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Native Herbs to Heal

19:31 May 16 2014
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I have had some here ask me for native medicine recommendations. A good friend of mine Two Spirits Winterwolf is a medicine woman and has studied herbs in classes and has extended knowledge. She even wrote down some stones and what to use them for. This is all her works. I asked her to write down some of the herbs and using to share with others:

Healing Herbs


Willow bark ------ chew for pain and fever

Yuka and alovera ---- anteseptic heal wounds and burns

bear fat................. will pull out an infection

bergament salve.... for itching and rashes

black pepper........ it hurts, but will stop bleedings

blue short grass.... grows under the water of the falls - when dried and crushed, it has numbing qualities - powder aids in comfort and pain

brak bush............. a shrub whose leaves have a purging effect when chewed on the bowls, branches are also hung on house doors during "Waiting Hand" to discourage entry of bad luck into the house for the new year

cayenne pepper or levels out blood pressure, when made as

stinging spices... a tea helps to stop internal bleeding, when applied as a paste, stops external bleeding

chamonilein tea.... aids with sleep....especially during pregnancy

hemp................... works like dopamine to increase a blood pressure

honey.................. applied on a wound helps promote healing

lavenia flowers..... 1 tsp of the dried crushed blossoms brewed in a cup of water like tea, are used to relieve pain, headaches and discomfort

lyptus leaves, oil... Internal Use: 1-2 tsp of the leaves to a cup of boiling water - let infuse for 10-15 minutes - dose of tincture is 1ml, 3 times a day // Exernal Use: put 5 drops of the oil in a hot bath or 6 drops in boiling water, put towel over head and inhale the vapors

marigold............... natural antibiotic, grown, used in healing salves, boiled to oils, used to irrigate high risk wounds to prevent infection, it can also be grounded and added to foods for same effect

matchweed........... is an anti-coagulant

mud packs............ put around a sprain to help with pain and swelling

peppermint.......... will pull out an infection

sunflower leaves... crushed and smoked in a pipe - helps with a cold, and clears the head

Gem Root ..............Chewed eases pain

Hot Mustard poltice ...........Draws bad blood from chest of child when have cold

Witchhazle ........when in pressed liquid form rubbed on soles of feet helps with cold / Rub on arms and legs helps with muscle pain

Peyote .. smoked or chewed the leaves bring peace to spirit and mind

tubers................... grow in the falls - when dried, crushed and mixed with water, they make a good pack and aids in stopping external bleeding

white sage............ will pull out an infection

wild yam............... prevents cramping and bleeding during pregnancy

wylow/willow bark... leaves & buds are brewed in water or teas other than bazi, for non addictive pain management -- bark is chewed -- salve is used to numb wounds -- bazi tea has similar effect

Antiseptics. Bearberry tea. Sliced dandelion root. Goldenrod tea. Goldenseal root tea. Chewed hops roots. Juniper berry tea. Consentrated licorice root tea. Magnolia branch tea. Oak bark Tea. Sassafras root or berry tea.

Stones: Green Adventurine, Emerald, Green Frosted Quartz, Peridot.

Anesthetic/sedative. Bearberry tea. Wormwood tea. Yarrow tea. Passion flower tea calms nervousness, relieves pain.

Stones: Jade makes one calmer. Mexican onyx makes one sleep better.

Birthing & pregnancy. Squaw Root, Black cohosh tea relaxes uterine muscles. Black haw tea. Lady's slipper root tea. Raspberry tea drunk regularly through pregnancy and labor. NO SAGE! if pregnant or nursing. Squaw weed root tea. Mistletoe to stimulate contractions.

Stones: Mother of Pearl for knowing mother's love. Very Protective.

Bites/burns/cuts/rashes. Aloe based ointments. Chapparal resin for burns, also resin of white pine

Bleeding-External. Milkweed root powder. Nettle leaf powder or lightly pounded leaves. Yarrow tea.

Bleeding-Internal. Hawthorn tea. Horsetail tea. Nettle leaf tea. Squaw weed root tea. Yarrow tea.

Burns. Goldenrod poultice. Mullein flower poultice. Pine bark poultice. Plantain lotion or poultice. Juice from purslane leaves or tea from dried leaves. Juice from crushed passionflower leaves.

Delayed or painful menstruation/PMS/menopause. Black cohosh tea. Black haw tea. Gravelroot tea. Hops leaf tea. Lady's slipper root tea. Licorice root tea. Peppermint tea. Plantain (white-man's-foot) tea for heavy flow. Tea from sage roots. Sassafras root or berry tea. Squaw weed root tea. Valerian roots eaten dried or raw. Hot wormwood tea. Yarrow tea for heavy flow. Pennyroyal tea stimulates the menses. Passionflower tea. Raspberry leaf tea for morning sickness. Stones: Green Flourite, Malachite for harmony. Pink Tourmaline.

Eye problems. barberry, sasparilla, purple cone flower.

Fever & headache. Ginseng tea. Goldenrod leaf tea. Gravelroot tea. Licorice root tea. Magnolia branch tea. Mullein poultice on forehead. Oregon grape root tea. Peppermint leaves, dried and powdered leaves. Pine needles crushed and made into a paste for poultice. Sage tea. Sassafras roots or berry tea. Valerian roots eaten either dried or raw. Violet tea from fresh or dried. Willow tea with licorice powder to reduce stomach upset. Hot wormwood tea. Yarrow tea.

Fractures. Horsetail poultice. Tea from boiled white poplar bark (cooled,) poured over injury to reduce pain then use bark to make a cast.

Stones: Black opal can strengthen bones.

Headache: Red (better) or White Willow Tea, Squawmint (Pennyroyal) dried leaves as tea

Infections. Magnolia ashes and fat. Oak bark tea. Crushed pennyroyal leaves..

Insect bites. Mashed goldenrod flowers. Plantain lotion or poultice. Juice from Purslane leaves or tea from dried leaves. Yarrow poultice. Crushed pennyroyal leaves.

Insect repellant. Juniper berry/bark oil. Juice of wormwood in lotion. Crushed pennyroyal leaves.

Muscle aches/cramps. Juniper berry/branch oil. Magnolia branch tea. Pine resin salve.

Sedatives. Bearberry leaf tea. Hops blossoms in a sack used as a pillow. Lady's slipper root tea.

Skin conditions. Oat poultices. Oregon grape root tea. Plantain lotion or poultice. Sassafras root poultice. Sassafras root or berry tea. Juice from watercress leaves. The bark of wild rose root applied to boils. Yarrow poultice. Crushed red clover flowers.

Snake bite. Garlic raw, tea, or syrup. Milkweed root poultice. Plantain lotion or poultice.

Swelling. Black haw leaves, chewed and applied as a paste. Mullein flower poultice. Peppermint poultices. Yarrow poultice.

Vaginal yeast infections. Bearberry leaf tea. Goldenseal root tea. Squaw weed root tea as douche for heavy mucus.

Worms & parasites. Garlic raw, tea, or syrup. Goldenseal root tea. Wormwood tea.

Arnica: Strains, sprains and bruises and gas

Barberry: liver health, heal bladder infections, other internal infections

Bayberry: Fevers

Bearberry: pain

Cannabis: pain, nausea

Chamomile: Inflammation

Dandelion root: infection

Greasewood - tea form leaves to builds immunity

Hellebore: paralysis, gout, insanity, convulsions

Jimsom weed: swelling POISONOUS TO HORSES

yucca: root to make soap

green stone: promotes healing

moonstone: new and expectant mothers

purple stone: calms the flesh

Quartz: draw out bad spirts

red stone: strengthens blood




17:59 May 15 2014
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The warrior upon his mighty Stallion among the fragrant smells of passion sage and prairie flowers riding in the dust. As the song of earth's heart music fills the air. Their evening ride is slow and rhythmic, the sway of their bodies together, two as one under the falling sun. She leans closer still, her hair brushing soft against his bare back touching spots usually hidden. There's aliveness in the shock of its feel. His body quivers at that smallest of touch. The stallion notes his warrior's response. Along the journey of time, each step of the mighty warrior’s stallion carries with ease his precious loves. This grand stallion painted in many colors of equine wonder. His pace sure and strong as warrior horse, he knows his warrior's soul as the mirror of his own. As man and horse of peace, he knows his mission in union with the vision of his master. The stallion of love, he cherish their hearts, carrying them forward every step of their journey. A twinkle in his eyes as he listens to their whispery breaths and hearts beating joined in the trail. It's the very joy of this journey; he carries them for toward into the green valley and rugged mountains. The faithful support to his master's strength, vision and drive. With her sweat like song, gentle ways, as soft as the spring breeze. A wonderful touch that adds that something extra to his master's fire, as this mighty stallion carries them to their dreams, following with their passion that speaks softly "Hold me in your heart. Hold me in time. And it is I, who will hold you longer still” for this warrior rider and stallion cross the realm of dreams just for you…

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