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Calling all indigo children.....

Not Today Mr. Price

I’ll paint you a picture,
And the picture is

The most amazing thing happened the other day it was raining and I saw a flash of lightning in the distance. I waited for the thunder. Nothing. I was walking home from work, when out of nowhere a man appeared. He was beautiful the kind of beauty you only see in movies, God I hate those people. He had brown hair and he was about 5’10” a few inches taller then me, and he had a good solid build looked more like an advertisement for a store that sold business suits, the way his hair fell so carelessly into his eyes. And his completion you could tell he either hung out outside a lot or tanned regularly, I think it was the latter. He came up to me and asked me, “Can you help me? I need to find the nearest telephone to call for a mechanic that works late.”

I told him, “You can use my telephone, but it’s back at my house, just a couple blocks over.”

He looked at me for a second, that kind of up and down look that judgmental people do when they’re sizing you up. Then he said, “Thank you kindly. I would really appreciate that.” I motioned for him to follow me and he did. He walked with me all the while asking me questions. He asked me if I had any kids, and I said no. He went on about the weather and how if it weren’t for this weather he would be at the airport, right now, because he had a meeting to get to in San Antonio for the company he represented. I pretended to be interested for his sake, but really I just wanted to get home.

He gave me another look up and down and asked how old I was. I answered honestly 22. He said “Wow, 22 huh? Why is such a pretty young lady like yourself out this late?”
I said as little as possible on the subject, “I just needed a pack of smokes.”

We finally arrived at my apartment complex. I ushered him back to the entrance. When we got there I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door. I walked inside and to the room with the phone. He stayed back outside sneering at my meager surroundings and that was it! I was so sick of ass wholes with their judgmental eyes, fucking vanity, and materialistic bullshit, that I wanted to puke. I wanted to beat his brains in with a hammer. I wanted to carve out his eyes with a spoon, then strap on a dildo and skull fuck him. So I did what any normal person would do I pulled my gun with the silencer on it, I pointed it at his fucking face, and pulled the trigger.

What a mess! It took me three hours to clean it up and I had to where my plastic body suit. “Not so pretty now are you, you fucking loser?” I went through his pockets and found his car keys, a lighter which I promptly put in my pocket, then I found his wallet. I went through it and found his ID with picture, name, birth date, and address the whole nine yards.

His name was Tomas Lyn Price and he was born October 31st 1975. His eyes were hazel although it’s kind of hard to tell now with a huge hole in his head. His hair was brown now stained red with the sticky hot liquid pouring out of his brain. He had 322 dollars and a few credit cards MasterCard, Discover, and Visa. He also had a few business cards with his work phone, home phone, and cell phone, fat lot of good that did him. I took the wallet minus the 322 dollars and put it in a plastic sack. Then I went through his left pocket and found a cell phone. I put it in the sack with the wallet. Then I hacked up what was left of him and put him with his personal effects in my fridge which I had also lined with plastic.

As I was hacking him up I noticed that his front jacket pocket had something bulky and heavy in it. I put my hand into his right pocket and felt something very familiar, and when I pulled it out I was right it was a gun, a black revolver loaded. Funny he never got a chance to use it, but I bet it made him feel safe.

I wrapped the gun up with a plastic bag and put it with the rest of him. Then I finished cleaning my porch which was easier then usual due to the rain. When I was done I took the extra plastic I had in my closet and wrapped each body part separately and carefully, so that the blood wouldn’t stain my car’s upholstery, which was more then his pampered ass deserved. I took off my body suit and rinsed it in the tub, and put some plastic gloves on. Then I loaded him into a duffle bag piece by piece, and put it in the car.

I drove to his car and opened it with his keys. I put them in the ignition and turned them. I wasn’t expecting it to start but it did. I started to drive but something was bothering me and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I drove to my usual spot and as I drove I thought about what Mr. Price had thought when he looked me up and down, was he sizing me up to see if I was trustworthy? If so, boy was he wrong!

I pulled over I went through his car noticing how clean it was. Not a speck of dirt or dust anywhere in there. The carpeting and upholstery looked like it had just been professionally cleaned. Then I went for the glove box, locked. No matter though, I checked his key chain for the one that fit and after only three tries I found the right one.

When I opened it I found out why I had such a bad feeling about him. There was a camera and photos of at least twenty different women that fit my description. Polaroids of them naked and strangled in various poses, one with her body positioned like she was praying in mass. But the one that tickled my funny-bone was my photo; it was taken in that abandoned parking lot where we met. Thinking back I remember a flash of lightning with no sound, seriously, I can't believe I missed that. I took the one of me still laughing at how close I was to being one of those Polaroids and put it in my pocket; I’d have to burn it later, and I thought to myself “Not today Mr. Price, not today.”

I riffled through the duffel bag and removed the revolver and his personal effects and dumped the contents of the bags into his glove box. I put the bags back, and shut the glove box locking it. I left the keys in the ignition and popped the trunk. I went around to the back of the car and opened it. It was lined with plastic and there were various tools he must have been planning to use on me. All wrapped up separately with plastic. I had to admire his dedication; it reminded me of myself, practiced and methodical.

I shut the trunk and walked back to the side of the car. “This is it! I’m done. Never again, this one was too close.... Yeah right,” But the wonderful thing about this is if they ever discover his car and the other 53 people that I’ve killed they’ll just pin them on him. What luck! I mean what are the odds of that? They’ll just wonder where the fuck he is. Ha!

Wait his fingerprints and teeth! What if he is in the system? I went back to the duffel bag and carefully removed both his hands I took out his lighter and burned the tips of each of fingers making sure I burned off every trace of them. I wrapped them back up, and placed them back into the duffel bag. Then I removed his head this one would be fun...

I went back to the front of the car and popped the truck one more time. I couldn't help but see the poetry of the situation, I mean here I am about to use one of his tools on him. After carefully sifting through the tools I found the one I wanted, a nice set of pliers. I closed the trunk most of the way to prevent the rain from getting in.

Moving toward the duffle bag I realized removing the head from it's plastic, even with the rain, seemed risky, so I managed to open his mouth and pull out each one without removing his head from it's wrapping. I counted 28. Someone had his wisdom teeth pulled, I was right he did have dental records. I could see three fillings as well.

I closed the plastic wrapping carefully back up and pulled my emergency kit from my pocket. Finding the bag I needed I went to work, and using my home made chemical soaked wipes I cleaned the tool and my hands. The hardest part was the joint of the pliers, what a pain in the ass! I re-bagged the cloth, putting the teeth in there as well, I'd smash them at home in a controlled environment and dispose of them later.

Once finished replacing his head in the duffle bag, I headed back to the car. I neatly arranged the pliers, exactly the way I had found them, and closed the trunk.

I pushed the car into the junkyard through that old hole in the fence that the care taker kept meaning to fix. I removed the duffel bag and found a nice place for it in one of the many piles of garbage. I figured it was time to go and did a quick wipe-down to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

I started walking home from work again, and thought to myself, “What a long day, 3 in one night. It’ll feel good to get home and take these shoes off, my dogs are killing me.”

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My Journal

Gothic and Dark Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook

I JUST PROVED EINSTEIN WRONG! What, you don't believe me? Read my personal journal.........

Save Haven is my Mentorship.

This is a place as the name would suggest, where you can come and not have to worry about being bullied. If you are lucky enough to receive an invite to this mentorship just know that you will never be dropped unless you are found to be trolling others. This is a place of honor and a place of peace. It is a beacon of light in an otherwise dark place.

Below is the first ever Mentorship alliance...

Elysion fields


This song is called: Gone, go ahead click play, it is professional quality.

It is a song I wrote for all those that have felt depressed for whatever reason realize that you are not alone. And if you feel that way talk to your friends or even message me. Suicide effects everyone around you and the effects are devastating......

Gothic and Dark Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook

I am once again proud to be a member of
The Coven of Midnight Dreary, they were my first coven and will always be special to me.

Some one has told me that I have little about myself on here so I've decided to put a little about me on here......

With every story poem painting etc, that I create I give you insight into how my mind works and who I am. I am more prone to hang out with people that don't skate through life on their looks. I am a loner by nature because my standards are often too high to meet.

I ask why? Is honesty, integrity, loyalty, and open mindedness really that hard to measure up to? Why should I have to compromise my values to fit in. I am like the wind. Fitting that it is my sign. I am a wanderer. I've lived in many states, but I get bored easy so I pack up and move a lot. I have a job that is off and on as a consultant but It pays well so I have a lot of free time on my hands. It wasn't always this way, it was low pay and not steady work, I was very frugal so I saved more then most. When cases were scarce, I worked many jobs. I was the type of person people hire right away because I interview so well, I could say I have no experience and still get the job over a more qualified individual because I am very persuasive when I need to be, not to mention hard working, and I quickly rise to any challenge. I am a chameleon of sorts.

I am a bit passionate when I find something I like. I am honest, often times, to a fault, but I have a very caring nature that evens things out. I am very accepting of lifestyles, religious, spiritual preferences etc... One thing I will not tolerate is close-mindedness. Open your mind people! It's not that hard. You'll find there is a color spectrum that widely surpasses what you can actually see. Anyway that is all I will write for now so if you really want to know more about me ask or read my journals...

This is my favorite song....


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 photo image_zps6959131f.jpg

VampireLily - FIRE photo LilyFireProtectionStamp.jpg

Jokers Love photo JokersLove2_zpsff41e39b.gif

If you would like to add me, stalk me, favorite my journals that's fine but I don't add unless I know you, like you, and you have taken the time to read my profile, as I always read the profiles of those I rate. So message me get to know me before you ask me to add you. I also will not add journals unless I am impressed with them. I revisit journals I like and when I have 50 journals that I don't ever read on there it makes it hard for me to sift through them and appreciate the ones that actually have literary value. In other words I only add journals that are interesting, with very few exceptions. Coven, Alliance, or no, this is my policy and it is my right to do so. I am not here to win a popularity contest I am here to meet like minded people of substance. Shallow friendships are just so unappealing.

I am undergoing a change in me that I am just beginning to realize and soon I think all that you know about me will be made fiction. Who I was when I wrote this is not who I am now, bits and pieces remain but, really, what is deep down inside of me is changing. I will write more about it as I begin to notice how this small thing has changed my entire life.

XD I had to buy them it was just too awesome! Anyway, thanks for visiting. Now sit back and enjoy the music of some very talented musicians.

Oh and P.S. Though I am a flirt, at times, and am single, I am not here to date or anything of that nature. So no Cybering please.

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