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The Adventures of The Dark Wolfman and Fizbop 28

16:53 Oct 28 2008
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There was something different that happened to Fizbop this time around the effect of what had been in the vile had been a different concoction. Mai watched as Fizbop transformed into a darker demon as he screamed out in agony. A twisted smile came over her face as the demon walked over to her and knelled down in front of Mai. She flipped open her phone and she dialed the leader. “He’s now under our control my lord.”

“You’ve done well Mai Shiranoi bring him here.” The phone then hung up. Mai led Fizbop to the vehicle; she then got behind the wheel. She drove off in a hurry all that was left on the ground were tire tracks leading away from the building. Mai headed to 57 Beakman drive to see if there was anyone else was still alive. Thirty minutes of driving she passed the black hearse she had seen Dark Wolfman but he had not seen her. 3

Mai had been extremely lucky that Fizbop had looked different then he would of normally. If he had noticed he would have turned around instantly. She stopped a moment and Fizbop followed her into the building. The lights turned on as she entered the building. Several boxes appeared out of thin air, the only thing that could explain it was pure magic hid what was present with darkness.

Gnosis walked down the stair case of boxes that seemed to have formed and directly leading to Fizbop, and Mai. He took his time going down the boxes and let the tension build as he continued slowly walking down from the top of the room. “It has been a very long time since I’ve seen you Fizbop, and now I have you under my control permanently this time. There will be no chance of you breaking this control. I used your own blood against you, and those that you had feasted on in your early years of being a vampire.” He said as he reached the bottom of the steps.

Fizbop could do nothing but look on while the inside was battling his outer demon that he had become. “Who are you? Why have you done this to me?” His inner thoughts questioned.

The sorcerer answered, as if in his mind “Who I am? Are you seriously saying you do not know me?” He paused dramaticly to let it seep into the mind of Fizbop.

As if by the pause things started to click into Fizbop’s perspective. It made very little sense to him. “Tell me who you are dark sorcerer,” said Fizbop as he continued to try to break out of the mind control.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… You don’t even remember your father? The vampire who had sired you? I am the one that made you who you are today. Do you not remember these things boy?” He toyed with Fizbop’s emotions knowing fool well that he couldn’t respond back, and he couldn’t act back.

“You can’t be your dead I killed you myself,” Fizbop said.

Gnosis replied, “Or so you thought and were lead to believe. I lord Gnosis, am your master and you will obey me Fizbop.”

“Gnosis you will pay for this I promise you. You will pay and I will make sure you stay dead,” said Fizbop who still struggled in his own mind.

He laughed as he heard the threat of Fizbop, “I’d like to see you try Fizbop, your coleage is indisposed and will meet his death soon at the hands of your worst nightmare.” Gnosis replied again after a brief pause. “Mai bring him his sword.” Mai went off to fetch the sword that had been Fizbop’s. As soon as she left the room, Gnosis whispered into Fizbop’s ears “Kill her.”

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17:14 Oct 28 2008

Intruing indeed...great follow up

14:03 Nov 02 2008

Awesome story


To kaorulyn

03:49 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 957

To kaorulyn

06:17:18 - May 14 2008

Times Read: 33


TOday You turn one.

The Path to a young lady you have begun.

As you expirece your first full year.

A lot of new things you will discover.

The bigest steps will be as follows

Learning to Walk, and Learning To talk

Two things that you have yet to learn

The process will be long and difficult

Know that both Mommie and Daddy will be there to help

Since your birth you've surpassed many difficult obsticles with ease.

This is your first year of new growth and vast learning.

We will teach you new things.

Show you some old.

You will learn how to eat

you will learn how to read.

You will learn how to share.

Some to these you know but haven't grasped it's concept.

As you grow into a young lady

always remember both mommie and daddy love you

and will help you when you struggle.

All my Best wishes for a great 1st year

Happy Birthday Kaorulyn






Annversary Poem

03:49 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 958

Annversary Poem

12:14:28 - Jan 07 2008

Times Read: 51


Two years and still counting

from the first day I laid eyes on you

our love is ever sprouting

I'm glad I'm the man for you

Everyday I grow happier

Every minute i wish were longer

I hope I don't sound to sappy

Our undyeing love so ever much stronger

Our love will burn forever

I'm so glad we are toghether

my fire of pasion lasts forever

Ever shall we remain toghether

Happy anniversary Mieta




Happy New Years Poem

03:49 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 959

Happy New Years Poem

12:02:50 - Dec 31 2007

Times Read: 18


Happy New Year to someone special

Your always with me

you are dear to my heart

two years we been togehter

never have we part.

(This must mean we were ment to be)

I know things seem hard right now

All I ask of you is to hang on and hang true

Three years might seem too far

but together we will make it through

May 2007 you gave me a presious gift

her face brightens up my life

I can't wait to se her grow

Into the smartest girl i know.

For you new years resolution

Just tell me you'll help us make it through

Together i know it will be true

Forever will I love you Mieta




All I see

03:48 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 960

All I see

12:15:26 - Nov 05 2007

Times Read: 27


All I can see is a black cloud of doom.

Times are getting harder

I wonder what would be on my tomb

Darkness fills the air with gloom




I don't know

03:47 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 961

I don't know

21:42:28 - Jun 06 2006

Times Read: 83


I'm feeling lost.

I'm feeling down.

I have lost my light.

I'm feeling fright

Lost in my jumbled mind.

The things Too much trouble to unwind

I'm loseing myself

In a never ending battle.

Yes I've said these things before.

I don't want to lose you.

I want to fight to keep you.

So many things I think I could do better.

So many stupid words were said.

Things I really didn't mean.

But they were mean

I reached out and slapped you.

Something I never do.

I can't forgive myself for that.

That's why I think your better off.

I did something I'm ashamed of

Every time i look at you I remind myself of that.

I wasn't good enough to stop them.

I still ain't.

I can't control them for this long

Yet I have.

You've already stoped talking.

No more countering words

See i have lost.

Can't you see that.

The words escape you.

As to what to say.

Say the words i need to hear.

Say them loud and clear.

I need them now.

I'm starting to cry.

yet you say nothing.

Just looking at me blankly.

not even a smile on your face.

I'm typing away from the screen

not knowning what i'm typing.

I love you.

Don't give up on me

Im sorry for my words of hate

I'm sorry they made me break my rule.




Precious Souls

03:47 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 962

Precious Souls

18:34:11 - May 16 2006

Times Read: 70


Two precious souls,

one a boy about two,

the other a girl about one and a half,

so long ago they were in my arms.

Tears of joy turn...

to tears of pain,

in the phone one thinks I live,

the other knows what city I'm near.

Ten fingers and ten toes

multiplied by two...

equals my precious angels,

one boy and one girl.

I long to hear your laughs,

I long to wipe away your tears,

I long to hold you tight,

I long to chase away your fears.

I miss you both so very much,

tears running down my face,

flooding eye, streaming to evaporation,

forever will I be in this place.

Into my arms I wait...

to hold you,

to kiss you,

and to tell you I love you.




I am me

03:46 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 963

I am me

20:02:20 - May 27 2006

Times Read: 51


Somehow I'll find a light.

Somehow it will be alright.

In my darkest hours.

I turn to thee.

I ask you to help me.

Something good should happen

Light the darkness in my mind

Chase my fears.

Kiss my tears.

hold me

tell me what i need to hear.

I feel so alone

I'm broken.

Can't be mended.

Twist and turning

I can't see strait.

My mind is lost

The words escape my lips.

My fear is getting to me.

My dreams are disappearing.

Make it stop Please.

Make it right.

Something good has to happen

I'm happy to be alive!

I know it will.

I know not to fight this.

I know what must be done.

But it's getting so sick and futile.

Help me will you please.

Hug me once.

Kiss me twice

Make me happy.

Don't forget me.

I'm still alive.

My poem is strange.

It makes no since.

I'm loseing me.

My battle is dieing.

One i've kept alive for so long

Ever since she left me.

The fight to be me.

You call me mean you call me hatefull.

You never been with me.

You never can understand

Only if you were with me

Would you begin to comprehend.

You say rude things about me

You say they are the truth.

You Don't BLOODY KNOW me.

You never really tried.

I'm tired of your excuses.

No more LIES

I am me

I am Poly get over it.

I'm accepted for me why can't you do the same.




Mirror Me

03:46 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 964

Mirror Me

15:30:17 - Apr 10 2006

Times Read: 74


I look in the mirror.

To see what you see.

Trying to find the real me.

All i seee in the reflection

Is all the Hate.

All the Anger

All the Insults that have been spoken to me.

I ask myself why?

Can't I see what you see.

The handsome Man

The Strong Man

You tell me

I'm smar, and funny.

When I look i can't see

Why I can't find those things in me.


I'm sorry I believe.

What was said to me.

I'm sorry I became.

The Lies I see.

Last of all I'm sorry

I can't see the me

you always see.

I'll Try:

I'll try to find

what you see.

I'll try to find

The real me.

All I can do Is hope,

you take me as I am.

Because All I see Is a Broken me.




Broken Heart trying to heal

03:45 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 966

Broken Heart trying to heal

15:45:40 - Apr 10 2006

Times Read: 71


It started with that first kiss.

To the path of broken hearts and lonliness

not knowing what i might miss

Eisht years passing by

I got married

had a few kids

Got a divorce and still i lived

Another Broken heart

That i didn't know could mend

In the time I've gotten to know you

we laughed we cryied. I hurt you

I try to make that bettter.

Trying to understand.

What man you see.

When you look at me.

Your eyes Perce me

I'm frozen.

All i can is see you.

Like a deer by a car light.

Frozen In place.

Do you see a man that will hurt you

a man that will love you

I do not know.

This broken hear of mine heals in this time

I wish i knew what I ment to you




my poem/song

03:41 Oct 06 2008
Times Read: 978

my poem/song

07:13:08 - Aug 22 2005

Times Read: 104


I wrote this when i was about to end it all 1997

First time I Spent alone.

She called me on the phone.

Things were never easy.

She knew how to please me.

We walked down the street.

I knew someone we had to meet.

That night I spent alone.

Waiting for the phone.

She never called

Or came to see me

I am alone.

Just waiting for the phone.

Now I'm sad and cold.

Still by the Telephone.

And I'm getting old

Spending my life alone.

Now I walk through the aybss.

Of Broken hearts and lonliness.

Don't know what I might miss.

I wish I never ever ever gotten that first kiss.

She never called

Or came to see me

I am alone.

Just waiting for the phone.

Now I'm sad and cold.

Still by that damn ole Telephone.

And I'm getting old

Spending my life alone.

Now I walk through the aybss.

Of Broken hearts and lonliness.

Don't know what I might miss.

I wish I never ever ever gotten that first kiss.



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