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22:36 Feb 27 2018
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So my Son transfers money into my bank account, knowing I don't need it, as a surprise and then tells me to leave out of my house and go have some fun.

I love my Son. He's too funny at times. He knows I'm an Introvert and have built a Resort Home specefically designed for me to not have to leave home to have "fun".

However, now I have to leave home and do something "fun" and take a selfie as proof.....Kids! Gotta Love'em. LOL!



02:26 Feb 28 2018

So sweet of him!


19:40 Feb 27 2018
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It's hailing...So treadmill it is. *sighs*




17:38 Feb 27 2018
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It's 'Walk Day' for Bandit and I so I have to choose a route and go for it. We'll go around noon time as usual.




18:46 Feb 22 2018
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Supported It...💓 It!!!




14:29 Feb 21 2018
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Hot baths, saunas can relieve pain, may help heart
By Amy Chillag, CNN

Updated 5:15 AM ET, Wed February 21, 2018

(CNN)Don Benedict played handball competitively for 30 years in the Pacific Northwest. To stay in shape, he ran 5 miles every other day.

But decades of pounding the pavement took its toll. When Benedict was 57 years old, he ruptured a disc in his back. And then it happened again.

He had three back surgeries, and the last one, he says, made things worse.

"I found out that they compressed my spinal cord nerves so long that they went into (a condition) called arachnoiditis," he said.

Scar tissue pressed on his nerves, causing constant pain. Doctors prescribed heavy-duty painkillers, including OxyContin and Tramadol, along with anti-anxiety pills. He took them for years -- a total of 14 doses of pills a day. The drugs took away only some of the pain. Most of the time, Benedict just lay in bed because, despite the pills, it was too painful to do anything else.

The 70-year-old's stoic, chiseled face -- a cross between Dan Marino and Jimmy Stewart -- belies his decades of suffering.
"Depression comes along with pain. When you have something this debilitating, you have to be depressed," Benedict said.

But after years on painkillers, he found another way.

Soaking in hot springs makes pain go away

Benedict thought back to a time he was a summer river guide, taking guests down Idaho's Salmon River with his wife. They'd stop where there were natural hot springs.

"We actually sought that out to get comfortable," Benedict recalled. "I thought, 'well, if it did it for me then, it should do a lot for me now.' "

For the past four years, he and his wife have been coming to hot springs three times a week in Idaho City, Idaho.

"The hot water makes me just feel so much better that it seems like all my troubles go away," Benedict said, his wife at his side.

"Those nerves become relaxed in such a way that I can be out of pain for six or eight hours."

The springs bubble up into an Olympic-size pool where the water temperature hovers between 97 and99 degrees.

Within months, Benedict got off more than half the pills he was on. "Not only did I drop the pills in numbers, I dropped the medication in potency."

He soaks with his wife, Susan, who says the soaking helps improve her severe asthma, relaxing the muscles around her throat.

Along the way, they made a friend who regularly texts them to meet at the pools: a Vietnam veteran in remission from cancer. They socialize, relax and have a few laughs as steam from the hot water rises up past the picturesque Idaho mountain views.

"My mental state when I'm soaking is terrific," Benedict boasted.

How hot water helps pain

Benedict's experience with hot water immersion and pain relief has science behind it.

"When you step into a hot bath and your core temperature goes up, a number of things happen that help with pain," said Dr. David Burke, head of Emory University's Center for Rehabilitative Medicine.

"Hot baths expand the blood vessels in those areas and allow the healing properties within the blood to be delivered. They relax the muscles, which takes the tension off of them and the nerves that have been injured."

Beyond just pain relief, studies are finding there might be far more profound benefits to hot soaking and saunas, as well.

Hot soaking, saunas may be good for heart

A 2016 study published in the Journal of Physiology found that just eight weeks of repeated hot water immersion lowered blood pressure and caused arteries to become more flexible in healthy young adults.

Scientists in Finland have focused on the benefits of saunas, a Scandinavian tradition. Their study published in the American Journal of Hypertension followed more than 1,600 middle-age men with normal blood pressure who used saunas over a 25-year period.

People who visited a sauna two or three times a week were 24% less likely to have hypertension compared with those who visited once a week or less.

Those who visited four to seven times a week had a 46% reduction.

And even more profound was an association found between saunas and dementia.

A 2016 study out of Finland found that frequent heat exposure from saunas throughout the week was associated with lower risk of dementia.

That study followed more than 2,300 healthy men who used the sauna each week for six years.

Burke says more studies haven't been done in the United States because there aren't large groups of people who use saunas and hot water immersion like the Finnish do.

None of these studies can prove cause and effect, definitively linking sauna use with these benefits -- but, Burke says, the evidence is strong that "the vascular effects are profound."

Saunas used at Emory University for brain injury patients

Burke incorporates saunas into his treatments at Emory University's Rehabilitative Hospital, where he specializes in brain injuries.

"I routinely recommend the saunas as a quick way -- 20 minutes, four times a week -- to preserve the brain that hasn't been hurt."

He believes that in the sauna, small blood vessels in the brain open, possibly stopping micro deterioration in the brain.

"The idea appears to be increasing your core temperature," Burke said.

"This is one thing that's passive and easier to do, especially in people who have injured joints who need to keep their brains and hearts in good condition but can't physically do some of the exercises," he said.

Some caution when using saunas or hot baths

The doctor cautions that soaking in hot baths or saunas is not for everyone at all times.

He says that when you're newly injured (within 48 hours), ice is best for the healing process to decrease inflammation.

After 48 hours or so, Burke says, heat is a good response.

"People with lower blood pressure or other more severe cardiovascular conditions should check with their physicians before they engage in any long-term or short-term treatment like hot water immersion," he said.

"People have been known to pass out when their blood vessels open up quickly," Burke said. "You just have to know your body and ask your doctor."

He also says blood pressure medicine might affect how your vascular system responds to heat and cold. And drinking plenty of water before and after use can counter any dehydrating effects.

Former handball player says he doesn't need proof

Benedict says his pain level and his blood pressure have both dropped significantly since he started going to the hot baths four years ago: "I was 150 over 90. I'm now 118 over 68."

But he also credits an improved diet and weight loss during that time.

Still, Benedict says, his pain relief from the hot baths can't be understated.

"There was a time I had a plan to end my life," he said.

"The chronic pain of not being able to be as active as I used to be," he said. "I was a Type A personality. I was successful. And then, all of a sudden, I was taken away from it. So what I'm trying to do is get back some quality of life that I enjoy."

"You know if you come here three times a week, there's something to it," he said.

A smile lights up his face.






13:56 Feb 21 2018
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23:50 Feb 20 2018
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Dog Ownership Sharply Reduces Risk of Death
Researchers say it prompts social support, more exercise and less stress
by William E. Gibson, AARP, November 17, 2017

There was an especially steep decline in death risk among single owners, the study found.

Dogs are not only known to be good companions, but also may help reduce the risk of heart problems by giving their humans social support and prompting them to get more exercise, new research has found.

The study, published Friday in the Swedish publication Scientific Reports, found that dog ownership reduced the risk of death for people living alone by 33 percent and cut their risk of cardiovascular-related death by 36 percent. Their chances of a heart attack were reduced by 11 percent.

The risk of death among dog owners in households with more than one person was reduced by 11 percent, and their risk of cardiovascular-related death decreased by 15 percent.

The especially steep decline among single owners may be explained by the fact that they tend to be the ones most likely to interact with dogs and take them for a walk. Owners of all kinds also may be less stressed, which reduces the risk of a heart attack. The scientists said they sifted through data on 3.4 million people listed in a Swedish register, including a sampling of self-reported health and lifestyle habits for 34,202 people with an average age of 57.

Ownership of hunting-breed dogs brought the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), the researchers reported in a summary of their findings. “In conclusion, dog ownership appears to be associated with lower risk of CVD in single-person households and lower mortality in the general population,” they wrote.





22:38 Feb 20 2018
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Well, Bandit seems to have enjoyed our little walk. Fresh air and a nice scenic view.




17:53 Feb 20 2018
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Think I'll take Bandit for a Walk then come back and hit the Sauna.




23:07 Feb 19 2018
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Those moments when Hollywood try to Expose the TRUTH through Entertainment



00:34 Feb 20 2018

ha that was a good movie back then..lol

14:17 Feb 20 2018

Damn....now I am going to have to watch it again lol.


19:57 Feb 19 2018
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So now another error when attempting to upload videos from YouTube....




19:54 Feb 19 2018
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Ahhh Mondays...How I Love Thee.

Made possible by living a life of a Retiree.

I rarely plan what I'm going to do from day to day. I pretty much just live in the NOW. I allow whatever is going to happen each day to just happen and then I journal it, but not always on VR. Not everything is meant to be shared on the internet.

I also do whatever the fuck I want to do each day, but most of the time it's something spontaneous. I haven't been a slave to time going on 7 years. I haven't worn a watch for almost just as long. I keep all scheduled appoints unless I decide to change them and I schedule appointments as I see fit.

To do whatever you want to do, when you want to do it and for how long you want to do it is a form of FREEDOM. A form of freedom that begin at the age of 42 years old....I'm now 49 years old.

Not being chained to a job where there are meetings, deadlines, attitudes, schemes, drama, long hours, etc, etc... where you are PAID to allow others to boss you around who are PAID more than you is so.....FUCKING....AWESOME!

We are programmed to believe that currency allows us to purchase Products & Services. The more currency we have, the more Products & Services we are able to obtain in order to provide ourselves and those we care for with the basics to sustain ourselves (e.g., food, shelter, clothing, and if possible, entertainment, etc, etc).

But didn't people survive prior to a form of currency? Yes! Unless they chose to fight, kill and still resources from others, they utilized the Barter System. Barter is the exchange of (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money. However, when no one had what was required due to crops failing, droughts, and just limited resources, bartering was not possible.

So storing, preserving, mass production, mass labor, etc, etc, solved a Supply & Demand issue. So people who had nothing to barter with were allowed to work and earn currency that they can then give to another in exchange for life-sustaining and enhancing Products & Services.

Can a human be happy and live off the land providing for themselves without currency? Of course! However, generations have now adapted to not having to do that and governments have ensured a form of currency remains the primary form of payment for generations to come. They own the land so it's not like you can just grow food anywhere. They control freshwater sources even outlawing the collection of rainwater in some places. They make it damn near impossible to live off the grid.

So the formula is Work to get Currency to Buy products & services to Live until we Die....

But sometimes, just sometimes, there are ways to Escape The Matrix or having never been plugged into it in the first place (i.e. born into wealth).




20:42 Feb 18 2018
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I wonder what's really going on when I can't log into VR and get this message...



03:04 Feb 19 2018

Well for one, they can't steal credit cards as the site goes to Paypal for membership payment. Not sure what these hackers were trying to get from the site to begin with...



18:41 Feb 18 2018
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15:52 Feb 16 2018
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Well, since my right foot is prone to blister, I decided to reduce my long walks from daily to every other day so last night I hit the weights longer and enjoyed a nice Sauna treatment. Banding walked on the treadmill. That puppy-doggy has so much energy. He can walk for an hour and still want to run and play afterwards...lol




01:20 Feb 15 2018
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Bandit: Dad, you posted a selfie yesterday and I wasn't in it! That's mad disrespectful Bro!
MOGY: I'm sorry Son. How can I make it up to you?
Bandit: Take me for a walk and let's do a photo shoot, but just of me.
MOGY: Son, I gots you. I gots you. Where's your leash?




20:02 Feb 12 2018
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Do you ever sit and think about which COMMUNITIES you relate to?

Community - a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. A group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood) or having a particular characteristic in common. A group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc.

My COMMUNITIES are as follows:

- Spiritual Community
- Pagan Community
- African-American Community
- Warlock Community
- Universal Life Church Ministry Community
- Hedonist Community
- Medical Marijuana Community
- Body Modification Tattoos/Piercing Community
- BDSM (Kink) Community
- Gothic Community
- Art Community
- Middle-Class Community
- Antique & Novelty Collector Community
- Vampyre Community
- Military Veterans Community
- Homeowners Community
- Auto-Owners Community
- Hummer H2 Owner Community
- Pet Owners Community
- American Community
- Mysterious Illness From Foreign Wars Community
- Divorced Community
- Parental Community
- Gun Owners Community
- Novice Musician Community
- Minor YouTuber Community
- Martial Arts Community
- Naturalist Community
- West Coast Community
- Californian Community
- Outdoor Camping Community

And I'm sure some others....




19:52 Feb 11 2018
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Levity. The Internet Keeps Me Cracking Up...LMAO!!!



19:59 Feb 11 2018




23:39 Feb 09 2018
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16:20 Feb 09 2018
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Wait, What? This doesn't make any sense....If it's based on true events, how can there not be any coincidences or intentionality? LOL!




18:11 Feb 08 2018
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Just So They Know





00:22 Feb 06 2018
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Feeling all better now.
I think that cold virus has run its course.
I kicked its ass.
The healing power of the human body is not bad.
Unless you have a compromised immune system.




19:09 Feb 04 2018
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Almost 7 years straight of not getting sick and all it took was a trip to the VA Clinic last Monday for an annual check-up during a flu epidemic in this state.

One particular older fellow was coughing so badly and then decided to cover his mouth and nose with a face mask. Why did I second guess to put on a facial mask as well? Those germs were airborne by then.

Well, I started fighting it upon the first symptom that something wasn't right. I'm talking Sauna treatments, Hot Medicated Baths, Cold-Flu medicine, Tylenol, Vics VapoRub, Cannabis and food and drinks.

"Water, juice and hot liquids along with food will help fight cold infections by keeping the body well-hydrated and nourished. Physicians and experts stand by traditional recommendations for colds and flu over the starve-a-fever adage: Drink plenty of fluids to replace lost electrolytes and eat if you're hungry."

From a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst sick feeling I've ever felt....I'm at about a 3.




16:48 Feb 02 2018
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I PRIORITIZE everything in my life. I place some amount of VALUE on everything in my life.


- PRIORITY #1 HIGH PRIORITY (NEED) - I feel like I would rather not be in this world without it.
- PRIORITY #2 MEDIUM (WANT) - I love it, but would go on with my life without it. May shed a tear though.
- PRIORITY #3 LOW (NO BIG DEAL) - Eh, no tears would be shed without it.




01:10 Feb 02 2018
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Every Year Is A Book Of Life
Every Month A Chapter
Every Day A Page

I LOVE my life!!!

I've been dealt some fucked-up hands. Made some wrong choices, but hey, live and learn.

But, I'm living my 49th year of life and if this were to be the end of my life's story today, I'd say it ended on a fucking AWESOME Book.

However, I would prefer to write at least 46 more Books........ Please??? LOL!!!




15:50 Feb 01 2018
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Chapter 2 of a book called 2018



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