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It's a damn shame...

15:45 Sep 30 2006
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....but I just don't look forward to weekends anymore.

What is happening to me?




My silly, wonderful friend...

06:54 Sep 29 2006
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And here I though I was keeping a secret for her...




A day unlike any other... at least, these days.

03:31 Sep 29 2006
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Ok, so I asked a friend and fellow VR'er, who shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent, of course) if I could journal about a lovely day we spent together...

...I didn't do this before because I didn't want her to think I was some deranged and obsessed lunatic. But now that she knows just what a lunatic I am, she said it's ok that I talk about it.

Let me start by saying, my friend is a wonderful and amazing woman. A true friend in life - she has already shown she would do just about anything to help a friend in need. I won't even mention how beautiful she is because I'm not nearly poetic enough to adequately convey her beauty through text.

But in my life, which daily is non-stop hectic activity, she allowed me to share with her one day of relaxation and freedom from schedules... well, at least until I had to catch a flight that evening.

Having a friend who knows what it means to need to stop and smell the roses... that, my good people, is a priceless friend.

Yes of course we met for lunch, and we shared a nice dinner, including a fruity, girly drink that I tried because she said it was the best ever...

...ummm... it was ok, but I'll stick to my Jack & Coke, thanks love.

But inbetween we took a nice drive on a sunny day in a convertible... we did a little sight seeing... (saw some really amazing houses in the hills). We spent time in the park, just sitting in the shade and talking... we watched butterflies chase each other...

I said they were mating.. she said they were fighting... they were fun and peaceful to watch regardless.

Yes... we will always remember the butterflies.

So, to my dear friend.. until I get to see you in person again, you have my deepest gratitude and unyeilding friendship. Thank you for our day and thank you for being the wonderful you that you are.




Ye Ole Profile of Misery and Despair...

23:34 Sep 28 2006
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By popular demand, my profile no longer in my profile.

Please visit my profile for future updates.

6/9/06 - Got my schedule for next week. Looks like another coast-to-coaster - this time to the deep south first, then to Southern Cali... dang, I need to do laundry tomorrow.

So what do I need here? Pictures and music to get rated higher than 7?

I'll rummage and see what I can dig up. No promises...

6-13-06 - Ok, 2 days in Hollywood is enough for me. And, no earthquakes. What a total disappointment... I have hopes for tomorrow.

6-19-06 - Travel from hell again this week. Another Deep South to California to Atlantic Coast trip on concecutive days. I should become an actual vampire seeing as though I don't sleep and rarely see the light of day... unless it's from an airport.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm all ears... or perhaps better, all neck.

6-22-06 - Ok, I bitch about the travel schedule but one good thing about travel, I do get to meet interesting people once in a while.

I had the extreme pleasure of sitting next to one of the most interesting and enchanting women I have ever met last night on a flight from Vegas to Philly. I was on my way to Boston, she on her way to Montreal - we talked about our passions, our lives... had a few laughs, caught a few z's. One of those rare times I meet someone and literally am sadened when we have to walk in opposite directions. Hopefully fate will be so kind as to allow our paths to cross again....

Oh yeah, and the so called "Random Additional Inspection" in airports is far from "random." Four originating flights this week, I got pulled over and frisked 4 times. How's that for random chance?

I wouldn't mind so much if I could be frisked by a hot woman but they have those stupid "sexual harassment" regulations.. you have to be a hot woman to get frisked by a hot woman. Funny how our government frowns upon yet promotes homosexuality in the same breath....

6/26/06 - Wow, I just noticed my profile rate has skyrocketed all the way up tp 6.9! Thanks to you, whoever gave me the 7! I guess 6.9 is a pretty cool number, if all you have to work with is 1 through 10.

6/27/06 - Ooooo.. I'm a "Mosquito" now. How.. uh... exciting?

6/30/06 - I'm a Shadow now... way cooler than mosquito. Soften this old armour.. hoping I can clear the way by, stepping through my SHADOW, coming out the other side....

Ok, my last night on the outskirts of Houston. Next week it's LA and Oakland, again. What to do, what to do....

Update my profile before going to bed to catch my flight at some ungodly hour of the morning... sounds like a plan.

A many thanks to everyone who rates my profile.. but ya know people, if you're just doing "mass ratings" and have some ridiculous signature tag like "I loved your music/movies/food/piercing/tattoo/(Fill in th blank) choices..." I don't find it original or humorous and when I rate you back, you're gettin' squat. Personalize it people.. put forth some effort and attention, will ya?

That is all for now....

7/2/06 - Good to be home. Actually got to do some enjoyable stuff this weekend... party, go for a long bike ride... still have to deal with some wacky travel this week.

Why do the travel gods smite me at every turn? Are there any fat, sweaty, smelly old men left in the United States that I haven't sat next to on a plane yet?

By the way, I understand once you're at a level 5, which will probably happen sometime around 2009 for me, but I feel this is worth mentioning.. anyway, I belive at level 5 you can be "taken" without choice into a house or a coven or something like that.

Yeah, if I'm at level 5 and not in a house or coven yet, don't take me. You won't want me. And if I'm forced to go somewhere I don't want to be I'll be the biggest pain in the ass bastard you can imagine. Seriously. And then you can delete my VR account and I won't really care. I've met some really, really cool people here in the last month and I will continue to communicate with them on IM and the like, but I'm in VR more by circumstance than anything right now and if I'm forced to leave I will not be broken hearted.

So just don't do it.

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled boring profile.....

7/5/06 - Nice holiday weekend, now back to the grind. See ya'll from LA tonight.

I'm a Marplot today... whatever the f&$# that is. I guess I could m-w it... letsee... marplot.. one who frustrates or ruins a plan or undertaking by meddling ... oh goodie, that's almost my job description. "We need you to install this server, but the software is designed horribly and it's doomed to failure... make it work." "Well, I am the marplot so if anyone can screw it up enough to get it working..."

7/6/06 - Stupid lousy Newark Airport screwed me again this week. I have to stop flying Continental, at all costs. Most of their east coast flights go through or originate from Newark.. amazing the company can stay in business with the amount of delays and cancelations from that airport. I don't even know why Newark has an airport.... they suck. Yeah, you heard me. Newark, you suck.

7/6/06 - Made it to Level 5 today... again, DO NOT drag me into a house or coven. Thanks to all.

7/13/06 - Actual got sent home for a while..the one job I was looking forward to doing, in the Seattle area cancelled... of course. So goes my life. But hey, a couple extra days at home to take care of the office and keep out of trouble with the government... joy of joys.

7/14/06 - I might be home, but this is going to be a rough weekend... ugh. So much to do and 5 days on the road next week. All in North Carolina, so if anyone down there wants to get together for a drink or something... I need one.

Or two.. dozen.

7/16/06 - Wow.. I just noticed my profile rating has zoomed all the way up to ALMOST 7.6! And it seems like just yesterday I was hopelessly stuck at 6.9.... well.. I guess it was actually June 26th. Good thing I date these entries, my memory sucks. If June 26th seems like yesterday... yikes, I need more sleep.

Well, off to North Carolina now... in the words of Bill Cosby.. "Hope the plane don't crash!"

7/18/06 - Well, it looks like yetserday's VR meltdown adversely effected my entire account. No more pictures in the portfolio... no avatar pic... lost all my ratings.. lost a considerable amout of my status points...

*shrugs. I guess it's just that kind of week for ol' birra.

So hey, if you rated me before and want to rate me again, feel free. No idea why someone gave me such a low rate... and if I cared, I'd ask.

Ok, and so I updated my portfolio too. So now there are actually picutres in it again. Enjoy. Or don't. Whichever.

Oh, and anyone I was having a conversation with via messages here... yeah, those got wiped out too. So if you want to continue the conversation you need to re-message me. Or just IM me... it's so much frickin' quicker anyway.

7/20/06 - Ok, things still aren't quite right here. I can't see any of my profile rates beyond the 3 on the main page. I have no idea if this is effecting everyone... perhaps someone can let me know. But if you have rated me and haven't received a return rate, I'm not ignoring you I just don't know you've rated me....

So I'm going through the process of trying to re-rate a lot of people I previously rated...

I still hope to meet up with some people when I travel. I think it would be nice to actually meet someone as opposed to meeting the text that represents someone's opinions, feelings, thoughts and whatnot... Eastern Kentucky this week... anyone? Anyone?

Yeah, I didn't think so.. it's pretty desolate where I'm going.

If I hear banjo music coming from the woods, I will lock myself in the car....

7/21/06 - I was invited into a house today.. House Eternal... you know, after looking around I decided that this is the house for me. It has all new appliances, is in a nice neighborhood and the bank offered me a no-closing costs mortgage... 10 over 30, but I'll refinance.

All kidding aside.. (yeah, right) I do want to thank imagesinwords for her kindness and her hospitality in inviting me in. Seems like a cool house... I'll be sure to flush and put the seat back down EVERY time... honest!

Of course, I might be an absentee member for a while... will travel all week this week.... I already miss my flat-mates.

7/25/06 - Another glorious day of travel. So, I'm in this small town in Kentucky... and I ask one of the locals I'm working with what is the happening place around here for food, drink... meet people, whatever...

His response: "Applebee's"


Applebee's is the "happening" place... can it get worse?

7/28/06 - Ok, last night's flight was interesting. Had a first class seat, was looking forward to some shut-eye... of course the person sitting next to me was a man, in his 50s and traveling with a 6 month old baby.

That idea went out the window.

But it was ok, he was a very interesting guy. Was from Buenos Ares and traveling back home with his newly adopted baby from Guatemalla.

I learned a lot about Guatemalla from him...

Makes me very glad to live where I do. It's a brutal, brutal little corner of the world.

But we also talked about Buenos Ares and what a beautiful place it is. Always has been on my "must go to visit" list.. and not just because Harpia lives there..she's just another great reason to want to go... ;)

But I learned a lot from him, and that made it a much more interesting and entertaining flight than it could have been...

...the Jack Daniels didn't hurt the cause either.

7/30/06 - I'm now a "Spook." I've been called dago and wop, but never a spook.

Back to the west coast this week... see you there?

8/2/06 - August? Where the hell has this summer gone?

So I'm sitting here in the Burbank Airport... the land of the sureal... the big news story on the TV, Mel Gibson arrested for DUI. I wonder how they caught him.. was he driving a tanker truck 90 MPH, smashing through traffic in an attempt to defeat Lord Humongous?


Ok, a DUI is stupid, no matter who does it, but is it really a headline story?

So they also play background music here.. the last song they played was INXS, "Don't Change"... made me think of my house... no, not my home, my HOUSE!

Wow, is this place addictive.

*shakes head

They also played Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry." A curious selection - is it wise to play a song that mentions a plane crash at an airport?

8/4/06 - Ok, funny story form the road time... gather round everyone...

You know I am an avid people watcher... well, if you don't know it, I'm telling you. For the money, it's the best entertainment you can buy. And there really is no better place to people watch than airports, so I am constantly entertained.

So I'm sitting waiting for a flight that is delayed over an hour and there is this young woman sitting just a couple seats away from me at the gate.

The wait was getting long and apparently she decided snack time was at hand.

From the little mesh hanger on her carry-on that would normally be reserved for a drink bottle she pulls out a big jar of JIF peanut butter.. not like the all-natural kind, but the kind that is typically about 80% sugar and 10 % peanuts... from her carry-on she pulls out a big package of Oreo cookies. She then proceeds, in order, to take a cookie from the bag, get a big heaping (plastic) knife full of JIF, spread it on the top of the cookie, lick the knife clean, stick it back in the jar, eat the cookie whole...

...rinse... repeat.

She must have gone through half of the package of cookies.

Now, peanut butter on Oreo doesn't sound like that bad of a combination in general, for a sinfull snack.. I think we need to consider the quantity here.

I highly doubt the surgeon general would approve of such a diet.

8/10/06 - I'm not smiling this week. Not as jovial as I normally am. It's been a bad week. I need a vacation.

8/11/06 - Newsflash folks - the terrorists have already won. They goaded us into wars after 9/11. Now, without damaging anything at all they've reduced our freedom again in our futile effort to feel "safe."

I think we've reached the epitomy of ridiculous when you can't travel carrying lip balm or a travel sized tube of toothpaste.

Do I feel safer knowing Joe Kowalski is no longer allowed to bring onto the plane his carmel moccha icee that he bought 10 feet from the boarding gate? No, I don't. I just feel like part of my freedom has been taken from me.

Do I feel safer knowing that the Johnson family can no longer travel with their 1 year-old's Tylenol to soothe his teething? Fuck no.

You know what would make me feel safe? Ban all the fucking ARABS from flying on our planes. ALL OF THEM. Pakistani's too. You might as well include Egyptians as well. They want to destroy our freedom, take away freedom from their own ethnic groups first, not mine.

How many terrorists have been middle-aged white women from Minnesota anyway? Yeah, exactly. Is it still discrimination when the shoe fits?

Fuck'em. They don't like it, tough shit. Tell'em to call their hommies in Pakistan and Yemen and demand they cut this shit out if they want to travel via any mass transit in a western country.

Yeah, that's right. No more planes, trains, busses or subways for any of them.

And don't whine about it being descriminatory. Their fellow countrymen with their bastardized religion did it to them, not us.

8/22/06 - All my out of town jobs cancelled this week, so no travel for "Airport Boy." Instead I get to stay home and do real work for a change. A nice break from the regular craziness for sure.

Oh darn, no Nebraska. How will I ever carry on???

8/24/06 - Ahhh.. working at a customer site in my home town for a change - it's a wonderful thing... made all the more wonderful by the fact their network is wide open and I can access VR and my email while I wait for servers and stuff to do what I'm asking them too....

....life is good, for a Thursday.

8/26/06 - They made up for it this week.. they always do. Should have been a slow week, but now I have to go all over creation.

They haven't even decided some of the exact when's and where's yet, just that I have to go.. somewhere.

Makes sense doesn't it? I think they like losing money on this project...

9/2/06 - Finally home. For a couple days. This last week was insane. INSANE.

Man, TSA doesn't hire the brightest and the best, do they? Case in point.. I had a TSA agent call for a bag check on my carry on... now, these new rules you can't have any liquids, gels, creams.. anything. So that eliminates most of your consumable toiletries. With the exception of solid-stick deoderant.

Well, I had a TSA agent trying to make an exception for that one too. Pulling out my deoderant and giving it a thorough inspection... oh, if someone could have seen this one...

TSA Ditz: (sniffing the open deoderant) "Is this a liquid?"

Me: "Umm.. is it pouring out of it's container?"

TSA Ditz: "But it could be a gel."

Me: "You just stuck your finger in it, does it feel like a gel?"

TSA Ditz: "Not really..." (calling to her supervisor) "Hey, is this a liquid or a gel?"

Supervisor: "No, it's deoderant."

TSA Agent: "Ok, I guess this is safe..."

Me: "Sure, for the plane. It'll never touch my body again, thanks to you."

All this time, she completely ignored the tube of toothpaste sitting RIGHT NEXT TO the deoderant in my bag....


Oh yeah, I feel so much safer flying now...

9/3/06 - Hey, I almost forgot... I'm going to be in Texas this week. Let's hear from all my VR friends in the Houston area... who wants to go out for a drink or 2 dozen?



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