The Vampyre Condition

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Author: TigerMoon
VR Publish Date: Jan 06 2018

The Vampy(i)re Condition is a combination of symptoms that serve as evidence for Vampy(i)rism. Usually, after an awakening, the Vampy(i)re falls under one of the categories of a type of Vampyre, and in dire moments, may experience all of the four (4) predominant symptoms that are crucial to the state of being of that Vampy(i)re.

Let us first explore the three (3) dominant types of Vampy(i)res, before we embark on analysing the various symptoms that make up the Vampyre Condition.

1) The Klavasi or Latent Vampy(i)res are those who experience their awakening after or during an emotional crisis. The Vampy(i)re Condition lies dormant until much later in their lives. The Vampy(i)re Condition sleeps in the subconscious minds of these type of Vampy(i)res and has the potential to manifest as a result of going through rituals such as the Night of Transformation and others. Most of the Vampy(i)res belong to this group, the Klavasi.

2) The Ardetha or Created Vampy(i)res achieve the Vampy(i)re condition through magickal or spiritual paths, making them become a Sympathetic Vampy(i)re. A section of the community usually believe that this group of Vampy(i)res are actually the Klavasi, but it cannot be brushed aside that some Vampy(i)res can be created.

3) The Dhampyri or Born Vampy(i)res are those who demonstrate the Vampy(i)re Condition and feed throughout their entire lives. Born Vampy(i)res do not need to go through rituals to become Vampy(i)res; they are already fully awakened. The Vampy(i)re Condition experienced by this group is a very powerful thing. This type of Vampy(i)res are very rare.

Now that we have identified the classification of the three different types of Vampyres, let us look at the various symptoms of a newly Awakened Vampyre. What are the symptoms that a newly awakened Vampyre may exhibit? How can the Vampyre better handle his violent Awakening? This may not be as easy as one would expect it to be, because, the very notion of an Awakening according to the layman, is that the Vampyre may not be in the correct state of being to handle his condition by himself.

Here are the four (4)predominant symptoms of a Vampyre Awakening:

1. A strong emotional crisis - the inability to control or handle their emotions.

A strong emotional crisis is not merely about the person experiencing the emotional suffering, it is about everyone involved. When a Vampyre walks into a crowded room, all eyes will be trained on him. When this newly Awakened Vampyre is going through an emotional battle from deep within, everyone in the room feels frightened, overwhelmed and there can even be taut tension amongst everyone present. In short, when a Vampyre enters a place, everyone will know it. A strong emotional crisis is usually the first stage to a greater sense of intangible emotional contentment.

2. A sense of being alienated - to feel out of place in one’s life, especially when it comes to the society of that newly awakened Vampyre.

Alienation – either caused by the self or by external factors - is a cry for help from the newly-awakened Vampyre, who develops a deep need to be seen, heard and understood. What is society? It is a very elusive concept that everyone has trouble defining. Margaret Thatcher once famously said that there is no such thing as society; only families and people with similar interests. Society, in my opinion, refers not to a group of people, but, to the complex pattern of the norms of interaction that arises among and between them. Society only "approves" of you if you are to be easily controlled by the masses. The minute you deviate from the predominant approved culture of a society, you are bound to be doomed before you are given a chance to explain yourself; or in some circumstances, even before you know it. To experience the wrath of society is a terrible event. In society, especially if you belong to a minority group, chances are, you would be ostracised.

3. A lure to the dark side - a strong pull towards anything dark in nature. A newly awakened Vampyre may lose touch with reality and be extremely drawn to the dark side of the occult.

Almost every occultist (although a sweeping statement) would have experienced some level of Awakening. However, this is not to say that all occultists are Vampyres or that all Vampyres are occultists. Most occultists have reached a certain level of sophistication of their intuition and intellect. Their reasoning processes can appear profound to the next person. One possible reason why there are many Vampyres who are occultists or students of the Mysteries, is that, when going through an Awakening, the Human Spirit that resides in the mind and is what makes a human a human, has been activated by that Awakening. When that Human Spirit becomes activated by an Awakening, the hard-wired Emotional system goes haywire, thus causing the Vampyre to turn to the dark arts/occult to calm that Human Spirit that has been Vampirised.

4. A mental confusion - a break from reality could cause the newly awakened Vampyre to seek his own company all the time.

The Vampyre may lose contact with familiar friends and family members, always seeking isolation. This isolation and the inability of the Vampyre, if left untreated, undiagnosed or undiscovered, could lead to a major mental ailment. Some examples of such mental ailments are: Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Depression and ADHD. It is often a requirement in Magickal Occult cirlces that the mentally disturbed/ill are not allowed to partake in practising Magick. Magick is usually invoked by our higher-ordered mental capacity and our strong Willpower. When a Vampyre awakens spiritually or mentally, he will not be well equipped for the battle that he will face. There will bound to be a mental confusion that tortures the spirit, soul and body of the Vampyre. Proper medical treatment, meditation and self-help will help ease this deep mental confusion.

Thus, after reading what has been dicussed in the above section, and by comprehending the various symptoms of the Vampyre Condition, a Vampyre (regardless of which group he belongs to )may be better at handling his emotions, state of mind and state of being. Join a support group. Be part of something bigger. Do not dwell in the Past or the future, but ensure that you stay in the Present.

Here is wishing you a wonderful experience of Becoming a Vampyre...

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