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22:54 Sep 27 2015
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She said she consciously and subconsciously destroyed our relationship because I was damn near close to perfect and she didn't feel worthy of me and all my efforts and love. That she rather settle for second best where she felt more like an imperfect equal.

Wait, What?!

Low Self-Esteem at its worse.




22:53 Sep 27 2015
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There are some that feel as though I 'Man-Whore' around just because I have a high libido and I'm single and doing quite well for myself.

However, nahhh, I'm not really one to sex every female who wants to play. These days I find myself not even putting in an effort to find a play partner. Just the idea of hooking up with someone reminds me of the possible drama that can come with it and I push it right out of my head and settle for watching porn....LOL!

To be honest, I'm really the committed type. If I'm going to date someone, I'm looking for a long term commitment. Don't get me wrong, I've had a few 'Booty Calls' with 'Play Partners', but that was only to confirm what I already knew....I'm not a Playa.

I've been with a total of only 17 women sexually and of those I married 4. I loved all 4, but was only 'In-Love' with 1. Hey, it happens.

I've had them from the East Coast, West Coast, and Hawaii. They've been Black, White, Black&White, Black&Mexican, and Mexican. They've been tall, short, skinny, fat, not so attractive to could have been a model. They've had dimples, no dimples, short hair, long hair, and one even wore weave. They've run the range from the been ghetto to being part of the social elite.

But as they say....Looks Attract, but Personality Keeps.

My struggle is....I Don't Do Drama! Well I just can't live with it when and if it reaches a certain level.

No Hell Can Hold Me!




22:45 Sep 27 2015
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What are some examples of Drama I've experienced from females I've encountered?

- When she tried to have me hit it raw, but didn't tell me she's already 3 months pregnant.

- When she tells me she wants to have sex, but then shows up with her new born.

- When she has sex with me, but then the next week introduces me to her fiance'.

- When she acts like she's in 'Babysitter' mode when watching her own kid(s). She can't wait to get some money to pay for a sitter so she can go shopping and run the streets.

- When she doesn't get her own way and refuses to compromise so she yells, wants to fight and then brings her male friends into the mix to either try to fight me or try to make me jealous.

- When all she does is lie and deceive.

- When she cheats or have emotional affairs.

- When she wants to be taken care of, but doesn't want to share in any of the home chores.

- When she sets everything and everyone as a priority before me.

- When she says it's not about my money, but acts out when I stop giving her any.

- When she attempts to use her own sister to flirt with me just to see if I would be disloyal.

- When she's in a bad mood for no apparent reason and wants to pick a fight just because I'm there, but doesn't want to have sex to calm herself down.

- When her normal voice is as though she's talking to me from across the room.

- When she treats strangers and especially customer service type people horribly. As if she's a queen and they are in this world just to serve her and they had better do it without error.

- When she never keeps her promise.

- When she's in the wrong, but tries to blame it on me in some type of way.

- When she uses sex as reward and punishment method.

- When she feels it's ok for her to do something, but not ok for me to do the same damn thing.

- When she tries to convince me that she's a 'Strong Woman' because she speaks her mind and does what she wants even though her actions are inappropriate.

- When she said sure me we can have sex, but if I get her pregnant she will tell everyone that I got her drunk and raped her.

The bottom line is a Vagina comes with a Personality attached to it and I haven't come across any Vagina that is so damn good to make me want to remain with its shitty Personality.... ijs




16:55 Sep 24 2015
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So my last dream had me sleeping on a park bench as what seemed as though hundreds of years passed by, however, I didn't age. Some how I was aware of civilizations rising and falling and wars being fought. Animals took over the planet for awhile like the planet of the apes and then humans took back control of the planet. Once I woke up in my dream, it was a world where women went around with bare breast as if it was normal. I walked around in awe just groping boobies and people were more in awe of me and my appearance than being offended at what I was doing. Then I found myself in a store where I think some guy was trying to have me walk into a vault where I would be trapped until the authorities came to figure me out, but I wasn't having any of that. Then I looked down at my mid-section and it split open vertically and it was as if my stomach was packed full of diamonds.

The End...



17:41 Sep 24 2015

Diamonds eh? Now thats what I call a rock gut!


02:18 Sep 24 2015
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Some people wonder how is it that I've remained stress free for over 4 years now. I've explain this before, but I'll list what contributes to my life of Serenity once more.

- I live by the Serenity Prayer.

- I take responsibility for what I ALLOW to stress me. Meaning if stress is bad, why would I ALLOW any number of things to stress me? I love ME too much.

- I'm RETIRED. That's pretty much self-explanatory.

- I don't care what people think, feel, believe or say about me.

- I live within my own budget.

- I don't mind saying 'No'.

- I do what I can when I can for others in need without placing my budget at risk or feeling guilty when I can't.

- I mind my own business unless asked to help or give advice or my opinion.

- I have a 'Fuck It' attitude about many things.

- I meditate and stay spiritual.

- I'm a Pagan.

- I do what I want, when I want, where I want, for whatever reason I want to and for how long I want.

- I don't live to impress others.

- I don't live to compete with others.

- I'm not envious of anyone.

- I don't try to be anyone, but myself.

- I have my shit together.

- I'm single and don't have to compromise on anything.

- I have no minor children.

- I'm content and love my life.

- I find humor in a lot of things so I laugh a lot.

- I have very little Expectations to the point of almost not having any.

There may be others, but these are off the top of my head.



05:33 Sep 24 2015

Words to live by. Plus, I like list.


18:10 Sep 14 2015
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So I had this crazy dream.

I was home alone chilling when my phone rang. Well I don't answer unknown numbers, but they did leave a message. It was a guy saying that he had my wife and if I ever wanted to see her again alive, I should return his call.

So I returned his call and confirmed he had one of my Ex-Wives, but didn't tell him that she was an Ex. I said, "Ok, well I'll need proof of death."

He said, "You mean proof of life."

I said, "Don't argue with me." Then I hung up the phone.

Then I woke up. Crazy dream. Accurate, but crazy. LOL!



20:46 Sep 14 2015

You and your craxy dreams! Lmao


17:37 Sep 08 2015
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So online adds that reflect key words such as "Free", "You Only Pay For Shipping", and "Trial Offer"....Equals Scam!!!

Always read the small print if you choose to purchase the product anyways.

Had a $9.92 purchase result into a $173.94 "legal" charge 15 Days later. Furthermore, I had been "automatically" enrolled into their 'auto-shipment' Program which would have allowed them to ship their product to me every 30 Days and charge me that same amount every 30 Days until I Opt-Out.

So I Opt-Out.

Got them to send me Confirmation of having done so.

Cancelled the card used just in case they were lying.

Live and Learn...



19:40 Sep 08 2015


23:18 Sep 08 2015



20:10 Sep 07 2015
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So some of you may know that I purchased my HP Pavilion Laptop and my Lexmark 7300 Series all-in-one (Copy/Scan/Fax) Printer back in 2006 when my 3rd Ex was given the one laptop we shared. I purchased new furniture and invested in an entire home office.

Well as years passed, my HP's hard drive started going bad back in 2013. Trying to purchase a new one was difficult since most business were no longer making the hard drive with prongs. So I upgraded to a Toshiba touch screen Windows 8 laptop only to find out it was not compatible with my Lexmark. Crap! So I had to keep the old, slow, bad hard drive HP Pavilion connected to the Printer just to print stuff.

However, after many months of waiting after reporting the issue to Toshiba and multiple system uploads....I'm back in business. My Toshiba is now compatible with my Lexmark Printer.






09:40 Sep 07 2015
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