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01:48 Mar 31 2017
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Lord MOGY went Novelty shopping today. You know what that means.....😁😍

 photo 40_zpsjxojd7z3.jpg

 photo 42_zps6sckzhl3.jpg

 photo 44_zpsypkolbif.jpg

 photo 43_zps1vtgzmke.jpg

 photo 45_zpsmzgxs6ag.jpg

 photo 46_zpswffv7ywm.jpg

 photo 47_zpswszkymaq.jpg

 photo 48_zpskchixtb6.jpg

 photo 49_zpsbrwl4zl9.jpg

 photo 50_zpsvppq0ds3.jpg

 photo 51_zpsvhlh1eel.jpg

 photo 52_zpsir1jozwl.jpg

 photo 41_zpsp1b3pvtl.jpg



04:34 Mar 31 2017

You find the coolest stuff. When Lily is better and we finally make it to Ca, you got to take us around to some of these shops.

04:49 Mar 31 2017

Dude, is that bubo from clash of the titans?

10:03 Mar 31 2017

@Dakotah...Would love to and thanks! 😁

@Specter....Well dayum....I think it just might be him. 😲


08:24 Mar 30 2017
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Bacon & Vaping

 photo 17626552_10211384828952321_3564522768410272823_n_zpspq2chu52.jpg



08:58 Mar 30 2017

I like the black plate under it LOL

Im glad you having a nice night brother

09:18 Mar 30 2017

Thank you Sis....Yeah, I got it while in Okinawa, Japan

11:33 Mar 30 2017

"Note down to steal his Japanese plate" lol

You have to make us hungry everytime with the food you make


03:13 Mar 30 2017
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Time to cook....I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow because I need to replenish some stuff.

I have no butter and sour cream for my baked potato

No butter for my lobster

No butter for my shrimp

No A1 sauce for my steak

No milk for my cereal

No....Wait, Bacon doesn't need shit 😍



04:53 Mar 30 2017

That's right....BACON DON'T NEED SHIT!!!....ok, sometimes it needs sammich!


01:01 Mar 30 2017
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Ohhhh...I feel so bad. Bandit has been inside ALL day. I just let him out.

I remember letting him out shortly after 5 a.m. and then back in thinking I'll take a nap and get up to let him out for the day.

However, when I woke up close to noon, I really thought that I had already gotten up and let him out, but nope. 🙁

I just went downstairs and there he was just laying down chilling.

I'll have to give him an extra treat tonight for dinner.

If I had used my Home Office to take care of Bakerland's Financials earlier, I would have caught that, but nope, did everything from my bed today. Hell, I'm surprised I hadn't taken a nap yet.




00:06 Mar 30 2017
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I journal so much as so frequently that if you haven't favored my journal by now, you've missed something Random, Hedonistic, Pervy, Mgickal, Entertaining, Sexy or just Hella Funny.... 😉



04:40 Mar 31 2017

...and you forgot to mention they also missed out on a ton of awesomeness too.


00:01 Mar 30 2017
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So a friend of mine, who also happens to be a 420 Nurse, told me that she spoke to some Cannabis users years ago who said it's quite normal for some people to get sick from consuming Cannabis Edibles.

All I know is I've purchased 6 edibles and only 3 have not made me feel like I wanted to vomit.

Edibles I've Purchased are as follows:

- Synergy 5 hour energy drink 50mg thc (Awful 🤢)

- Therapy Tonics Vanilla Caramel Cannabis Coffee 80mg thc (Yum 😁)

- Double Dose Chocolate Gold flake heart 175mg thc (Yum 😁)

- The 4.20Bar, 4.20 Brownie Peanut Butter S'Mores 500mg from venicecookiecompany.com (Awful 🤢)

- Puravida First love Gramola 250 mg thc (Yum 😁)

- Puravida High Power Sweet Berry Mega Dose Protein Bar 200mg thc (Awful 🤢)




23:23 Mar 29 2017
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So I just finished paying all my bills, my CA State Taxes, and the horrendous 2nd Installment of my Property Taxes.

I think I'm going to need a medic. 😢🤒

♪ Turn the lights off! Oh wo-oh, oh wo-oh

In too deep, can't think about giving it up (Bakerland)

But I never knew paying taxes would feel like a heart attack

It's killing me, swear I never spent so much

'Cause I never knew paying taxes would hurt this fucking bad

The worst pain that I ever had ♪ 🤣🤣🤣




22:37 Mar 29 2017
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So last night I did go to McDonalds to grab dinner.

Then I returned and ate said dinner while watching 'The Flash'.

Then I spent time doing some arts and crafts. I bedazzled some gold plated lion head jewelry that I purchased awhile back. It now has crystal stone eyes and a red ruby stone in the mouth. This is similar to the actual 18ct Gold Pinkie Ring I have. Although I only wanted a matching bracelet, since I lready have a necklace, it came with matching bracelet, necklace, and earrings. I also bedazzled my pentacle wristbands too. 😁

Lastly, I played my Cold Fear PS2 video game until a little after 5 a.m. I started around midnight and was only intending to spend and hour or two, but I got caught putting the hurt on some monsters. 🤣

I'm sometimes asked after my long military career, what is my purpose in life? Well, that's easy enough, Being AWESOME and maintaining my status as a 'Man of Leisure'. 😎

 photo 1_zpsoti1qk8f.jpg



04:44 Mar 31 2017

And after your many years of service you DESERVE to do just what you want to do. Thank you my friend for all those years of service. Now, go vap while relaxing with Bandit by the pool and have a sandwich. You deserve it.


21:57 Mar 27 2017
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I spent about 4 hours in the early morning playing GTA and only stopped because day break was starting. I'll play more tonight.

I just finished eating steak and shrimp while watching YouTube videos and I kinda feel a nap trying to creep on. Must be from the lack of sleep or the bottle of wine I'm sipping on at almost 2 pm in the afternoon. LOL!

My lifestyle breaks many social rules. 🤣




19:24 Mar 27 2017
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"All a girl wants is one guy to prove he's better than all the ones that came before and will be the only one for her in her future"

"And all a guy wants is Serenity, Love, Sex and a Sandwich. 😁"



20:37 Mar 27 2017

So true.

21:36 Mar 27 2017

and the sandwich is non negotiable.


18:27 Mar 27 2017
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I might not have a Beach Body, but I have a Pool Spirit. 😎



18:29 Mar 27 2017

Well said. And bandit love that pool


03:04 Mar 27 2017
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I didn't want to upset anyone or make anyone feel sad for me.

However, during my visit to my Primary Doctor and after she went over my lab results with me, I found out that I'm dying.

Lab results confirmed that I tested positive for being....Human!

Apparently, I've been dying since November 26, 1968, when I was born. That single event started it all.

Don't feel bad for me. I'm LOVING my life and enjoying the fuck out of every day I'm blessed to be alive.

She couldn't tell me how much longer I had to live, but she did say to continue what I was doing being RETIRED & AWESOME because that tends to at least make me comfortable as the progress continues.

That is all....

— enjoying life. 😁



07:38 Mar 27 2017

"Throw a pillow at you" You scared us :P

But you are right we should enjoy and live the life to the fullest.

Live every second like its our last. To open our eyes and look what is around us and enjoy the time we have on earth. Our family. Our friends. Our loved ones. Enjoy our moments with them. Spent our time and hours in happiness.

Mogy you have many years more to come for you

08:49 Mar 27 2017

Ha ok Mr Warlock not funny...~but is was~lol


03:15 Mar 26 2017
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Good positive video from one of my favorite Youtubers...




02:32 Mar 26 2017
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And another video...



02:58 Mar 26 2017



02:31 Mar 26 2017
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New Video...





11:39 Mar 25 2017
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17:29 Mar 22 2017
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3 New Pair of Steam Punk Shades

 photo 31_zpsyjzfx0ki.jpg

 photo 32_zpsunnkye8w.jpg

 photo 33_zpscz0hlslr.jpg




17:21 Mar 22 2017
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I woke up to shenanigans by Atousa & Anise...They are too funny! 🤣




09:41 Mar 21 2017
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Her: Well after getting to know you better, I can see why some young women are drawn to older men. However, if I got involved with a guy who is older than my parents, I'd have a lot of explaining to do and I'm just not ready for that kind of drama. But I'm jumping ahead. It's not like you made it seem as though you were more than just a little attracted to me.

Me: Well I'm flattered. Thank you! True, I can find a young woman attractive, but it takes more than attractive looks and the ability to hold a conversation to be a compatible intimate partner. I mean a woman who still answers to her family and friends about the life choices she makes isn't a woman I would feel is compatible with my life. At some point, maybe, you will no longer feel the need to answer to someone about the life choices you make. It is at that point when you are truly an ADULT!





09:05 Mar 21 2017
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07:22 Mar 20 2017
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Dinner Time.... 🤤

 photo 30_zpsbamhbs9k.jpg




16:14 Mar 17 2017
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I flat out refuse to hate someone just because someone says I should or because someone else does and expect that I should too.

If someone is cool with me, I'm cool with them.

If someone is not cool with someone I care about, that's between them.

If someone has proven to have attempted to cause harm or has caused harm to me or someone I care about, then I distance myself from that individual if things aren't made right, but for me to HATE them....they will damn near have to have done something really Negative as known as Evil!

Hate uses up too much energy attempting to harm another, wanting to harm another, or actually harming another. It fills one with negative energy and in the end causes damage to one's own self.



17:14 Mar 17 2017

Due to having to correct typos...

 photo 22_zpsc7jasa7i.jpg


05:54 Mar 17 2017
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Sexual Racism? Not this guy.

I'm an Equal Opportunity Lover... 😉




20:52 Mar 14 2017
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Proof I'm not perfect.

It's been like this for a month. Washing & Drying is the easy part. The machines do all the work.

But the task to put them away is on my 'Things To Do When I Fucking Feel Like It" list. 😁

 photo 4_zpsa0mfkoxf.jpg



20:57 Mar 14 2017

I can see bandit sitting on a corner looking at the cloths wondering "to jump on them or not to jump"


12:10 Mar 13 2017
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Linkin Park

(1) Hybrid Theory (October 24, 2000)

- Crawling

- Runaway

- In The End

(2) Meteora (March 25, 2003)

- Somewhere I Belong

- Runaway

- In The End

- Easier To Run

- Faint

- Breaking The Habit

- From The Inside

- Numb

(3) Minutes to Midnight (May 15, 2007)

- Leave Out All The Rest

- Shadow Of The Day

- What I've Done

(4) A Thousand Suns (September 14, 2010)

- Robot Boy

(5) Living Things (2012)

- Lost In The Echo

- In My Remains

- Burn It Down

- Castle of Glass

- Skin To Bone

(6) The Hunting Party (June 13, 2014)

(7) One More Light (May 19, 2017)

- Heavy




21:28 Mar 08 2017
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Happy International Women's Day...

 photo 1_zpsjrlagflb.jpg




20:13 Mar 08 2017
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So you really do want to prepare me a sandwich...Isn't that right?

 photo Now Sink_zpsatsyyzkg.gif




18:21 Mar 04 2017
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 photo 69_zpsd1oqs1qi.jpg




18:20 Mar 04 2017
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I love these cars...

 photo 91_zpssubzrhcg.jpg

 photo 77_zpssbycegkp.jpg

 photo 15_zpsr1ldhui3.jpg




18:16 Mar 04 2017
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I love head jewelry on women...

 photo 99_zpsxynj05yj.jpg

 photo 100_zpsmjtrkh0u.jpg

 photo 95_zpswjmypoxg.jpg

 photo 98_zpshak4ebyf.jpg

 photo 92_zpsqxjpvjb3.jpg

 photo 97_zpsorrlucl0.jpg

 photo 96_zpshhijg1er.jpg

 photo 94_zpszhhs3kjb.jpg




17:34 Mar 04 2017
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Baby Bandit...

 photo BABY BANDIT2_zpsgc8lwluu.jpg

 photo BABY BANDIT1_zpsljdjlfqe.jpg

1 year old Bandit

 photo 103_zpsl27pxwad.jpg




07:40 Mar 04 2017
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My favorite YouTube Couples...They crack me up! 🤣

 photo FAVORITE YOUTUBE COUPLES_zpsixxfpkqb.jpg

Khalil & Corie

Ashley & Nate

D&B Nation




Nikki Limo

De'arra & Ken 4 Life

TimothyDeLaGhetto Vlogs


Ari & Ced





00:40 Mar 04 2017
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It seems the company shipped not only the new Sauna door, but the roof portion as well. I'm really not trying to take that thing apart right now.

In other news, my HD Portable DVR arrived. Now I'll have a front camera recording everything going on in front of my vehicle for the record.




19:43 Mar 03 2017
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Other than my puppy-dog Bandit, I live a Solitary Life. I can go days without seeing another human face to face.

Actually, as an Introvert, being around people drains me, however, I do enjoy observing human interaction and communicating with people from a distance. Of course there are exceptions. I can enjoy the company of close friends and family...from a few hours to a few days, but when I get home, I sleep like I'm in a coma.

Now I can spend a life time with an intimate partner and never feel overwhelmed, but there is a reason for that. 😉

Therefore, spending hours on my laptop or phone connected to people is what I do. I enjoy it. Especially Facebook, YouTube, Vampire Rave and Instagram. Those are my favorite sites.



09:45 Mar 04 2017

yeah i feel the same way i can go days without seeing another human being i spend most of my days on vampire rave and sometimes i even play my computer games


17:58 Mar 03 2017
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Now don't get too excited...I'm only awake temporarily. You know I have to get up to let Bandit out. I'm sure the desire to nap will hit me around noon time. 🙂

I do meet the most interesting and attractive women during my Dream Travels though. If I ever fall into a coma, you'll know why. 😁




19:06 Mar 02 2017
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So I was told, "Don't Cry Broke".

Well hell, other than grinding or breaking the law, what is there left to do but to cry? 🤣




18:39 Mar 02 2017
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Just got told my pool pump motor repair bill... 😭

Dear Spending Money,

♪ I'm about to lose my mind

You've been gone for so long

I feel like I'm dead inside

I need a doctor

Call me a doctor

I need a doctor, doctor

To bring me back to life ♪





18:26 Mar 01 2017
Times Read: 1,464

I wish VR was just a copy and paste or simple upload type of site.

Having to use Photobucket and change pics into html format or using YouTube to upload a video and share to get the embed code to post pics and videos onto VR are steps that prevent me from posting a lot more pics and videos that I would like to.



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