him.

He looked at her odd and asked, 'Why did you do that?' She said, 'Because I don't want the ones you've already touched'.

😦 WTF?! Did he not wash his hands or something? I would have felt a certain way if my girl did that to me. As if my clean hands were toxic.

If I love you so much that I've giving you oral sex and licking the butt like groceries and probably have sucked on your toes and have even licked sauce from your fingers at some point and you can't even handle me touching your food after I've washed my hands....We can't be together. 😡




22:32 Feb 22 2017
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One thing that really annoys me is an Incompetent Professional.

Now that may sound like an oxymoron, but it isn't.

There is a difference between a Professional and an Amateur . An Amateur is a person who engages in a pursuit on an unpaid basis (i.e., without payment; nonprofessional).

There is also a difference between an Amateur and a Novice which is a person new to or inexperienced in a field or situation.

Therefore, there are Incompetent Professionals who are getting paid to perform or produce, but does not have or show the necessary skills to do something successfully.



22:44 Feb 22 2017

Depends what kind of "professional" you're talking about I guess O.o

I believe the saying goes "you pay them to leave, not for a job well done".... I suppose it could be applied across the board though XD

02:26 Feb 23 2017

@ZombieKing, does it really matter what kind of professional? If I'm paying someone who claims to have the necessary skills and/or experience to accomplish what I need accomplish and they lack the ability to make it happen, then that's not a good thing. Why would I pay them to leave when they are getting paid to remain and finish the task to my satisfaction?


20:57 Feb 21 2017
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The hardest thing about being RETIRED isn't finding things to do, it's actually doing them when you know you really don't have to.

I answer to No One! 😋




20:56 Feb 21 2017
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This week's 'Things To Do' List...

- Be Awesome

- Be Grateful

- Purchase Food

- Sweep, Mop & Wax Floor

- Finish Baseboard Molding Project

- Mow Backyard Lawn

- Fold Laundry

- Iorn Shirts

- Workout

- Walk Bandit

- Study Occult Book

- Meditate

- Anything I Want To Do 😎




03:46 Feb 17 2017
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I really shouldn't be looking at menus when hungry, but I don't feel much like cooking or microwaving anything.

Now by the time I make up my mind as to what I want to buy to eat, I won't feel like driving anywhere and I'll end up cooking or microwaving anyways. Ha!

Hmmm...What sounds good?

California Pizza Kitchen's


Blackened chicken and shrimp, crawfish, Andouille sausage and Tasso ham in our spicy Cajun sauce.


Baby Back Ribs

Triple Dipper


TGI Fridays'


FLAT IRON STEAK & RIBS w/Cheddar Mac & Cheese




14:26 Feb 17 2017

Mmmm... they all sound delish, but TGIFridays sounds extra yummy.

Which did you chose?

01:48 Feb 18 2017

I hope you chose some woman to make you a F***ING sandwich!


01:48 Feb 18 2017

I was just teasing with that.

03:24 Feb 18 2017

As I figured...I made something at home....lol


21:57 Feb 14 2017
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You might wait for the weekends and holidays...But me, I wait for the Darkness.




21:49 Feb 14 2017
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Well I've done all I can for my 15 year old Garage Door. The cable keeps coming off and I've replaced it 3 times, but I feel it must be the tension bar and I don't have the proper tool for that so have to spend money on a professional.

My 15 year old Pool Pump Motor died and then I almost died when I found out how much a new Pump will cost since now they can only install energy saving ones by law which are more expensive. However, instead of installing a new pump, I just had the Pool Guy remove the motor and I'll have that replaced as soon as I can.

Homeowner Problems.....Things will break! Just accept it and try to save for it. Oh, it's going to happen.

But I 100% LOVE being a Homeowner. 😍



14:31 Feb 17 2017

Your pool pump is 15 years old? Consider yourself lucky. I replaced mine after only 7 years. And I recently replaced my capacitor all by MYSELF. (It was basically like replacing a battery but it sounds more impressive when I say "I replaced the capacitor")



04:16 Feb 13 2017
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Ok, this is totally blowing my mind.

I just slept through an entire day.

I went to sleep around 1 AM Sunday

It's was 7:52 PM when I wrote this.......WTF?

I slept almost 19 hrs. 😧

Those brownie chunks are strong.....😯




00:03 Feb 12 2017
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So she claimed him and he claimed her. Nuff said! That's all I need to know.

Had to explain to this guy that I'm not trying to take his girl.

First, I don't believe anyone can "take" someone from another. They "choose" to leave.

Secondly, more than likely if I've met her guy in person or have seen pictures of them together, I can't see myself pursuing her because the image of them together would just mess with my emotions.

Thirdly, I RESPECT relationships. I don't care if things are going well or not....and I'm not one's Side Guy or Rebound....Period!

Lastly, if she's trying to pursue me while saying she's with you and you feel I might fall for her especially when she's trying to cry on my digital shoulder....Why would I want that type of person in my life? No worries dude...I'm good! 🤣



01:36 Feb 12 2017

You are a good guy.


23:30 Feb 11 2017
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"We all feel them...the forbidden, the sinful for the religious types, the taboo...behaviors that divide cultures and inspire fear, but our differences may be what makes us all....human." ~ Unknown




23:46 Feb 09 2017
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New funny couple on YouTube....LOL!




11:44 Feb 06 2017
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Why Yes...I do LOVE my "Peanut Butter Brownies". ☺️ ☤ 🚑




10:29 Feb 05 2017
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Would You Rather Game....

Q: Would you rather be incredibly Happy, but alone forever or unhappy, but with the love of your life.

A: Be incredibly Happy, but alone forever.

That's not even a decision I need to think about...Hell, I'm living that way right now...LOL!




09:15 Feb 05 2017
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Subscribed to a new YouTube Couple...Funny peeps!




08:59 Feb 05 2017
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New YouTube favorite Asia 'Renea.




07:27 Feb 05 2017
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There is close to $3,000.00 worth of stuff I would love to purchase on eBay....I need to hit the lottery.




03:17 Feb 05 2017
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A day in the life....

Woke up and thought about going to the Swap Meet, Ross, Lady of the Lake and The High Church.

Then thought how I need to fix my garage door that needs a new track roller. Got out of bed, went down stairs and let Bandit out.

Went back upstairs and went back to sleep.

Woke up and thought..ehh...I'll go to the Swap Meet tomorrow. It's better on Sundays anyways. Went down stairs and backed my vehicle out into my driveway. Chatted with my neighbor and decided to leave it out of the garage until I return from Home Depot with the roller.

Went back upstairs and went back to sleep.

Woke up and looked at the time and figured I have 1.5 hours to make it to The Lady of the Lake and 2 hours to make it to The High Church. Jumped in the shower and groomed.

Got out of the shower and dried off. Looked at the time and decided...ehh...I'll go tomorrow. Let Bandit back in and we both ate dinner.

Went back upstairs and started watching YouTube videos.

Thinking about getting a work out in and maybe a Sauna treatment. But you know me....ehh...I'll probably do it tomorrow. LOL!





07:50 Feb 03 2017
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07:01 Feb 02 2017
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Medical 420 Lifestyle



19:53 Feb 02 2017

Try the strain F.I. it is AWESOME!!!!!!!

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