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Luckily far away.

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Alles Gute Wächst Im Dunklen, bevor Es Stark Genug Ist, ans Licht Zu Treten.

Despite being a hateful misanthrophist, I still duly appreciate intelligent people and respect kindness, politeness and good manners.
Feel free to contact me, friends are always welcome.

And now waste of VR space for those of you who claim to read profiles and molest me with your requests. I tak wiem, że lwia część nawet na to nie spojrzy. Genieße.

Well, I actually started to think it does have sense and my faith in the part of human race (the ones who not only happen to have brains but actually use them) was restored. On Feb. 1 I came across a profile of a young girl who didn’t write much, really, but how she did it and what she wrote astonished me. It was amazing how much we had in common. She was writing as if she was at least 30. So wise, thought-provoking and fascinating. Not using fragmented words or all those pathetic shortcuts that most teenagers use. Then I thought I could take my time and develop my description, that helps people like me find eachother.
I was born in 1986 in Poland. By the way, do you know that the Carpathian Mountains aren’t located on the Romanian territory only? Quite a random question, I know, I often do that. Apart from randomness, I am lazy, quiet, calm, earnest but I’ve been told I have “an aggressive sense of humour” and I can turn into a party animal at times. Not often, though, I’ve been a loner since I was a little child. I don’t have many friends, I’m too demanding and besides, not everyone is patient and understanding enough to be my friend – I’m always, always late, often more than half an hour. My “real” friends got used to it and simply know that they should come later than we were supposed to meet or just tell me to come at eight if it is nine o’clock. This worked for school as well, I was hardly on time and, of course, started writing my essays the night before, staying up till morning. I never was a busy bee though I had relatively good grades. I didn’t like the “learning/studying” (when you have to sit at the desk, reading books by yourself or learn thousand of rules by heart) idea at all, I preferred attending lectures (despite being late:P), hearing someone clever speaking. I do read books, though (I just hate to hear my coevals say “Oh, my God, I’m sooo bored”, hey! go read a book or call your friend, dumbass!) but I choose them selectively. As I said, I’m demaning. And get bored quickly. That concerns relationships and friendship, too. I can’t stand stupid, violent, rude people. However, there are some exceptions – I know some people who are rather malicious and mean but are extremely intelligent and I like them. Sometimes it’s better to be alone than surrounded by kind-hearted morons. And since most of the world population are cretins, there’s no way to be a philantropist (unless you have some kind of disorder or are blind). But if you happen to be my friend, you’ve gained a loyal, caring and trustful mate, I’ll be always there for you... and expect the same;) If you failed or betrayed me, you no longer exist for me, I don’t need humans, I have my animals. I’ve always wanted to have a whole zoo (im übertragenen Sinne, doch) but I’ll have to wait until I’m living alone. As for now I only have three pets, a Dog, a Cat and a brother. Funny, most people say blood relation determines so much, that one has to love their siblings, that they are the only ones who will be left after their parents die, blah, blah, blah. WTF? The fact that your mother bore another human doesn’t mean you *have* to love it. People are arguing and fighting with eachother – with their bosses, work and class mates so what’s wrong in two siblings not liking eachohter? I hate stereotypes and so-called general or normal opinions, what is normal, people? I hate it when people reject the other only because they don’t “fit in”, what scares me is that already little children (in the kindergarten, for example) discriminate the others – because of glasses, overweight, pronounciation disorder, anything that makes them different. But that’s not the only reason why I hate children (and babies) so much. They stink, fart, puke, scream, run around, stalk you, want something from you all the time, are mostly unobedient and hyper (what a torment for a phlegmatic person). And all the adults drool over them, glorify them, want to have one (or even worse, more than one) and look at you in a strange way when you say you don’t. Most people think everyone should share their opinion. Isn’t it fascinating to talk to someone who can make you think things over and teach you something new? (Funny because I admire knowledge and am very, very lazy at the same time.) OK, that’s all for now, I’ll add more later. I’ll only say now there are certain things I hate about people on pages with profiles: you care so much about the rating points and behave as if it was a matter of life, don’t you have anything better to do??? Go read a book or take a walk. These are just f-ing numbers. And the stamping. So irritating. It is so hard for you to produce a couple of reasonable sentences. Oh, how could I forget, you obviously have to level up. Quickly! OMG, quickly otherwise John will be first! Oh no! That’s just a disaster, isn’t it? You must be a Sire as soon as possible so what are you waiting for, go rate profiles and post stupid posts in the forum, now! And those people who put zillions of idiotic pictures, stock photos (and claim to be the model from the photograph), quizzes results (no one looks at this sh*t anyway, get over it, who cares which evil crayon/dysfunctional shoe lace or rebellious car tyre you are?), write in a royal blue font on a red background or do whatever that makes their profile unable to be read. And invisible scrollbars. Co za dużo, to niezdrowo. I mean, you really can make a pretty profile using many images and codes but overloading it with „k3wl stuFf” won’t make you score a higher rating;) I also deteste people who are narcissistic, compliment themselves and keep telling you how oh-so-wonderful they are or want others to confirm that all the time. I seem to get on well with the Scandinavian people (lol) which might be surprising because I don’t have any Scandinavian ancestors (at least none I know about *lol*), nor do I speak any of S. languages (what a pity, it’s such a pain to live in a backwards country). They are laid-back, tolerant and not as stupid as... OK, I won’t mention this particulat nation;) And they speak English so good! Isn’t it amazing? The jerks here can’t even speak their native language, it’s such a shame. OK, all for now. Il devrait être assez. Maintenant, laissez-moi tranquille.

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Oct 02, 2021

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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