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21:05 Jun 30 2019
Times Read: 1,222

The ripper book isnt about the ripper. Mostly, about the atrocities, done by the English gov and gov officials.

There is a lot of foul languge, has to be that the writer is a gutter tripe. Does open a new look to England. Not a very good one.

He also talks of Satan, as if it was real. Trying to validate that hate is not insanity. Although, hate when used w sensible, is not insane. It is the insensible that must be watched.
And barred.

Shame, I thought there was going to be a thorough book on the ripper, naming the villian. Guess not.

Truthfully, I wouldn't want a young kid to read this, w the language as is. Maybe the library should rate this in R, for an older audience, only.




14:55 Jun 30 2019
Times Read: 1,114

The other day. Think someone used strychnine. Heard something astral. And someone coughed a lot. Also, said astral, that your boyfriend has something that it use to be used for. That sentence was in my own words. Mow the astral was female. So. . . Also that poison is used for drugs. Have to be careful what I eat and drink in a certain place.

So far, no luck for another job. Maybe should start to knock again.

Dont think that I am goin to like the new dino movie. Good point, they will bringing back people from the origanal.
But, they will be killing the dinos. Fun over.

Speaking of. . . I HAVE TO GET A BIGGER BOX. LOL




21:56 Jun 29 2019
Times Read: 1,118

Should put my window block in. Got home w some good books to read and went dark.

Got a hugh one, They All Love Jack. Suppose to be true. And about the ripper.

Other, How To Change Your Mind. A psych book. Pollan.

The other is about New Orleans. Fiction, Gather The Fortunes.

1st went to get my same as last week payment. Did catch up. Would have had 120. But, toes were showing in old sneakers. Lol. Found a nice pair for 10 sparkly, at walmart. So down to 110. Wish they would restock for that make.

Washed new sheets. Was almost dry when got home.

And, should have gotten 14 bigger box. Dino struck again. They just had their treats.




06:52 Jun 28 2019
Times Read: 1,123

Scooby doobie doo. . . Didnt poop over the box once. What a nice break. Lol. No Dino dropping dropping.

Been feelin very tired. Havent done anything astral. Dissapointing. Could be awful job or green ghost. All both.

Checking into new phone. So I can get app. Maybe for temp job. Have to be able to down load app.

Someone showed me a great tazzer. Only 15. On line.

But, have to get caught up w weekly rent. Only made 20 tues in tips. Dead.




01:13 Jun 27 2019
Times Read: 1,129

Love Scooby. He went in the plastic box purrfectly. And the plastic is slipery so easy to bury. Nothing on the sides, yet. There is one step up.

Dino kisses. . . .

Bought some incense that smells extreme. Sandlewood. It came w a odd circle w mirror pieces and lots of holes. Small gem piece. When I looked at it on the street, felt odd.
Well, good that I got my cheap gem. Smell marajuana in hall. Lol.




15:45 Jun 26 2019
Times Read: 1,134

Got the new dino dropping box. Lol. Got it out of the plastic bin section. Hugh. Takes a whole bag of dino gravel. Lol. Only 4 dollars. Plus I have a cover I can use to protect the compound with. Lol.

There actually was a much bigger one for 14. Has wheels. Lol.

Plus, walmart had a hugh cake w 4 diffrent cakes in one, for 3. 11. Something for the trainer.

And they have new feed. Real chik and veggies. Stayed w old.




16:10 Jun 25 2019
Times Read: 1,144

Well, Dino dropping. . . . Dropping was so disgusting. . . . That I chucked the hugh pan and am using the dino emergency box. Gawd, how can Scooby Doo be so disgusting. Lol.

Didnt have a hugh pan one at walmart or Family dollar. Has to be Dino proof.

Had pretty box in hand. But, when I got to reg. Looked too small.

Not good enough for Claires Sactuary.

Have to pay rest of bill Wedn. So must be frugal.

Dino food was subbed. Was no chixy. So got hoghead cheese. And chef boyarde. The hatchlings had tuna.




02:07 Jun 24 2019
Times Read: 1,158

Man, they are suppose to ship a bunch of dead people on Space x, into space. For a very hefty price. Lol. That is really gross. Plus those urns won't disappear. Really gross. What people do for money. How disappointing Musk has become.




14:12 Jun 22 2019
Times Read: 1,165

Was limping so bad. Lol. Drank too much soda. Although, dollar store 3 liter not so bad. But that, 2 rip it's and can of coke. Lol. Feels like hardening of the arteries.

Should do chocolate instead.





14:38 Jun 21 2019
Times Read: 1,172

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge was so awesome. So many wonderful photoos on Tweeter.
The Goddess has taken over.




00:56 Jun 21 2019
Times Read: 1,175

Rite at Stonehenge is beginning.
Hope they draw down the moon.




19:55 Jun 20 2019
Times Read: 1,178

Looked at jobs, mostly food. Nothing for CSR. And, money finally went on card. Lol. Left me w 60. But, at least 117 is paid w the fees. And that credit never came after me. Good card.

Summer Solstice time. Need to draw down moon not sun. There was something I used a while ago must find.

Fell asleep on Amigos.

Tomorrow. Back at torture chamber. Have to do some spells.




03:11 Jun 20 2019
Times Read: 1,179

Goin to do a lil astral work.
With yup the dymamic trio. Code names magnito, nemo and of course. . . . The great sonic.

Where do we begin.

Maybe I should call them that mexican group. The Three Amigos, as a new project group. Lol

Love steve martin.




21:24 Jun 19 2019
Times Read: 1,185

Ok to Dots I go. Lets c if I can finish the week.

How nice it would be if I could just do my job and that is it. Then concentrate on astral projects. Someone wants me to work w the dynamic trio.




18:21 Jun 19 2019
Times Read: 1,192

My gawd. I was told that I needed a stronger hide. Why do I keep getting restaurant jobs. The one thing that is never good. All waitresses at night are new. That should tell me.

Everytime I releive a certain person. Draw over or shnrt. This time I come in and am told that she didnt touch it, I dont have to count it. Still I count. 1st ok. 2nd 10 short. Recount and still short. She recounts says she isnt goin to give till she recounts draw. Mon dieu. I notice that her sheet when she started is diffrent then mine. So she was in it. After counting reg. She gives ten.

Then person I covered for and switched my day for comes in. I dont say anything. Cuz cook and waitress said she told them something else. So now the cook and that messed up leave and talk. So then the hate starts. . . . Just to cut it to the quick. When she started to swich my slips out of sequence. I said she better stop or I call the cops. My draw. Wow talk about hate. Told truth. I quit. And this is not worth it.

Boss said I have bills and I have to toughen. Others in morn told me their awful stories.

Only a hanful have been there a while.

I have to find a non restaurant. No management at night. I am sure my boss is always looking for another. Wow.

Ok. IM UP. MAYBE CAN GET TO LIBRARY BEFORE 4.when I start again.



20:26 Jun 19 2019

Yeah alot of reasons you listed are reasons why I refuse to work in the food industry ever again. So many fake back stabbing people


01:01 Jun 19 2019
Times Read: 1,195

Slept for a day and a half. And I have 2 second shifts. Which I hate.
Have to do a 3rd, and then a 2nd.

So humid out.

Got tom. Pet supplies.

Drank 2 energy drinks.

Enfield ghost could be. Maybe. . . .




07:29 Jun 18 2019
Times Read: 1,198

What a storm. Luckily I had just put the window block in. The storm was blowing on my side. A lot w out power. And something about a bug swarm at causeway.




00:46 Jun 18 2019
Times Read: 1,206

Saw magneto (fake name), in a astral close up, w a big pout.

Demon claims he is a gun man.

So have to call him arcade, for new name. Lol.




19:09 Jun 17 2019
Times Read: 1,210

My carl, or enigma, lol.

This black woman and child comes in and asks to sit down at a window table to give me a to go order. So I sit them LIKE THE OTHER WEEK.
Want time.

Then enters the white group and I SIT THEM WHERE I DID THE OTHER WEEK, right after. And she stops me from taking there drink order. LIKE OTHER WEEK. DEMANDING ATTENTION.

ASKS ABOUT COUNT OF BEIGNET STICKS AGAIN. LOL. THEN CHILD REPEATS SAME TWO MEAT TO MEAL DIALOGE. WTF. I S . . . . I started sassing back. Same dialogue. Maybe she forgot it was me who took order last time. So I cleverly told her that she is not ready to give me her order. . . She needs more time. Lol. Cuz now she is going to disregard what the child wants and place a short one. I REPEAT AND LOOK AGITATED.
SHE claims I dont want to serve her and leaves. Yes

Last time, after a long time, w them, I had to appologize to the mid stop on drink order.

This time I said, they need to be ready for to go order.

This has to be a diner check. Lol. Next time I spin around and leave.

On top. F@!,@ up waitres calls me and lies to get father day off. According to staff. Never again. They claim she had given notice. At other job. And another story. That is it. Was really rude before. Probably spit on cakes I ate.

Parafanalia, lol.

So sucks.

Uh oh. Another dead moure. Maybe this is goin to be a CDC horor flick movie w the contaminated mouse.




23:33 Jun 16 2019
Times Read: 1,215

Didnt know it was fathers day.
Explains fri.

And why slow earlier

Someone mentioned fish and the deamon. Lol. Forgot. What was that word glub. Lol. Coincidence. Just thouhht it was fun. Somebody dumped a bunch of water in hall. Devil made them do it?

Someone named fish . Forgot. Not trout, haddack. . . Carp. Maybe. Has all those fins sewed on. No no. Someone said it was a bass. Close. But top fin is big and long. The bass has two top fins. They get hugh, both of them.

Suppose to have storms




23:44 Jun 15 2019
Times Read: 1,218

Ok. Hit thrift. I needed extra sheets. Saw this giant fish pillow that goes across bed. But, couldnt find green sheets to match. Looked a lot. Only found blue fancy print. Used of course. Found smaller blue flower pillow to match. But, love the hugh fish for 2.99. Looked looked. Found brand new fancy green sheet set in store package. Yeah . . . 6.50 grabbed hugh fish. Lots of people stopped me and said they loved fish. Couldnt find animal toy. So bought them that big flower. Saw dress and found matching purse 10. Left

Was weird storm.

Saw bus go by other way. Decided to walk. Bus came up in back and stopped. Yeah.

Thats right Macklemore.




13:26 Jun 15 2019
Times Read: 1,224

Yeah. The window wall is covered. Its just a lil dark when the clouds roll over.
Dark, but not too dark.
White, but not too white.

Lol. Butterflies arent what I wanted. Safari, I was looking for.

Need Macklemore.
Thrift Shop.

I was thinking of SH, AND a spell I did usinging his info. It was a black curtain. Called. . . Forgot was long ago.you know I saw 3 of us together again. Think the demon would like this.




06:51 Jun 15 2019
Times Read: 1,226

Man o man. This job wasnt worth it. In my words, not carls, so sucked. Like cafe du monde when got backed up. Had to do tooo. . . Then people waiting too long. So tips was crap. Tried to avoid phone when was to many slips. But couldnt. Tons of employee calls.
Aaargh. . . . 1000
Asked dish washer to do shakes. No. That order for some reason she put to go. Lol. I had brain freeze my self on computer on side, then boss said 3 waff, no that and another cajun. Lol, which she gave me another b2 on. Lol. Hid that in micro so she wouldnt be in trouble.

Then gawd . . .

I know this is close to home. . . but, lol




16:40 Jun 14 2019
Times Read: 1,231

The wrapping paper did good. Got to do the other room. The curtain doesnt shade. Then thats that.

Got to work on the earlier shift.

Think raven got sick on dry. Bought new dry. Threw up again. But this one I use tn give them. Friskie fish. I switched to the other brand of purina food for a while. Lets see. Thats her favorite.

Uh oh. Baby is laying w her. She doesnt like him. Lol.

Didnt do spells . . . . To do list

Got something for landlord for sat. Hmnm.




13:50 Jun 13 2019
Times Read: 1,240

At walmart. Whew. Other place was so expensive. They grab all my money for less pet supply. Actually went to family dollar. Got all flea collars. Although, that ice cream was delicous. But, it started making rauen sick or maybe ndw dry. Tuna will be the treat. When raven threw up in big tunnel, I threw it out. Today new treat tuna and chicken. But, I still have 3 tunnels left.
Ok they are set.

Checked out the cat clock at work. Saw that I did mine to tight.
Will fix when get home w supplies.

Couldnt fix tale wagging on clock. Goin to clean it with alcohol.

Spells for weather later.

Have to start to insullate big windows.
Foil just makes it cook inside.




15:33 Jun 12 2019
Times Read: 1,246

Lil goldfish where you goin to little goldfish can I come along with you little goldfish we can have a whale of a time ou u u. . . . Put your fin in mine ou t u

Ever hear a stupid song from way back when and keep humming it. Lol.

Did spell for cooler weather. Even though. . . . Think I worded wrong.

Was red sky in morning. Sailors warning. Lets see. . .

Bought more Ice cream for pets. They ate more yesterday.

Time to sleep. Left pic of my rumpus room. Yup Captain Morgan, lol, now thats a real man. Lol




23:46 Jun 09 2019
Times Read: 1,260

Still don't understand glub. Someone said a joke. Tried googling glub and sea words. God what is it you call the royal navy. . . Royal fleet I think.

Washed dog pillows. Only have 3 days this week. Which might be best.

That person who was on her phone entire shift almost, was there. She wanted me to stay late. But, I covered her all night. Plus I dont get my tips. And she was off in both draws. She started to scold. I said. Im suppose to be training. Not doing your work.

Thinking of spell.

Couldn't find anything eerie for Glub. . . . But, there was a funny song. . . . .

Glub by Harold an the Hangups.
Think don knots was in remake of Hello Down There

No no, that was the incredible mr. Limpet. I WISH I WERE A FISH.




06:23 Jun 09 2019
Times Read: 1,272

Here is another word to add to the Demon Journal. The Ghost of Green Street . . . .


Least, I think that it is how you spell it.
Club sounds almost the same.
Think he said I wasnt a glub. But, may be wrong.

What was the other word. . . .

Oh yeah, Bismark.




05:12 Jun 08 2019
Times Read: 1,282

Ok home. Pets want there niht treat again. Raven sat next to me, so gave her my pillow. Baby wants hugs and kises.

Man o man. Need shower.




04:56 Jun 08 2019
Times Read: 1,283

Man o man slavery is not dead. Just needed shackles. What they hire people to do other work. The other on phone. When he leaues. Goin to call boss and others. Mon dieu. Least it is raining.




04:39 Jun 08 2019
Times Read: 1,284

Man o man slavery is not dead. Just needed shackles. What they hire people to do other work. The other on phone. When he leaues. Goin to call boss and others. Mon dieu. Least it is paining




18:50 Jun 07 2019
Times Read: 1,292

Ooooops it didn't work. Really, broke it. LOL----------------------------------------DIDN'T WORK

Well, looking threw computer. Nice weather....

With someone, that I don't want to be with tonight. But....
Last time.... I was with genuinely nice people.... I tried to give them my tip..... wouldn't except.... plus, gave me more.... was very nice.... try to refuse,,,,, some I did too much for. Them, just normal.... I gave a little of it to the other crew this morn.

Let's see...…

Lol But, in case.... seeing that the trap door fell on my bosses head. Oh My God.... The other girl said hers was bad.... I said Nah..... Mine was the worst and explained.... she agreed.... LOL




18:40 Jun 07 2019
Times Read: 1,298

I have to delete my devil icons. Not able to go into edit and look at anything but the electric, and dark matter infor.




03:27 Jun 06 2019
Times Read: 1,300

Here. Cuz jero and landlord. Expecting the worse. Not talking much. Probably goin to be short again.

Meanwhile, at the ok coral. Waiting for storm. Plus looks like I have blood stain coming from cabinets on wall. Made me look. Lol. Need to clean the dead roaches out. Lol. Maybe my sauce. I hope. Lol. Splattered. Will have to talk to my room fly.

Did spell for the 80s temp. But, I see ome day 90. Lol. Maybe, their wrong. Lnl. Thought 80s would be merciful. Truthfully. 70s would be great. But, destruction.

Tomorrow off. Will look for better.




23:20 Jun 05 2019
Times Read: 1,301

Well. Finally had 5 hours dead sleep. Used one of the pills for allergy. Eyes arent goey, either.

ALSO, funny when my cat was dying, I tried breathing in his mouth to open the passage. And, this morn that woman tried the same. Odd. (For the record, she said, he is not his people, but, she tried to save him anyway.) Food for thought.




14:27 Jun 05 2019
Times Read: 1,309

Today is a lovely dark day. I knew that I was going to be short in draw, before I went in, and was. What a beef. Plus this ugly harrasing dude comes in every day. The ones that use to live at the causeway. Really was too upset.
When I left. Nice weather.

So anyway, saw fire trucks, come to building. So, hurried up. Turns out. . . . Man that use to go to court for landlord. Fell out of bed.

But, girl that gave him cpr. . . . Said his neck was stiff, when she went to bend it back. Gawd. I'm not goin to go there.
She could do it right. He must have been dead already. Turning to doll stature.

He, like I said, was a business man. Use to like to talk about wealth. Like Las Vagas, a lot. But, he did tell me many months ago at the convienence store, that he was very ill. Was expected by him.


Well, back to job. Maybe boss is getting back at me for hitting her on head. Now don't jump to conclusions.

I saw her restling w the microwave getting upset. Then, she went into ice box, to scoop ice cream. Lol. So it looked like she was scrunching. Squeezing in. So, I decided to help. And, moved the microwave back to help. Lol. Cover fell on her head. Mon dieu. I just grab the container, out of freezer when I scoop. Didnt know about door. Thought she couldnt move micro. Really. Then she claimed that she had brain damage from before. Gawd.
Yup. Once I sleep, better keep looking. Heh heh. Awful.




20:29 Jun 04 2019
Times Read: 1,310

Went outside for a minute. Aaaah. Had a spring Shower. Felt so good.




14:10 Jun 04 2019
Times Read: 1,313

Met some people that I knew this morn. Which was nice.

Workers from a bar.
The girl that lives hear.

And just one that is my worst trouble.
Cant believe that I am going to have to deal w him.

Well, was pretty clouds this morn. Looked like a gators skin. Only bigger. And shiney.

New moon.

Cant beleive someone is taking all that time to delete my points. Usually, Im blank from cutting off, anyway. Lol




00:06 Jun 04 2019
Times Read: 1,315

Still my journal is jammed. Have to get on a library pc. Lol. Have to delete the 4 stars and devil.

Took apart my maypole. And did other spells. Some say it is a good day . . . . A strong day 4 to do work.

Hope I get pd this week. Someone said it took 3 weeks. Got everything working again. Have to pay old card 120 than phone. Than landlord.Off traidning Wednesday. Looks like I am goin to a overnight shift. Still a waitress.

Still upset w astro the wiz. Will think of something special, for mr. Hateyouall.




01:57 Jun 02 2019
Times Read: 1,320

Since I put 4 stars and a devil. All I see in view for month is write about electric emissions and dark matter. Is all I see . Written in 2017. Lol

Goin to delete, to see what happens. Lol




01:50 Jun 02 2019
Times Read: 1,321

My 4 star and devil, brought up. . . . An old write in 2017 about electon emissions and dark matter. Lol



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