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I'm not disappearing yet! :P

00:45 Jan 25 2023
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Jumping online real quick to just shoot a quick head's up:

Been wicked busy with classes the last few days so I'll be online tonight if y'all need me for anything.

I'll also respond to messages at that time as well, as I am currently mobile and it's just way easier to do that once I'm back at my laptop.




If this fucking pomade does not come out of my hair I am going to lose my shit.

04:50 Jan 21 2023
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The temptation is there.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

So close.

So close.

I have quite literally a massive dislike for things that stick to me and won't come off. Like, a deep rooted aversion to it.


  • a strong dislike or disinclination.
    "he had a deep-seated aversion to most forms of exercise"
  • a person or thing that arouses strong feelings of dislike.
    "my dog's pet aversion is visitors, particularly males"




    This isn't a VR thing, but I bet you think it is.

    02:06 Jan 21 2023
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    It's funny to me when people want a title, a position, a mark of importance but never put the footwork in to being one.

    Like, you can call yourself whatever you want, but if you don't earn that title, you're not it.

    You're just a sad person pretending.

    There's a lot of those out there....




    04:04 Jan 20 2023
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    Oh my sweet, non-southern brother...

    I moved my brother to Texas back in 2016 and he spends almost every weekend visiting us.
    This past weekend he was kind enough to wash all of my dishes and my cast iron since I cooked a rather large meal for everyone and needed to hop online to do some quizzes for school.

    I'm gonna need to re-season all of my cast iron again. LOL

    I will have to teach him tomorrow how to do it and how to properly clean them afterwards so that in the future he knows how to.

    Big sister Ducky always passing along learned knowledge. xD



    07:10 Jan 20 2023

    I'm very intense when doing the washing up

    I don't let no one else do it as I always pick up if they don't do a good job

    Maybe that's just me lol

    I love things sparking clean

    I have tried to let others do the washing up but find myself taking over or watching over there shoulder


    03:44 Jan 20 2023
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    My oldest has never really been a fan of school breakfasts and most certainly will not eat before 7 am (his bus comes around 0641) so I have been making premade breakfasts for him that I can toss in the oven while he's getting ready for school and take with him to eat in the cafeteria with his friends.

    For this week I made homemade sausage DuckGriddles (essentially McGriddles that I made, and he that's what he calls them lol), pancake plates with sausage or bacon (made both), sausage, egg, and cheese croissants, and fruit yogurt bowls with blueberry muffins.

    A few of his friends have asked if he would ask me to make some of those DuckGriddles for them, so I made some extras tonight for him to bring along to school with him tomorrow. Twelve, to be exact. (Two for each kid who asked, plus two for my kiddo.)

    They're super easy to make. I will never understand people who refuse to cook for their children. I am literally a non-stop person, constantly doing school work, home repair projects, and at one point also working 40 hours (sometimes more) a week, while also raising both my kids, and taking care of several animals. My kids have always had healthy, home cooked meals, and I've never seen that as an issue to produce.

    He would also be getting homemade lunches, too, but he likes his school lunches. They order through Gunthers for a lot of their meals (like the pizzas and chicken stuff) and he likes those a lot. Although sometimes he will let me know the night before he doesn't want a school lunch and would like a homemade lunch, so I make it while he sleeps. Then in the morning he gets excited about whatever I made him and always thanks me graciously.

    That boy of mine is a sweet, kindhearted young man. ♥




    Without something unexpected happening...

    19:22 Jan 16 2023
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    Just one goddamn day. That's all I ask.




    That pig is lucky I love her eccentric ass.

    08:08 Jan 16 2023
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    I went to let Henrietta (my pig) out, as she wanted to run with my dog Prancer in that backyard. So she was oinking away like a lunatic, and the little shit sat on my broken toe. AGAIN. Then she looks up at me and just cocks her head like she's the cutest thing in the world and like I wasn't trying to physically shoo her off my goddamn foot.

    Then she licked me. Which triggered Prancer to jump up and try and lick me in the face and me to fall backwards while she was still on my foot.

    All the while my cat Gomez just stared at me like it was a normal occasion.

    So now my foot, wrist, and ass all hurt. Gah.



    15:41 Jan 16 2023

    19:23 Jan 16 2023

    LMAO I truly do.


    Goddamn I am getting old. That was a LONG time ago...

    07:34 Jan 16 2023
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    Holy shit I almost forgot about the REPENT guy who would mass message people "holier than thou" messages, telling them to repent for their sins.

    Ah... The shit that makes me giggle.




    One overdue and one new!

    01:12 Jan 16 2023
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    Congratulations to both immortalxkiss and SireWallFlower on becoming Master Vampires here on Vampire Rave!
    SireWallFlower is now the House Master to The House of Caomhnõir-an-Eolas and immortalxkiss is now the House Master to The House of Nocturnal Retribution!!!

    Welcome to the Team and congratulations!
    You both will do wonderful!




    22:11 Jan 15 2023
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    If you've submitted Database entries between January 3rd until today (January 15th) they have been reviewed.

    If I denied it, just fix what was needed and resubmit them. :)




    A Poll Question asks: What do you think should be done with RIP threads?

    12:23 Jan 15 2023
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    One of the answers was "Deletion".

    Deletion would also remove the points towards the Forum counts for members who have posted to the Forums- within Societies and within the main aspect of VR.

    Many of you use that to level, to talk to others, and pass time.

    Deletion should be the last thing you'd want to do to something that counts towards your status.

    But what do I know? It's not like I've been here almost a decade and a half and seen how people lose their minds when threads were deleted and they lost those "points".

    Oh, wait... I have.





    10:38 Jan 14 2023
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    • • • • PRIVATE JOURNAL ENTRY • • • •


    Musings of a Rubber Ducky.

    19:26 Jan 13 2023
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    Making carnitas with homemade corn tortillas and homemade refried beans for dinner.
    Pico de Gallo is made already, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos are currently roasting to make a homemade salsa to go with it.
    Beans are almost ready to make into refried beans. They soaked overnight, are currently boiling down and will be completed by the time the carnitas are done in the oven.

    Then I am going to make from scratch chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies with the kiddos tonight.

    I'm currently in the process of developing Scarlette's word wall and sight word wall, much like Emerson had when he was her age. He's is actually really excited to help with this, as he remembers how much fun we had learning words and shapes, colors, etc at this age. It's partly why he was reading at a second grade level by the time he was in kindergarten- I made learning fun for him.

    I'm still wrapping my head around the fact he will be thirteen in June. THIRTEEN. Teenager. Baby Ducky is no longer a baby. In fact, he's almost as tall as me (and I'm almost 5'10!) and wears the same size shoe as me! Even with the cancer putting a stint in his growth, he's still going to be tall. He's in band, plays the trombone, and is doing so fucking fantastically well. Four years ago, when he was diagnosed with LCH, I was terrified I was going to lose the best part of my life to cancer, my baby boy. But, as always, that kid bounced back with a vengeance and is THRIVING now. He is such an amazing kiddo and a perfect big brother. His sister is obsessed with him, lol. All day long I hear "Is my brother home yet? Where is Emerson?! I show him a new dance!" She loves him and he adores her. When he isn't feeling good (migraines are a residual effect of the cancer he had) she will bring him a bottle of water and then climb up on his bed and curl up next to him, holding a cool cloth to his forehead and whisper to him "it okay, brother. I make you feel better. Sleep now." and he usually falls asleep with her nodding off next to him shortly afterwards.

    They're inseparable.

    I wouldn't have it any other way. I have an amazing set of children and a wonderful husband.

    I am blessed. Truly.



    19:59 Jan 13 2023


    Om Nom Nomminess

    05:02 Jan 12 2023
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    I made bison meatloaf for dinner with steamed broccoli and roasted garlic potatoes and this is so yummy. :D



    05:39 Jan 12 2023

    05:46 Jan 12 2023

    Hahaha that's exactly what I was doing... Even though I used a fork to eat it with.



    13:03 Jan 11 2023
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    I broke my toe at the knuckle where it connects to my foot right around New Years and I just went to feed my pig who, in her infinite excitement, sat on my foot. Mostly right where the break is.

    Took everything in me not to holler like a banshee. Instead I waved a banana in her face and chucked it across the yard, to which she took off like a bat out of hell to gobble up while I hobbled my ass inside.

    My dog was just staring at me the whole time curiously then started mimicking my hobbling like a righteous little brat. Hahah

    At least my cat was nice to me this morning. He came over and coddled me while the other two mingled in the grass.



    15:55 Jan 11 2023

    16:12 Jan 11 2023


    22:10 Jan 11 2023

    Bacon/Pork Rind/Future Christmas Dinner needs to get her act together.

    05:47 Jan 12 2023

    She won't. That little ham ass threw her water dish at me because I didn't put ice in it fast enough so water got everywhere.

    I have learned... Ice first, then water. She has standards, yo.



    I don't wanna!

    07:03 Jan 10 2023
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    I need to order more binders and dividers.

    I just don't want to spend any more on school supplies since I literally just spend a bunch on stuff for the last term so I could make sure all the materials were safely kept as they are needed for the national board exams I have to take just before graduation.

    A lot of the information is handy and good to keep for later referencing but gah. I take thorough notes and this shit is getting expensive LOL





    Starting the journal over. Cleared and deleted everything...

    05:45 Jan 10 2023
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    It was time.



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