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Chapter Five (The Seduction)

03:43 Mar 18 2017
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Chapter Five (The Seduction)

The pair raced through the woods, the light from the moon glinting on a tree limb here, a green leaf there. As the palace came into view, Moracas stopped. “There are several guards querida, and I do not want to alert them. Stay behind me.” Rayna nodded, stopping behind Moracas. She watched as he began to manipulate the shadows once again. Intrigued, Rayna saw a form begin to take place. The shadows merged as one, and formed a wall. Unless one looked closely at the shadow wall, it blended in with the dark environment of the night. Rayna was impressed as Moracas motioned her to follow him.

The two walked slowly around the guards and over to the side of the building. The shadow wall effectively hid them, and the guards were not alerted to their presence. As they reached the dark wall, they quickly scaled it, moving up to the second floor window of Moracas’s personal chambers. Climbing through the window, they were once more back from where they started.

As advisor to the King, Moracas was assigned private, spacious rooms that were kept away from the court’s prying eyes. “Mi querida, as you well know, the court is nosy and gossipy. We must retain our privacy at all costs: do I make myself clear?” Moracas spoke purposely, one eyebrow raised as he gazed at Rayna. She nodded her blonde head, her eyes gazing around the chamber.

Spacious, the salon, or sala principal, consisted of light yellow gothic-style stone. The large windows were open to the night, and the white linen curtains moved slightly as a light breeze filtered in. A large fireplace was set against the main wall, and now, a cozy fire burned steadily in the hearth.

Rayna walked closer to the fire, gazing at the flickering flames as they danced against the stone background. A large desk sat to the side, where Moracas had piles of papers littering the top. A decanter of bloodwyne sat on a low-end table next to the desk. Moracas strode over to the decanter and poured each of them a glass. Turning to Rayna, he handed her one, pausing to sip of his own.

“Mi hija, from now on, I am Sire to you when we are alone; however, in public, I remain Moracas, of course.” He gazed deeply into her eyes, nodding with approval when he saw comprehension light them up. “Yes Sire” Rayna replied, taking a sip of the bloodwyne. The sweetness of the liquid appealed to her; however, it had a musty aftertaste. She drank greedily, wanting more. Moracas watched her, seemingly disgusted by her lack of control. “You really must learn to use willpower to curb your hunger urges querida, for it is unseemly to give in to them.”

Properly chastised, Rayna set the glass down upon the table, unfinished. She had to fight the urge to drink it down and pour some more. Pulling her attention away from the bloodwyne with reluctance, she looked at Moracas. “Sire, might I ask why you chose to turn me into…what I am now? What about the Queen’s bebés? How can I properly care for them now?” Moracas sipped his bloodwyne, seemingly in deep contemplation. “I am happy mi hija that you are curious. However, in all things, you must learn the fine art of balance, for taken too far, curiosity can get you into serios problemas.” He paused to finish his bloodwyne. Rayna took the opportunity to finish hers as well, relishing the feel and taste of the thick liquid as it flowed down her throat.

“Now I will tell you this once, mi querida. I have been watching you for many days now. Your beauty, your charm, has entranced me, and I am not one easily entranced. When I saw Diego viciously attack you, I knew that if you remained human, your psyche would be severely damaged. I made up my mind to go ahead and embrace you, mi hija. Now do not make me regret my decision.” He paused to gaze into the fire, his back turned to her. “Yes Sire, I will remember all that you tell me.” Rayna said softly, the gentle breeze flowing through the windows, caressing her cold skin like a lover’s hands.

Moracas’s words about Diego prompted Rayna to think back on the previous night. At first, she did not feel anything: no sense of loss, no outrage, nothing. She replayed the event in her mind, remembering Diego’s words, his throwing her to the ground and ripping her gown; entering her, and pounding her virgin flesh until it bled. As the images flashed through her mind, she began to feel a rage build up from deep within her. Her eyes darkened in anger. Her hands formed fists at her sides, her fangs unsheathed and protruding out of her mouth. Moracas turned and watched her, a little smile playing across his mouth.

“Ah, mi querida, the rage builds from within. That is good; however, do not let it get out of control. Learn to harness it, and use it when needed.” He walked over to her, stopping directly in front of her. Looking down into her face, he reached over to caress her cheek with his long fingers. “Such la perfecciόn,” he whispered, as he leaned forward to lick her lips. His long auburn hair gently touched the side of her face as his cold, raspy tongue continued to lick her wet lips. She stood still, not sure what to do, when he began to suck on her bottom lip. As his tongue crept into her mouth, Rayna initially felt like biting it; however, he was her Sire, and he had told her to obey him in all things. Shuddering, she opened her mouth to give him access. She felt his large hands roaming all over her body and suddenly; her dress was lying upon the floor, leaving her to stand there nude.

Moracas slowly moved his hands over her naked flesh, prodding and probing. His thick, wet tongue darted in and out of her mouth, moving across her own tongue and the inner walls of her mouth. He bit her lips; gently at first, and then with more insistence as his passion rose. In an instant, he was standing there naked, the object of his passion pushing insistently against her stomach. Rayna felt his hands moving all over her, his hardness pushing and probing. Her anger began to turn to passion as she gave in to the experience, hesitantly moving her tongue around and over his; sucking it, pushing her body into him. The flames leapt upward in the fireplace, casting a warm glow across the room and their bodies.

Rayna moaned in pleasure, as she felt Moracas move his lips and tongue down from her lips to her neck. She felt his fangs prick her skin, and the pressure of him drinking from her. He only drank a little, and when he was finished, he licked the wounds clean, watching as they immediately closed over. “Now your turn querida.” He whispered, the passion making his eyes even darker. He leaned back, tilting his head, and lifted Rayna up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. This brought her wetness against his hardness, and her body shivered with passion. Looking down, she watched as the vein in Moracas’s neck pulsed. Unsheathing her fangs, she pierced the skin and felt the warm blood flow into her mouth. As she drank, she felt her orgasm building. Moracas felt it too, and thrust up deep inside her in one movement.

Sighing in pleasure, Rayna withdrew her fangs licking the wound as she had seen Moracas do. He was slowly moving within her, thrusting deep inside. Rayna felt pleasure wash over her as she instinctively began to move with him, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. “Rayna, mi amor, you are one step closer to being blood bound with me as I am with you” Rayna did not know what blood bond meant: she only knew that Moracas was making her feel wonderful and she wanted more…

They moved together in unison, their passion peaking. As Moracas spent inside Rayna, she matched him with her own orgasm. They both cried out in their pleasure, moving a few more times to revel in the shuddering sensations. “Oh mi dios” Rayna sighed, her eyes slowly opening. Moracas smiled, and put her down upon the ground. Standing, Rayna was petite and he towered over her. The blood bond begun last night when Rayna drank of his blood was beginning to show in her eyes as she gazed up at him. “Rayna, the blood bond is one where kindred are bound together for eternity. A vampire must drink another vampire’s blood three times, on three different nights. If that occurs, the vampire is completely devoted to the one whose blood now runs through her veins. Last night, you drank of my blood and again this night. If you do so tomorrow night, you will be bound to me for eternity.”

Moracas bent down to kiss her head, and then quickly dressed. Rayna followed suit, and asked, “If you drink of my blood Sire, then will you be bound to me as well?” He turned to look at her, a gentle smile on his face. “Of course, mi querida. But that will not happen. I only told you of the blood bond so you would not unknowingly become bound to me. I do not wish that to happen.” He sat down to put on his shoes. “Now, I have business with the King. If I were you, I would gather those things you just cannot part with querida, and bring them back here. For after this night, we leave here forever.” Rayna’s eyes widened at his words. “Where are we to go Sire?” She said with a sinking feeling. Moracas stood up, and put on his cloak. Black gloves followed. He made an impressive figure dressed in his court finery, and Rayna could not help but admire his physique. "I have extensive holdings in the south of France, and that is where we shall go. You must disappear querida, and there is much you need to learn of Lasombra as well as Sabbat. Prepare yourself mi amor. I shall return as soon as I can.”

Rayna sat down for a moment to collect her thoughts. ‘Disappear! What of her family? The bebés?’ Sadness threatened to overtake her, but then Diego’s face filled her vision. The anger she had felt earlier before her tryst with Moracas returned three fold. ‘Yes Sire, we shall disappear. But first, I have something I must attend to…’

Rayna entered the main salon where the courtiers were gathered. She looked stunning in an ice blue satin dress, the bodice low cut and barely covering her nipples. Her blonde hair flowed loosely behind her, falling to her waist. Diamonds twinkled on her earlobes, and a small diamond pendant sat nestled between her breasts, a present from Moracas. Rayna blended into the background, quickly scouring the room for signs of Diego. Her eyes stopped on his foppish figure, and with determination, she made her way over to him.

“Diego. Might I have a word?” She whispered huskily, her hips swaying sensually as she glided over to where he stood in conversation with another courtier. He turned to see who it was, and when his eyes found hers, they widened in first surprise, then lust. He perused her form, licking his lips. “Of course, maravillosa. Whatever you say.” Rayna gave him a seductive smile, as she turned and headed out a side door. Diego followed on her heels like a love sick puppy. “I figured you would not have anything more to do with me after last night, but I am happy I was wrong.” Diego said pompously. “Couldn’t get enough of me, eh?”

Rayna almost gagged at his words, but kept her composure. She led Diego through a series of hallways until they were in the back of the castle. Opening a door at the end of a long hallway, Rayna led Diego into the room. A single candle burned on a table, which stood in the middle of the room. The room was bare of any other furniture, and Rayna walked over to the table. Diego followed, grabbing her shoulders and attempted to kiss her. That action proved to be his last, for Rayna, her anger finally taking control, grabbed Diego around the neck and viciously tore into it with her bared fangs. She had one triumphant moment where he realized what she was and shock poured from his eyes. “You will never hurt another human being again Diego, you maldito bastardo.” She cried out as blood gushed from his torn artery. Gurgling, he could not make a sound as blood filled his throat and mouth. Rayna lapped it up just as fast as it pumped out, and before his heart beat its last beat, Rayna twisted his head breaking his spinal cord. Disgusted, she threw him down onto the floor. Spitting on his corpse, she spoke contemptuously: “Now who has the final laugh que pendajo?” Wiping her mouth, she straightened her bodice and smoothed her hair. “Who has the final laugh indeed?”

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03:27 Mar 18 2017
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Chapter Four (The Hunger)

Rayna sat down heavily upon a silk chair, mulling over all Moracas had shown and told her. Now, he stood by the window, gazing down upon the grounds giving her time alone to think. She glanced around the bedchamber, noting her senses were more astute: she could smell things she could not smell before, see things in the shadows she had not seen before, and hear things outside the window she had never heard before…

Rayna glanced down at her hands, her skin. Before the embrace, her skin had been golden in color; now, it was much paler: more translucent. She could see several veins pulsing just underneath her skin, and it both repulsed and fascinated her. Rayna also noticed she did not feel either cold or hot; her body was not “picking up” temperature changes in the air. She tried to imagine how she had looked and felt yesterday, but they were elusive images that would not take hold in her mind.

Sighing, she got up and glided over to where Moracas stood. She gazed out of the window too, and was suddenly gripped by a gnawing hunger. “Moracas, mi maestro, I am hungry.” Closing her eyes, she tried to divert her thoughts, but the hunger grew stronger and stronger, making her feel so weak…

“Come mi hija. You must feed now. You require sustenance to complete the transformation.” Moracas opened the window, and within the blink of an eye was down upon the ground. Rayna looked out the window, noting she was several stories up off the ground. ‘How do I get down?’ She thought worriedly. Without thinking, she was out on the window ledge and scaling the wall quickly, until she too, was standing firmly on the ground next to Moracas. The ability to move swiftly and with supple grace seemed ingrained within her…

“Time to feed mi hija.” Moracas sped off into the night, Rayna right behind him. Her long, white gown trailing softly behind her, her feet barely touching the ground as she seemed to glide effortlessly through the night… Soon, the two approached the outskirts of Agrόn, a small village where several of the royal groundskeepers lived. The village was small, yet quaint. Little two-room casas made of white limestone sat off the main cobblestone path that ran the length of the village. As with any of the villages in Spain, the dominating focus was the Catedral; and Agrόn was no different.

Made of light-colored stone, the Catedral stood out among the more plain casas. The main doorway had a rounded arch, intricately carved with filigreed drawings. Several small spires stood on either end of the building: wide on the bottom and narrowed at the top. The majority of windows were covered in black wrought-iron. Directly above the main archway, was a beautiful stained-glass window, displaying a rainbow of colors.

Rayna had always loved to gaze at the stunning architectural design of churches, and tonight was no different. “Come querida, we cannot waste time.” Moracas whispered, melting into the shadows. Rayna moved behind Moracas, and studied the scene. Several men walked about the Catedral, carrying various items such as firewood. Moracas put a finger to his lips, motioning Rayna to stay close behind him. She obeyed, quietly following…

Moracas moved swiftly behind one lone man, and pulled him into a narrow opening of the church. Fascinated, Rayna moved closer to watch. The frightened man’s eyes widened as Moracas sank his fangs into his neck. Drinking deeply, Moracas put one hand over the man’s mouth, and held onto his body with the other. The man’s eyes flickered briefly as Moracas hypnotized him into silence. Withdrawing his fangs, Moracas motioned to Rayna. “Drink nińa.”

Tentatively, Rayna walked over; and as the hunger consumed her, she quickly sank her unsheathed fangs into his carotid artery. Blood gushed into her mouth and down her throat, filling her veins like ambrosia. She felt exhilarated: her senses seemed to come alive. She felt powerful, sexual, and masterful. Drinking as if she could not get enough, she moaned in disappointment when Moracas roughly pulled her away. “Tonto estúpido! You must never fully drain the body of blood or you will be poisoned!” He lashed out, quickly wrapping his large hands around the man’s neck and twisting until it snapped. Picking up the body, he threw it into a darkened corner, and turned to face Rayna.

“You must always obey me Rayna. Never go against me in acciones o palabras, or you will die a horrible final death!” Moracas raised his hand as if he were going to strike her. Rayna stood boldly in front of him, not flinching. Slowly, she smiled up into his face. “Ah, perdόname mi maestro. I will strive to do better, I promise.” She gazed into his eyes, the sensuality pouring forth. Moving closer to him, she laid her hand upon his chest. “I want to learn as much as I can muy señor mio.” Appeased, Moracas softened his gaze, lowering his hand. He looked into her strikingly beautiful turquoise eyes, and smiled. Proud of her, his decision to embrace her was renewed at her show of boldness and pride. “That is mucho major, mi querida.”

Moracas sped through the night back to the royal palace. Rayna followed, reveling in the night, the shadows. The blood of the human coursed through her veins, her body; filling her with a power such as she had never known. She finally understood what Moracas had meant when he said she was reborn into power and manipulation…

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