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Warriors of the New World

18:54 Dec 18 2013
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Come sit with me, sit and listen to a story told to me by an Elder as the fire warms you… I thought some of you might enjoy this lesson.. He told me to Keep in mind this is a story that must be taught as new teachers we must pass on the story to the children of the future.

The Story of the "Warriors of the New World"

The "Warriors of the New World" in the memory of the Native Indian’s story they called "The Warrior of the New World." Would you like to 'Hear this story? Do you know what a warrior is, ‘yes’ sure you do, it’s a child who becomes a warrior and is honored as a brave person. One who has courage instead of being afraid; well, the Native Indians would tell this story to their children around the campfire; so sit as I tell you the story. The story goes like this: Sometime in the future, the world will change and the Elder Indians said, the animals would begin to disappear. People would no longer see the wolf, or the great bear, or the gift of the eagles. And the story goes; the giant trees would also disappear and people would fight with each other and not love each other. And, the story goes, the beautiful sky would fade away, and people would not see the blue or the white clouds anymore. Well, children of the new world would come; and these children would love the animals, and they would bring back the animals. They would love trees, and they would bring back the giant trees. And these children would love other people and they would help people to live in peace with each other; and these children would love and they would bring back the beautiful blueness to the sky and fill them with clouds. For this reason the Indians called these children the warriors of the new world. Now let me ask you a question. Do you love animals or hate animals? (We love animals.) Do you love trees or hate trees? (We love trees.) Do you love people or hate people? (We love people.) Do you love the blue sky or hate the skies? (We love the skies.) Well, if you love animals and trees, people and the skies, then maybe you are one of the warriors and that is a statue of honor… My brothers and sisters, don’t let the dreams of the new warriors fade away.. Change the way we see and live in this life; and never stop telling the stories of our past…

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22:46 Dec 18 2013


23:18 Dec 18 2013

Thanks for sharing



03:31 Dec 06 2013
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The tenderness in the still of the evening; without sunlight to intrude the mood; I see the twinkles in your eyes, as the moon cast your shadow and sets up the mood. The sounds of nature playing music soft and as we lie below with the echo... in the night; while romance fills the air and the passion burning inside, yearning deeper than any fire; I now can't help but feeling of aroused.

The very moment I see you come near, the shimmer of the night glistens on your naked flesh shinning in the dark as the fire burns bright. I can see the softness of the silkiness form your curves of your body out of the shadows. You submit to my embrace while the campfire flickers deep within the flames; sparks of embers shoot wildly in the air as the smell of sweet perfume seems to fuel the drive of my lust for you, and I cannot lie it drives me insane as I look into your eyes; I softly run my fingers through your hair; and I taste the saltiness of your neck as I nibble at your ear. I then whisper the words; I love you; as you answer with a sigh and moan of ummm in a very sexy way. Your sweaty moist body becomes alive, you’re the heat of my desire as we slowly become as one.

I slowly start to lay you down while you welcome my caress with your beautiful delicate skin. You have a taste I can't resist and your breast show some response when I touch them with a kiss, I soak inside your love; like a river; as warm as the current in motion filled with love.

Feeling your breath as your lips rest in passions on my chest; a mountain start to rise within me while my urge of making love to you in all the worldly passion; you give me so much pleasure here in the moment; with you wrapped closely inside my arms, this heated love we share once more, now no one can come close to this love that we inspire and share; for only you can feel this joy of passion in the heat of my desire and in my dreams that fill my teepee this night…

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14:07 Dec 06 2013

very very nice... :)


07:42 Dec 04 2013
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This is A story and the legend under the same moon this is a story told from miles away, separated by miles and lonely roads and time, yet true love strengthens by distance. It is said that they could reach out amongst themselves and grasps each other hands; two hands longing to be held in the shadow of the moon where two hearts now beating as one, and two pairs of eyes, See beyond this world. They glance in the skys not the sky they search for, but the moon; but if not the moon they find but the stars, but the stars are not what make them happy. Being together, Bonding as one, both stare at a distant moon, They see each other in the sky, They stare upon the twinkles, and the glitter of it, they feel, they realize their love is not alone, But standing face to face, they find love under the moonlight, distance relives but shares the same sky, The world of people between them are silent and asleep, Only two names are heard, one is boy, and the other one is girl. They exist by time; day by day and minute turn every full second pass by faster and faster and racing by as if her hand touches his heart and his hand touches hers. There is a mystical moment and a sudden movement; the night air shivers as if they are holding each other. The moment in this embrace as if they are looking deep into each others eyes. Every night they visit the same moon they stand and glair as they dare Just to be with each other one more gentle night. The clouds thin and morning slowly breaks the dark, the sun takes over the moon, a slow and gentle tear cascade down their faces, because this day the moon has disappeared, But the remnants come again every night, to bring two together, in the moonlight. Years have pasted and what was once a little boy, and once a little girl, grow older, They're skin wrinkles, eye sight fades, strength dims, bones weaken, But now together the two look in each others eyes, searching for the past, for now and old woman, and an old man, Still holding each other hand. That night they both go to heaven, together, but as the moon shall come again, there they will stand, Together; a little boy and girl holding each other, under the same moon...Inspire To dream and Dream to Inspire...

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12:47 Dec 05 2013

I love this story, i can somewhat relate to this at the moment...beautiful. Thank you for sharing it....

03:34 Dec 06 2013

Thank you! I feel honored you liked it.

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