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18:53 Jun 17 2011
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When he was a young boy he had an unusual fascination with vampire movies and stories just a bit too much. Horror, Lust, Magic was his favorite genre. As a good Christian boy, however, the only thing that fascinated him was the tale of angels, destruction, and let's not forget…the blood. So he hid his desires from the world out of guilt and fear that something was not right.

In his 20’s and having followed the call to be a warrior, the blood lust was building. He would go to stores and purchase lancets for glucose testing for diabetes just to prick himself and lap at his own blood just for the taste as he laid back and listened to the sounds of Enigma. Some times staring at his electric plasma ball and smoke as it rose into the air from burning incents placed into figures of wizards and dragons. The blood lust began to frighten him and he stopped, but his lust for sex was not so easily repressed. However, he only wanted blood and sex from one special donor. Denying his taste for blood out of fear that it would prevent him from keeping females around long enough to peer into their soul in search for his twin, he filled himself on the sweet secretion of their female nectar. Quenching a thirst deep inside that only builds again in mere minutes after satiated. But he found that they were all just mortal women who could not long endure his level of passion and desire for sex nor could he find in them the soulmate in which his name was tattooed on her very soul before time was measured. She with whom he has a feeling of deep natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and compatibility with seem to have been hidden from him by the fates, those old eternal hags, in this life time.

Now in his 40’s in human years, his search ended when his soulmate called out to him with a virtual ‘bite’. They discovered they were twin souls in search for each other across time and space. They decided to meet and spend time reuniting with each other just to be sure. For so many others had been false calls. If found to be twin souls, they would once again feed on each other’s love, fluids and spiritual essence. She would also supply him with youthful energy. He would in turn supply her with age old wisdom. As they found heaven in room 207, the first sign of his queen of lives passed was when she asked to be bitten. He in turned asked to have her dig her nails into his flesh to track the level of pain she was feeling. There was a spark in his eyes as he kissed her deeply. She allowed his tongue to explore the inner most parts of her warm wet mouth. As she inserted her tongue between his lips, he grabbed it with his and sucked at it, licked at it, and bit at it. Their tongues dance with each other as long lost lovers as they took on a life of their own.

He slowly moved down her body kissing ever so gently. He licked and kissed every inch of her torso. She moaned and asked again to be bitten. He felt a tingle in his teeth that had lied dormant from years ago. As he imagined fangs protruding a low growl released from his throat and like a king cobra he veered back and then dived into her flesh as he bit her. She arched her back and moaned as she dug her nails into his tattooed frame. With each bite she smiled and gasped for air. She began running her nails across his body in pure pleasure. He thought her simply amazing and beautiful. After each bite, he would suck, kiss and lick at the area. He was all over her body. Although careful not to leave marks where humans can see in public, he marked what was now freely given to him as much as it pleased her.

He kissed her protruding nipples that set high upon ample mounds of flesh. He slowly licked them and then sucked them deeply into his mouth followed by sweeter breast flesh before he lowered his teeth into her again. She screamed in ecstasy as he then released enough breasts out until only the nipple was between his teeth. He slowly bit into it until the pain of her nails signaled enough. Transcending normal consciousness he bit her over and over and then flipped her over onto her stomach and moved her long hair away as he began biting the back of her neck, her shoulders, her back, her butt as she squirmed and laughed at the pleasure. Never knowing where he will bite next. He grabbed her by the hips and raised her to enter her from behind. As he inserted himself into her, he saw stars behind his closed eyelids. The darkness was filled with stars and a blood moon. He took a small razor and cut open his arm, grabbed her by the hair forcing her head back and presented his crimson colored limb to her. With both hands she pressed the wound to her lips and began feeding as he thrust in her again and again. She squeezed herself tight over his intruding member as her juices flowed down his flesh and wet the sheets. It seemed like an eternity before they both climaxed at the same time. Their bodies convulsing in rapture.

She licked, kissed and bandaged his arm and snuggled into his chest with a smile on her face. He wrapped his leg around hers and held her tight feeling her breast pressed against his chest. Their hearts beat in unison. But a few minutes passed before the ritual was completed all over again and for two nights and a day they created their own version of Heaven on Earth. This also included a round of spanking to her delight. He thought her awesome! No food was ever consumed over this period. They rejoiced in the fact that they had finally found each other….across time and space.





06:40 Jun 07 2011
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A Story by LordMOGY

One day God was feeling especially creative. I mean he was God, true, but today, today there was a special feeling in the air and God loved the way everything was in heaven. Well God decided to make something special in his hobby shop. (Yes, even God has hobbies.) He closed himself up in his shop and went to work. He looked around his shop and decided to use only the things he would find in his workshop. He pulled some rainbows off a hook. He used seawater he had stored. (God loves that seawater) He used some sunshine. He toiled and toiled to make his perfect little item. God could have just spoken and it would have appeared, but for this God wanted to use his own hands. Well after God was done, he decided to take a walk.

While God was away, Satan sneaked into God’s workshop to do some mischief. He looked around and around. It always amazed him this room of God’s. He was always envious of the things God made after he had made him. He thought he was going to be the thing that would break the mold and God would be done. Not so it appeared. “What’s that over there”, he thought to himself. “Ooooh, it looks like something I can really do some damage to”, he said with delight. “God would be so angry!” “He he he,” he laughed to himself. He looked at the object God had made and was stunned by its beauty. It was in every way simply beautiful and perfect. Satan even wept. He became enraged. He made it his mission to destroy that thing.

He snatched up the item and threw it as hard as he could into the wall, but it didn’t break. He took it and scrapped it back and forth on the ground and although a little worn, it still would not break. He tried burning it, but it only darkened a little bit. He tried sinking it in the deep pool God had built in his work room (hey, he’s God..he can do that), but it would float. He tried jumping up and down on it over and over and over again, but it refused to shatter. He had spent so much time trying to destroy God’s new creation that he had forgotten that God was coming back.

In came God! He saw Satan on the floor breathing all heavy and rolling his eyes at him like a spoil little child. God said to Satan, “Why art thou here?? (God loved his own accent) Satan said, “Lord, what hast thou gone and made this time?” Thou musteth have known that I would truly try to destroy anything and everything thou would maketh so you went and made this one extra, extra durable didn’t thee? All I was able to do was that” (pointing to God’s creation). God saw his new creation on the ground. He reached down and picked it up and smiled. He dusted it off, kissed it gently and set it back where he had left it. “Oh, it will be just fine,” God said. Satan said, “maybe, but it’s no longer ‘Perfect’ now is it” (with a smirk on his face) God said, “Son, everything I maketh is perfect.” “This too is still perfect.” Satan said, “Now God, how can it still be perfect after all I put it through?” God said, “Because what’s hidden in the inside, thou shalt never be able to get to.”

Satan was so angry! He did all the damage he could and there was even something inside the thing that was probably even more durable than the outside and probably more beautiful and even more precious. As he sulked and turned to walk away, his curiosity got the best of him. He stopped and turned towards God and asked, “God, thou art truly Lord of Lords, but I beg thee…tell me before I depart, what dosth thou calleth it?” God felt pity for the fallen one and decided to answer him. God said, “I’ve named it “WOMAN”… You see, thou has scarred her, burned her, battered her and yet she is still perfect in mine eyes because I know what’s inside of her. The gift I hid deep inside of her will cause her smile to cause the sun to seem a bit brighter. When she thinks I have left her and will not be back, I gave her tears from the ocean to shed. But I will never leave her, I will always be around to pick her up and dust her off and I gave her a rainbow to look at to always remember that I’m never too far away.”

Satan was beside himself. He said to God, “Thou must not make another thing. Please, let this be the first and the last of its kind.” God laughed so hard the heavens shook. He said to Satan, “My dear creature, thou knoweth that I always make things in pairs. I’ll let thou in on a little secret…..While I was outside, I made something else. It’s just as special and twice as tough! I named it "MOGY" and he’s been watching you through the window all this time. I wouldn’t let him in because it amused me to see you struggle so, but he’s waiting for you outside!!!

The end….



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