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21:38 Mar 21 2018
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Well, I am not going to tell what has happened.... just that my card reading states this....

But, before that, I would like to say my sorrow to the passing of SH. Awwwwww. Hey, at least he had me on his lap, naked, Mythically, that is..... And that we did a lil scène like that Star Trek movie. (Where it is in there imaginations, and they do a scene for the aliens.) I think I should have done the Grail with him, but, he likes to back out. So I tried to be nice.

I tried to call him up in that church again, because the cast all seems to be acquainted. All I saw was a see through of him in a bag, and MK ran from the seat to the front. (Might have been a little too mythical.)

I am sooooooo surprised that he is not pulling something. If there is anyone who could re-arrange his death, it would have been him. hmph. I still think...

The same day of his death, I saw a person, who sort of looked like a skull with big teeth, mythically, that is. I thought at that time that it probably was an astral scare. But, after the news I saw otherwise.

Will be so odd being without him. Mythically, that is.

Back to the card.

Here is your Tarot mini-forecast for Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018.

For tomorrow, the card I drew for you is: Four of Wands (Reversed)

Four of Wands (Reversed)

Tomorrow's Overview:

This card evokes a strong need for change of the scenery and breaking free. If you have been spending a lot of your time at home, you will now use every chance to go out and stir up your daily routine. If you have been feeling stuck at a dead-end job, you will find yourself unable to bear it any longer. The fire of inspiration, motivation and creativity inside of you will need to come out of what feels like a cage, before it stifles.

So tomorrow will be extremely beneficial for new ventures, new contacts, and broadening your horizons. But because the card is reversed, you will feel nervous and a little bit scared from the changes. You can also be somewhat unsure of how to bring this change into your life. So the best possible course of action will be to come up with one little break from your routine every day and this way, step by step, you will find yourself on a totally new path.

Tomorrow’s DO's and DON'Ts:

•DON’T hold too tightly on old beliefs and limitations. DO dare to go out of your comfort zone.
•DON’T expect old routines to cheer you up. DO search for new adventures.
•DON’T spend too much time in. DO go out in the world more often.


“I’ve experienced comfort and joy. Now I’m willing to open up to new horizons.”

Secret Challenge:

Sometime during the next week, try spending one night sleeping outside, in a caravan or arrange a visit at friends or family and stay the night.

This is sooooo true today!

At least I have one high note, something cute!

And must press ahead.



23:41 Mar 21 2018

Cool, I love reading cards as well..my deck is so accurate I don't pull it out much


18:17 Mar 03 2018
Times Read: 975

OK the last hour on Vampire Rave, so that I'm clear for the new job.

The word I thought of, and forgot, and thought I found, was actually metamorphosis. When I looked at a tin one while walking down the street. The other word was in era. I saw it in the second to last chapter in the book.

Meanwhile, I think the leaves were some kind of spiritual helmet, and the smoke was not like smoke that I have seen from cigars, or cigarettes, Marijuana. let me look-up, to finalize. Lookis something like that movie, with that cancer kid, where he deals with the dead and the ether. Forgot the name of it, It was a long time ago.

Also, I saw again about the 4th dimension, and how he thought maybe crafts came out of it. Carl Jung may be right. If he is, than that space lady won't pick it up with all that gadgetry from her detecting aliens agency!

Oh an I forgot, the way to keep you sane, is to use constant reflection.

Ancient Egyptian Music - Thoth




18:49 Mar 02 2018
Times Read: 983

This is going to have to be the last of my fun Journal, although it has gotten me in a lot of trouble. Fun, might not be the word.

I actually, had done all three interviews, in a day. I have the first and the third. That one was so much fun, although, I had a lil heat stroke. LOL. Started around causeway, went to Library, down David Drive, Down Vetrans. Finally, I went over to the other side. Only problem, was the extreme heat.

On the Third Interview: The guy presenting at the last, was fun, when he was getting flabbergasted by us not answering at first, he was sort of cute. Then everyone started to chime in. I decided to run up and draw the circle with the stuff in the middle. I tried to make it look good for the team, with what inside being uplifted. The man in charge said it looked like a Volkswagen sign. LOL And it is because of my big mouth that I will have to cut this journal. Don't want to put anyone in jeopardy. For as long as this job lasts, than it has to be off.

The first Interview: The temporary place gave me 34 hours, coming up, and I have a part time interview, that would chime in with the wild blue yonder, position.

Meanwhile, Need money now! for landlord, cloths, renewal, badge, you name it, there has to be someway to make some cash!

Now, Carl Jung, is the Thing:

I tried to connect with his center, and maybe I did: I saw a man with leaves over his head, blowing smoke all over, in a fancy way. He would call this a Myth, or Mythical, because he has no proof. Although, I have a picture, out of quite a few tried that captured that world of Myth. But, I forgot the setting that I put it on. I think it had a brown tint, no flash, for night pictures. Also, I did some reviews Mythically.

He talks too much about seeing people astrally, or by Myth, people that would soon die. Very sad. Like some of his childhood. He seems to be centered around life after death, and death itself. His focal point.

The word I saw in the final chapter, think it was Transformation: in Psyciatry:

The symbol of the butterfly has long been associated with Psychiatry, as the meaning of the ancient Greek letter psi (from which the term “psychiatry” is derived), means both butterfly and soul. It is also thought that the metamorphosis of the butterfly is symbolic of the healing journey that occurs with the implementation of ...

His wife died before she saw the Grail, but he talks about her within the Void, (myth).

He also talks about the Rosicrucian with the symbol of the Cross and Ross, RosieCross. He said it is the opposites. I didn't think so, just an enhancement. I went to there lodge in Boston, a long time ago.

I left pictures of his Tower in my Portfolio. Maybe someday I will get a chance to visit.

Oh, and I noticed that he had a Symbol, that the Golden Dawn uses that I left at the end. That actually, is the symbol of the earth, according to the GD, that is. (LOL I left it on the desk in my psych class, as a fun thing, shouldn't have, although, it is a psych symbol.

I really have to read everything that he has written, what a gem!



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