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05:56 Nov 30 2014
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Some people are shopping, spending money and going into debt for Christmas and I'm over here like, "What's on Netflix"....LOL!



18:25 Nov 30 2014

And I'm over here working. Boo


06:51 Nov 29 2014
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It's quite simply really. When external forces claw at your relationship threatening to destroy it, you come together and fight with equal or more intensity. Sacrificing all for the one you love and to stay together. However, if the source of your pain is coming from the one you love....Let Their Ass Go!




20:44 Nov 28 2014
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You ever heard someone say to another person, "You are my life, my every heart beat, my world, my reason for living, I'll love you forever and I'd die for you and love you beyond death"?

But when asked to do something for the other person that would make that other person happy while at the same time resulting in a slight discomfort to themselves, or to do something for the other person when they themselves are tired and by doing so would cause themselves to be totally exhausted, they are hesitant or down right refuse to do it.

People shouldn't say what deep down they know they don't mean since one day they might be called to put their words to the test.



21:00 Nov 28 2014


Most think of only themselves, and that is just a sad fact.

No honor. No loyalty. Just vestigial nonsense for the sake of saying pretty things for a few seconds.

Standing behind what one claims is a difficult task indeed.

01:57 Nov 29 2014

Boy that it the truth..heard those words before..


17:46 Nov 28 2014
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I've been out and about two days in a row...So now I'm just chilling in my robe with no plans of going anywhere...just gonna eat and watch movies on Netflix.




09:55 Nov 28 2014
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Sweet sleep, my dark angel

Deliver me from sorrow's hold

Now am I wrong

For trying to reach the things that I can't see?

If I must fight,

I'll fight with myself and my thoughts in the night

Hello darkness, my old friend,

I've come to talk with you again,

They really want to save me

And they think I'm crazy

Well, that's nothing

Here in the darkness I know myself

I can't fall back, I came too far

These battle scars, don’t look like they’re fading

Don’t look like they’re ever going away

I don't care anymore

Everybody's got a dark side

Hello is it me you're looking for?

It's just my mind giving me someone to talk to

You told me that they can understand the man I am

So why are we here talking to each other again?

Through the good times and bad times

You've been my only friend

Does that make me crazy?


But to get through this thing called life

It's ok to go a little crazy

So let's go crazy, let's get nuts

I'm still alive, hope there's a reason

I've been everywhere, man

Looking for someone

Someone who can please me

Love me all night long

But I have to have simply the best

Better than all the rest

Better than anyone

Anyone I've ever met

But until then

I'll dream about her

If I can't holder her tonight

Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?

I travel the world and the seven seas

Everybody's looking for something

And I've been around the world and I can't find my baby

I'm tired of using technology, I need her right in front of me

But I'll hold on

Because I know she's coming home

She's been too strong for too long

Traveling on the road for so long

Just trying to make it home

And in my dreams she says to me...

"Darling leave a light on for me

I'll be there before you close your heart

To give you all the love that you need

But baby close your eyes

And try to sleep for awhile

You'll hold the pillow tonight

But soon I'll be by your side

I know you want me right now

But I'll be home soon"

And in her dreams I say to her....

"So I'll just close my eyes

I'll try to sleep for awhile

I'll hold my pillow real tight baby

Cause soon you'll be by side

I Love You"




06:40 Nov 27 2014
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Well my main Birthday gift to myself is that I'm now an official Semi-Automatic Hand Gun Owner.

I purchased a Beretta 92FS Brigadier 9mm, Luger 5" Black With Two 10 Round Magazines, 500 rounds of 9mm 115 FMJ and a Butler Creek UpLULA Speed Loader. I pick it up on Dec 6th.

 photo 2_zps1fcc2cf1.jpg

This will probably be my first long gun I purchase. It looks futuristic huh?

 photo 1_zpsd5ec6bf4.jpg




09:15 Nov 26 2014
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I thank God for the pass 46 years.

I've experienced ups and downs, good and bad, but I've had more ups and more good than the opposite. I'm in a very, very good place in my life right now. It was worth the sacrifices.

Each day granted me feels like I am still here to contribute in some way to someone else's life or someone has something to contribute to mine.

Just remember, whenever my time is up, just know I lived an AWESOME life and want my ashes buried in my Egyptian Sarcophagus at the local Veterans Cemetery with full military honors. I want Blue Oyster Cult's "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" played. Don't morn long and know I've ascended and soaring among the stars and my consciousness is visiting every galaxy in the universe.

 photo 1_zps309ed5e9.jpg




11:54 Nov 24 2014
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Well it's another early Monday morning and I'm still awake and it's almost 4 am. I took a nap Sunday from 11 am - 3 pm and then worked out at 11 pm so yeah....my body is saying I'm not going to sleep until maybe 5 am today. Cool! I try to sleep during most days anyway unless I'm going out somewhere. I enjoy being awake during the time of darkness.




23:12 Nov 23 2014
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I just woke up from a nap. Wow! Now I don't recall ever having a night mare in my life. I've even died in my dreams. I entertain myself so much from watching movies that when none meet my standards to watch, I take a nap and watch my dreams. Most of the time I am actually aware that I'm dreaming too. However, this last nap had me fighting Ninja in Okinawa, Japan and a Female Vampire in some church along with some pet changeling animal thing of hers. But the scary part of the dream is when I almost decided to kiss my son's mother. I woke up just in time. ((shivers))




23:01 Nov 22 2014
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I remember during my active duty time, I learn that prior to conducting a performance evaluation, there should be a number of counseling sessions conducted. The first counseling session is a meet and greet and provide the Marine who I'm counseling my clear expectations of his/her performance in the duty assigned to them. The second counseling session which is known as a "follow-on" counseling session is to show the Marine that if I was to conduct a performance evaluation at that time, just how I would grade them while also providing advice and recommendation on how to improve their performance prior to the actual marking period. If a need for any "Specific" counselings were called for, those were also conducted. Therefor, it was always clear to the Marine what markings they would receive from me before the actual marking period and it also gave them ownership of their performance without any surprises.

This was also carried over into my personal life, with a few tweaks. Simply put, I tell any female who wishes to pursue an intimate relationship with me that I have only three (3) 'Deal Breakers':

1. No Cheating (Includes Emotional Affairs)

2. No Physical Abuse

3. No Abandonment, Then Try To Return

What's amazing is when some people are told what not to do, they do it anyway and when some people are told how to make things better, they don't.

But they all know...If I say I'm serious and that I'm going to do something....

I will do it!




23:00 Nov 22 2014
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So I said, "I don't care who or what you are. If you are nice to me, I'll be nice to you. If you are not out to harm people, you're cool with me. However, when it comes to a possible intimate relationship with a female, although I respect her desire for privacy, I will ask personal questions. It's her choice not to answer and my choice not to move forward with that relationship."




22:30 Nov 22 2014
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Everyday at least one Meme cracks me up....LMAO!




21:28 Nov 22 2014
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So these days, yes, I would ask a female if she was born female "ONLY" if we thought it would go further than just friendship....she could asked if I was born male..I wouldn't be offended. Medical science and properly applied makeup is accomplishing some amazing transformations out there....ijs




13:51 Nov 21 2014
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People need to stop using the verb "is" in EVERY tense...

When I hear someone say "You is" or "We is" or "They Is"...It's like nails going across a chalk board.

 photo 1_zpsd17d3c95.jpg



15:35 Nov 21 2014

Word up.

16:48 Nov 21 2014

To be honest i dont think i have ever heard a person speak or start a sentence off like that.


04:06 Nov 20 2014
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I don't believe in demon, angelic or spirit possession. I believe humans are souls trapped in flesh suits that choose daily to do good or evil of their own free will. I feel humans attempt to not take responsibility for their own actions and use possession as a scapegoat. Now, I'm not knocking those that do believe in it. I respect everyone's belief as long as their belief don't harm others or discriminate against others in some way. I believe in a Spiritual Plain of Existence, but I just don't believe spirits can physically cross over into our realm and physically act. If it can touch me, then I should be able to touch it back. It may be because I've just never experienced it personally. One would think that with all the planets and galaxies in the Universe, why would someone die and stay haunting people on Earth? Since I don't believe in Heaven nor Hell, when I die, I plan to soar among the stars and tour the Universe. The only thing that would have me be reincarnated would be if nothing brought me as much joy as having good sex or eating steak & lobster and then if possession turns out to be something that can be done, I'd just possess people temporarily to have sex with someone and then move on. Hahaha!



15:40 Nov 21 2014

I believe this too. I'm tired of people pushing their own actions off on something like this to escape ownership.

"One would think that with all the planets and galaxies in the Universe, why would someone die and stay haunting people on Earth?" I find the human ego has a big problem with thinking outside of what they know. I've often thought about this. When we visualize aliens and create fictional monsters- they look strikingly like us.

As long as we can't be bigger than ourselves or think of more than just ourselves, we commit to these limits in thought.


19:58 Nov 19 2014
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Do you have fear of holes?

 photo 1_zps7ea723ec.jpg



15:40 Nov 21 2014

I fucking am now.


18:36 Nov 19 2014
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You ever wished on those cold weekday mornings that you could just stay in your warm bed and not have to go anywhere?

Some wishes do come true. ^_^



19:12 Nov 19 2014

I like to keep warm in bed with my wife LOL.


22:41 Nov 18 2014
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It's funny to read posts of people attempting to tell other people on the internet what they are tired of seeing posted on the internet. I mean seriously? Who cares what someone is tired of seeing posted on the internet. Maybe people are tired of them whining about what is being posted on the internet to their displeasure. Some people's children I tell ya. Ha!




22:40 Nov 18 2014
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Some people attempt to turn something so basic into something complex. It's not rocket science and soooo simple. Married or Dating, if the one you're with is showing signs of wanting to be with someone else physically or emotionally, they aren't into you and they are not 'The One'.....so just let them go and continue your search!




21:29 Nov 13 2014
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I remember the days I use to wake up, look at the time and rush to catch my school bus.

I remember the days I use to wake up, look at the time and rush to work.

Now I'm living the type of life were I wake up, look at the time, wonder why am I looking at the time, lay there thinking do I feel like going back to sleep even though it's almost 1 pm and I've slept the entire morning away since I didn't go to sleep until 3 am anyways or do I get up and choose something to do that I enjoy? Then I choose to get up because I have to use the bathroom anyways.

I Love My Life.



21:33 Nov 13 2014

That's the life :)


15:32 Nov 11 2014
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In The US, Each Day Of Recognition Is Unique And All Are Special....

** Veterans Day - honors people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces

** Armed Forces Day - a day to pay tribute to men and women who serve the United States’ armed forces.

** Memorial Day - remembering the men and women who died while serving in the country's armed forces.

 photo 1_zps02640050.jpg



16:45 Nov 11 2014

Here is to the warriors for fighting for freedom.


08:26 Nov 10 2014
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Semper Fi!

 photo 1_zpsc76e32fc.jpg




22:34 Nov 09 2014
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Females, Keep Your Hands To Yourself...Some Guys Aren't Putting Up With Getting Hit By You Anymore..



22:49 Nov 09 2014

Ppl can be so stupid... Fighting over for nothing

15:41 Nov 21 2014

And luckily he was acquitted.


21:27 Nov 09 2014
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The question is do I ever get bored? I think I answered this one before, but I'll answer it again. The answer is.... No! Why? Because Leisure Living is my activity. Leisure Living was my goal since childhood. It was my dream. Therefore, I'm living my dream.

Leisure, or free time, is time spent away from business, work, domestic chores, and education. It also excludes time spent on necessary activities such as eating and sleeping.

Boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings.

Being that I'm never left without anything in particular to do and I'm very interested in my surroundings...I NEVER experience boredom.

Leisure Living is my life now and I'm really good at it. Sometimes, yes, I have to conduct business and accomplish domestic chores as a Parent, Home Owner and Automobile Owner, but I do limit the time I spend on those activities so that I might return to Leisure Living.

It has been argued that Leisure Living, when compared to employment, isn't as productive and results in little value. I beg to differ. You see Leisure Living produces Stress Reduction, Health Improvement, Philanthropy, Increased Time Spent on Hobbies, Socializing, Intellectual Pursuit, Personal & Spiritual Growth and so much more.

The value placed on these benefits is VERY high. Therefore, the argument is invalid.




19:35 Nov 08 2014
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One thing parents need to do for their child(ren) is to teach them very early on what it takes to be independent and the expenses that go along with it. They need to teach them about RESPONSIBILITY and they need to prepare them early own to make that launch into adulthood and INDEPENDENCE when that time comes. Now sure, one can hope that no one has a child that they can not afford, but realistically people love to have sex and not all practice birth control or if they do, it may fail them and then there are those females who intentionally get pregnant for all the wrong reasons which effects both parents' lives or those guys who result to raping a female which is just evil. Females should stop trapping guys and Males should stop raping females.

Unless the parents are already financially secure, each child born will drain the parents' current financial resources which means if they had little money to begin with before they had a child, they are going to have even less after having a child and even less with each additional child born. Sorry to tell ya, but all the love in the world doesn't fulfill a child's basic necessities. It also takes Food, Shelter & Clothing at the bare minimum.

So then when parents can't take care of their own responsibility, this places the burden to help care for their child on Family, Friends and Society by way of Tax Payers. So the money that is coming from others to help support their child means others will have to enjoy less of the fruits of their labor because of the indulgence and choices of others. That's why many people in society are so angry at recipients of social services. Sure, everyone falls on hard times every now and then, but to start out knowing you can't even take care of yourself and then still indulge in the activity that produces a child is seen as being irresponsible. Then for parents to get mad when someone else doesn't help them care for their own child, well that is laughable to many.

So it is my hope that young single people without kids focus on making choices that will enable them and not hinder them in obtaining a good education and employment so that they can become independent of their parents and enjoy life. Do some traveling and understand it's a pretty big world out there with much to offer. Be slow to have a child and be financially and mature enough when you are ready to do so.


A Place To Live

- Electrical Service

- Water Service

- Gas Service

- Phone Service

- Waste Management Garbage/Sewer Service

- Annual County Home Property Taxes

- Annual Home Owners Insurance To Protect Your & Your Lender's Investment

- Medical Insurance

- Dental Insurance



- Annual Vehicle Registration Renewal

- Auto Insurance

Credit Card

Security Alarm Service To Protect Your Belongings

Internet Service

Cable Service




10:51 Nov 19 2014

Found a typo....re-posting comment.

 photo 1_zps55db7bca.jpg


05:24 Nov 01 2014
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So Nov is my birth month and the day of my birth will be the 26th. I'll be 46 years old. Looking forward to my Annual B-Day Breakfast at Denny's, a movie, and then the purchase of a few gifts for myself, followed by my favorite foods.



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