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16:11 Jul 02 2021
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Rating is something I try to do responsibly. I think there should be a standard otherwise rating loses it's definition. It seems most just give out tens to everyone and they feel its about spreading good cheer or are more concerned with the fantasy elements of this site. It doesn't seem to spread much of a blessing to me if you give it to everyone. The same 10 you give to spare someone's feelings seems empty when giving it to the worthy. To me you're just taking a cop out cause you don't have the courage to face those who don't earn a good score. Justify it however you want but that's the bottom line. Yes there is suffering to it but might as well make sure the suffering is just to be honorable rather than selfish. I am here for the social networking rather than fantasy. Then you have those that just give back what they get or those that revenge rate with a 1. Both of those to me are just immature people that try to manipulate their scores by intimidating others. I will try to rate objectively as I think I'm responsible for what I do. I spend time on reaching a decision and look at many factors. Right now the criteria is not expounded on much but: if you don't give credit to sources that's minus a point, not using code, having no graphics, having no written content, poor grammar and spelling(lot's of dyslexics on this site myself included but is a factor still), organization, artistry, originality, decadent use of bandwidth(I sometimes come on cellphone and end up using way too much of my data allotment because of all the unnecessary animations and music on auto-play), not paying your third party host and advertising overshadows graphics-giving credit by posting a link is proper to me, too much content(to me profile should be relatively brief summary-If it takes longer than ten seconds to load then its too long), unprofile like content (there seems to be this habit of many to have profiles made up to a theme which to me takes away from their purpose and is better suited as content for a member page or article rather than on a profile) are all factors. Shit happens in life so don't read to deeply into my absences or lack of rating in a timely manner, or if I move outside the boundaries I set as I can get in moods myself that affect my objectivity. My standards are evolving for now I'm playing it loose. Of course I'm hard on myself but not so much others who I don't know like myself and can't judge their work accurately. I try to take the personal out of my ratings and make it sterile and is based on presentation not who you are. The same goes for rating portfolios to me. The term portfolio refers to pictures primarily so I rate according to that as main theme. You get a big bonus for putting yourself out there. It shows you are comfortable with yourself and age. For the most part I keep my private life out of public viewing. Those who gain my trust I share it with them privately. I am extremely honest and it's part of devotional magick to be able to see clearly. I expect graphics and written content to give context to photographs too. But without pictures a portfolio loses it's meaning. If you don't have that it will suffer in rating from me. I rate myself accordingly too. The same goes for rating the database. I have to have read it or listened to or own the product to rate it with informed decision. I can't do Articles as they are meant to attract subscribers unless there is permission from those who own copyright displayed. To me this site is a business not a public library. I think many like to rate the database cause they don't have to deal with people directly and can just power level. I'm a bit psychic and that just doesn't work for me as I can feel energy tied to anything that includes all the people tied to products. I'm entitled to my opinion but the least I can do is make an informed decision.




Open Book

13:13 Jul 02 2021
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So I keep on revising and editing things in my profile, portfolio and journal. At first I had a long scrolling profile with lots of written content and a journal open to the public. But it seemed too verbose. So I started moving content to my journal as I determined a profile should just be a brief summary. It wasn't long before I created only one section of my journal to be open to the public with the others being encrypted. There seems to be lots of drama started on journals with the intention of anyone reading them. If you want to blow off some steam then by all means do it only among those who have your password not everyone. Members don't really seem to use the Favoring of journals but as a way of increasing a score bonus while spending most of their time just going to those entries that interest them who just post openly in all journal section. To weed out those that just visit briefly by rote to manipulate or read while not logged on I have the encrypted sections with passwords earned by actually taking the time to get to know me. Then I have this open section which is material open to public that seems important but don't want in profile as it would be too verbose.



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