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Since Existence Has To Be Finicky With My Dead Ass...

21:29 Nov 08 2023
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Yep-- since existence always likes to be finicky with me, I've decided that I'm just going to dig up The Nun, this weekend.
That sounds a little funky, coming from a former reverend, but with the way my brain functions, there's no possible way I could've said that with which it wouldn't have sounded funky.

One thing I really don't understand is why some things have to be so damn "funny", these days - gone are the days when life was simple, and living among society was actually decent. But anyhow, I'm already letting myself get side-tracked into a rant I would rather not venture into, at the moment. I loath enough of the world of man, as it is, without finding something else to be pissed off about every day.
Something tells me that I really need a damn hobby, beyond music and reading. Driving myself mad with what goes on in the asylum I call a cranium.

Luckily, I've found it on the Tube, so there's no need to rent it.



06:37 Nov 09 2023

I have found that wool felting is a relaxing hobby.... you get to stab wool a billion times to turn it into little animals or whatever you want it to be.... STABBY STABBY STABBY! lol


Thinking of Revisiting Something... Kind of a Passing Fancy, I Suppose...

12:12 Nov 06 2023
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I've been thinking of revisiting a couple old films, lately. But I'm not really sure, at the moment, of which one I want to see;
The Grudge, or The Nun... or something similar...

The Grudge?... Hell, I've had a taste for that series, ever since I first watched it.
My old foster mother decided to sit in with me, one night, when I first saw that film. Just like her idiot of an older sister, my foster mother decided she had to dabble with something in an attempt to "understand" me, and even worse... she thought these things would give her some magical talent for the same shit I tend to do. But now, I have to delve into the memory of that night...

Well, while we were sitting in my old office, my foster brother was passed out on the couch. The film cuts to the first "death rattle" scene, and naturally, my foster mother is immediately losing her bleeding mind, repeating like a machine gun...
"OhMyGod,OhMyGod, ThisIsCreepy,ThisIsCreepy,ThisIsCreepy!"

So, of course, I pause the film, and I just stare at her. The first thing that flies out of my mouth is "Christine... If You Think THAT is 'creepy', then try This--"
I follow up with a full vocal 'fry', starting with the very deepest note I could hit (which, mind you, was and still is pretty damn 'steep'), and inched my tone up, bit by bit, until I reached a high note that most would never think possible. This whole thing takes about thirty seconds. By the time I hit the final high-note and held it, we hear my foster brother launch off the couch, screaming in terror, saying "THE FUCKING DEAD ARE COMING OUT OF THE GRAVES".

All I can say is that, for one; every time I think about that night, I am internally laughing my ass off, because of how mentally fucked the old foster family remains, to this day. And for two; my old foster brother fancied himself "numb to fear and horror"--
I guess not, considering a 'vocal fry' scared the shit out of you so damn bad that it had you thinking it was a full-blown death-rattle of the apocalypse, buddy.
And these fuckers were also among the very people who put me through some pretty grueling debacles... including some, in particular, that I won't revisit at the moment.

Now, The Nun...
I've always found that film quite ironic, since my foster mother fancied herself to be a "devout" catholic... yeah, that one was fun to introduce her to, because I made sure to add a subliminal note of irony to making the mention of it to her. And somehow, the woman still completely missed the reference.

But anyhow... I'm actually finding myself a little bit torn, at the moment, because I've always had an interesting taste for them. Yet the same humor I see in either one, I don't think many others see. And mind you, as I think these words out, I am actually internally laughing like a lunatic, because I genuinely do see ridiculous levels of humor in both and then some.
I'm kind of curious to know, however, just whom or how many would want to see a film deemed "scary as Hell", with someone of my frame of mind, with a knack for sadistic and possibly "twisted" humor...



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