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Hard Times

18:11 Nov 24 2023
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Hard times will always reveal true friends, or the lack thereof. So many people deceive themselves when it comes to their friends and family. They believe that, if they really need them, they will always step up and be there for them; but this is less true than they may want to believe.
If there is one thing that I have learned in my 60 plus years on this planet, it is that, for the most part, you cannot truly depend on anyone other than yourself. I know this may sound negative and that most of you will not believe what I am saying, but it is true nonetheless. People will almost always put themselves first.
Of course, you may get heart-felt condolences from some people for what you are going through, and some may even offer to help or to be there for you. But you will find that those loving and supportive feelings dissipate fairly quickly, even with those who sincerely mean them. Everyone has their own life to live and challenges to deal with, and your hard times quickly take a back seat to their own lives.
Hard times quickly and efficiently expose fake friends and the true feelings of family members. No matter how much love or support you believe that you have, I can pretty much guarantee you that, in reality, you have much less than you may think. So-called friends quickly become distant acquaintances, or even enemies, and even family members will shock you with how little they truly care about you.
It is always best to prepare to walk your path alone. Enjoy your family, friends, and acquaintances, but don’t deceive yourself into thinking that they will be there for you no matter what. Not everyone has your sense or honor or your character.
Remember, nobody ever expects to be stabbed in the back by a friend or family member; that is why betrayal always comes as a shocking surprise. But it happens to people all over the world every day. This is important to remember. You are never betrayed by an enemy.
Betrayal or a surprising lack of support never comes from an enemy or a stranger. You expect your enemies to try to bring you down or to be happy when you are struggling with bad times. Betrayals always come from those that you trust, those who you love, and those who you considered a friend or family. That is why they are able to catch us off guard and hurt us so deeply.
Think about it, does it hurt you or make you depressed when your enemies or some stranger tries to take advantage of you or does something to try to hurt you? Of course not. You have no expectations of people you don’t know, and you expect your enemies to take any chance they have of hurting you. That is just part of life.
What hurts you deeply is when those who you thought were your friends or family members who you love, betray you. You have high expectations of those people, even if they are unspoken. And when you find out how little they actually care about you or how little they love or respect you, that hurts, I don’t care who you are.
I have personally witnessed people who I have known my whole life, betray me in ways that I could have never imagined. I have seen the person I trusted most in life betray me in ways I would have bet my life would have never have happened. I can tell you from experience, you never truly know what someone is capable of, even if you have known them for decades; you never truly know what is in someone’s heart or mind.
Hard times reveal who you can really count on and who you can’t. It is during those times that people reveal what is truly in their hearts and their true character. Do your best to see things as they truly are, not as you want them to be. Try to arrange things so that no one can destroy you by their actions or by their lack of character.
It is always best to be as self-sufficient as possible, in every way that you can. Never trust anyone completely; always hedge your bet. Trust but verify; make plans, but always have a back-up plan. Don’t wait until you fall upon hard times to find out that your trust was misplaced. Bohdi Sanders



22:58 Nov 24 2023

truer words were never written and death really brings out how utterly superficial most humans are

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