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Happy Halloween 2023

18:36 Oct 30 2023
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I just made this little video with the help of my avi on IMVU lol.



22:34 Oct 30 2023


07:37 Oct 31 2023

Thanks :)


Update on the job hunt

10:17 Oct 16 2023
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I had a first talk to a recruiter on Friday. It went pretty well and she will pass on my CV to the HR and I should hear from them, somewhen Wednesday or Thursday if I get an interview :)



16:04 Oct 16 2023

Yeah! Hope it goes well.

18:32 Oct 16 2023

Thank you :)


Frustration and Relief

09:03 Oct 02 2023
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Last Wednesday I was called into the meeting room with our COO and the HR manager. They told me that I was let go and that I had to leave the premises immediately. I was allowed to pack my stuff and to say bye to my workmates. 15 mins later I crossed path with my team mate and he told me they fired him as well. That shocked me a bit. We both new since a few months that something was going on, but I didn't expect them to fire him. Me? Yes. The moment I had my first meeting with my line manager and the COO and they told me they gave me a written warning, I knew I wouldn't get old in the company.

What pissed me off was the reason. They told me they were happy and satisfied with my work, but that I should adjust my behavior. I asked them what they meant and they said that since a few months, I voiced my opinion on stuff too often and that I should just shut up lol. The reason I voiced my opinion was a task the COO gave me. They wanted to improve the office live, by getting a milk frother, water dispenser, energy drinks, fruits and bread, napping beds, fitness room and other stuff I can't remember now. So I made a power point presentation and put the positive and negative. And when I gave the COO the presentation I gave some more advice, because I wanted to be sure he understood the problems. That's when he told me to shut up and I did. But it triggered that written warning.

Personally I feel it was not fair, I just wanted to do my job properly and cover all bases. After that incident, they started to take work away from me. It got so far, that I barely had work for 2 hours per day. I told them, but nothing changed, they just kept making excuses and told me that I would get different work. It just never happened.

The next incident was our company summer party. I'm the CEOs assistant and organize those events. I'm supposed to start to search like 6 months before the event. He always waits so long to give me the ok that I can start, that most locations just laugh at me and tell me that they are already booked out since months. I kept telling him, till he told me to not ask again. So I stopped asking. In the beginning of July he then told me, the event would be some when beginning or middle of August. I was annoyed and on top my budget was very small and that for like 100 people. He told me he just wanted a simple BBQ near the lake, nothing fancy. So I started to look for locations and of course it all was booked out.

I thought I could ask for help, since our company always tells us, that we are one company and should support each other. The right person to talk to would be our Marketing Manager. I went to her and told her the situation and asked if she had an idea. That was on Thursday and I would be in home office Thursday and Friday. And the CEO had told me on Wednesday.

She said she would get back to me, that she had to think about it. Next thing I know, Friday morning my line manager tells me that the CEO is letting me know that I'm not organizing the event anymore, that he would do it himself. Meaning, he gave it to the Marketing manager.

I was also told that he had heard that I was complaining that he told me so late that I couldn't find anything. My conclusion is, the Marketing manager ran to the CEO and told him that I was incompetent and he gave the task to her.

She spent triple the amount than the budget I had.

I was so tired of all the BS and I started to look around for a new job. I thought maybe I could stay in the company, but switch teams. The temp assistant of our Sales team was leaving so I applied there. But I underestimated the wish of our CEO to get rid of me. He refused my wish. I had told my manager that I was no longer happy and tried to make some changes, which resulted in them fireing me. It did't come as a suprise, but I thought they would wait till the end of the year, when the new people in our team would have started and I could have showed them the work.

Guess I was wrong and they are dumb. Because now the team consist of the line manager and two first year apprentices. Two 15 year old boys who never worked in their life.

I honest don't know how they want to manage it, but that's not my problem anymore.

But yeah, I now will start looking for a new job. I was hoping to find something in Singapore, but getting a work permit is extremely difficult. I already told my 2 friends that they now had to marry me, well one of them lol. So i can move there and then find a job :P

I'm not worried right now, that I wont find a job, but it's still a bit scary :)

But all this is the reason, I wasn't much around the past weeks. Just too much going on in real.



18:07 Oct 02 2023

Wrongful termination for both you and your co-worker. Contact your local Union or workforce,

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