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Some People never learn

16:46 Feb 28 2006
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Two weeks ago a thread about journals was posted. The creator of this thread was no other than my ex. She had her little puppets post in it and one in particular, mizeryXguts, represented their generally low standard by calling me a cunt.

His reward: a week’s suspension from VR and probably one fake cleavage shot from my ex.

When this guy came back on VR he felt the urge to read my journal again. After that he couldn’t wait to proudly present his improved communication skills and called me a ….. exactly, cunt again.

His reward: a month’s suspension from VR and probably four fake cleavage shots from my ex.

It is quite amazing what people do to get into her panties even though they will never get there anyway ROTFLMAO

I might be a cunt for some but when I wake up tomorrow and log on to VR I will get the usual welcome message. I wonder what message mizeryXguts will get.

He can spend the next 4 weeks hoping that puberty arrives so he can finally wank off because he seems to be under a lot of pressure ;)

For one thing he amazes me though and that gets him on the same level as charvers, he manages to actually live being brain-dead!




The Meaning of the Term “Taken ;)”

14:55 Feb 27 2006
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When are you taken ;) these days?

When you’re seeing someone? Or maybe sometwo? Or even someseveral?

Are swinger taken ;)?

When you have an online relationship but no intention to make it real are you taken ;)?

When you make someone love you which gives you the attention you always wanted but you don’t love back are you taken ;)?

When you only love yourself are you taken ;)?

When you are having an unethical relationship are you taken ;)?

Questions over question but the answers are not as simple as they seem. I guess it depends on the individual how to define the word taken ;).

Maybe an expert on this field might want to step forward.




When drugs destroy the last piece of Brain

12:25 Feb 23 2006
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I find it very sad when people get addicted to the drugs they are using. Drugs are a very bad thing. Don't do them! The worst thing is they make you lose the touch with reality. They make you live in an own little world.

My ex thinks I need people to fulfil my bitching. I don’t need anyone to do that. It’s their own decision because my ex is giving them enough reasons with her pathetic whoring for attention, pointless comments etc. etc.

I don’t need anyone else to fulfil my bitching as she calls it. She is inspiration for many people without my influence!

She should actually feel happy coz all she wanted was attention and she is getting it from more people than she is aware of.

I have messages from people where my ex is ordering people to bomb profiles etc. she is the one who needs puppets coz she doesn’t have the guts to do things herself. Wasn’t she the one crying “please help me everyone coz the meanie LV is threatening me and I am so afraid I pee myself every night. And if you help me I will send you fake pictures of someone with a cleavage coz I don’t have one myself and you can choose one day of the week to have cybersex with me on msn”? But judgement day is very close.

She is just a big mouth but at the end of the day she is only worthless scum. Even the family wanted her out. And wherever she stayed thereafter they wanted to get rid of her after one night as well. I rest my case.

Also, my ex has finally noticed that I was dating again even though we left it bold and red for her to find. She might only be 17 but she has more to offer than my ex ever will. And I can find real people as partner unlike others who can only find the stepfather as shag buddy. She literally made someone sick tonight. But I guess that is how some people earn their pocket money. A proof of her prostitution is in the thread where she agrees to be someone’s “friend” for a “fee”. Don’t pay coz it is certainly not worth it unless you want to be traumatized for the rest of your life. It's no value for money.

She might impress her puppets and dickbrains but for the mature and clever people she has nothing interesting to offer. That’s why they shun her.

Lets just hope that no one will ever use her as role model unless it is to demonstrate the most pathetic fucked up and most useless person in this world.

I hear that more and more people get sick of her by the hour. It was only a matter of time anyway. Very soon she will have nothing left but certain relatives and we all know how close that can get ;)




Drugs and the Side Effects

13:15 Feb 22 2006
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When you live in a dream world do you actually believe what you are saying? If you have no talent or no meaning whatsoever would you try everything for attention?

So, my ex is accusing me of making her out to be a bitch. Well, I don’t need to make her out as a bitch coz she is doing that herself. And anyone with a brain knows that.

Her permanent whoring for attention and pointless whining and posting has caught the attention of so many members they have even dedicated her many many journal entries as well.

With the permission of the original author I may give an example:

The Bitch of all Bitches

11:28:31 - Feb 20 2006

Times Read: 41

Warning: This entry contains serious flaming and sarcastic material, if you have a weak heart or have already been manipulated by The Bitch, I suggest that you don't read any further for the truth about your "Mistress" might give you a heartattack. Enjoy.



My name is *** and I'm a lying, overconfident, manipulating, pathetic, false, sick, attention seeking, self loving Bitch.

My problem is (although I don't consider it to be a problem) that I use people and make them give me what I want only to throw them away like trash. I am also a compulsive liar, I don't mean anything I say although I make people believe that I do (Note: I refuse to accept the fact that I'm the worse actress on this planet).

I think this is perfectly healthy behaviour. After all, what are people for if not to serve my selfish needs? I've learned how to manipulate my pictures with the camera too, I can make myself look exactly like I know guys want me to look. That way I can get messages from 14 year olds wanting to fuck me, and using my false charm I lure them into my web of lies and manipulate them. *giggles* They're like my pretty little puppets.

My vocabulary consists of such words as "meep", "huggles" and "lol", although with the way my boobs look on my pics it doesn't take much intelligence to ravish all the whelps. (Though I think I am the most intelligent being on this planet, I can even speak French! Deja vous! See!? *grins proudly*)

My "friends" mean nothing to me, although I make them believe that I love them very much so that I'll feel popular and give outsiders the idea that I am a sweet, loving person. I make everyone add me to their friend list so that I can make it to the top, that will give me more attention you see. Smart, aren't I? I've thought it all out cause I'm manipulative like that.¨

Also, I post completely untopic related, nonsencial posts in the forum just to make myself visible and get to the top. The fact that I barely read the topic of the thread, and the posts even less, doesn't matter at all. What matters is my name on the thread. In my pretty little head, that makes the thread "special" and makes everyone want to read it. I am the BEST addition to this site. I mean, come on, what would VR be without my fake beauty and severely low IQ? Not that my EQ is any better.

I couldn't care less about people's feelings, I make people fall in love with me to get attention. I only know how to love myself really... But since I fake everything else, faking my love for others isn't really that difficult. In spite of that, I am going to make a new section in my journal "Love Advice", because I know eeeeverything about love, just as much as I know about HTML.

Oh, and whenever I break up with someone I claim that they have threatened me and treated me like shit, just so I can get the attention and compassion from others.

Maybe I am the only one who sees the beauty in being a false, attention seeking whore, but that just makes me special because it means that others are too stupid to realize the truth! :)

There is soooo much more shit I could tell about myself, but I am so modest that I'll have to keep it to myself.

Before I finish, I have to give credit to xxxxx for writing this entry for me. If I had written it myself it would probably be full of grammatical errors and lies.

Bitch sincerely,

vampyric666, Bitch, Fucking idiot, Whore, or whatever you would like to call me. :)

And please message me if you're interested in cybersex or a cyberrelationship for that matter, if we get engaged, we will be popular. ;)

I would like to state that the person who wrote this entry did it without my knowledge and informed me after it had been submitted. Many others have done so before or have followed the example due to the fact that they are sick of the pathetic public self display of my ex.

As for the claim “my” friends complain to her about “my” whining, I am sorry but she has no idea who my friends are. She might know a few that have made it clear what a *quote* "stinking sack full of shit" she is. But I have won many many friends who kept their mouths shut when we were dating for the sake of peace. They speak up now and their language is quite clear coz my words are fairly tame compared to theirs. They are the ones that wouldn’t bother to message her coz they have set their standards much higher than I have! And my friends do not betray me because they have the guts to tell me straight into the face what they think. They wouldn’t even send her a message if they got paid for it. I suppose my ex is just trying to flatter herself again coz her inbox is starving of intellectual and meaningful messages. Or is she even messaging herself? We all know that she has faked messages before.

I am getting more and more friends because I hear that people are sick of her childish manipulative behaviour and bitchiness when they wont do as they’ve been told. I even have an example of today.

I might have enemies as well as friends on this site but my friends stand for quality and the number of enemies is not that bad actually.

I contribute more to this site in a day than she has in a year and a half. What is the point of her on this site anyway? Well, she is high level entertainment, I give her that credit coz the persistent stupidity she is displaying on a daily basis is hilarious.

But as it is described in the journal entry above it is all about attention and rating whoredom and that is pathetic beyond belief. What’s her age again? That might be an excuse. I suppose she hasn’t quite figured the basic idea of this website yet.

The feedback about my journal is in my journal and that is not even all of it. Many people love it, not everyone has to like it and even the music industry has been made aware of it.

So why doesn’t she just live in her own dream world created by drugs, believe that someone actually likes her, that she has good looks and personality and keeps her pointless opinion to herself? Coz here nobody really gives a shit about her. Well, nobody with a healthy sense of reality that is.

If she is looking for pity and comfort she should just go to a kind of family member who I am sure would be too glad to help her out.

I am loved or hated for who I am, she is loved for who she is not and hated for who she is. Now tell me who is better off?




Another Game

07:06 Feb 22 2006
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Once again I thought that the rules of a game were very well explained, simple and straightforward. They were as follows:

heres how to play: I name a color, and I list 5 things i associate it with. Then you can A. list another 5 things, or B. Change the color and list 5 things.

then along came this:


Destroyer (25)

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Re: Colors man the colors!

Posted: 20:13:42 - Feb 19 2006

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Is it me or do only I see 4 things? And 4 is not 5, is it?

Guess counting isn’t one of her strengths considering that she failed to count up to 3 yesterday.

Doesn’t matter actually. As long as she can see her image and name on the forum why would the post have to make sense?





07:53 Feb 21 2006
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The game rules were quite simple:


Posted: 17:44:29 - Feb 20 2006

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Okay here is how this works, we are going to make the lames break up letter ever,

each person add's 3 words (plz only 3 or its no fun)

To whom this may concern. We can no longer b together because..........

You smell like,

Then came this:


Destroyer (25)

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Posted: 19:36:52 - Feb 20 2006

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On skewers.

Well, I have counted over and over again but I cannot find the 3rd word in this post.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Is each form of punctuation considered a word or something?




When the Moon hits your Eye like a big Pizza Pie, that’s Amore (Dean Martin)

15:43 Feb 20 2006
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Someone wished to see other people’s views on love for she knows that some do not believe in it. She wished to know why they don’t.

She herself does believe in love and can’t see a reason within herself why someone wouldn’t.

My ex responded that it’s a touchy subject at the moment.

Lets put aside that this has once again been a completely pointless comment because it doesn’t contribute to the subject and is not a useful answer.

Some people, who already knew my ex when we were dating took the freedom to answer on her behalf. Here are the best:

On 08:29:07 Feb 20 2006 xxxxx wrote:

No, I don't believe in love. I believe in screwing people over, being a lying bitch, getting what I want from them and then leave them hanging like idiots.

I do like to get engaged though, it's fun cause you get lots of positive attention from people. I love to play around with people's feelings, I guess it's because I'm too ignorant to understand what love is.

Now sex... THAT I believe in. It's so easy to get attention from guys by talking about sex, and that's really the only thing I'm after...Attention.

On 11:04:18 Feb 20 2006 xxxxx wrote:

Why is it a touchy subject as she puts it? we know that she's lied to you and others, and obviously can't love anyone but herself.

See? Its actually quite easy to answer honestly lol these are answers that make sense lol





14:04 Feb 20 2006
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Asked, if she could have anything in this lifetime, what would it be? And why? my ex replied that she would stay as her, if she was meant to be anything else, she would be that.

I guess she just admitted that she is a thing because all the other people listed a thing they would like to have ;)




08:33 Feb 19 2006
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Could the person who - according to my ex - is reading her journal on my behalf please message me because I would like to know who you are lol





10:11 Feb 18 2006
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Just a few feedbacks i received which i think are very sweet :)

On 07:03:24 Feb 18 2006 xxxxx wrote:

read your latest journal entry. I must say, most excellent job. It's a damn shame to see a chick like your ex fall prey to "internet whoring"...(made literally in her case) LOL

Then again, If she lacks the mental capacity to precieve "reality" from "ficticious" things in the world, then maybe I'm wrong when I say it's a damn shame to see it happen. hah yeah I think I'm wrong. lol Cause apparently, she's very well proved herself to be a true internet whore, and not just for profile ratings. LOL

On 02:00:32 Feb 18 2006 xxxxx wrote:

The worlds largest applause for your latest journal entry, darling.

On 11:14:49 Feb 17 2006 xxxxx wrote:

i read with my mouth open .. lol. wow, what you said shes a gift of God, I think at this time God would even throw her out. She has NO DESTINY for ever will.

Wonderful words as always dear lord :)




Another Pointless and Pitiful Attempt

16:22 Feb 17 2006
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It was an early Tuesday morning when I logged on to VR. My inbox was fuller than usual. Why? What happened? The short answer would be because once again my ex made a fool of herself.

The majority of the messages pointed out that my ex has made a public announcement showing her discontent about some journals. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which journal she is talking about coz she has nothing genuine to offer.

Did she really think that she could fuck a person over and think the subject would be closed with it? She screwed so many people yet she claims she is an innocent angel that deserves any sympathy and compassion?

There she is complaining about bullying and taking advantage of somebody’s trust. It is a given fact that she is bullying members on here (I have messages to show that). She is proactively asking new members to join her army and is manipulating them. If they defy her they get verbal abuse beyond imagination hurled at them. The profile deletion she caused seems to be out of her mind already. On the other hand she is playing a significant amount of members straight into my arms that way and therefore I owe her a big thanks.

As for the trust, she seems to think she is God’s gift to the world (the kind you sell on ebay one day after christmas more likely). I have trusted her throughout the entire relationship and it turned out that there was not a single thing to trust. She abused it shamelessly. You can go to my January entry “the truth about the lies” which will explain. I trusted her that our relationship was as serious to her as it was to me. I trusted her that she would come back. I trusted her that I would get my money back. So how does it feel when trust is being abused since she is an expert? At least I have the guts to throw it straight into her face whereas she lied about everything whenever she could. And not only to me but to our mutual friends as well. That is why they don’t want anything to do with her anymore. They know what she is like. She never complained when I was loyal to her and kept my mouth shut. She can’t complain about abused trust coz she abused every single trust anyone ever had in her. Or did she already forget that she two-timed her other ex for quite a while? Or what about the person that trusted her and gave her the log in details for the profile which moments later was deleted?

What is she worried about? She is worried that her online reputation suffers a big blow. Online she tells people what she wants them to know. That way she can build up a reputation of a sweet innocent little angel. The internet is a form of escapism for her where for once in her life she can be something she is not. In reality she is a complete failure who lives out her sickest fantasies. She is a bitch beyond belief with rough looks nowhere near her online images. I wouldn’t even have recognized her when we meet up if she hadn’t walked straight towards me.

How many of you readers have interacted with the “real” personality of my ex? Not a single one coz you are only dealing with her “online” personality. So you guys don’t even know what you are dealing with. For all you know she could even be a 50 yr old prisoner.

So yeah, her claim that I am abusing her trust is very hypocritical since she fucked everyone over who gave her trust. And someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate trust can’t complain when her own trust has been used against her. The truth hurts, does it not?

She must have gotten a premature birthday present though coz she was using a few big words in her announcement lol that is so unlike her considering that her communicational skills never went much further than “meep” lol Or did she have a ghost-writer? I remember that I used to word some messages for her due to a lack of vocabulary on her side. I still got the message when she was threatened with suspension for pointless forum posts. I had to word her messages to sort the issue with the administrator lol

Furthermore she speaks of suspension. Well, tough words from someone who deleted someone’s profile a few days ago and is working with multiple accounts lol

What was the point of this thread anyway? In the first days after our break up she sent every single administrator to my journal in the hope that they would back her up and they all told her that I am not doing anything wrong. So why bring it up again a month later? Quite simple, coz she asked her puppets to post in the thread to give a false impression about her nonexistent popularity. Well sorry but they are only members who haven’t been on here for long enough – with a few exceptions - to even know that we once were dating.

What did she achieve? A further mockery of herself and a further drop in reputation by many senior members.

The people whose opinions actually matter told her to stop whining and made it clear that it was pointless.

Something else she achieved as well, another one of her puppets got suspended for flaming me. Serves mizeryXguts right. Not I am to blame for the suspension but the stupidity of following the lies and orders of a manipulating, whining and lying fake. People can insult me as much as they like but as long as they think with their dicks instead of their brains they will always remain pathetic yet of a high entertaining level.

Honestly, what does the opinion of someone count who didn’t even know us when we were dating? Exactly, their opinions are as worthless as my ex’s forum posts. But those are the only ones my ex seems to be able to recruit coz the others would tell her to screw herself. And right so and with good reasons!

I may be disliked by her dickbrain puppets but do I care? Not a bit coz the friends I have got are genuine, loyal, smart, inspiring and entertaining and I wouldn’t want to trade them in for anything. Her friends however are as fake as she is if you think about it.




Most Confusing Post

07:09 Feb 16 2006
Times Read: 994

Re: Journals.

Posted: 19:35:23 - Feb 15 2006

Times viewed: 122

How come if you did somethings that are said in journals in the forum or so on you get suspended. But journals, which is public, nobody bats an eyelid.


Destroyer (25)

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That makes no sense as it stands, does it?




…..and Angels deserve to die (System of a Down, Chop Suey)

08:05 Feb 15 2006
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A little while ago a member joined this site and got a Premium Membership. This member was looking to make her profile look better and asked for help regarding HTML-coding and background.

The person who offered to help was my ex. Funny enough that 8 weeks ago she didn’t even know how to change the font size and had to ask me for help. Not to mention that any of her profiles have been made by somebody else. She might have a HTML section in her journal but she knows nothing about it.

She asked for the login details so she could work on it. The new member thought that she could be trusted and therefore gave her the password. Moments later the profile was deleted! Accidentally as my ex claims.

Now everyone go to your profiles and look for yourselves where the submit button for changes (description or background) is and where the delete profile button is and you can see for yourselves how accidental that was!

The new member started all over again (she was a marplot) and got her Premium Membership back for her new account.

One would think the drama is over, wouldn’t one? Well, think again. My ex who luckily escaped suspension turned her anger at the new member and bashed her unreasonably with an attitude that is beyond imagination (I am aware of the content of the conversation).

She also sent all her puppets to the new profile to rate it –1-. I have received a list of names and they are all the familiar names.

The new strategy now is that my ex’s puppets attack the man of the new member.

Did my ex or her puppets ever consider that the new member has done nothing wrong and only my ex is to blame?

Would her puppets think for themselves for once or do they want to have their brains taken over by her for the rest of their lives?

This new member is a genuinely nice person who would never disrespect anyone or anything. Within the past few days her personality has won her the friendship of very prominent people on this site who support her in any way necessary.

I am very sorry for this new member that she had to make the acquaintance of my ex at that early stage of her membership and in such a cruel manner but I am honestly not surprised. I wouldn’t expect differently from my ex. Had the new member made her acquaintance a week later then she would have figured it out by herself that my ex is a big NO NO NO in any way.

Once again my ex has proven what a wonderful personality she has by screwing someone over and blaming the other person. Seems like a déjà-vu – or as my ex would say déjà-vous – to me. I wonder whether my ex can still look in the mirror without puking her guts out.

And this is my advice for future references:

If you wanted to learn how to throw a football you would ask Peyton Manning to help you and not Heidi Fleis, wouldn’t you?




The Art of Photography

09:40 Feb 13 2006
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I had a really shitty night tonight but then I spotted something that actually brightened my day/night.

Don’t you just love the new display image my ex is using now? The angle has been chosen very unskilfully. It looks like there is more on the right side of her face than on the left side lol it looks like the right side is 2/3 of her face and the left side is only 1/3 with not much left (hardly lips, hardly cheek and the eyes are so asymmetric). The right cheek looks like she is collecting food like a rodent to get through hibernation. The nose points at 7pm (it’s a front shot after all!). The lips look like they have been added manually.

The colouring is so badly that you get the impression she is actually blind.

Not to mention the sad attempt to look seductive by being half naked makes the pic the more hilarious. I am glad though that she chose to keep the bra on.

Now this is finally an image that amuses me and puts a smile on my face :D Isn’t she just pretty?

Why do I feel the urge to watch The Elephant Man now?




Feedback :)

07:58 Feb 13 2006
Times Read: 1,046

Yet another sweet feedback that shows me that my work is highly appreciated:

On 09:22:14 Feb 12 2006 xxxxx wrote:

love the newest journal entries. lol thats great. ;)




Why is Silence better than words?

07:58 Feb 13 2006
Times Read: 1,047

Asked why chocolate is better than sex my ex replied that chocolate won't get you pregnant.

Well, as far as I remember sex won’t get her pregnant either.

Once again we have gotten a pointless answer ;)




The Un-Art of Creating Multiple Accounts

05:47 Feb 11 2006
Times Read: 1,061

First you need a household with more people living there than only yourself. For example if you still live at home just create another account and claim it is for your mother. You can use this one for several reasons:

- Collective downrating

- Sending intimidating messages

- Trying to reinstate someone’s reputation that has suffered a big blow

- Multiplying the effect of whining

- Uplifting your own misperception of popularity (additional friend, stalker, rating etc.)

- Spying by switching over and over

- Diverting messages that have to be brought across (i.e. use the other journals)


- Less focus on your main account

- Waste of server space

- Possible suspension

Just to name a few.

If you run out of household members you go outdoors and pick up some charver slags from the street and create an account for them as well. They can usefully be claimed as your friends-without-a-pc so they need to use your pc and an identical email as another household member, for example the same email as the one you entered for your mother’s account because this is so NOT fishy and very deeply thought through and leads to the conclusion that there is an exceptional genius behind it all.

You can use this account for the same reasons as mentioned above.

Since I am a member who abides by the rules (see FAQ# 23) I would like to emphasize that I did not come up with this idea and neither can nor want to claim it as mine. I do not recommend following that example and strongly disapprove of it from the perspective of an Acolyte.

The credit for this idea however, goes out to xtroublex who is the inventor and practitioner of it.




07:54 Feb 09 2006
Times Read: 1,072

Hangman can be so much fun sometimes. look what i got out of it:






06:23 Feb 09 2006
Times Read: 1,076

Yet another sweet message I received. That is the kind of motivation and inspiration that keeps my creativity going :)

On 10:06:15 Feb 08 2006 xxxxx wrote:

I am just speechless when it comes to your journal... It gets better ever day.

LOL fucking LOL :P

lol it's funny how she doesn't realize what an idiot she's making of herself





07:50 Feb 08 2006
Times Read: 1,092

I am really glad how concerned some people are about my entertainment on this site. And they really do a good job at keeping me entertained.

Two days after I called a mysterious profile Mrs Henry Ford she still goes on and on about it and is whining in public now. That alone is quite amusing. But what cracked me really up was the fact that 2 days later she still didn’t know who Henry Ford was ROTFLMAO speaking of education lol

Ah well, I don’t mind age in general as long as people act their age and possess maturity. Many of my friends on here are in their 20s, 30s or even older and all of them are mature, intelligent and act exactly that way.

Well, from an older member of this site I would expect that a first message isn’t intimidating or something coz that usually indicates the action of a pre-teen, a mentally poor person or a senile person.

I do feel pity for that family though. Now go call a family meeting and cry collectively over all the meanies and injustice in this world. Somebody might even give a shit.




French Lessons Part 2

04:57 Feb 08 2006
Times Read: 1,097

This is one feedback I got to the following journal entry I did a while ago:

French for Beginners

23:50:16 - Feb 01 2006

Times Read: 141


Lesson one:

déjà = already

vous = you

I wouldn’t have bothered writing another entry if I hadn’t been given a bit of an arrogant attitude. I have randomly picked the initials BG for the person that was talking to me. So here we go:

BG: 07:07:22 - Feb 07 2006 uhm vampirio, deja vu is not from deja vous, its from the word vu, being the word used for 'have seen' so its 'already seen'. just thought id mention it

For the French Lesson I randomly picked the words déjà and vous for translation (as can be seen that I translated exactly these two words) so how can one assume that I wanted to pick déjà and vu? For all I know I could have also picked parler and ordures

BG: 07:07:46 - Feb 07 2006 its from the word 'voir', meaning 'to see'

I have been speaking French for 23 years and certainly don’t need any French lessons from someone younger than 23 unless its their mother tongue.

lordvampirio: 07:10:25 - Feb 07 2006 BG you are missing the point of the entry

BG: 07:11:15 - Feb 07 2006 probably, but i dont much care, lol

BG: 07:11:29 - Feb 07 2006 im too bored to care methinks:P

Why did he mention it in the first place if he doesn’t care? Or is he too ashamed to admit that my entries are too hard for him to understand?

lordvampirio: 07:12:42 - Feb 07 2006 that is fair enough

Need I mention that the person that was talking to me recently wrote a member article that was lacking scientific backing hence credibility? He is most welcome to approach me for advice on scientific working since my final thesis at university was 121 pages.

And now for the words of the 2nd lesson:

parler = to talk

ordures = rubbish




Sweet Message

11:02 Feb 07 2006
Times Read: 1,114

Yep yep, i still get messages from people who appreciate creative writing.

Unfortunately i have to xxxxx the member's identity or some people on here would give this member the same disrespectful treatment as they give other people that can be associated with me.

On 07:22:51 Feb 06 2006 xxxxx


hey i just read some of your journal and i think its pretty awesome how

you write things. can i add it to my favourite list?




Are we back in Pre-School?

04:57 Feb 07 2006
Times Read: 1,129

I received an intimidating message from a person introducing herself as “my ex’s” mother.

Well, I was talking to my most recent ex tonight and it seems that her mother isn’t on VR. I was also talking to another ex of mine and her mother isn’t on VR either.

Considering that I have approximately 30 exes I might just have to carry on and contacting all my other exes. For the time being though I will refer to her as Mrs. Henry Ford.

Judging by the childish behaviour “Mummy Mummy there is a meanie on VR” I would guess that we are dealing with a little schoolgirl and this would actually exclude the possibility of me having ever been her boyfriend coz I have set my age limit to the legal age of consent.

Little schoolgirl and Mrs Henry Ford, do I sense something sickening again?




Nothing New in the South West

04:58 Feb 06 2006
Times Read: 1,178

Among the people who have rated me tonight were two profiles that gave me a –1- without a comment. Yes, I call them “profile” because my ex and me know who is behind it.

One profile is a 16 yr old girl claiming to be her best friend and formerly labelled bitch and charver by my ex. Well, I’m surprised to see that my ex isn’t interacting with a minor for a change but intellectually it isn’t an improvement to her usual puppets. One night she called me 10 times, didn’t even notice that I picked up the phone and kept saying “pick up the phone or call me back”. ROTFLMAO

The other profile is of a woman that might have seen the introduction of Henry Ford’s assembly line first hand. I’m sure she needs a little help on the pc ;)

Well yeah, what do I care about the ratings of a whelpling and an ancient marplot? In fact, those two ratings lifted me up to the 3rd most rated profile on VR. Yay I’m in another ranking J

So yeah, what do you expect from a sick little girl that is hooked on her stepfather? And after tonight I come to think that the mother is actually fully aware of it ;) Interesting what people are up to in some parts of the country.




Wishful Thinking

05:14 Feb 04 2006
Times Read: 1,199

Here you can see a perfect example of posting in the wrong thread. It was left in a thread called “phones”.

Re: Phones

Posted: 17:07:44 - Feb 03 2006

Times viewed: 62


My phone is always going off, every two seconds with a text or something. Drives me round the bend.

The correct thread to post that in would be “jokes”.

I think it’s more of a wishful thinking though coz I remember her phone to be a very quiet and lonely one!

On a random note, my ex seems to break her personal best of visiting my journal 5 times in 24 hrs. she is already on 3 times in 12 hrs. go girl go!




Blessed are the Mentally Poor Again

08:27 Feb 03 2006
Times Read: 1,216

My ex amazes me for one thing. Every day she finds a person that is dafter than the one she found the previous day and that is quite an achievement considering the people she has already found.

She must have told someone what a meanie I am for wanting the money back I borrowed her (which now can actually be classified as stolen). And this person actually agrees with her. You must live in a cool country where you can go to a bank loan money and you don’t even have to pay it back.

Brainwashing an older person doesn’t necessarily mean brainwashing a smart person!

So I have learned three things today:

1) It is no crime to steal money but it is a crime if you want it back

2) The average IQ of the people my ex can be associated with is rapidly dropping towards 25

3) Drugs create a blurry view on things and make you live in a world you created yourself obviously.




Blessed are the Mentally Poor

04:47 Feb 03 2006
Times Read: 1,224

Yet another night on VR and another person has been brainwashed by my ex. She was sent on her first mission to send me an offensive message.

Sorry to say so but a 15 yr old girl cannot offend me because this age group is still lacking certain things, especially spelling. But I am not surprised that she recruits people from this age group because older people can tell when someone lies and we all know that my ex has a thing for minors and gross disgusting fetishes on the brink of illegality.

So yeah, once again she made herself and her newest puppet the centre of amusement on here lol her display of an innocent angel might work on people of her own age group but mature people have brains and know differently ;)

And how sad is it when you have the need to cry and pour your heart out in front of a 15 yr old girl? Is she that desperate?

On a random note, it is February now and the second and final deadline for the handing over of the money has passed. February is supposed to be the coldest month of the year so I am expecting rough times ahead ;)

On another random note, my ex is still coming to my journal every single day. Her personal best was 5 times in 24 hrs two days ago.




French for Beginners

04:50 Feb 02 2006
Times Read: 1,246

Lesson one:

déjà = already

vous = you



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