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The Angel of no Wings

08:48 Jul 14 2021
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This story was actually told to me by an old Catholic priest, many years ago. So I've decided to put it here, for the sake of someone curious about it, as that individual seems to have forgotten their own bloody namesake. But without further ado.~~

The story of "Avangelina" - though it was never clear what her name was intended to mean - begins somewhere amongst the ranks of the angels among the Heavens, wherein one was sent to the world of man for a singular task; to be there for someone in need. But the encounter took a bit of a strange twist.

The angel sent ended up, instead, of course, falling in love with the mortal for whom he was there, and found himself staying much longer than intended. But for some reason, the Father couldn't call him back as opposed to what usually happened (or so they say).
As time went on, the angel slowly began to turn mortal, but still held the power of the Heavens with which he was sent. And eventually, the two sired but one child, who they decided to agree to name "Avangelina" - allegedly intended as a combination of the "Evangelical" faith, and the name of "Thumbelina".
To most, young Avangelina appeared as simply an innocent child, seemingly either sheltered or just foolishly loving and kind. But no human really knew what lie within her, other than her mother and father. But soon enough, the angel who sired her was finally called back to the Heavens, where he sensed he was about to be passed for judgement. And while he wasn't far off, in a sense... he also could barely have been more wrong. The Heavenly Father obviously knew what had happened between his angel and his mortal mate, but instead of condemning his angel for either defiance or allegedly breaking the laws of the Heavens, he wanted to meet the child his angel sired, to sate his own curiosity.

As the Heavenly Father, Yaweh paid a visit to the child, at a latter point in time, he realized that it perhaps wasn't the best of ideas to call his angel back when and as he did. For Avangelina had, without her father's guidance, developed her own gifts, as they began to manifest in a manner not familiarized to even most Arch Angels. Though she had no wings to speak of, she had something more that even the Arch-ranks came to envy; she was gifted with the strength and power to walk freely between worlds - not only between Heaven and Earth... but unlike even the Arch Angels, whom yet, possessed nigh invincible wings of a sort, she could even step freely into the depths of Hell, unhindered, and still appeared as a blinding light that flowed through the gaps of space. Wherever she stepped, she stepped with such bright light that it overpowered the light of the sun, and made the day seem as dark as the night.
Yaweh was, for the first time in ages, beside himself, as for once, something he didn't expect had happened. Most of his higher ranks only spoke of the gift in envious song, as even some of them had wished they possessed such strength. But the one thing that shook Yaweh even more was how she chose to use this gift.

As time progressed, He tried to find her, and despite being everywhere and within everything, himself, she still seemed to elude him. Even appearing to her own mother, with whom He knew she would never likely leave oblivious, Yaweh found no answers.
Things remained this way, until Avangelina returned home to see her mother, and found Yaweh and her father waiting for her. And He was struck by both the child who had grown into a beautiful woman and the solid willpower she possessed. When he told her that he didn't expect her to happen, but that she held something that all of their kind envied and coveted, she only looked at him with evident defiance in her eyes, as she had known the tone he used with her. Thus, when asked if she would be willing to return her gift, she stared at Yaweh with even more defiance, and responded with a single statement;

"I would rather walk forever in loneliness and never know the meaning of what I have come to know."

Yaweh obviously didn't know how to take this, but given that she clearly didn't abuse this gift she was born with - which had much greater potential than she revealed, yet knew already quite well - He left it alone. At least, until the day came when he actually needed her help, but wouldn't allow himself to ask for it. Instead, it happened by sheer fate, as she appeared in her form as blindingly bright, clad in a dress and armor that seemed fit for an Elven Queen. Granted a weapon that she never even needed to draw, yet all she had to do was give her soft, yet stern stare, and it sent shivers down the spines of even the angels before her, as she stared into the eyes of Belial and Asmodeus, themselves, and told them to back down.
Interestingly enough, the two demons actually listened, though irritated and reluctant. But in a moment wherein they were too blinded by her light, what more could they have done? There were, and probably still are far more poetic ways to say it, but she was considered to be the birth of one of the greatest angels that mankind could never truly know, even though she was born to man, through the decent of angels. And her kindness had come to rival that of the Goddess Isis, while her strength and will could rival even that of the Father from whom she was descendant.

Avangelina, the angel of no wings, had subliminally become a legend among her own. From the ability to walk between worlds where not even other angels could pass, to being gifted with the strength to heal another with barely any effort, at all, and many gifts in between... yet instead of using most of thse gifts with which she was endowed, as most would, she chose instead to lead an even more selfless life than the ones from whom she came, while still being "mortal" of her own sense. She was known as being both mortal and immortal, divine, yet human. And not even the Heavenly Father, Himself, could understand how she had come to be such a defiance of his word.
Perhaps, in times long passed, she never needed them. Or perhaps, at some point, Yaweh decided to give her some. But to this day, none really know.



18:45 Jul 14 2021

Wow....it's...just so captivating. Such a beautiful story. It brings me so much....warmth just from reading it.

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