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10:36 Apr 29 2022
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Well would you look at that. Someone edited their own journal in order to control the narrative. Now if that's not the pot calling the kettle cookware. I don't know what is. Now I'm no rocket scientist, but I seriously doubt Cancer is just going to bestow his mark upon you. So you're probably just going to have to buy yourself a lifetime membership like everyone else. I mean seriously dude, giving the admins negative honor. Calling Women derogatory names in public journals. While acting like a total ass hat with your larger than life, histrionic personality disorder. You're about as magical as a box of lucky charms but unfortunately you're just a fruit loop. What's that you say? You don't like earning our coven favor? Well you know, if you don't understand the concept of forced induction you shouldn't be a member of vampire rave.



13:25 Apr 29 2022

There's Murphy's law at work for you just spent a lot of my precious time constructing a response to your journal entry when you had the Futurama character with the butthurt cream as a visual. Then I think well I'm not blocked so don't need to copy it lest it be stripped. But at that moment you change your image. So got to redo it all. These things happen to me often and with my state of mind it isn't really frustrating. So here we go again.

You seem to be making some assumptions about me which I have no problem stating publically just not inspired to give your journal attention where as a person in an authority position over me in this coven should address me personally with discretion. Just how I normally do thing as I hate dealing with ignorant fucktards that dip into things and don't know what they're talking about giving credibility to it to suck up to someone.

First don't know what you mean by me editing my journal to control the narrative. I try not to edit my journal after it visited by others but sometimes I fix errors I see when no comments are made on it. When I talk about those that do that I mean they erase comments made by others. I don't do that. I do encrypt my journal after a while especially if it has a video embedded because having them stacked on the same page in the month is a waste of power as a computer then has to needlessly load it all in the cache each time a new one is posted. So I encrypt it for that reason plus it is a limited time to view it openly. If your not an active member to catch it at that time it your loss if my journal is something that interests you. Either be more active or earn my trust to get the password. Discretion and secrecy is a very powerful principle to me and use them often in my character. If there are comments made on my journal I will copy and paste them when I encrypt it so it's saved.

It's a part of my devotional magick to be honest as I can so I'm just not one to be bound by insecurities like others to lie about thing to make themselves look good or not suffer humiliation to their ego. Rather if you catch me in something and I see it that feeling of humiliation is a part of the price for knowledge as I see it and will open admit it when I'm wrong. But going to have to make it clear. I don't see it from my vantage now. So your pot calling the kettle black paraphrase just doesn't apply.

Well now when it come to the mark of the Prince I have the way I would want it. In aspect of vampire community to receive a mark is almost like a bite one would receive openly on the neck as a prestige symbol. I do have a lifetime but for me don't want it because the system automatically awards it to those who buy a lifetime. I'd rather it be from that person's choice. if Cancer doesn't want to give it that's on him. He's certainly edited a comment I've made on his public journal but that's his choice. There's many thing he does I don't like or agree with but I'm strong enough in my character to be who I am and not let petty differences divide one which is quite immature to me.

Yeah I have an opinion and have the strength of character to voice it openly. I'm a 53 year old man with quite a bit of experience to draw from so I give and take honor as I see fit. Good thing you don't have to be liked in the TOS or I'd be long gone by now. Fact of the matter is beyond my experience I have occult power too that should be evident to those with any sense of intuition. The fact that I get disrespected when that should be known will have repercussions pending the maturity of that person that should know better. No amount of ridicule can hide it from those with a discernment but still I tend to not flaunt power as I've said I'm quite discrete so when it is seen they know why there will be a price when the power is seen. People here seem to get caught up in their egos and not see reality as clearly as they think. I stepped outside that community based dynamic as soon as I could and any practitioner of any spiritual discipline knows this fundamentally in their own way.

Calling women derogatory names? What the fuck you on about. Very rarely do I even lose my temper but point it out to me specifically and I'll be quick to apologize. About the only thing that I can even imagine you insinuating I do that is by calling members on this site a skank (one of sleazy character which isn't derogatory and or not sexist to me.) But beyond that this site has a satirical nature to it as you are expressing right now. It doesn't bother me besides the fact that you are making it on a public journal for attention when I rarely feel drawn to what you write. But I have no problem defending myself. You can ridicule as you see fit as I can handle being roasted. I think what get's people's goats is that power I have backing me and I'm well trained in martial arts with my attention to detail know just how to hurt them but I'm not one to be their Dom in a psychosexual dynamic so common on this site to address them. I grew up around military and some really dark environments so my vernacular can be colorful but call me on it fucktard and I'll probably refrain for your sensitivity. Your character to me is not someone i'd spend my time with that your opinion matters to me beyond common decency by my standards. So yeah I'm posting this not for you but for other that may come to see it if you don't edit it. If you would be a mature person then you'd take the time to message me privately to work thing out. No you post openly here on your journal which is weak in character without attempts made privately. Sometimes I'm forced to it because people block me so can't address them like that skank you call a CM here.

No I don't like sitting in your coven earning favor that takes care of more than half your daily blood price as I'm quite active while the majority in this so called prison coven are just a bunch of alternates by members that go around feeding each other's delusions on other coven like Sete Diabolica. As far as induction goes I'm well aware of it and whole heartedly agree with the principle as without element of chance like in dice rolls things tend to get dull. Now it should be noted you got me from free profiles after I asked my last CM to put me there because of private matters in vampire community that in accord with Black Veils I don't think belong in public view. those in VC can run their houses however they choose even if you were tipped off on me being in free profiles at that time I don't hold that against them. But if there is doubt about me being sent here then you need to get my former CM on this journal entry to express it openly. She won't do that cause she's just too mature for that. She's not perfect but where it really counts she's mature...usually. You chose to pick me up much like induction. Doesn't mean I have to like where I got inducted or who picked me up in free profiles and can freely express this. Now your CM and many others can express their immaturity as I've clearly stated seeing their character and block me though I never messaged them and can downrate my profile with their ones to take away my bonuses out of spite but doesn't mean I have to like it. Nor give them the attention they crave by hearing me talk about it. It's petty in my book and shows their character but well within TOS.

I copied it this time.


Profile concept

04:23 Apr 13 2022
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I think it would be interesting to have my profile I'm updating have music that I made myself. I remember a person that left had their own personal artwork and that was pretty cool. All besides the person. Leaving the site unexpectedly.
I won't say anymore on that subject though.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.



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