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Author: artemka
VR Publish Date: Apr 11 2007

All through the site are pages to help members find out a little more about Vampire Rave's Houses and Covens. Despite all this help, one of the common questions seen in the forum or asked of Acolytes is:

'How do I join a House or Coven ?'

I hope that this one-stop guide will provide a stepping stone for people to find out what they need to know, so they are able get the most out of the Vampire Rave Societies.

Vampire Rave has a number of societies within it, they are called Houses & Covens.

There are seven Houses each run by a site administrator (Master Vampire) appointed by Cancer.

There are a growing number of Covens each run by a member who achieved the status of Sire and has persuaded Cancer that their idea has merit.

Each society is different, they have their own goals and interests. The basis of each society is laid out on the Houses or Covens main pages. It is important that the correct member ends up in the correct society if conflicts are going to be avoided.

The societies are a series of private pages and a message forum which can only be seen by its members. The societies deal with discussions in a deeper yet more relaxed manner. The pace of messages tend to be slower with people taking the time to help people along and explain things. The master may allow topics that may not be allowed in the main public forums.

The societies are a big part of Vampire Rave. Some people try and avoid them at all costs, this is like going to Disney Land but missing the rides! Like in all things, you may find a few members who have had bad experiences in a society, usually this is due to ending up in the wrong society.

The strange thing is that,

you don't join a society - the society choses you.

You cannot be put into a society until you are a level 5 (Caitliff) this gives the society enough time to watch you, size you up and see if you are likely to be a good match to their aims. Sometimes members go several levels past Caitliff before a society choses them.

Once you have been chosen, you will be inducted.
Some societies may ask you first, others may not. As Cancer says:

If you do not understand the underlying concepts behind forced induction you should not be a member of Vampire Rave.

The societies are in competition with each other for standing within the site. The calculation is complicated but basically it depends on the status of its members - the rating of its members profiles and favor earned.

Usually, inside the society, will be several skilled members who will help people improve their profile, increase its rating and gain standing for the society.

Favor is earned by spending time on Vampire Rave and reading its pages; the longer you spend actively logged onto VR, the more favor you will accumulate. There are significant safeguards built in to the site's programming to prevent cheats unfairly gaining favor or standing. It is important to note that you do not gain favor for yourself, but for your society. Favor points are used like money when the Society Masters trade members with each other.

Some society masters give their mark to society members who help administer the House or Coven, some masters may reward earning favor or good participation. Marks will add a set percentage to your overall status.

All societies will expect you to conduct yourself well in the main forums and have a decent profile. By the time you reach level 5 you will have been expected to have at least glanced through the VR manual and found out how the site works.

So if you have to publically ask, "How do I join ... ?" you're probably not ready to join.

If you decide to misbehave in a society, you can be blinded. This means that you can't see any of the society pages or receive their messages - you will sit there ... stuck.

You can sometimes escape societies if you find yourself in the wrong one. Usually this means 'working your ticket', this is very much up to the Society master though.

While you can't chose when you join a society, or which society you join. You can prepare yourself ...

Read the societies main pages - do they allow you to approach the Society Master and ask for membership when you are the correct status ? - are the aims and interests of the society close to your own ? - are you friend with any of their listed members, someone who could put in a kind word if a society interests you ?

Scan through the Society FAQ and the VR manual

Tweak your profile to attract the Society's scouts, make sure its says a little about yourself and your interests. The Newbies Guide to Vampire Rave is an excellent start for advice.

Most importantly impress people with your forum posts and conduct.

Hopefully, you are now a little better prepared for the exciting 'secret' world that exists behind the scenes in Vampire Rave.

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