Thanksgiving From A Turtle View

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By : Thunderfoot - [ full legal name ]
date : November 20,2010

Thanksgiving is a special time of year.
It has been smothered in deliberate mis-information though.
Yes it is a time to be Thankful and to be with Family, but is much more than that.

The history of western society would like to remember a fantasy versus what really happened at Thanksgiving so long ago with the Pilgrims. What I am about to tell you has been passed down for generations as truth, and does not have my opinion or personal interpretation attached to it. This is so that the truth remains the truth, verbatim. It is the way it has been passed on for thousands and thousands of years.

So, as everyone knows the white eyes showed up and struggled with their new environment.they risked their lives on the journey to what is now called America [ America was not its original name. My people called North America The Great Turtle Island. It goes back to a legend that the world was built on a turtle's back; and they we should be like the turtle : slow deliberate, and with great longevity. ]. And continued to risk their lives as they did dwindle in number due to : starvation, ergot poisoning in some cases, and a variety of other tribulations, like unfamiliar territory..

Native Americans [ Also known as Turtle People and Clovis People]saw their despair and hungry children. We. decided to interact. Until that time we watched silently from a distance. The Europeans brought the wrong crops with them. Their seeds weren't acclimated to The Great Turtle Island [ North America]. So, we gave them seeds and showed them how to grow corn, squash and beans. Which we call the Three Sisters.


They are sacred.


So, a little time passes and the white eyes wanted to show thanks to us. We told them about and invited them to Thanksgiving ceremonies. Thanksgiving is a totally Turtle holiday. Up until that time Europeans had no Thanksgiving or concept of a Thanksgiving ceremony. It is this concept that the white eyes liked. They wanted to have their own Thanksgiving ceremony. So they get together once a year and celebrate the harvest, and made the new tradition that has stayed with us all this time. Even though Native Americans have influenced the white eyes, it just didn't stick so now what you have is a watered down version of what it is to truly be Thankful.

Turtle people never sat down and ate goose with them as was the story before the turkey came onto the scene in coorelation to Thanksgiving. There are a number of interesting stories behind why turkey is the most important dish in the Thanksgiving. Eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day is a part of tradition and custom. One of the interesting stories is as follows:

Queen Elizabeth was celebrating a harvest festival with a baked goose. When she came to know that the Spanish Armada had sunk on its way to attack England in the ealry 1800's, the Queen was so delighted that she ordered an additional roast goose. In this way, goose became the favorite bird at the harvest celebration in England. When the Pilgrims from England arrived in America, roasted goose was replaced by roasted turkey as wild turkeys were abundantly found as compared to geese. Thus, a new tradition of serving turkey at the Thanksgiving celebrations got started around 1620. Then as Thanksgiving became popular among the colonists, it spread back to England and Europe.

Another story behind eating turkey on Thanksgiving is as follows: The tradition of turkey is rooted in the 'History of Plymouth Plantation', which was written by William Bradford. But his documents were lost being taken away by the British during the War of Independence. These documents were rediscovered in 1854. After that, turkey was accepted as an icon of Thanksgiving Day. Eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day became a tradition. The male turkey is popularly known as ‘tom’ and female turkey is called as ‘hen’.

According to Benjamin Franklin, turkey is a much more respectable bird and withal a true original Native of North America. He felt so strongly about it it was almost the National bird over the eagle. To Turtle people, we did not eat turkeys. We considered them too sacred, and they are not a s stupid as legends would have you believe. I have had several of them myself, and they didn't drown in the rain,LOL

We also did not eat geese, which was the meat of choice for Thanksgiving between 1620 to the early 1800's. So, we since we did not eat goose or turkey the Thanksgiving dinner they had was with themselves, because no Native American would have eaten either of those animals proir to the decimation of our culture.

There are over 500 Native American [Turtle ] Nations each with their own Thanksgiving ceremony. I am Comanche [ Numunuh in my tongue. It means The People ] and our Thanksgiving ceremony is a Buffalo Tongue dance. We harvested buffalo for riding out the winter. It provided meat, robes, tools etc... In case you don't know buffalo tongue was and is equated to caviar in my culture. And with such a large of buffalo harvested we had plenty of buffalo tongues. It is considered a delicacy and a sign of wealth. The whole village would get together and party, eat, dance and have ceremonies throughout the celebration.


But it was serious too because this was the time of the year that we Thank all the spirits for : our harvest, our bounty, that we will have food, that we are grateful for all the things we received throughout the year, etc.. It is so meticulous that we not only Thank Mother Earth for all she provides, and for the trees that gave us the wood to cook our food,so we can eat and live well. It gets down to even thanking the ashes, for they may provide dressing for a wound or whatever.

Modern Buffalo dancer


Below is a White Buffalo dance


The Bottom Line is :
Thanksgiving is a time of Ceremony,Celebration, Family, Abundance, Harvest, and for Being Thankful.

Now for the Cornucopia as a symbol of modern Thanksgiving.


Cornucopia, the horn of plenty, is one of the most common symbols of todays modern Thanksgiving. It is associated with harvest time and dates back to the 5th Century B.C. It stems from the the symbology of food and abundance, and with the Greek legend of the baby Zeus. Amalthea, the nurse goat,fed the baby goat's milk. When Zeus got bigger and here is where the story gets fuzzy : There are various versions of the evolution of the cornucopia from a horn sitting on the head of the nurturing goat. One is that the goat tore it off herself to present it to Zeus; another that Zeus tore it off and gave it back to the Amalthea-goat promising her abundance; another, that it came from a river god's head. He did give it magical powers to be filled with whatever the its bearer desires. Hence the horn of plenty.

The cornucopia is most frequently associated with the goddess of the harvest, Demeter, but is also associated with other gods, including the aspect of the Underworld god that is the god of wealth,Pluto, since the horn symbolizes abundance.

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