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The long game

02:13 Jan 17 2021
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I'm no chess master but I did teach a friend how to play who later became a ranked master. Much like in martial arts it's about drilling moves over and over til it's natural unless you're a savant. Naturally people tend to not want to hurt others but in martial arts their are techniques like breaking which overcomes this, training you to focus a little past the surface you're striking. All this then comes into play during a crisis. Doing this for a board game never appealed to me. But someone on my level I enjoy playing the long game.

So it is with V.R.. There is a game element to it that I'd like to win by my standards(I won't win if I play by another's standards). However, my mind has been conditioned via occultism specifically the elemental plane that is all pervasive. Couple that with concepts like the abyss and eternity that my state of mind conceives in an awesome way and you have behavior like mine. There is also other deeper realities to consider. This is a social network for real vampires. It is open to adolescents. It is also a business. So I attempt to apply all these into my strategy. I don't like doing things half assed. So I like to use good tools to create what is my best crystalization of things. This is turning into a lifetime commitment. I'm quite sure when you see the fruit of my work you will see it is well worth the wait. Since this is a business I can't do things like others that pull money to other sites unless I have more coming in even if it provides links to improve search engine optimization thus improving traffic. By far since I don't use other sites I have to create my own. I'm not wealthy by societies' standards so must work on it all within a budget. I don't mind seeming incompetent by not having things as I said. For me it's the best I can do or nothing. You don't appreciate things if they come easy also. When I came back with Holyman profile I said I will enjoy bringing certain ones to their knees as I desire apologies. Some treat others like a dime a dozen and don't remember their actions. They think it excuses them. I'm quite aware how everything is connected on a level and why things happen as well will manifest in the future pending actions now.

I don't represent Nikki well at this time with little coding and graphics but I will in the future. She is after all the only one here that apologized publicly to me. By far that is honorable behavior that overshadows all other virtues that others extol while trying to "save face".




Return to normal

07:38 Jan 15 2021
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I'm coming off a pretty long fast. I was actually going to keep it going for awhile as I'm used to an aesthetic lifestyle, but a door opened by the most important vampire to me on this site. Well that sure took me out of first gear. Yeah I'm a man that likes to drive a stick. My mindset and body need to get accustomed to normal civilized life again. Been there done that. It's not easy. But I'm inspired by a certain female so it should be a cakewalk. 10 years ago I was a foreman and carried well over ten grand in my wallet. I like the freedom it gives. Never really liked getting bogged down with stuff. Just being able to pick up and move wherever I choose is more important to me. In my present state I let that go. I'm kind of a jack of all trades and master of none. I want to try creating my own website. Got to get to studying the textbook that's been collecting dust on my desk. Stimulus money will help with graphic software lisence. It's back to work and school. I have a good work ethic so it shouldn't be much to start generating money again.

I like tools first on list is a pickup. The wisdom of my father and grandfather was you can always find work when you drive one. Do some customization with a spot welder and I'll be set. My last truck was too big and sucked gas fiercely. No I'll just go with and old but dependable Tacoma this time. I'm careful about using name brands here so you should know I mean business. Picturing nice long drives at night. :)





14:28 Jan 14 2021
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To be whole you integrate everything. By my understanding being goth is a lifestyle that integrates death in many guises. I'd venture for us pack animals suffering this alone too much is too damaging so mediums like art and music that others express and others who share similar are important. So yes celebrate death.




New wolf moon (first v.r. profile name key)

16:34 Jan 13 2021
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• • • • ENTRY IS ENCRYPTED • • • •


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One of those nights.

04:55 Jan 12 2021
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It's usually my practice to post privately then make it public later but sometimes I just come out on front street. Getting ready for this "new" wolf moon. What's been on my mind of late is pride and humility. There is this mindset that has a proper balance between the two that I try to cultivate. Some are so caught up with themselves they just don't see clearly likewise conversely others are so overwhelmed the constitution of their minds are shattered having a poor sense of self. It's like the cliques here on V.R.. There is a good reason I find kinship with certain people on this site cause they have that essential balance.





07:26 Jan 11 2021
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