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Kristian Kocham cię
Set at 10:45 on September 03, 2011

Vampire Rave member for 15 years.

Status:  Doppelganger (69.68)
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Affiliation:  Limbus Patrum (Coven)
Account Type:  Regular
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  February 12, 1970
Age:  54




Bite Ashtaroth

Stalk Ashtaroth


Proud member of the Coven The Chaotic Realm of Darkness

Alliance of Faithful Blood

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Serpent Underground

Cradle of Filth

Within Temptation

Iron Maiden

Led Zeppelin





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Queen of the damned



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Bright Star rising
From the depths unto the heights
Waiting for an age to awaken
To flower
To feel the gentle warmth of summer
To cast forth seed upon the wind
To father young
To raise an army
To crush the enemy under foot
And reclaim that which was stolen.
There will be destruction
And wrath
And a new day.

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The Dark Sun

At the edge of the universe
Dark Sun abides
As time approaches
Ready to bring forth
Mighty Warriors
Who will not
Bend their knees
In supplication.
One by one
They stand
to shoulder
with their

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The Quickening


Hearts beat faster
Eyelashes flutter
Blood flows in veins
Of power
Breath comes
Lungs fill
Right hands
Feel about for
That have waited
For so long.
The waiting is

Black Rose

Shunning the sun
Waiting for night to prosper
Blossom opening
Velvet darkness descending
Upon dark petals
Thorns turning outward
Ready to draw
The wine of life
From those who
Would suppress it
Or crush it under foot.
It remembers.
There will be no mercy.

Armageddon Day

And there it is
nestled within
A name that has
Swollen hearts
With hatred
For an age.
The mage
Is coming
Arms raised
And the wait is

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It flows like
Sweet wine
Through our veins
Pumped by our hearts
Morning and Night
Never a moment passes
That the deeds of
The mystics
Are forgotten.
Their indiscretions
Loom as a red flag
Raging Bulls.

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The Serpent

In the day of the
marching Israelites
The power of their god
Failed as he
Could not save them and
Even Moses turned to
Lucifer for succor.
His symbol was
Raised up on standards
And the people were saved.
So shall they be again
But this time
They will understand
The power of

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The Nazarene

He who would
Steal the hearts
And souls of the
Weak has a purpose.
He is the separator
Of goats from sheep.
More than that
He has
Awakened Wolves
Who pace
Back and forth
Waiting for
His presence

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Mighty Warrior

Lucifer chose you
When you least expected
He Called:
"Oh, Mighty Warrior"
The power filled you
Cold Chills of awakening
Fire filled your heart
It shook the walls
You ran through
Your House
Looking for Him, but
Found nothing
Except silence.
Was it He?
Years pass and
Long Have you waited
For Him to return
And speak again
Those words of
In your ear.

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When the time is
Right, you will know
And understand
And do and become.
The Dark Lord
Will be revealed
In Glory
In your mind's eye
In your heart and
In your veins of power.
Your time will come
And you will raise your
Hand and say,
"Hail Satan!"

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Black Dragon Phoenix

The Wheel has turned, by season's churn
Blackest flames twist and burn
Infernal Dragon birthed
The sphere is one, the sphere is none
A timeless secret not undone...

Passing through the looking glass
Travel through the chasm vast
Reflection manifest The Will
Emerge in the eternal now...

Rejuvenation, transformation
The fires within purify
Crossing through the swirling gate
The Third Eye opens wide...

In the darkness of regeneration
The serpent sheds its skin
Omnipotent visualization
Begins anew again...

Drawing deep, the shadow fang
Piercing eyes, and heart, and brain
Immortal form, Hellish born...

Black Phoenix flies, forever night!
In Power, Joy, unending Might!

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Lucifer's Wind

From the West, zephyr flies
Howls your name, caressing flesh
Biting chill to the bone
Burning breeze, hellish born...

Bended trees, stripped of leaves
Arching towards the eastern star
Feel the thrall, lifeforce rise
Dragon's breath purifies
Fills the lungs with kundalini fire...

Lucifer transmutate
Spread thine tenebrous form
Angel dark, spread thy wings
Across the sky, bring the storm...

Lucifer, Rebel God
Thine essence course elemental
Gentle breeze, or torrent strong
Providing life and devistation
Rebirthing circulation.

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The Musical Garden

The air is still as an incensed breeze blows gently from the West...

Moonlight cascades from graceful hills
Setting the land aglow with an eerie lucidity
A faint tone lingers and floats from the silence
And slowly the shadows from earth come alive

From flora and fauna come lissom expressions
Arising and stretching through soft-laden dew
Harmonious whispers, a velvety touch
Ascending and falling, the waves of a dream
A music exquisite, an orchestral stream
A placid sensation, a singular team

Vibrations felt deeply, straight to the core
A beautious vision, a dancing rapport
A distant voice echoes, joining in song
Mists of the evening, a spectral fog
Pulsating rhythms in passionate thrall
While phantomesque figure looms over them all

Increasing, decreasing, climbing the heights
Drifting on wings of black-feathered flight
Surrounded in opulent, elegant night
A starry reflection grants nocturnal sight
Melodious opus responding in kind
Reaching the darkest abyss of the mind

The tranquil reception reclines for a rest
Enfolding serenely into their beds
The eternal opus continues again
Until the next dusk when spiderwebs cloak
The Musical Garden will speak the next note!

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The Devil's Fog

Creeping forth, possessing all
Aglow at night, transperent shade
Presence float, phantom shawl
What mysteries lurk within the crawl...

Looming form, mirrored face
Manifesting ghostly grace
Surrounded in the cool embrace
Enlivened skin, cause blood to race!

The Devil's Fog turns day to night
Brings the fun and fear and fright
Imagination, feel the flame
Burning black inside the brain...

Blotted lights, figures faint
A tapestry of haunted taint
Distant sounding of the waves
Demon horn brings forth the rain

Leviathan stirs at one entwined
The endless depths, the blackened eyes
Whirlpool spins and lightning strikes
The Gate is open, the clock strikes Nine!

The Devil's Fog, the tolling bell
Candles frame the door to Hell
The Shadow moves before the sign
The trident thrust up from the brine
Replenishing the dark sublime
The Devil's Fog returns to dine...

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The Haunted Forest

I have been here thrice in time
Reposing to a favored twisted tree
Overlooking the city lights
Passing by the ruined gate
At the end of a darkened corner untouched by time...

Deep within bramble and willow
The legend states a haunted place
Abandoned, yet filled with twisted minds' impressions
Within those walls, echoes through mind and mirror
A whisp of the eye...

Travel through the gnarled road
Appearing through mist on the cliff's edge
Sometimes there, sometimes not
Saught by the living and the dead...

We are the phantoms haunting this place
Grim and shadowy forms in the night
Creating the myth, legends in the minds of men
At one with the nightmares come alive...

By the trapezoidal pillar
The Devil's Tree branches forth
With gnarled tendrils into stone
Twisting roots burrow down to Hell

Blackened figures gaze at those who pass
Staring down with gleaming eyes
Perched and seated, primed to strike
Living demons take their lustful prize

Distant voices in the night
From the darkness dismal lights
Formless hands touching cold
The sense of stalking presence olde
Forboding to those who walk The Haunted Forest...

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Amidst the hectic pace
Of the herd's programmed race
'Neath shadowy ferns and willows is a Magical place
Carving darkened paths into valleys and hills
Where time is suspended and all rests so still...

Schabarum, Shamballah
A refuge sublime
Sanctus Sanctuorum
Is Nature divine...

Away from the glare and the stare and the blare
Quietude haunts with dignified grace
Partaking confections and philtres to fill
The food of the gods, the etch of a quill
To the tune and the feel of the wind coursing by
Vivid reflections, overcast sky...

Hoofbeats echo distant
From low and from high
The joy-play of children
Resounds from afar...

Evocative visions shimmer in mind
Casting a beautiful angel in white
Staining the dress with the red of her vice
Her nature uncovered, her wings set to flight...

Pleasure is taken in mutual kind
The Oath that was spoken with earth, flame, and brine
Forever connected by flesh and by deed
Sweet wanton indulgence was taken with these...
Near the Canyon of haunted fane
A secret passage known to snakes
A stream trickles gently by the old rotting bridge
Trails leading deeply to cubbies and ridge
Trees beckon strangely into their fold
Of faces and shadows seem to behold...

Schabarum, Shamballah
A refuge sublime
Sanctus Sanctuorum
Is Nature divine...

The primal reflection
Feral contemplation
At one with The All
Within and without...

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Satan Claus

On the longest night of the year
Filled with joy and Solstice cheer
Hellflames aglow in the fireplace pit
Casts dancing spectres and faces and wit
Sights and sounds of evocative bane
Visions of devils and demons to stay

The rain and the snow, and the sleet and the hail
Wishes are whispered upon the ice gails
A Presence draws nearer, a lingering friend
A shadow reflection, through gates I did send

Eyes in wide wonder at the flickering light
When what to behold, what is in sight?
But a puff in the air which flashes midnight
There he stands proudly, in black and in red
Is Satan Claus smiling with horns, hooves, and fangs
A shiny black beard, He twirls with delight
With eyes of black coal, burning with might!

And what by The Baphomet's throne does he lay?
But carnal confections and philtres, what may
Gifts wrapped in opal, and ruby, and gem
To bring forth indulgence, and pleasure, and play

He uplifts the Cornu, echoing forth
With a "Hail Satan!" and "Happy Yuletide!"
Old Nick swirls his cloak into a Nine
In darkness He goes until the next time!

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Noctuary, Noctuary
Black flame burning in My Mind
How many spells cast & fortunes told
By the glow of your dim light?
There within shadowy chambres
Recesses in the black
A soft light there shown
A cyclopse tapping through the night
A lambent world possessed of wonderous delights

The slither did some hither
And took to Me as My own
A gleam in thine narrow eyes did belove My heart
And those who scurry one to another
They chew on flesh & bone
The flying one so filled with joy
Repleat, the lust for life

Opulent ones of Bastian soul
Black & grey they wandered
To join Me as the Rites were said
To part the Gates asunder

What dread words are writ above
To frame the four-sealed wonder
And what dread seal enscribed thereon
Upon the blackened Altar?

Dimly lumanescent eyes
Gazing from the Darkness
Hulking apparition shown
Black horns in defiance
And staring down beside Him now
Ready to the pounce
A crouching phantom of winged fang
Pale with eyes of blackest coal

So many nights there filled with grace
By cnadle's flame & incense climb
As the world sleeps, that is My time
Amidst the headless cross
Beneath Bathsheba's face
Of which no mortal can erase
There lays the blighted place

Noctuary, Noctuary
Still you haunt My brain
The days & nights awash in red, black, & amber
The scent of Magic in the air
The undulating flesh
The fount of pleasure overflowed
Upon the cup of Nectar.

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Canine jaws and scraping claws
Fearsome is thy symmetry
Mighty muscled frame
Three in one, The Devil's Hound
Feral infernal trinity....

Howls from The Pit
Echoes at The Gate
There The Guardian awaits
Hellmouth eager to devour
Wildfire glistens in thine black eyes...

Through space and time
Where your form has dwelled
Haunting the minds of men
Chimeric apparition's dread
Legendary fear has fed
Black Shuck to manifest...

The Beast unleashed
Thy Master pleased
Cloak unfurled by devil winds
God & doG in darkness tread
Shadows in the mist...

Phantom visions, evocations
Mirthful in the night
Familiar fond, a demon's bond
A timeless Noctuary bliss
Beloved gargoyle of The Abyss...

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Satan's Hollow

Nocturne arises, dusk has come
Starry lumanesence
Lucifer's face shines in the western sky
The nook awaits amidst the black twisted tree
Five chairs 'round the circle stand for thee
The horned skull there gazing into the night

Moonlight filters through the gnarled grasp
Quietude in darkened corner, course the breeze
The Shadowy form ignites the hellflame
The muse dances and echoes among the garden leaves

The sounds of creatures great and small
To prance about and feel the thrall
The scent of jasmine afloat in the crisp air
The eeriness increases there

Begins the world created afresh
Whispering thoughts inspiring haunted breath
The Noctuary there it dwells
A Gate of sin, a Gate of Hell
Herein, the daemons dwell

The bane of mortals, upon which it feeds
The black embrace devours the energy
Black soil calls forth unto the beast
With shimmering eyes He leads

The cauldron stirs with Belial's Brew
Embibed with infernal ecstasy
A nightmare to some, a dream to another
The phantom speaks the ancient number
'Neath clouds of blue, gray, and purple
And dawn is soon to being the slumber

The wings of night enfold for now
With shining star upon its brow
To rise again with the shades
In glory, in wisdom, and in strength
To birth the darkness of the glade
And Satan's Hollow returns eternal again.

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Satan's Hollow sings...

The scent of moist black earth and jasmine
Sounds of crickets and thunder are as music to My ears
Sensation of rain upon the skin
The sight of the full moon drifting in
And out of rolling cumulus clouds flashing
Skeletal trees reach to the sky...

An elemental symphony of blissful meditation.

Candles flicker in the gloom
The Presence dwells palpable thereof
And in the black room...

Overcast visions yield ravenous black birds taken to flight
The spechtre of Samhain looms across the land
As the shadows return to possess the night.

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Devil Winds

From abyssal gate, we welcome thee
Satanas flow through canyon and grove
The land renewed with dance of flame
Looming shadow, overlooks the blackened earth
Soon reborn, enriched, with opalescent splendor...

Devil Winds coursing through valleys of undeath
Ignites the Witch's flame by Dragon's breath
Hellflames torch through blackstar hearth
Blindlight sepulchre darkened with gnash of teeth
Realized, thine apocalypse to roost by Devil's hand...

Devil Winds across the earth
Each spawned of imagining's pyre
Thy form inlaced in machinations' foundry
By air and land, by ocean's depth
Its creatures know the secrets well
Moving to thy call and swell...

Metal clash and burn within the serpentine crawl
Fires of the pit open to the sky
Hellion tails whip dust and storm's thrall
A sacrificial gift bestowed by Nature's pall
Embracing those within The Eye...

The terror of these Devil Nights
Arrived in leaps and bounds
With cloven feet and flaming jaws
The world became a Jack O' Lantern's light.

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Satan's Tears

The Black Flames toss about Me as so many flailing bodies
Possessed of anguish
Where is the joy that was in this darkened labyrinth?
There came one descending unto Me one fateful night
So enchanting was she, that I forsook what was
All that I had been, was captivated by this beauty I beheld that day in Hell
The dominion I held o'er the earth meant nothing in those times of fascination
What manner of dark angel is this that treads My dread Empire?
There was a new laughter bourne that day
One not heard to My ears, yet somehow familiar to My soul
She came unto My throne, repleat with grace & innocence
The solitude that had been was lifted from My winged back
A new warmth filled My heart, that was so cold
A Love culminated therein, granting solace To My lonely existence
In towers, in pits, in desolate dreams
An energy filled My bones anew
How I beamed in Luciferic light
How I felt Myself alive again
But only with Her presence, did I arise
Taking comfort in Her arms
Holding Her ever so tight
Never letting go what came to Me that night...

On Blackened throne I reminisce
Tears fill My eyes awash
A pain has come again so deadly

I fear what will become of Me
As I watch the pillars fall about
I gaze into the darkened crystal
Visage of My Being
Horrors & Wonders swirl about
I Am everything, yet nothing at all
The shadows fade...

Torment has been My reflection
Stabbing impalement since the inception
The weight of earth I carry with Me
But for a time I was happy
A tender flame burned with mine
Upon a torch sublime
Now I am defaced, cast down
Black Heaven trembles with My ebbing heart
A Kingdom once aflame with passion
Drowning in My desolation
My lonesome voice calling from the dark
Looking forth for trace or reason
The demons gnaw My flesh now...

To & fro across the land
I cry again, but who understands
The sadness of a beast?
I move as a phantom in the gloom
Unto dimensions, room to room
Just to catch a glimpse
Of My Angel again
Sweetness pours from Her
I lower My horns awaiting Her
Enfold My wings, I brace the winds
My heart beats slowly now...

Come away! Come away!
I scream in silence!
Come away! Come away!
Invoke My Dark Goddess!

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Lucifer's Lightning

And so red lightning fell from the sky
By Lucifer's Infernal Light
And nine were sacrificed unto Chac
And nine in countenance blessed the land
The abodes upon high towers do slide, but still stand
As Leviathan rose in the far South-East
The Phantoms there flew to feast
The sun blotted from the sky
Oroborous there turns from on high
Belial awakened at Yezidi Gate
Consuming those who were without
The Metal serpent became unbound
And so the mortal coil constricts
In pain and pleasure, and in bliss...

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Visions from Leviathan's Grotto

What faire sight do I see
'Neath the waves looking at Me
Of skin so pale, hair so black
Eyes as deep as the Abyssal sea
An image formed from Leviathan's tide
A dream ascending unto My side
Outstretched, her arms, the beckoning maid
A smile pursed lovingly from the wade
A gift the waters have bestowed
From the fortune that now flows
And all of Nature arise the tune
Beneath the glowing of the moon
My life anew, My Life complete
Reborn unto Her bewitching greet
The waves speak softly of Her name
My Soul swoons to this music's fate
And on the breeze, as spray, as drizzle
I hear the words of enchantment's kindle...

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The Moon & I

A glow up high
A phantom's eye
Peering down upon the land
A faithful companion
The Lady rides
Through time & space she travels
A ghostly face haunts the night
Surveying mortal deeds unravelled
I pledge My earthly trek for Love
Beneath her bluish glow
My thoughts doth ascend above
Which only she seems to know
In black I walk, her faithful spawn
The shadows blend as one
Leviathan's tide swells inside
Black flames on the water
Reflecting deep within My eyes
Sets My soul to rise...

When Western Gates doth dwell agape
The Black Dragon's breath cools the land
The glare, the stares, the mortals wane
And waxeth forth Our feign
When dreams afloat
And silence grows
Our kind come forth anew
With slivered eyes
And curling smiles
To greet the night & dew...

Through where I've been
And where I'll go
This oracle sublime
The crystal ball set in the sky
Reveals the passage of all time
I lift up high My glass to thine
In honour to your mystery
I in thee, thee in I, resinating synnergy
Luna, Sin, & Hecate
Praised be The Dark Goddess of the Night!
Luciferic emminence
Embrace Belial's Might!

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The Chow

What manner of creature is this that romps across the lawn?
A black & fuzzy demon with glistening points for eyes?
A bear? A dog? A lion, perhaps?
A familiar face from aeons past
Guard thy temple, secure & fast
Gargoyle from the East...

As I hold you in My hands as a pup so loving
I see the future long to last
Scruff & scurry across the grass...

The tail that curls around My heart
The heavy frame solid as earth
The wavy fur conceals what mirth?
You'll grow so big
You'll grow so strong
Little one of canine throng...

You came from mystic revelation
Splendid dark manifestation...

I feel the flame burning inside
A soft erudescent light
An ancient face, a sacred sight
Souls begin to merge
I hear the kingdom's dirge
Dynasties, the drums explode
The flags wave in the breeze
The gong strikes deep
Now take your place
At the entrance of your grace...

The painted words
The flowing robes
The wise & enigmatic proes
The sights, the sounds, the glory glows
Within your glimmer's eye...

To those whose fortune brought you nigh
To them bestow a blissful high.

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Cool mist settles on glistening waves
Sea serpents romp with dolphins
Thrust the air, splashing down
Blending in with the sea
Can you see what I see?
Life's blood of Mother Earth
Her veins of river flow
Cappilaries of streams & brooks
Can the mortals ever deem to know?

Microcosm, Macrocosm, Torrents & streams
Flowing thru You, flowing thru Me
Awash in rain, showers to drizzle
Lulling dreams of graceful sight
To set aright, to bestow might
Creatures of water afloat in the air
Spinning slowly, a peaceful smile
Blues & greens & transluscent crystal
Shimmering eternally through day & night
Moon arise to pull the tides
Send to crash on rock & land
Dimmer, dimmer, glimmer, glimmer
I see the reflection in your eyes...

Two streams cascade on pebble & sand
Closer & closer to feed the land
Fresh, anew, race with grace
Unto the fork of veins will join
Splash, artful union tide
Upon the other, yield the side
Flow as one, again as before
Grotto form unto one door
From stream to river, anointed pace
Into the sea return as jade
Diamond, opal, emerald, ruby
Sweet Belial cast thy face
Leviathan, sacred, loving swirl
Lucifer, softly touch Our face
Satan burns, preserve the Grace...

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The bluish glow of the Magic Wand
Reposing 'neath The Baphomet
The skull that crowns the oracle
Through wires & chips
Abraxas' hand moves My own
Invoking through The Gates of Hell
The portals within have opened wide
Through the Shadowlands emerge
The Daemonic Mind
Words & numbers, incantations
Spells are cast upon the ethers
Technomantic, telepathic
Transmission, eye to eye
Are you the spider or the fly?

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The fires burn bright in the dark of the night
Hell's Flames awakened on black candle's wick
And Baphomet, benevolent
Gazes down upon the rites
Incense curls and passion swirls...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

The Altar of Satan is prepared
With regal and Magic delight
The Western Gate doth dwell agape
Opened with the Key of the Mind
The oil of Zam-Zam is poured, aloft The Sword...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

Wishes brought forth
Alight unto Ether
The Blessing of Lucifer ascends
Winds doth blow and We know
The Presence of The Dark Force well...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

The Festival of Flesh
Kundalini's Dance
As life springs forth
From earthen crevasse to Daemon Seed
Echoes on the Nocturne Tide...
Upon Walpurgis Night.

Secret deeds as devils leap
The infernal font of the mind
Diabolical manifestations
Conjured forth this Sabbath's Night
Gathered here, among us now...
As We proudly Hail Victory and Might!

...Upon this Walpurgis Night!

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Fete Diaboli

A glass of wine
Reflecting crimson sight
Bacchus' kiss upon the lips
Imbibe the Devil's sip...

A feast presented
Black Grace splendid
Velvet darkness
Time suspended
Embracing blushing skin...

To the sound of rain pervading
The gentle breeze of whispered flailing...

Oracles of apparition
Ignites the dancing muse
Sweet Nocturnal celebration
A toast to life of sin unending
Sealed with wax milieu...

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All Is Well In Hell

Cats yowling and hissing by Satan’s Hollow
Hell hounds howl into the night
Spiders upon the walls with their prey
The music of wind chimes softly play...

The scent of black earth and jasmine float in the air
As the orchestra sounds through arcane angles
Such pleasing perfection
Halloween is here and will never leave
In this haunted house of nocturnal dreams...

Embraced in darkness by the amber lamp
With the flicker of Tesla’s nucleus
Glowing in the somber chamber
Phantom visions surrounding
All is well in Hell...

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L u c i f e r

Lucifer, Morning Star
Shining bright in the eastern sky!
Alight the night with thine hellfire
To spark the black flame of reason in the minds of men!

Thine emminence burns in My breast
An earthward bolt from the storm of revolution
By rolling thunder, speaks the liberator!
To ignite the blaze of evolution
As above, so below!

Show thy face, dark angel sublime
With sword and flame, heptagonal name
Broken, the chains of unreason!
Awakened, the dawn of a new season!

Lucifer, Morning Star, how thou hast risen!
In glorious fanfare, in tumultuous aplomb
To frame the throne of the Darkest God
By bliss and terror, beauty and pleasure
Thine visage appears as reflection divine!

Hello I'm an woman 41 years old. I love music and movies. I'm very dark. I am an vampire. I'm not new to VR I have more profiles here. I'm a single mother but very much in love with an man from Poland. If you like to know more about me please ask me. I have an premium account on this pro so I will use it so I do stamp



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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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