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18:39 Jan 04 2008
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The stars twinkled one by one in a moonless sky. The air still held some of the warmth of the day with it. I flew high and fast through the mountain tops.

"Hey, wait for me!" came a faint cry.

I turned to see Lilly a distant speck behind me. I circled and returned to her.

"Why are you flying so slowly?" I asked.

"It just so happens that I am rather smaller than you. I can't keep up." she spat.

I hadn't thought about that. She was going to really slow me down.

"You great brute, why not let me ride on your back?" she asked.

"Alright. Will you be able to hold on?" I asked.

"I think I'll change shape into a little bug and hide beneath your scales." she reasoned.

With that, she whirled and popped into a nasty little bug again. She slipped beneath a scale and gripped tightly to the skin beneath.

"That itches." I informed her.

She loosened her grip a touch and off we flew.

I thought of all the pirate ships we'd plunder. I couldn't wait to chomp on a tasty pirate or two. All the stories I'd been told came rushing to me as I soared through the warm night sky.

The land below me slipped away swiftly. The mountains became foothills that stretched to the far horizon. I saw little twinkling lights upon the ground and heard strange sounds from animals I'd never seen. I saw rivers and trees and land that stretched on forever. Where was the huge water?

The light began to brighten in the sky. Still no huge water was before me. Had I turned the wrong way? I saw nothing below me now but trees. I was growing weary. I spotted a space where I could land beside a swiftly flowing river. I decided I'd rest there for the day and start again tonight.




The Journey Begins

18:16 Jan 04 2008
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Lilly spent the greater part of the day gathering some kind of herbs she said that we would need for our journey. I couldn't imagine what good a bunch of leaves would be to us, but I held my tongue this time. Grandmother and I feasted upon two plump sheep I found just wandering around near the lake. It was late afternoon before Lilly returned from her forage carrying a sack filled with various leaves.

We discussed our route as we waited for the sun to slide down behind the mountains.

"I think I'd like to start south near that great body of water. It should prove to be the easiest part of our Qwest." I began.

"Who wants easy?" Lilly burst out. "I think we should go east and search for the Dragons Gold."

"It's my qwest and I say SOUTH." I growled.

"East." she folded her arms across her chest and pouted.

"Now young ones. It does not matter in which direction your journey begins. There will be adventure at every turn Lilly. I really don't know if any way that you choose will be easy Fluffy." Grandmother admonished.

Lilly burst into another fit of laughter.

"Ok, that's enough laughing at my name Lilly." I rumbled. "Perhaps I should have just eaten you at the start."

"I'm sorry. It's just too funny. A great giant Dragon named Fluffy." she wiped tears from her eyes and chuckled softly.

I turned away in a huff.

"Ok, ok, how about we come up with another more fierce name for you?" she tried to compromise.

Grandmother spoke with a twinkle in her eye. "How about Rager? That's part of your name."

"OOOH, Rager sounds kind of mean and Dragon like." Lilly bubbled.

"I think I prefer High and Mighty Dragon to that." I declared.

"Rager will be easier to yell in a hurry." she caoxed.

"Oh alright." I agree with a frown. "It's not important anyway. The sun has finally faded. Let's go."

"Courage and good adventure young ones." Grandmother bade us farewell from the cave entrance.

At long last my Qwest had begun. I soared high into the darkening sky and headed in a southerly direction.




17:10 Jan 04 2008
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"Well, perhaps I could go with you for a time. After all, I do have my Qwest to complete. But if I go with you, there must be an understanding between us. I am no bug. I may even prove to be an important asset." she spoke softly, looking rather annoyed.

"Come, you must meet someone before we begin." I turned and flew off to the cave.

Grandmother was lying in the warm morning sun at the caves entrance. Her scales gleamed in the sun like spun gold. She arose to her full height as we approached.

"Grandmother, I would like you to meet Lilly, my Dragon Fairie." I introduced her.

"Ah, it is indeed a pleasure. You are the most beautiful Dragon Fairie these old eyes of mine have ever beheld, my dear. I hope that your journey will be exciting, swift and successful." she bowed to Lilly.

"The honor is mine great one. I never expected to meet one Dragon in my life time. Now I have found two in as many days. My life has already been blessed. I will take great care with your grandson and return him home to you unscathed." Lilly bowed low and spoke with reverence.

"We must prepare for this journey." I said. "I will find our meal so that we may be strong as we begin."

"Wait," Lilly held up her hand to stop me. " I would ask one thing before we begin. I must know your names. I really don't want to call you High And Mighty Dragon all the time. And it would be an honor to know your name Grandmother."

Grandmother began to chuckle softly. "Of course you should know our names, Lilly. I am Elsagon, once Queen of the Dragons of the High Mountains. This is Flusarageregon. Which means Last Hope for all Dragon kind. I call him Fluffy, but I think he may prefer a more fierce name from you."

"FLUFFY!!!" Lilly laughed long and loud.

I scowled.



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