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Real Predators:


We are going to talk here about the real predators of this world. No, they are not the real vampires. They are the vampire pretenders. The role players and posers who intentionally prey upon all those who believe in the old myths of the romance novels. These are the 'victims in waiting' who constantly say they will do anything to meet or become a vampire.

The reasons for humans wishing to become a vampire are many. Some do not want to grow up, others do not wish to grow old. Some want power, strength, eternal beauty, everlasting life, everlasting youth, or revenge. None of which are good reasons. But they are needs. Needs that the real predator can sense, and take full advantage of people like these.

There are many predators, all human. To best understand why and how this come about, now we will look at several incidents. Every one is true, and each happened because some person believed the old myths and the lies of the predator. There are many kinds of predators. Sexual predators, blood predators, pedophiles, and confident men and women to name just a few. To best understand how this happens, we now look at some personal, and very real stories. Do not make the mistake of thinking it cannot happen to you because it can.


Emily :

Emily was 14 when her dad gave her a computer. She quickly found her way to several vampire message boards. On one of them she met a male who told this child that he was the real Lestat. Yes, the real and actual vampire written about in the Anne Rice novels. He soon convinced the 14 year old that Anne Rice was herself a vampire, that vampires were real, and really like the myths. He was an actual vampire, hundreds of years old and he was fond of her.

Hard to believe?

You would be surprised how many people want that fantasy, especially a young child in the difficult age of 14. They talked over the computer and later by phone. She gave him her address. When she turned 15 he sent her a gift. A small golden heart with the word 'forever' written inside. A few months later she had a fight with her father and wrote to tell the 'vampire' about it. 'Lestat' had an answer. 'I will come and get you, if you want,' he'd said. 'We can be married as soon as you are 18, but we will lie about your age and marry now if you rather. Then I will make you like myself. Eternal. You will be young and beautiful forever. You never have to take orders from your parents again. But it has to be the right time. Promise you will wait for me. Promise and I will come to you.' She'd promised and believed him, and at 16 she began to wait for him.

Slowly, she stopped seeing her friends. Slowly, she stopped having her friends over, she started staying home from school. Finally, she refused to go to school altogether and on her 17th birthday, she refused to leave her room. The next several weeks she stayed inside, refusing to leave and convinced 'Lestat' would come for her. She had told no one that he had e-mailed her that he was there but she was out and he would not come again unless she stayed home. So she did. She refused to leave her room. Her parents know nothing of all this.

For over a year their daughter had been acting strangely and seemed to be getting worse. They were beside themselves and planned to have her committed to a mental hospital. That's when a friend of hers wrote me and asked that I help her. He, and her other friends, refused to tell her parents why she wouldn't leave her room so they told me. They gave me a line name which they said was not hers but she would talk to me there the next day. The conversation was very short. She refused to believe 'Lestat' was not a real vampire. She refused to tell her parents or anyone else then she disconnected.

I did call the server and tell them but they refused to do anything and there was no way I could find her parents. I asked her friends to tell me who she was and where, and to tell her parents but they refused. The next day all screen names I had known where gone Three days later she was taken to a mental hospital and committed. She refused to talk or say a word and there she remains.

**UPDATE** after refusing to speak for over 3 months Emily was given drug and shock treatments, she then began to speak to her doctors and confided in them what had really been happening. It took another 8 months of treatment and psychological counseling before Emily was returned home. Today at age 20 nearly 21, she has been released into her parents care. She is attending night school and attempting to finish high school, she no longer believes in vampires or associates with her old friends. She has survived a serious depression and has not much trust in people but is fighting to make her way back.

Today she still lives at home with her parents and is putting the pieces back together. I received a long letter from one of her old neighborhood friends, only a short time ago, who informed me Emily is now doing well.


Judy :

Judy is a 32 year old woman who owned her own home and a car and had a very good job, but she was alone in a new state. She had always been a fan of vampires and often watched the television show Forever Knight. One day she when to a club known for its Vampire Night celebrations once a week. There she met Perry.

He looked like the classic vampire: very tall, thin, muscular with chiseled features and dead straight, long, black hair. He could have been a movie star. He was sweet, charming and a gentlemen. They danced all night and began seeing each other. Perry decided their two apartments were too small so they moved in together.

Perry had no time to look for a place so she rented the place on her own with her money. After a few weeks, his car broke down and she paid to fix it, the first time. The second time it broke down, they decided to get a new one. But he had to wait until his pay check came so she bought the car and put it in his name. Before long, they had bought stereo equipment and he needed new clothes. Then came the investments. She backed his and in less than 6 months after meeting him, her bank account was very nearly depleted of her life savings of $9,000. When she began to mention that perhaps he might want to pay her back for the car and clothes, he acted hurt and asked hadn't he been good to her? Hadn't he been true and loyal, had he ever forced her to do anything?

Then he made her an offer. He was not in the position to repay the money for the car, or stereo equipment or the new furniture. But, he would repay her in a much more meaningful fashion. 'I will make you like me and we will be together forever and share everything.' All this could happen if she just trusted him for a little longer.

She did. Two months later, Perry left after she explained her bank account was empty. She was not turned. Perry took the stereo equipment and all else he could carry and left while she was at work.

There she was, a grown adult woman without her vampire and without her savings account.

She called the police but they told her she gave the things to Perry as a gift and there was nothing she could do.



Barbara was 16 when she got her computer. Before long, she had found her way on to a vampire chat room. There she met a 17 year old boy who told her he was a real vampire. They talked in e-mail and Instant Messages, and a few weeks later he asked her to go to a New York City club. Barbara lived in West Chester, NY about 30 miles from NYC. Her parents said she could go if they met the boy.

So, the date was set. The 17 year old male arrived on time, nicely dresses, polite and looking exactly like his Goth picture. They left together after having supper with her parents. Once they got into the city, the 17 year old said he had to stop by a friend's house because this friend had a leather jacket the boy wanted to wear to the club. When they got there, he invited Barbara in to meet his friend. In a very short time, Barbara learned it was this friend she had been writing to all the time, not the 17 year old. The man she had been writing was 23 years old.

The adult gave the boy money and sent him away. The young girl spent the next several hours being repeatedly raped and sodomized by this man. After he had his fun, he went to get beer and threatened her that if she left he would kill her and her parents. After all, he knew where she lived and her phone number. But as soon as he was out the door, the girl left and went directly to the police. He was arrested and she and her parents are now dealing with the situation.


Karen :

Karen, a 23 year old vampire fan, met Rick online. They dated via the computer most of the time. They even cybered together often. He convinced her he was a real vampire and his letters and Instant Messages were wonderful; her own Nick Knight. She was so excited to meet him in person. The first and second dates were truly dream dates. He was truly a gentleman. Took her to very fine restaurants, opened doors, was always polite.

Then she asked him how he became a vampire and he told her. It sounded like a classic vampire novel, but she believed it. Their fourth date was an anniversary date. Their first month together. Again, it was a dream date. He rented a limo, they went to dinner and a show, then visited an after-hours club. He regaled her with stories of his many lives traveling across the world and across history. He spoke so sincerely she felt as if he had really been there.

That evening he asked that they make love. It was their fifth actual date and all they ever did was kiss and hold hands. She told him no, that she did not have casual sex. She told him she really liked and cared for him and perhaps in a few more weeks, after they knew each other a bit longer. He expressed his regrets but said he respected her decision and was willing to wait. He asked her again to go out with him the next week and she accepted. This time he offered to cook for her and took her to his apartment. Then, after dinner, he insisted on sex. When she refused, he raped and murdered her.

***UPDATE*** During his trial he stated the murder was in self defense, that she had agreed to have sex and then things got rough. When he wanted to stop he said she began to kick him and throw things and began screaming at him, he said he tried to push her away when she fell and hit her head. The jury voted him guilty of rape and man slaughter. He spent 4 years in prison and is currently out on parole.


Scott :

Scott was a 17 year old when he met Ginger, a 38 year old woman who owned a night club in California. Scott lived in Florida. They talked on the phone, they cybered and e-mailed. The boy fell in love with the woman. He wanted to enter the armed forces; to join the Marines. He felt he was too thin and not quite tall enough.

His vampire love, who called herself 'Mother DEATH ' said she could fix it all, that she could make him like her, a vampire. He would be strong, and healthy and make it in to the service easily if he became like her, a real vampire.

She invited him to join her in California. He saved his money and went. She put him to work in her club doing everything; waiter, busboy, washing dishes, floors, helping at the bar, etc. But he was not paid. He stayed in her home. She said he must prove he was worthy to become a vampire by proving his loyalty to her. Yes, they had sex, but he was not paid for his work at the club and he was worked hard.

After 3 months, he asked why he had not been turned. She said she would turn him, but was too busy right then. After the fourth month, he demanded she keep her word. She laughed at him, threw him out of her home and her club. He came back home a little wiser and greatly disillusioned. But he was one of the very lucky ones, he was still alive.


In the past several years a total of 11 people who are known to all who post on the America Online vampire posting boards - regulars have been badly harmed. One had her life savings taken by her vampire lover. One 17 year old male was hoodwinked by a 36 year old woman into working for her for free for several months and she made him little more than a non-paid male prostitute. Several were raped and two were murdered and for no other reason than they believed the old myths and legends and were willing to do anything to meet a real vampire and become one. There is no fail-safe way to spot a fake, but there are several little signs to look for when talking to, or reading mail or profiles of people claiming to be vampires.

• Know the truth as to what a real vampire is and is not.

• Some key words to watch for are sign posts that should send up a little red flag of warning:

• Anyone that uses the terms 'Coven', Chosen, Childer, Kindred, or any other terms used in any role playing games.

• Anyone who uses 'clan names' such as Tremere, Gangrel, Venture, Nosferatu, Brujah, Assamite, Ravnos, Malkavian, Samedii

• Anyone who uses more general terms such as kindred, sire, prince/princess of __, king/queen of __, vessel (means a human that is fed upon), herd (a group of humans fed from by a particular vampire, usually voluntarily)

• Anyone who is obviously playing or pretending based on the role play. Other forms of pretending are a bit harder to tell but usually you can tell by the profile.

A lack of profile, or heavily descriptive profile, such as describing themselves as being tall, thin, pale, with long, straight hair usually dark or blonde. Eye description of other than human eye colors such as gold, red, purple, and sometimes even green. If they describe clothing as historical or gothic in nature, it shows you are probably speaking to a non-real vampire. Especially if they use the term 'sire,' meaning the one who turned them. This term is widely in use today but real vampires will not use the words 'sire' or 'turn,' but instead will use 'parent' and 'transformed' or 'transformation.'

There is no fool proof way of finding a real vampire by what is told to you. But if you keep an open mind, be skeptical and listen for a while, the fakes will betray themselves. Listen for the other giveaways as well; the usual stuff which included the myths.

Example: that he or she eats no or very little food, that he or she never is out before dark and always in by daylight, that they do not reflect in a mirror, that he or she never drinks water, that animals fear them, etc.

Hunters are often fake as well. I have met three hunters on line, one kept up the pretense for over a year before admitting he was only 16 and not a real hunter. Hunters very seldom advertise themselves on a message board or newsgroup. Look for the word 'slayer' as well and other terms used on the television show Buffy; The Vampire Slayer. This is mythical in all respects. Fun show for most young ones but nothing real in it. Hunters do not normally call themselves slayers. That is usually only in film, print and television, and on a message board.

The human predator, child molester, the sexual predator, the predator looking to get money in the form of an investment, or gifts, or cash, all know how far some people will go to meet a real vampire

They know what many would do for the chance to become a vampire. They convince their prey it is they who can grant them these dreams, give these gifts of life and youth and in the end, it is the victim who looses so much, sometimes even their lives. These are the real predators, these are humans and you could easily be their prey.


The following primarily pertains to the younger readers of this site, but should apply to everyone and are suggested (not mandatory) safety rules.

• Never give anyone your real last name, real home or work address or home phone. If you really must talk to new Internet friends, get a beeper or cell phone with a separate phone number than your home or business. Use a friend's address or post office box.

• Never agree to meet anyone you met on-line alone for the first few times and do not take them to your home on your first, or second, or even third meeting.

• If you are under 18 - or even over 18 - tell someone, especially a parent, if someone want to meet you. Never go alone or take another young person or kid with you. If you are under 18, take an adult with you to meet a new on-line friend. If you are over 18, take at least 2 other people. There is strength in numbers. Even a 26 year old adult female, who is a street wise person, can be tricked and over powered. For the young, if anyone suggests you meet them in secret, if they say they wish to meet you in secret, if they suggest you leave home to meet them and they will take care of you since you are not getting along with your parents, tell someone at once.

This person is after you and means you harm. Anyone who is really your friend, no matter what age, will have no problem with meeting your parents or friends. I know it is not 'cool,' but it is necessary. A real friend will understand and in a short time you can see them alone after they have met your family and friends, friends.


For adults:

• If you are under 18 they must meet an adult even if your new friend is as young or slightly older then you and especially if your new friend is an older teen or adult. Anyone who doesn't want to meet your friends or parents at your home is someone to run from.

• An adult should never spend a night alone with someone they just met at a club who says they are a real vampire.

• Never let them know where you live or work, be careful.

• There are no exceptions to these rules! This is the way it really is. Follow these suggestions and you will stay safe; do not follow them and one day I could be telling your story after your rape, or death or that of your friend's.

There is a commercial that states, 'Friends don't let friends drive drunk.' Well there is also another saying: Friends don't let friends be fooled or harmed by vampire. If you know of a friend who is intending to sneak out to meet a vampire, tell someone. Tell an adult friend, a neighbor, a parent.

Don't let your friend be killed by a real predator.

A real vampire will never offer to meet you alone.

A real vampire will never offer to turn you in secret.

A real vampire will not agree to turn a child at all.


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