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17:43 Apr 25 2013
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Warlock humor.....LMAO!!!...

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06:03 Apr 23 2013
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05:56 Apr 23 2013
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She's Doing It Right...

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18:28 Apr 21 2013
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My next book to read...

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18:05 Apr 21 2013
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It won't work, but you and two of your witch friends are willing to come over and try...in Skyclad!

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18:02 Apr 21 2013
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Just My Opinion....."WITCH" is a female gender. "Warlock" is a male gender.




04:11 Apr 21 2013
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WANTED: Female witch to participate in Skyclad Ritual. ^_^




Eclectic-Pagan Solitary Path Witchcraft Practicing Warlock

23:34 Apr 20 2013
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Understanding Ecclectic Witchcraft

by Dorean Malandra-Dara

What exactly is Eclectic Witchcraft?

To answer this question, it is important to emphasize the difference between Witchcraft and Wicca, and to provide differing perspectives on eclecticism. While Wicca is known for drawing some of its concepts from Witchcraft in its historical context, Witchcraft is not nearly as organized a body of belief as is Wicca. Witchcraft, under different guises, has been around since time immemorial, and has taken on titles such as folk magic, ancestor worship, even goddess worship. It resides in cultural memory and encompasses a variety of methodologies which enable its practitioners to produce changes in their world using the symbols of their choosing.

Eclecticism, simply put, is the borrowing of concepts and ideas from other bodies of belief and incorporating them together to form a single, compound body of knowledge. Some historians have taken a very negative view of eclectic witchcraft or eclectic paganism, because they are convinced that in the modern sense, such a path has been chosen out of convenience or that it serves to admit defeat in trying to make sense of a single spiritual ideology. There are also Pagans who practice their craft in a coven who look down on eclecticism for some of the same reasoning. Some reconstructionists also frown upon eclecticism because they value historical accuracy over an experiential reality.

Eclectic witchcraft, from the perspective of a practitioner, is a long process in which the practitioner is seeking to understand themselves, their beliefs, and how those beliefs help them to understand the world in which they live. Sometimes the discovery of an interest in mythology and meditation can spark one's curiosity about divination with the natural world, pathworking with tarot, runes, candle magic, knot magic, or other types of folk magic; the practices that live within the memory of one or many different cultural traditions. Most importantly it is about learning to listen for the call when fate guides the practitioner to explore specific practices and traditions. One is not required to possess the same cultural identity as the one in which they study. For instance an eclectic witch of celtic origins may be drawn to study the old ways of the Aztecs or the Hittites.

Earlier in this article I emphasized the difference between Witchcraft and Wicca. It is important to note, because many people believe that Eclectic Witchcraft and Eclectic Wicca are one in the same. Although both are open to the inclusion of ideologies from a variety of subjects (religion, ethics, even science or politics), Witchcraft tends to possess less organization and less moral structure. Therefore it may be said that it is more chaotic and more ancient. Different cultures have various names for witchcraft, some of which developed out of prehistoric artistic renderings such as the cave paintings in Lascaux, France.

If eclectic witchcraft sounds like an option for you, listen to your heart. Look at your interests in art, history, other subjects and the way you see the world. Although research in mythology and beginning with meditation is often recommended, it is but two ways to guide one's self into a new path. It is not for everyone. Some people find it exceedingly difficult to develop their own spiritual path. Like the scientific method, developing one's own spirituality is all about trial and error.




04:40 Apr 20 2013
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Should be an awesome site once it's finished.






21:36 Apr 19 2013
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Nice quote....

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22:29 Apr 19 2013

True story :)


20:57 Apr 19 2013
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My study of other religions began in 1990 while I was stationed in Hawaii. Wicca is a religion, but Witchcraft is not. It's a practice. It can become a way of life if one chooses. Many people have died being persecuted for it as many people have died from being persecuted for being other things feared by some.

From 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft'...

"In 1604, King James I of England, the same guy whose name is on English translations of the Bible, passed his Witchcraft Act. Under this act, the punishment for using witchcraft became hanging. Previously in England, this crime entailed one year in jail. This act also associated witches with the devil and made any act of consorting with the devil a crime punishable by death. But James went one step further. He actually is said to have changed the Bible. Where the text once read, "Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live," in his translation it says, "Though shalt not suffer a witch to live.""



21:36 Apr 19 2013

I have this book, one of the first ones I got during my spiritual research as well. It had some pretty good info that I can remember. I do not label myself as Wiccan, but a Witch, yes. I found that interesting about King James I also.


20:33 Apr 19 2013
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Cats! At one time they were worshiped as Gods then later they were thought to be demons that the devil gave to witches to act as advisers and messengers.




02:48 Apr 19 2013
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I'm just saying.....




02:42 Apr 19 2013
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Has more power than your entire being...




02:17 Apr 19 2013
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Babe, I swear...Only the tip

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22:43 Apr 18 2013
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Just some cool pics...

 photo bonnie_the_bennet_witch_vampire_diaries_by_miss_minn_deviant-d4w1d5g_zps902f0131.jpg

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21:20 Apr 19 2013

i love this pic!

21:24 Apr 19 2013

Well there are 8 of them so I'll guess that you mean the last one right? ^_^

21:33 Apr 19 2013

hehe whoops, yes. Well I like some of the others too, but I was referring to the last one :)


22:33 Apr 18 2013
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I Am...

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04:19 Apr 18 2013
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So I'm pricing DVD/VHS movies on Amazon. I seen the below. Are they serious? Are they collectible items? Was there someone famous who played in them and now they're dead? WTF?

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02:54 Apr 18 2013
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Sexy little witch. I said fix me a sandwich, not make me some soup.

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03:01 Apr 18 2013

Shut the hell up...I bet that soup she's got is good for you.

(Some men...all they do is complain, complain, complain)...

03:10 Apr 18 2013



20:43 Apr 16 2013
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I came across yet another Male Witch's blog pertaining to reclaiming the word Warlock that I enjoyed reading.


By: Myrddin Ravensong

Reclaiming the word Warlock

I personally never understood the whole issue over male Witches using the word Warlock to describe themselves. I personally like the term and I do not see anything wrong with using it whatsoever although there are some who may take offense to the use of the term. I believe that Witchcraft is not a one size fits all way of life and there are many ways to practice it regardless what you may read in most of the modern day books on The Craft. Keep in mind that A CRAFT IS NOT A RELIGION and you can practice the art of Witchcraft without the Gods or Goddesses and I know some who do.

If the word Warlock does mean oath breaker (which I do not think it does), then the only oath I have broken is my connection with the Christian church and its teaching because in my opinion their philosophy goes against nature where as I live in harmony with nature. For me the Gods and Goddess are representations of the forces of nature and they appear to us through what Jung called the archetypes of the collective unconscious. I do not believe in a heaven or a hell and if that makes me a traitor against Christian dogma then SO MOTE IT BE.

If women can reclaim the word WITCH, then men can reclaim the word WARLOCK. Why? Because it represents the male mysteries. My dad use to go hunting every year around deer season, he would disappear for about two weeks and at the time I didn't understand what he was doing, but I did enjoy the food he would bring home after the hunt. Later on in life as I began to study Paganism/Witchcraft and the male mysteries, I began to understand that hunting and gathering is part of the male mysteries and if you think you are truly making a connection with nature by living in the big city and never going out to the woods you are sadly mistaken. Hunting is a big part of the male mysteries and it is something that I now embrace. I tried being a vegetarian at one point in my life but after I had a conversation with Ted Nugent, I began to eat meat again (thanks Ted).

Note: I will have to tell you guys that story one day.

Most Wiccans hate the term Warlock and never use it which is fine with me because I see Wicca as just another form of Witchcraft and if they choose to not use it then it's their prerogative, but there are those within the community that embrace the term.

Here's my definition of a Warlock

1. One who thinks for himself and challenges authority.

2. One who breaks away from traditional dogmas of the church and from dogma that are part of fundamentalist thinking. (That goes for Christians and the magical community as well.)

3. One who explores the male mysteries from Hunting to studying Martial Arts, it's all apart of making a connection with nature.

4. A Warlock is a male Witch.

So in closing I believe that no one owns the copyright on the word WITCH or WARLOCK, if you are one or the other claim it, and think for yourself, don't bow down to the thought police because they are not looking out for your best interests anyway.

Love is the Law: Merlin

The Following is from an e-mail I received from MstrMacabre in regards to reclaiming the word Warlock. Enjoy

Hope everyone's Yule was grand!

I'm currently sending the following request to many in the Wiccan/Pagan Community in an effort to not only reclaim the term 'Warlock' for we 'Male Practitioners' (of which I must say has spread over the Internet like the proverbial wildfire these last few years) but also to dispel the rather blatant (in my personal opinion) misrepresented (for far too many years now) term of Warlock.

I present the following excerpts from an article I originally wrote a few years ago (as well as my other friends who have since reclaimed the term 'Warlock') in order to illustrate my point.


Much like the term "Wicca" which comes from the root term "Wicce" and means "to bend," or "to shape." NOT "The Wise" or "Wise Ones" that has been continuously circulated around the Metaphysical Community by many misinformed Wiccans and Neo-Pagans for years, the word Warlock has befallen the same gross misrepresentation.

Contrary to current popular belief, it does NOT mean an "Oath-Breaker" in "Scottish" as again many Neo-Pagans and Wiccan's love to tell you (which they get from the Old English and later Colonial Wytch Hunter's jargon) but in fact it is a derivative from the High German word "Ward-lokkur" (BTW...W is pronounced V in german) meaning "Spell-Caster" for Enchanter or Sorcerer, much the same as the German word "Hexen" which just means "Wytch" or the Old English "Wizard!" It is generally applied to a "Male Wytch" who practices some form of Magick usually in the Nature of Conjuration or Sorcery....thus, the reason for it's application as a definition for the Male gender Witch in "Pop Culture" society today!

As "RuneWolf" says in his article "Warlock: The Other 'W-Word" of which ECHOS my own feelings on the matter...

"Matthew Sandow speculates that what we think of as Witchcraft might originally have involved both Male and Female Mysteries, and that much of what we think of as "Wicca" today descends predominantly from the Female Mysteries. The Male Mysteries, on the other hand, would have had more to do with hunting and warfare, and that the "War" in "Warlock" refers to just that - the Way of the Warrior and the arts of "battle-magic," as exemplified by the ulfhednar and berserkers. This only further enthralls me, as I consider myself to practice a "Warrior" Tradition of the Craft, and have long felt the need for a specific term for "Warrior Witch." Given the possible history of the word, "Warlock" seems to fit that bill quite nicely!

"Warlock" also has a somewhat darker connotation than the now-popular definition of "Witch," and that applies to me as well. The whole issue of what constitutes "Dark Paganism" has been addressed by better writers than I, and whilst I won't rehash any of it here, if you tend to dismiss Dark Paganism as an aberration, I suggest that you do a little research.

After all, that's one of the first suggestions we make to Christians who try to inflict their stereotypes and misconceptions on us.

And finally, I have to admit to a little rebelliousness in choosing to be known as a Warlock. In many ways it's just my way of saying, "Go ahead - tell me I can't." My personal definition of "Warlock" could be summed up as "Male Witch - With Attitude." It has its own, in-your-face kind of mystique that I find endearing.

Many years ago, my teacher gave me some good advice, and that was to use anything in the practice of my Craft that helped me to "feel Witchier." Ironically, "Warlock" does that for me.







00:16 Apr 16 2013
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Some say that a person that tells everyone how wonderful their life is probably doesn't have all that wonderful of a life because if they did, they would be too busy having fun! Hahahaha...Bullshit!

Telling the universe and the people there in how wonderful my life is 'IS' having fun!!! I'd make time for that everyday!

I'd rather make time for that than make time to complain about every little thing that doesn't go my way.

So says The Warlock...




22:46 Apr 15 2013
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Warlock Magick Spells

Warlock magic spells are cast by men. Warlocks are male witches. The spells they cast carry the same significance of witch (female) spells, with a focus toward the masculine instead of the feminine. Warlocks cast spells of protection, guidance, or for yearly rituals/holidays. While witchcraft has been associated with women, warlocks (male practitioners of witchcraft) have a presence in the craft.

The warlock will have an alter or worship area in their personal space the same as a witch. The warlock will gather tokens, amulets, incense, candles and talismans that create the power and comfort for them. Warlocks will modify some spells to account for the masculine side of their nature, but the ultimate spell magic from a warlock is the same as that for a witch.

Protection spells are cast for the warlock’s safety from negative spiritual forces and negative physical forces. They will use the standard protection spell that includes three white candles, incense and if the spell is being cast for someone other than the warlock, a photo of the person or their name written on a piece of white paper.

The warlock will light the candles that have been placed in a triangle. Either the warlock of the token of the person receiving the protection spell will be placed in the center of the white candles. The warlock will light the incense (his chosen scent, this is a personal choice) and call upon the spirits for protection. This spell is neither masculine nor feminine. The warlock will not need to modify the spell for gender. A protection spell calls upon the universal force of good to protect the recipient.

Certain herbs are considered masculine in force: anise, basil, betony, chamomile, cinnamon, mint, parsley, pepper, rosemary, sage, St. john’s wort, and wormwood. These herbs will be used when the warlock wants to modify a spell.

If the warlock needs a fertility spell, then he would target the spell towards his gender. He would gather two red candles, musk oil, red satin cloth, and one of the masculine scents listed above either in candle, incense or oil form. The two red candles represent the couple. He will place the candles on the red cloth. He will drip the musk oil over the wick of the candle before lighting it. Then the warlock will light the candles from a single source (one match, one lighter), placing them side-by-side.

Then he will ignite the incense and circle the smoke around his physical frame with the incense. Once this is done, he will place the incense close to himself and the two red candles. He will then call upon the spirits to increase his fertility. Changing these thoughts over in his mind. The meditation time varies per individual, but it should take at least ten minutes to assure proper spiritual support. The warlock will blow out the candles, let the incense burn to the end, and store the supplies in the red cloth until used again. The warlock should copy this ritual for seven days.

Warlock magic spells are performed by men and in certain cases are gender specific, but the act of spell casting is neither male nor female.





22:31 Apr 15 2013
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Regardless of the Wiccan or any other belief, we are

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06:12 Apr 15 2013
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19:43 Apr 13 2013
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I likes...

 photo Ankh_and_Pentacle_by_shaych03_zps1fff3452.jpg




19:43 Apr 13 2013
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 photo Pentagram_in_blue_by_Ageless_angel_zps2e43e963.jpg




19:41 Apr 13 2013
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Update: I got them.

Loving my new Illuminati Cross Pentacle Amulet. As you may already know, I attached my Ankh, Vampire Ankh and Eye pendents to it as well. Have gotten many complements on it.

I've always loved symbols. I have them in many places. As stickers on my vehicles, tattoos on my body, rings on my fingers and necklaces around my neck. The below three will complete my collection.

 photo Illuminaticross_zpsa7aef6d9.jpg

 photo capture2_zpsd880e798.jpg

 photo capture3_zps1ebae8a5.jpg




19:32 Apr 13 2013
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It's funny that the more I learn about the spiritual world the worst my spelling gets. Vampyre spelled with a 'y' instead of an 'i'. Magick spelled by adding a 'k' at the end. I'm not a great speller anyway so I suppose I was just born for this way of life. LOL!




04:38 Apr 10 2013
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Because I can....

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22:03 Apr 09 2013
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07:19 Apr 08 2013
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Ankh, Vampire Ankh, Eye of Horus, Pentacle, Egyptian Symbols, and Element Symbols....I think I covered most of the symbols I like...AWESOME!!!

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22:37 Apr 07 2013
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They see me rollin, they be hattin......LOL!

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 photo 0407131356_zps3622119e.jpg



01:15 Apr 08 2013

Let 'em hate...fuck 'em!

01:36 Apr 08 2013



13:42 Apr 06 2013
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Loving It!!!

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13:36 Apr 06 2013
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Respect It!

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01:47 Apr 04 2013
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A picture of one of three of my favorite Egyptian Daggers....

 photo 0403131659_zps447865ec.jpg



03:14 Apr 04 2013


04:40 Apr 04 2013

very pretty


22:44 Apr 03 2013
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I've always loved symbols. I have them in many places. As stickers on my vehicles, tattoos on my body, rings on my fingers and necklaces around my neck. The below three will complete my collection.

 photo Illuminaticross_zpsa7aef6d9.jpg

 photo capture2_zpsd880e798.jpg

 photo capture3_zps1ebae8a5.jpg




17:23 Apr 03 2013
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True, I am a Pagan, but my faith DOES NOT include a 'Horned' Father God nor a Mother Goddess nor more than one God.

Christian belief contends that humans are made in God's own image, so I choose to pull from that belief as well as the belief in one God, however, my God would be somewhat of a hermaphrodite type entity.

The Christian faith has always been accused of being patriarchal (man is the head), however, there are other faiths that do not agree with the SINGLE PARENT belief either and have a female Goddess or multiple ones and I respect those as well.

Since faith is defined as a belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence, then it seems that EVERYBODY that is SPIRITUAL has an invisible God of some sort so how can one faith honestly hate on someone's else Invisible God/Goddess (or multiple ones) while at the same time truly believing in theirs?

Now for those that only believe in Science, well that is also their choice. However, that belief would just be too boring for me.

Only Death may reveal the Truth about Godship, but even that is a maybe in some beliefs. LOL!



17:31 Apr 03 2013

So I guess the best way to go is Atheist so there's no issues with anyone:P

17:36 Apr 03 2013

Well you may have issues with those guys that love calling people infidels....

And being Atheist would never work for me...that too would be way too boring. ^_^


01:51 Apr 03 2013
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I don't leave home without it...

 photo ankh_zps1f864ab8.jpg



05:55 Apr 03 2013

I LOVE that!!!

I have this necklace with ancient faience beads and a head of an ushabti. I hardly wear it for fear of something happening to it. It smells soooo old! I will have to take a pic. It is not as cool looking as yours, just the principle of it is cool.


01:33 Apr 03 2013
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I've always loved Dragons. Even studied Dragon Form Kung-Fu back in the day.

 photo 0402131706_zps445fdcd1.jpg




01:32 Apr 03 2013
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These are going on my vehicles...Searching for my beloved Ankh symbol next...

 photo 0402131720_zpsaa26b545.jpg




08:00 Apr 01 2013
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Warlock: A Cauldron of Controversy


Witch, n. [OE. wicche, AS. wicce, fem., wicca, masc.; perhaps the same word as AS. w[=i]tiga, w[=i]tga, a soothsayer (cf. Wiseacre); cf. Fries. wikke, a witch, LG. wikken to predict, Icel. vitki a wizard, vitka to bewitch.]

1. One who practices the black art, or magic; one regarded as possessing supernatural or magical power by compact with an evil spirit, esp. with the Devil; a sorcerer or sorceress; — now applied chiefly or only to women, but formerly used of men as well.



a man who practices the black arts; a male witch; sorcerer.


a fortuneteller or conjurer.


bef. 900; ME warloghe, -lach, OE wǣrloga oathbreaker, devil, equiv. to wǣr covenant + -loga betrayer (deriv. of lēogan to lie)

n traditional Scottish witchcraft, “warlock” was and is simply the term used for a wizard, or male witch.[1] A synonym is sorcerer.[2]—Wikipedia

In addition, there are several excellent arguments currently at large on the Internet regarding possible alternate etymologies of the word that trace it back to an Old Norse term for enchanter or sorcerer, “vard-lokkur.” This alternate origin for the word “Warlock,” and hence the rightful priority of its positive meaning, is becoming more accepted – or at least more publicized – within our Internet community, to judge from even a cursory Google search. Source Here from a man who calls himself a WARLOCK (GASP)

There is another, folk-etymology version for the origin of the word warlock, coming from Old English ‘wær-loga’, the man of the logs, alluding to the small pieces of wood the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavia is the cultural and historic region of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The Scandinavian countries are Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which mutually recognize each other as parts of Scandinavia. The collective label “Scandinavia” reflects the culturaln priests and wise men used to divine by means of the Runic alphabets are a set of related alphabets using letters known as runes that were formerly used to write Germanic languages, mainly in Scandinavia, and the British Isles. In all its varieties, they may be considered to be an ancient writing system in. This seems to have been a Slang is the non-standard use of words in a language of a particular social group, and sometimes the creation of new words or importation of words from another language. Slang is a type of sociolect aimed at excluding certain people from the conversation. word of Christian is: a follower of the faith of Christianity a popular first name and surname, especially in Northern Europe According to the New Testament, those who followed Jesus as his disciples were first called Christians by those who did not share their f coinage pejoratively used on those who remained PaganPaganism (or Heathenism ) is a catch-all term which has come to bundle together (by extension from its original classical meaning of a non- Christian religion) a very broad set of not necessarily compatible religious beliefs and practices that are usually and practising the art of the runes. By extension, it became a synonym of sorcerer (from Old French ‘sorcier’; fem. sorceress is person believed to be able to cast spells, see wizard. Sorcerer is also an interactive fiction game from Infocom, part of the Enchanter trilogy. The Sorcerer is an operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan S and wizardA wizard (from ‘wise’) is a practitioner of magic, especially in folklore, fantasy fiction, and fantasy role-playing games. In popular use in sixteenth century England it was used to denonate a helpful male folk magican, a cunning man as they were usually, and also of a typical medieval diabolical male witch (in this sense either able to fly in several ways, see Sabbath, witchcraft). The use of the word witch to name both witch and warlock is turning the word into an archaic one


Despite modern neo-Pagan offense taken by some at the word, “warlock” has for centuries simply meant “male witch” in common English usage. Claims that the word originates solely from an old word for “traitor” are erroneus. In extant Medieval records, male witches are often called “warlock” by Christian persecutors and judges. If one of its’ meanings is indeed “traitor”, then it is reasonable to assume that oaths broken were Christian oaths, and that “warlocks” were perceived as being “traitors” to Christian values and society.

Many modern day male witches are reclaiming “warlock” as a positive word of power and ancient imagery, even as the word “witch” was reclaimed in years past and recast in a rightfully positive light. These men know that many who make sweeping statements about witchcraft speak only for their particular coven or tradition and not for all, despite assertions to the contrary.

Several ancient words from Scandinavia and the British Isles are very plausible as being origins for the word “warlock”. The Norse “Vargrliker” (one who takes on or assumes a wolf’s body) and “vardlokker” (an enchanter, singer of spells or caller of spirits) are two such examples. The Old English word “waerloga” does mean “oath-breaker”, but ironically, the Scottish version of the word (which anti-warlock neo-Pagans like to tout as their reason for disliking the word in the first place) does NOT. It means “cunning man” or male witch.





07:00 Apr 01 2013
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Another reading that I liked....

From the 'Warlocks Handbook' © 2008 by Matthew W. Ikonen


The Principle of Magic Made Flesh

Manifestation is not making something appear

out of nothing, remember magic itself (IMO)

is an unnatural (Subjective) process making

something happen in the Objective, and nothing just

shows up without stimulus. By unnatural I mean

something that happens which perhaps was not fated to

happen, in the Web of Wyrd sense. No, YOU must

provide the avenue for your spells to manifest; eg.

magic cannot just poof the correct molecules that make

up a $100 bill to manifest in the air before you, you

have to direct the path for the Power to manifest. You

may be able to poof molecules eventually in the stranger

magical hypotheses, but we unfortunately have no

testable experiments to try it out with. It'd be pretty

sweet though. Damn the Masons hiding their secrets!

Indeed, sometimes your spell will manifest in very

negative ways (such as the death of a loved one who

leaves you an inheritance) if you do not take control of

your magic. YOU must DIRECT its path of

manifestation - never believe that the spell ends with the

casting, it must be nurtured and directed after the ritual

or else all sorts of bad things can happen.

This is where secrecy comes in, as we all know "power shared is

power lost." But why? Thoughts are energy and energy

can disrupt the Power - by the way, energy is not the

Power, the Power is the Power, not energy, not lifeforce,

it is the Power and nothing else. If people know about

your Working in progress their thoughts can disrupt the

spell if they have something against you or your Craft. It

is very common for Witches and Warlocks to use

misdirection to throw everyone off the path of the real

Working in progress for this very reason.

You should never harp on a spell though, don't just sit

around waiting for it to manifest. Waiting for a spell to

just happen will actually negate its Power, but if you

help it along, in secrecy, it will have a greater chance of


You must be proactive in its development - if you cast a

money spell, start looking for a second job, research

methods that you can use to get a raise, etc. This

proactive approach following the actual casting is known

as "the Bridge," or "Magical Link," because without it

you are practically doomed to failure. Magick isn't your

servant, its a tool to get things moving - to weave your

own intent into the Web of Wyrd, so to speak. If you

cast a love spell, begin studying your subject; or if you

are "ethical" get out of your house and hang out in

places that represent what you're looking for in a mate.

The point is that spells tip the balance, they don't do the


It might be a good idea for Christians to understand this

point too - God helps those who help themselves, and so

on. Gods and Goddesses have always been masks for the Power,

and indeed the Power works in mysterious

ways, so ever remember to get off your ass and

DIRECT your spells Manifestation! You can't have

assistance without ass (and getting thereoff of).




06:18 Apr 01 2013
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From the 'Warlocks Handbook' © 2008 by Matthew W. Ikonen


Witches, Wiccans and Warlocks, oh my!

A great deal of verbiage has been thrown about to

define what makes a Witch and who exactly is a

Wiccan. For purposes of confusion this essay

attempts to define these words as I understand them,

therefore it should not be taken as scripture.

My definition of Witch, or Warlock, is a person

who has decided, either consciously or through the

influence of seemingly outside entities, to explore and

make use of the unknown and “paranormal.” Someone

who simply explores is an investigator, a Warlock not

only investigates but also conquers the dark and makes

use of its secrets.

A Warlock is a male Witch, period. A lot of

people disagree with this assertion however my reason

for using this word is based on actual research and not

limply accepting whatever Llewellyn has to say on the

matter. Everything that you read in this book is the

product of nearly twenty years of study and practice; I

don't just accept what others have to say about my Craft,

I live it and research the hell out of it! I want us to

reclaim this word.

Wicca is, originally, an initiatory religion that was

synthesized from available information at its inception

by a practicing Warlock. It was not meant to be public,

nor popular, however being that it was not quite set in

stone, it evolved into one of the worlds fastest growing

religions. I have no problem with Wicca at all, I draw a

lot of inspiration from early authors such as Gardner,

Valiente, Crowther and the others. I do however feel

that to claim monopoly on a "religious" word, and yet

accuse other religions of having a monopoly on God, to

be the utmost in hypocrisy.

There are thousands of Witches who would never

call themselves Wiccan, let alone Pagan. I am one of

them; what I do could not be called anything but

Witchcraft, but at the same time it really could not be

called Wicca.

I chose the name Warlock, because, although I

love Harry Potter, I just can't call myself a Wizard. Not

that there's anything wrong with Wizards, it's just that big

robes, pet owls and bejeweled walking sticks don't really

do anything for me. The word Warlock, on the other

hand, tends to evoke visions of Julian Sands trying

desperately to undo creation! Now thats sweet! But, if

we look further back we see that this is just chaotic

sorcerer is just another stereotype.

We magickal folk did a great job reclaiming the word

Witch, why can't we do the same for Warlock? I think

that it is fairly understood now that Warlock may not

translate to "oathbreaker" after all; many scholars are

suggesting that it may actually be derived from the Old

Norse vard-lokkar which means "spirit caller." I

personally think "spirit caller" fits the males of our Craft,

don't you?

Either way, within the Witchcraft MetaCommunity it

looks like a growing number of us are willing to accept

Warlock again, although a sizable majority still view it as

a pejorative term. Maybe, with hope, this website can

help the movement to bring Warlock back into our


This is how the Handbook defines Warlock: A male who

has dedicated his life to defending and advancing the

magickal and religious practices of Witchcraft (in all of

its forms) for the betterment of his various communities,

his family and himself.



06:48 Apr 01 2013

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06:49 Apr 01 2013

Sorry, had to edit, but didn't want it to seem I was erasing a comment.


01:14 Apr 01 2013
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