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15:26 Jun 29 2017
Times Read: 403

Tried again w my task force. Was a bit easier. Astrally, got them to the gateway. Just need to shove, them in. The apparatus was there. Don't worry guys only a few seconds. Lol Wont be a long interaction.




13:55 Jun 26 2017
Times Read: 429

The first thing ....
Call elements.
Used props.
Called the dead, and alive.
I thought it would be fun to interject 3 muscles, with an alien II.
Oooops I think I forgot, an energy.

(Was an interjection w a woman. In a dome? Actually, was my old boss. Don't know exactly why she ended up in the Stonehenge dome. Haven't seen that since the beginning of the Stonehenge challenge.)

Called black matter/energy.
Called second time travel cue.
Pulled up black matter, again.
Started download

Objective... to include a bunch of people.
Was my links strong enough
Think it was
But it took too long, putting them in the spiral.
Somehow the black matter set-up. Jumped ahead of the alien II. Lol
It was only for a few seconds anyway.

(Saw someone's pages)

Sorry men....LOL

Was going to have a lil fun ;)
Figure the sports could handle it! Especially, with a Major sport, in there!
Maybe there is no alien II. Could be the reason. Had to be from an space, planet, dimension, .... to earth.
(taste, touch, see)

Had a prehistoric one, didn't even put that in. Maybe it was boring. Can't remember exactly what it was. Didn't matter, I only put stupid pictures in my real journal, anyway.

****Something else might do.

First time I brought in a few. LOL. There was one I left out. I think he wants in. But, hmmmmm I did it, actually, for fun. The monkey man, I included. My primary. And Arabian Nights. LOL Takes too long to singularly, bring each one in. Maybe, I can use a, no won't work.

I can't believe I only had pictures in my diary. What? Must have been cuz of those ancient links.

Will give it another try, tonight.
(Hopefully, no tornadoes or anything prompted)




11:22 Jun 23 2017
Times Read: 438

Was suppose to get up and do two spells. In a bad mood. Was going to risk another black matter spell. June

And, then Another stonehenge.

Laying on my bed now in position.

Will have to pull real journal back. Am in position.




23:59 Jun 20 2017
Times Read: 461

Well, started doing the rituals in Stonehenge, astrally, again! Let's see if I can tie the knot a lil tighter.

My new husband, I didn't see in the last trip. But, again, I never see me when I do it.

In my reading in physics: I like the scientific method: leave no rock uncovered!!! The rest.... I don't know, I don't really think it is of any use. To go further, in time travel, I would need to learn the update, on computer programing. And then the physical follows.

*****Basically, ask a ton of questions, from different vectors, dimensions, from different times, in different ways.

Truthfully, my kind would make excellent scientists. But, you can't fit a circle into a square hole, of the same size!

You know, I might be able to get a picture, after all! There is always an echo. If I can capture the echo on film.... Awesome!
Why didn't I think of that before.

A picture in my profile is a echo.

Ok, so will try to set the perimeters and go in again!

Hey, the computer knocked off my star!!!!! I had it when I left last night. HMMMMMMM


on the mundane side..... I checked with my card carrier, she said, that if I see anything on my phone that looks questionable, to call the card company immediately, and they will handle.

Also, will be putting my phone on soon, have to, maybe that is a reason why I didn't get a call back for part time.

My x boss is the one who mentioned the (staring), in the movie. Remember when, I saw astrally, a bunch of people (family, who was its follower. (Stared, and then came back friendly). If I remember correctly, that is how it secondly, began. Besides the black bus! So, let me look up the name of the movie. I knew which one she meant. Even though it was a long time ago! Ah ha.... Ghost Rider. Was that a hint. Wonder if she had something to do with this :0 LOL Love the music video and the flame thing!!!!! LOL OK, I'll give, I am working for a motor cycle company! Did you! or..... Could it be...... LOL




18:23 Jun 17 2017
Times Read: 466

Someone, is so reminding me of Edwardo. When I did a circle, I heard daddy calling out after, Astrally. That is. Sort of reminds me of: when Edwardo called his name. No offense. A little Tacky :) Fun! Will have to register him for lurking! Sorry, about the red outfit!

Tried to do a clearing today, on the astral level.

Setting up the site again. But, I was leaving out the lightning connection. Cuz.... the connection seemed shorter. (I could be wrong). Maybe I will put it back.

Talking of Edwardo. Funny, I haven't heard much from Edwardo since the new one came in office. Sweet. :0 :)

I have the perimeter set for the new travel. Just need to overlay a few times more. Last time I saw something different with the clock. Went all the way back, and a little to the other side. But, still undergoing construction :)

On the mundane side. The girls I work with are so sweet. No matter, how many times that I told my boss not to get me a sandwich. She did. Sweet. The problem is that I'm goin to have to pay back. Which really isn't a problem. But, I already have two others that I have to, pay hugh.

Have to make sure about pay day, and check my paycard.

Meanwhile that is it! Mon Dieu



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