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18:17 Nov 25 2015
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I recommended to my Son that he finish any educational aspirations he may have PRIOR to getting married one day. To get married and then drop it on his spouse that he is now going to finish that degree program he started years ago is pretty insensitive especially when they both may work full time jobs. I said they wouldn't see each other all day and then 2-3 nights a week she wouldn't see him until it's time for bed due to attending school at night directly after working all day. Furthermore, he will probably be studying and working on homework that would take even more time away from the relationships on the nights he doesn't have school. Just my opinion.



05:59 Nov 26 2015

YES!!!!! It is a strain on any kind of relationship! Especially if the other partner is not attending school and can understand your struggle/absence. If you go all out balls on your studies and want to get good grades, you have no life. I was lucky in that aspect! They have to think of themselves and the rest will fall into place...It will!


16:46 Nov 25 2015
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Why no I didn't read your post about MY life. I was too busy living it and loving it. ^_^




06:01 Nov 25 2015
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Where some people go wrong is instead of loving another the way they need to be love, they choose to love them the way they themselves want to love them. If I tell you how I need you to love me and you choose to disregard my feelings and love me the way you want to love me, then we are going to have problems. That's like me telling you I'm hungry, but instead of giving me food, you choose to give me something to drink. WTF? Furthermore, if I want food and all you have is water, don't fault me for continuing to seek out someone that is willing to give me food. You ever think I already have water?




03:53 Nov 25 2015
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That was faker than porn sites telling me local girls wanna f*ck......




14:25 Nov 20 2015
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Mo'Nique feels it's 'New Age' thinking to give her husband a free pass to cheat.

Sounds less like 'new age' thinking and more like giving up on the idea of monogamy. Hey, it happens and some people just choose not to be in a monogamous relationship. People are throwing the term "ownership" around when it comes to couples in committed monogamous relationship simply because they are attempting to connect "ownership" with "slavery". If one person says to another person, "I give myself to you solely now and forevermore", then guess what, even as a being with free will, you just gave "ownership" to that other person by now "belonging" to them and as a Owner, they have certain Privileges and Rights that others do not when it comes to you. One may not appreciate the term, but that's the meaning. So if you don't want to be "own", then never "give" yourself to anyone. Just let them borrow that ass from time to time. The bottom line is people are going to define and structure their relationship as they see fit. It's neither right or wrong good or evil.....It's THEIRS!



14:31 Nov 20 2015

"borrow that ass", lol...

14:38 Nov 20 2015

I like this, I could not have explained it more thoroughly! i will never be a besieged castle. I am forever wanting in and out! So, within and so without I stay. I love unconditionally, for the masses are my concern. I keep it humble, yeah. I keep it well put, in my pants. (LOL)


00:44 Nov 15 2015
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As the sun begins to set it's as though the attack on my senses are ebbing. My desire to awake is increasing. I feel energy flowing into my being. I'm honestly just nocturnal.

There’s an electricity in the moon. A pulse, a magic, an energy. A bewitching entrancement unlike that of the sun.

It takes 10x more energy for me than other people to function normally when the sun is out. Thus I am perpetually tired. During the day, I constantly nap and when I am awake, I just stay at home, lounge around, and watch Netflix or enjoy my many other hobbies. I am nocturnal.




16:15 Nov 14 2015
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There are Positive forces and there are Negative forces

There is Positive energy and there is Negative energy

One can not exist without the other existing

The Pendulum swings both ways

The Balance of power will always change

Life and Death continue

Even as Smiles turn to Tears

Even as Crying turn to Laughter

Courage to Fear

Cowards to Heroes

Nothing New under the stars.... © 2015 Lord MOGY




03:41 Nov 13 2015
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It's Thursday so tonight I will be entertained by 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Originals' starting at 8 pm.

Being entertained is what I enjoy. ^_^



07:19 Nov 13 2015

Wish we had those things here..


03:21 Nov 13 2015
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I don't do Drama, but I'll watch or read a little of it for entertainment purposes. Hahaha!




01:31 Nov 13 2015
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Soooo Me!....LOL!




21:32 Nov 12 2015
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Happy Birthday!!! What do you mean it's not your Birthday? Well fuck you then!





07:08 Nov 11 2015
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What's in a Single Man's fridge right now?

- 1 Large Pizza from Chuck E Cheese

- 3 Big Macs from McDonald's

- 4 Packs of Bacon

- 2 A Half of a Watermelon

- 2 Frozen Lobster Tails

- 1 Pack of Frozen Crab Legs

- 4 Packs of Frozen Brown and Serve Sausage links

- 3 Sweet Potato Pies (2 which are frozen)

- 4 Boxes of Frozen Starburst Candy

- 1 Half a Liter of Coca Cola

- 1 Quart of Ice Coffee



15:49 Nov 11 2015

chuck e. cheese ????

21:56 Nov 12 2015

Only 3 big Macs? I'll take fiddy.

15:53 Nov 14 2015

My Son worked there LordFangor...lol


08:29 Nov 10 2015
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Happy Birthday United States Marines, Past, Present, & Future.

 photo 3_zpsqibhpqr9.jpg




02:16 Nov 06 2015
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If she's not bringing these to the table, then I suppose she'll be taking my order.

- Commitment

- Courage

- Faithfulness

- Honesty

- Honor

- Loyalty

- Responsibility

- Self-Control

- Self-Love

- Sense of Humor

- Kinkiness

- Knowledge

- Passion

- Wisdom




02:53 Nov 04 2015
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Why become a member of The Coven of Temples of The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs?

1. Our coven is a 'No-Drama' coven.

2. We do not have a mandatory number of posting requirement.

3. There is no mandatory requirement to add everybody both in the coven and the alliance as a friend as well as having to add their journals.

4. If one has an interest in Vampires and Ancient Egypt, we offer good reading pertaining to Ancient Egyptian History & Mythology such as types of Mythological Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Egyptian Magic and Egyptian Cuisine. We are an online resource for the Egyptian Vampire community. We state how Vampires were held in high regard among the Egyptian civilization. How a few Vampires became Kings and were depicted among Egyptian art along with two races of cat people and werewolves. These powerful races were many times mistaken as Gods for their features and powers. Humans recognized the werewolves Anubis and Ammut and the felines Sekmet and Bastet among the beings that worked with Vampires during this time.

5. Our alliance standing is currently #1.

6. We do try to have fun via forum games.

So if you are an unaffiliated Sire and want to see what our coven is like, contact our CM or just petition to join.

If you are a member of another coven, request that your CM contact our CM.

If you are closing in on level 20, don't worry you might just get Inducted. Wouldn't you be the lucky one. ^_^




23:03 Nov 02 2015
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Since retiring, I've been able to blend my reality with fantasy. I have real guns and you're starting to look like a zombie to me. 3:)




20:56 Nov 01 2015
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Time for that November facial hair to grow out. However, some females take equality too far. LOL!




16:50 Nov 01 2015
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"You only have one superpower, and it's your breasts." ~ "Witches of East End"





06:48 Nov 01 2015
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Zombies and Killer Robots...Where's my popcorn?



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