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Fire and Ice

14:57 Mar 17 2015
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"Good Morning my Pet" I whisper softly to her sleeping form as I crawl into her bed for the first time ever since she became mine. She rolls over and looks at me. shocked to see me there in her room , "Good Morning Sir, and Happy Birthday to you" she smiles up at me sweetly. As I looked upon her an idea came to mind that I simply had to act on, "My Pet would you like to make this a special birthday for me today?" She nods franctically and places her arms above her head ready for her restraints. I reach up and grab her wrists in one and place them back on her chest with a smile. "No restraints this time, I want you to be able to touch and feel me as I ravage you again and again" She looks at me with a sudden look of confusion and excitement as she stretches out on her bed running her hand acrossed my beard. "do you know what my favorite poem is my pet?" She watches me walk acrossed the room toward the freezer on the far wall and shakes her head. "I do not Sir, but I would love to hear it." I smile at her as I return with a small bowl of ice cubes and sit down next her on the bed. I reach in and pluck a single cube from the bowl and run it gently acrossed her chest circling her nipples watching as her hot skin slowly melts the cube as it runs froms one side to the next. I run it slowly down her stomch towards her mound of flesh between her thighs and stop just inches from it as her breathing becomes louder and small moan escapes her soft . succulent lips. "The poem goes ,

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Is also great

And would suffice" as I finish the poem I slide the cube slowly acrossed her womanhood earning a loud moan from her. "do you know why this poem is important to the task I wish to perform today my pet?" she looks deep in my eyes and again shakes her head,"no Sir , I do not" Smiling as I slowly dip the cube between her thighs and lower my head blowing a soft puff of hot air foloowing the cold cube on her skin" because the destruction of one element is not enough, it takes two to truely destroy the senses" She grabs my hair holding on tightly as my tongue reaches out licking the wet cold flesh the cube leaves in it's wake. Moaning loudly she bucks wildly gring into the touch of hot and cold as her senses run wild "Master she screams , Do I have permission?" looking at my with a look close to she panic , afraid that I'd say no. I look up at her from between her legs and whisper" you have no restraints my pet, Do as you see wish." she grinds into my face harder driving the cube deeper into her skin as she reaches climax again and again screaming loudly until she can no longer take it. She gently tugs on my hair pulling my head up to better look at me. She pulls me up to lay beside her the pleasures of what just passed forgotten as I lay down and wrap my arms around her. "Sir" she says " If it's ok. I just wish to be held in your arms so I can feel your strength around me , to feel your heart against mine, This is what i wish to give you for your birthday." I look down at her a mixture of feelings as she slowly raises up and kisses my lips. "I wish for you to know how much I love you Sir, that is my gift to you." She lays her head on my chest and cuddles in closer. "It's the best gift I've been given my pet, thank you" I say as i kiss the top of her head. We lay there and hold one another until for the first time ever , Darkness took over both of us and we slept.




another lesson to be learned

01:56 Mar 10 2015
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so today is the day my pet decided today that she wanted to use the word no today. I tell her to bend over she replies with no. I smile and repeat myself and yet again I recieve the same response. well as you can imagine I was less than pleased. I calmly removed my tie and unbuttoned my shirt a little and slowly walked over to her and grabbed her by the throat and picked her up and slammed her into the wall. She looks down upon me with a look of sheer horror on her face and a smal quiver in her lip. Smiling my widest grin I lean my ear closer to her mouth and softly ask her to repeat herself. Amongst the gasps and squirms she said that dreaded word once more. I slowly nodded and looked back up at her. " I thought that was what you said" and I threw her onto the bed with a hard bounce. I pounced onto her and quickly set the restraint in place and retreived a small dagger from the bedside. I looked down at her with a cold malevolet stare and draw the blade acrossed her silk gown , splitting it in half exposing her delicate flesh. Jerking the fabric away from her body and grabbed her throat once more squeezing bit by bit as i ask her to repeat that word again. She remains silent breathing heavily. I release her neck and walk over to the wall where my many devices hang waiting to be chosen. I run my hand acrossed them all feeling for the right texture for my task. My hand stops on a simple feather. I slowly remove it from the wall and walk it over to the bed and smile at her. I slowly run the tip of the feather down her stomach towards the very core of her womanhood stopping inches from the mound of soft wet flesh making her moan softly. "tonight my pet " spinning the feather in a small circle in place watching her muscles ripple at the carress., "you told me No, I'm sorry but I cannot allow this to pass unjudged" I run the feather slowly acrossed her mound making her jump and fight the restraints. I dance the tip of the feather a little faster acrossed her wetness making her moan louder, then run it back up the length of her body swirling it around her breasts. She watches intently as I tease her over and over never keeping the feather in one spot. Tears of extacy and pleasure roll down her cheeks as she begs me again and again for me to allow her that sweet release she so craved. I ran the feather acrossed her dripping womanhood faster and faster until she screams my name loud and hoarse as she collapses unconscious onto the bed finally silent and still........I smile as I throw the feather into the trash and slowly turn to look back at her as I close the door to the room leaving her there in the soaked mattress.....Todays lesson my Pet....."you can say No and beg and plead with the Darkness....but in the end ....The Darkness always wins....*door slams shut*



02:51 Mar 10 2015

No blind fold?

No scented smells?

03:39 Mar 10 2015


04:12 Mar 10 2015

Was that today?

04:51 Mar 10 2015

LOL or maybe it was three days ago, or three days from now. Ah, time travel.

01:24 Mar 12 2015

One thing Mr.Darkness

It was kinda unkind leaving her on a soacked mattress

U could have carried her to a new one

Just saying!!!!

And if I said " NO". What would u do?

Just curious????!!!!???



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