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''Black Recluse''

06:16 Jun 20 2015
Times Read: 348

Look at the 'monster' in your closet,

As it shrieks like murder into your ears;

Whispering the words so conscious

Of your every lasting fears.

Closer to retribution than you ever thought,

He steps e'er closer, making you cry aloud.

The hound of your dreams comes back, now sought,

As the murmurs fill you like a mushroom cloud.

I Am the Black Recluse

The Devil of daydreams

The word you refuse.

I am the Black Recluse

The Monstrous Incarnate

The “Draining Ruse”.

Listen to the voice echoing in your mind,

As it runs through your Soul, cutting through the rind.

Straight to the heart, like a blade of black stone,

It only reveals the true monster within these bones.

I will tear you down and burn your brain,

Slowly take the cells to sheer disdain.

I will make you hate Me and love Me more,

And I will show you a world that you will adore.

I am the Black Recluse

The one you still deny

I am the stone-cold fuse.

Call Me anything you wish to

Call Me “insane” and volatile

Call Me the shadow of your denial.

Undying by nature, a defiant chemistry

A 'person' fated alone for eternity.

Not even “insane” can define Me

For I am the shadow you can barely see.

The tangible hallucination by design

'Here' since before the very beginning of time.

Yet so easily do I enter your mind

To drench your world with a placid lime.





22:38 Jun 12 2015
Times Read: 371

((Anyone who knows the meaning of this one, I welcome you to bring the meaning forth...))

Enter the dark ravine,

Fogging over from endless rain.

A memory resurfaces,

Resurrected in disdain.

You have seen this before,

But never quite this way.

A darkened light shines from your core,

And signals the fall of another day!

"What happens now?"

A massacre from the past,

A memory you cannot cast

Away into the darkness,

For it only comes back to harness...

Your lingering pain has now survived.

An olden Curse has been revived.

You want freedom, you try not to cry.

But as long as you are to deny

The truth before you, the memory haunts

Your life fading away, your false faith daunts!

Ancient legends, myths and lore

Reveal the truth, just like before.

You cannot run, you cannot hide,

Why can you not accept 'Immortal' tide?

'Tis time to wake up from this Dream.

In this world that man hath made,

Memories endure the endless shade.

A monument of screaming pain;

Time to relive the acidic rain.

A spiralled cone burns us to the bone,

It melts the flesh straight from the rind,

Like a thin line mesh built just to blind,

The fog that kills us from deep inside!

In masquerade, you fight in fear

The war you've made,

From your lips upon My ear,

The life of love you should endear!

Marked for "death" yet I cannot die.

Do you hide from life only to deny

What has been given, yet you try

To push away the only one

Who will be there for you, battles won

Bring you life without the lie,

Hold you close, as time goes by

A whirlwind to set the stride,

As I once did, with death so nigh--

Open your eyes one final time!



03:50 Aug 24 2015

IDK but it's almost as if the past is haunting you and affecting the present some how.


08:37 Jun 11 2015
Times Read: 384

As I look into your eyes

From so far away

I see through your lies

I have watched as you decay.

The Devil can disguise

His motives any day

But you have seen My guise

And make no mistake

I will give you a choice

But I do not wish to lose you

To the demonic voice

That keeps telling you what to do!

The smoke is My first trick

That you must make it through.

A fog endless and thick

The fear meant just for you!

The mirrors are the net

After you conquer your fear

What lies before you next

Is entirely up to you, My dear

Now, just make your decision

Before there is nothing left to envision

Or are you ashamed to love Me?

Are you afraid of what you do not see?

You must make your decision

Before you fall to the fission.

Cease your constant delusion

And it will end your blind confusion.

I know you still envision

The life of which I believe in

For we have lived in the olden

And I know we can do it again!




I Will Pull The Devil Out Of You

13:13 Jun 04 2015
Times Read: 396

I can see into you, but you can't see into Me.

What is it that you want so badly to see?

Lost in "life", you want Me still to be,

When the Devil inside becomes too hard to hide,

There is nothing left to do but in the shadows confide.

Is it destiny, or is it a dark revelation,

This epiphany that assures our destruction?

This I do not know, but I am sure of just one thing;

I cannot apologize for who I am, caught in this ring,

I know I am not Jesus Christ, but what I will do...

I will pull the Devil out of you!

Though I hate to say, it is not for Saints, to-day

The power to bring life, and the power to take it away.

I will bring you back, under this crimson moon,

And I'll rip the Devil out of you.

Is it fate or a loving hate

that brings us together, then tears us apart?

What it is, I know not, but this gate

Is about to open up and singe Our hearts.

I will reach deep inside and rip it to the rind.

I will pull back through you, for I love you blind.

Love sees nothing of colour, but a tainted valour

Is now all that remains of a love that still stains.

Do you really love Me, or only what you see?

I have no more life within My bones.

I have lost My mind like a barrage of drones!

I cannot turn away, it will only bring another day

Upon which I live, lacking forgiveness in My heart-

It is perfectly clear to Me the act I must do...

I will pull the Devil out of you!



07:05 Jun 09 2015

simply magnificent brother

22:41 Jun 11 2015



''Tell Me More''

12:04 Jun 03 2015
Times Read: 410

I still recall the day you left Me

Claiming that you had "physical need".

Yet I treated you as a Goddess each day

Put you before Myself in every way!

Tell Me more of how I am so insane.

Yet I am so wrong for holding disdain!

Tell Me more of how I am wrong.

As you know you are soon to hear the song--

The sound of laughter echoes from My core

As you threaten Me, just like before!

You claim that I don't know what you can do

But you have no idea I have seen deep into you!

Tell Me more of how you will kill Me

As you know full well I cannot die.

Tell Me about how My "demise" I will see!

Tell Me more of your "power"

As I stand before you, like a tower

Gazing high into the sky!

So you say that I am absolutely out of My mind?

You say that I am to contribute to your lethargic kind.

Tell Me more of how you hate Me, for the fact of what I do not hide-

I remember when you set My home ablaze, with My family inside!

The only mistake that I have made in all of My years

Is trusting and confiding in those denying their fears!

So long have I resisted the temptation to tear you apart.

For so long, I have lived knowing I was both wronged and wrong!

I should not have saved you,

When your life was threatened to be undone.

I should have stood by only to rue

The one who had threatened you, for one!

Now, I only wait to meet you

For the damage that we all know I am about to do.

I look forward to ripping your heart from your chest-

For in the afterlife, you will have fought your best!

I can still remember your sickening, maniacal laugh

I had barely pulled My love from the flame!

Back then, you only carried with you a cursed Witch's staff

Yet I stood in defiance, upon your infinite shame!

Oh, what more, now, am I to say or do?

I still remain naught but a monster, without you.

The beloved rose that still fears Me, to-day

And yet I fight for you, in every way!

Your threats e'er hollow, as your pride you are to swallow

You have no idea whom or what you face

As you have now entered a fatal race-

Destined only to fall like so many before you, to-night!

Go ahead, and plant a bullet deep within My head!

Have you any clue that you are about to meet your dread?

Or have you realized, yet, that I have already long been dead?

Would you simply prefer to be removed of your existence, instead?

Let us, this time, go beyond the pale

To find the story that this will soon entail.

Let us peer into the water to see who will fall!

Let us hear the voices of those Dead, most of all!

Deep within the shadows do I still now reside;

Covered by a veil thicker than an oiling sheen!

Yet My eyes still protrude, like a spear made of light

As My body be a weapon unlike any you have seen!

Let us now enter the darkness from whence I first came-

And now let begin the ultimate life-or-death game!

Finally, you will see this side of Me, to-day

Now let the monster come out and finally play!

How fitting for a harlot to meet her end by desire

So suitable, the creep to meet death by the wire

Next, for the Witch who tried to kill her own "best friend"-

Let us see just what shall be your end...



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