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Author: ZuberiUrbi
VR Publish Date: Feb 17 2006

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Your hand represents every aspect in yourself as well as in your life. It shows your talents, your character, your strengths and weaknesses as well as events in your life from the past, the present and the future. It can also be a guide in your relationships, your future relationships, financial endeavors and even a prevention device to aliments before they affect your body.
Palmistry isn’t just about the lines on your palm, it looks at the hand as a whole from the shape of your hand, fingers and knuckles, the nails, and the pads on the palm.
The lines along with these characteristics show the palm reader as well as yourself who it is you are, what you have experienced and what has yet to come into your life.
Because there is so much to learn about palmistry it would take more room then I have to explain, so I’m just going to give you the basics of the lines on the hand and what certain characteristics of these lines mean.

Line of Affection:

Also known as the Marriage Line or the Line of Sexuality.
The Line of Affection represents a close union, which does not necessarily mean a marriage ceremony. Many Lines of Affection can mean many affairs, but none that is very important or likely to be a lasting relationship. These lines usually indicate a sexual relationship, but can sometimes reveal deep, but not physical affection.
When the Life Line is deep and unbroken it indicates a strong condition of physical vitality, a continuity of well-being throughout the difficulties of living. A weak or chained Life Line displays a weaker grasp on life, confusion or emotional distress. Breaks on the Life Line record illnesses. A long Life Line running continuously down to base of the palm and the bracelets on the wrists indicates a long life, possibly 80 to 90 years of age. When the Life Line starts high on the hand, up near the Jupiter finger, a strong personality is shown, possibly an opinionated one. When low, closer to the thumb, a more introverted nature is illustrated. An even temper is indicated when the Life Line commences midway between Jupiter and the thumb.

Line of Life:

Represents the family and which indicates the physical capacity of a person. They judge a person's age, possibility of diseases etc. from this line, but the experience of the author is that it also indicates, health, wealth, change of residence, partnerships and the family too.
The life line does not indicate how long you will, but the quality of life that you are likely to have. Also shows physical abilities, vitality, travel, constitution and can show potential illness or change a place of living.
If the line veers from its normal course and instead heads for the Mount of Luna, it means that this signifies "serious female troubles. If the line should split, sending one line towards the Mount of Venus, the bearer shall die in a different place, or perhaps even a different country. If the line should fork near the end of life and merge with the line of Fate, it prophesies a dull, vegetative finish to one's life, such as a coma or loss of higher brain functiones due to some violence to the head. If the line sweep out in a broad swath across the hand, it heralds an extremely robust and vivacious constitution, and this shall bring the bearer great longevity in life

Line of Head:

It is indicative of the mental level or the intelligence of a person. Whether a person would have money or not is also divined from a study of this line.
If one goes a little deeper into things one finds that intelligence or a person's mental level has something to do with whether he would have money or not. If a person loses the capacity to act intelligently, he is sure to lose whatever money he has and, conversely, using one's wits fully can lead to affluence.
Although, the head line tells how a person thinks it does not show how intelligent a person is.
A person with a short head line thinks very simply and straight to the point. A person with a long head line indicates that they think things through very carefully. A straight line indicates that they think clearly. A person with a curved head line means that they are constantly trying new ideas. A sloping head line tends to mean that the person is creative. Horizontal headlines belong to more practical people.

Line of Fate:

Also known as the Line of Prosperity. The Line of Fate reflects our sense of direction and purpose and is usually well defined on the palm of a well-motivated person. People without this line can achieve a lot in life but they will tend to "go their own way", often refusing to conform.
A break in the Line of Fate will always mean a change in career or other main line of interest. If the line is red, it reveals the individual is undergoing a great deal of stress with their current occupation, and that it is not to their liking. If the line be wavy and uncertain, so too is the fate laid out for the individual. They shall be fickle in their pursuits, and easily averted in their purpose

Line of Heart:

Also called the Line of Love or Line of Emotions
It reflects emotional world of a person (emotional state of the individual, his love life and his health) which include love, anger, friendship etc, and questions regarding health and longevity are answered with reference to it.
There are two types of heart lines: curved and straight. A curved heart line means that one is more active in romantic pursuits. While a straight heart line means that you are more passive in regards to romance. It is very interesting to find that wizard researchers have found that most women tend to have straight heart lines, while most men have curved. Studies done on married couples reveal that the ones that have similar heart lines generally have the most successful marriages. A heart line that has a branch from it that extends all the way to the individuals life line indicates that they are hurt easily by love. The longer this line is, the more love you will feel in your heart. A wavy Line of Heart can correspond with a changeable emotional disposition. A straight or short Line of Heart tends to cool down passion. A person may be a good lover in a physical sense, but feelings from the heart may be rather remote. A curved, long Line of Heart is a very positive sign.

Line of Sun:

This line indicates the success of one's efforts, whether in the acquisition of wealth, politics, a court case, travel or a love affair. A person gets his heart's desire at the time of its coming on the scene. It also reflects the success, creative feelings and inner satisfaction or happiness. It can be especially relevant to financial matters.
This line is not present on every hand, but its absence does not necessarily mean that the owner will be unsuccessful with money. A financially successful person without Line of the Sun may not feel a sense of contentment of happiness. Little lines drooping from the Line of the Sun show slightly negative influences.

Before you go off and start learning how to read your own palm, a small reminder:
Online palm reading is a fraud…it takes someone to actual feel your hand and examine what the lines look like and the overall feeling of your hand in order to give you a proper reading. Don’t just base everything off the lines either., as stated, there’s more to palm reading then just the lines.

for furthuring reading try the book by Roz Levine, "Palmistry"

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