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23:39 Mar 21 2023
Times Read: 49

A heart overflowing with care and love
Wants to be there for a soul in need
To help them rise above, their demons up above
And from their grip, help them be freed

But the fear, it's palpable, an ache in the chest
What if my concern becomes far too much?
What if my help becomes a test?
And my good intentions, upon them, crush

I want to be there for them, I truly do
But I'm scared I'll only drive them away
My worry, it's a weight, a burden anew
For how can I help if they refuse to stay?

I'll take a step back, but still keep them close
Be a hand they can hold, but never smother
Together, we'll face their demons and woes
And from their embrace, set them free to discover

That they're never alone, for I'll be here
Through the ups and downs, the good and the bad
My love for them, it'll always be clear
And together, we'll overcome, and they'll never be sad

I'll help them overcome, but it's not just me
It's them too, their strength and their will
Together, we'll break free, and they'll see
That they're capable of overcoming their demons still.




16:38 Mar 20 2023
Times Read: 78

Darkness lingers, silence reigns,
The blood moon casts its eerie stains,
Through the crypts and catacombs,
A restless angst, a soul that roams.

What magic lurks in this abyss,
A power that one cannot dismiss,
For in these walls, a force resides,
One that mortal hearts rarely abide.

The taste of blood, a life force pure,
A potent elixir, forever allure,
And in this place, the vampires dwell,
Beings of darkness from the depths of hell.

Their eyes aglow, like burning coals,
Their fangs glistening like razor blades, full of goals,
To steal the life from those they seek,
To feed their hunger, dark and bleak.

The occult force that pulses here,
A shadow deity, worshipped with fear,
The master of these bloodthirsty beings,
The force behind their sinister dealings.

And so, dear mortal, heed this tale,
For in the shadows, the vampires prevail,
A world of darkness, forever entwined,
With the occult force, that controls their minds.




14:24 Mar 20 2023
Times Read: 85

Oh, my dear friends, lend me thine ears,
For I shall speak of Sabrina, born anew;
A vampire, returned from beyond the biers,
A creature born from death's obscure milieu.

Her once pure soul, now twisted and turned,
By death's cold touch, now cursed to roam;
Her eyes dance with dark fire, forever burned,
As she seeks to claim fresh souls for her own.

Her fangs, sharp as daggers, her hands as cold as ice,
She prowls the night with a savage delight;
With each new moon, her power does entice,
And those who cross her woe begone her sight.

Her form lithe and supple, she moves with grace,
Like a shadow dancing in the moon's soft light;
But beware, my friends, for her haunting face,
May bring you to your end, lost forever to night.

Yet, even in her darkened state,
Sabrina bears a certain allure;
A charm that one cannot mitigate,
A spell that makes even the bravest reel and unsure.

For there is a darkness in us all,
That Sabrina doth tempt and test;
A hidden urge that lurks beneath the pall,
Of light and goodness, waiting to manifest.

So if you dare to join her in the vampiric dance,
Follow her lead as she leads down the graves;
Join the undead, take a chance,
And revel in the macabre, being one of the brave.

For Sabrina brings the vampire rave,
A night of thrills and chills and debauched desire;
Under her spell, we become one and crave,
Our hearts now filled with a fierce, unholy fire.

And so, dear friends, heed my words,
And take caution when you cross her path;
For Sabrina, the vampire queen, now boasts and lords,
A power more potent than any mere mortal wrath.




13:20 Mar 19 2023
Times Read: 132

My Vampire Rave Poem

Once upon a midnight dreary, in a realm both dark and eerie,
Lurked a site of vampiric lore, where the undead came to adore,
And amongst its members, three stood tall, with hearts as black as the very pall.
Of midnight skies that spread above, the dark and forbidding land they love.

Vampire Rave, it was called, where the shadows crept and the dead enthrall’d,
And amidst its tangled web, three names amongst the dead ahead,
Vampirewitch, CuRsEdToDaRkNeSs, and Nekirena, known to all as queens,
With their fangs so sharp and their souls so black, they ruled supreme in this domain of shadow and lack.

Vampirewitch, mistress of the witches' art, with powers cursed and dark as tart,
Called forth the elements from deep within, to stir the cauldron and cast the sin,
While CuRsEdToDaRkNeSs, with her eyes as black as pitch, gazed upon her subjects, each one a stitch,
In a tapestry of darkness woven deep, a realm where many sought to travel, but none could keep.

And lastly, Nekirena, crowned as vampire queen, with a heart that was cold and cruel and obscene,
She reigned alongside her sisters with an iron fist, and to cross her path meant one could not resist,
The allure of such power, so dark and complete, left many a mortal gasping for air at her feet.

And yet, despite their darkened souls, these three did not stand alone,
For amongst the shadows and the cold, an army of the undead did they hone,
With whispering words and enchanting spells, they entranced and enthralled their subjects well,
Until the blackened land of Vampire Rave became a haven for those seeking to explore and to be brave.

So heed my warning, dear reader mine, and take care lest you fall in line,
With the vampires of the Rave, the witches of the night, and those who seek to claim their right,
To rule over the darkness, the dead, and the gloom, with their heartless power and their unholy tomb,
For once you enter their world, you may never leave, and forever more you’ll dwell, amongst the shadows and the everlasting eve.



23:10 Mar 19 2023

Love It! :)


11:50 Mar 04 2023
Times Read: 214

New art



17:02 Mar 04 2023

Absolutely brilliant.

23:32 Mar 07 2023

Love the colors.

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