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~In My own Darkness~



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~Enterring back within my Darkened Myst~

~Proud and Honored Member of~

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~~Who Am I~~
Many Years Ago I turned towards My dark side , I found a Safety and a different source of Strength within myself! I began to explore and craved more knowledge and I Began to follow down the trail of The Black Veil and Strigollii. Many whom look upon Me consider Me to be a sweet looking innocent Young Woman but Through the different Experiences of my life and struggles as I have made my way i have Gained more Power within off of my Dark Nature!
Being a Vampiress is not just of the fictionous Folklore Hollywood comes out with! It is a Real lifestyle! We are Unique indiviuals Who Accept the Darkness within Ourselves and Embrace its Power! We are more then Just Beautiful People! We are Intelligent Individuals which Gives Us So much more Power Over Everyone! Our Minds are constantly filled with energies that manifest themselves deeper and resonate themselves on a Higher Level. Our Magical Energy - Egregore!! This is what we use the Spiritual Energies Created from Our indiviual Minds is the Basis of the Wisdom of Truths and Can be called upon for a source of resolve, fortitude and guidance! It is in this that we are able to communicate on a Higher astral level with Our brothers and Sisters and Bond Us closer! For Some it can also be used as a Gateway for those who can channel Its Power better it is a Gift!
It took alot of Pain for me to Have my eyes opened to Realize I am Able to Make it through Life and Dont need anyone's assistance! I Always thought i had to depend on everyone else but When I awakened I Knew then If You truely want something done and done right Do it Yourself! If You sit around to wait for Some Half ass Who says they will Help You its like Shooving Your own head Up Your ass and fighting for Air! A Pure waste of Time and Energy!
Instead of Looking for Help I Moved forward and began making friends similar in my Own ways! Finding Family in my Friendships! Now Even more So I have Found a Safezone in a Special Person! One whom is not only showing me again I am special But that Within me I am Powerful and guiding me to have all the potential I have within me!
I have began to find within me Patience and Serenity That I did not think Existed! The Desire to Move Forward and Crave More knowledge of Who and What I am so I can go forth and Share with others the importance of What Family Really is and How Much the Bonds of Family Mean! Turning Your Back on Family is Dangerous grounds and not Smart! Be Proud of Who You are and Who We are associated with!
The Black Veil is What i go By! I Uphold it and Honor it with all that I am! If You know me You know this Holds True! I Honor all My Brothers and My Sisters and Follow the Path of Our ways and Our Traditons!
All Hail the Elorath!

Here Is the One Whom Carries My Heart He Protects me and Guides me...Have An issue with that Not that I Personally Care But You feel the Anger burning in the Pit of Your Stomach ? You feel the Rage Seeping through Your Flesh and Your eyes as They Gaze upon My Dark Orbs Shimmering with Delight feel like they are Now on Fire With Your Piteous Jealous Idiocracy? Do You Feel Your Long Nails Digging into the Flesh of Your Palms as You attempt to Fight off the Oncoming Intense Emotion of Outright Evil Bursting Forth in a Vortex of Endulating Nightmaric Passion? GRINSSS Sweettt Then I have Succeeded in Finding True Happiness in Loving the Man i Adore...

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Take care and beware this soul is

under the protection of HellsGuardian69

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Here are Those Who have Choosen to Protect Me and are Considered to Be Close friends of Mine so I also Protect Them so Mind Your Manners...

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~WereWolf666~ A Special Friend Whom has Made me Smile~

~~All My Friends are Special! Mess With Any of them and Feel my Wrath!! A Pissed Vampiress is Not a Pretty Sight!~~

The HOTTEST ORIGINAL graphics on the NET at Sparkletags.Com

Appearences can be so Deceiving *laughss* seems people see me as such a sweet little girl Yet they have not yet entered my Devaint Mind... Fantasies and Dreams Spiral around within..Hunger to be on the Hunt Stalking a poor unsuspecting Soul or even the desire to Feast Upon the Life source of A sexxy Individual whom makes my thighs quiver.. I am enjoying this Website it seems I have found My Home! It allows me to Be open about Who I am inside without judgement ...

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Here's Alittle More ...

I am 5'5 weighing 117 and I have long chestnut hair with bright blue eyes Ive always had the nickname Bad Angel and at one point in time even had it across the windshield of my Car (heh the cops liked that so I gave that up)

Some of My favorite things to do are being outdoors. So I Guess its safe to say I love the Summertime. I love being outside with my kids and either being in my Pool or roller blading or hiking on my 78 acres of land up here in the middle of nowhere. The Night time is a moment I truely enjoy the most! I love laying back on the soft cool grass and staring up into the Night sky.. feeling the cool wind pass over me as I find the peace and serenity come over Me..

My Life has pretty much sucked.. I have known nothing but Abuse and Mistreatment from Everyone.. It seems to Me no matter How nice a Person can be they Deem it necessary to take advantage of that and rip You apart! This Crap started when I was 2 years old and still goes on today even by ones I call friends..

I have a pretty good sense of humor and I enjoy to dance and have a good time.. Im a Person with a good set of shoulders and has no problem with being a Friend with Anyone ! However if You become Negative and Degrade me or belittle my feelings or treat me badly or even do So to those I Call Friends! You will find Yourself on My Shit List and will Find Yourself Ignored and any chance of being a friend of Mine Gone! If You know Me at all You know I Find ignorance Highly Aggitating and Toddler antics unbelievably Irratating! So If You Dont have a Streak like this within You and or A personality that I would Find nothing more then a Adolescent Tantrum Then please Do Feel Free to Give Me a Shout! If Not and You find Either through Guilt or through Observing these words See them as Mirror images of Yourself keep looking for another Person to be Your friend! Maybe Im a Bitch Yes But I just dont care for Drama!

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In a Past Life...

You Were: A Jittery Executor of Sacrifices.

Where You Lived: India.

How You Died: Killed in Battle.

You are Elvira.

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Legardored is your Vampire name.
You are one hell of an insane Vampire. Anyone who

messes with you is out of their minds.
To use your new Vampire name and become a Vampire,

go here:

What is your Vampire name?
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~~I think it would be Legardoreda though Geez it has to sound so damn Male There Were Female Vamps too!~~

~~ OK i had to Post that last Pic I Found it so Humorous! I Hope You all enjoy and Get a Kick out of it!~~

Your Cloak is Red. You Lust for


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~~Nothing More aggitating then Them Fluttering little Bastards flying around Your head! So Cheerful and full delightful energies! I Personaly think We should have a Genocide of the creepy lil flyin Pains in the Ass! They think Cause their Beautiful They can win everything! Well Beauty is only Skin Deep! and Many Times Something Not so Gorgeous IS Beautiful and Priceless on the inside! So next time Im strolling through the Woods looking for My Next Victim to Devour I will bring my Tennis Racket and play a few rounds with those Pesky lil bitches that or I could always use a snack!~~

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Myspace Layouts

Life happens to the Best of Us.. Sometimes We cannot stop Chit from happening and well we just have to deal with the After affects Heres a song by My favorite group that just seems to fit Me!


This Is ME Forever
One of the lost ones
The One without a name
Without a Honest heart as compass

This is Me for Forever
One without a Name
These Lines the last endeavor
To find the missing lifeline

Oh How i Wish
For Soothing Rain
All I wish is to dream again
My Loving heart
Lost in the Dark
For Hope I'd give my

My Flower, Withered between
pages 2 and 3
The Once and Forever bloom
Gone with My Sins

Walk the Dark side
Sleep With Angels
Call the past for Help
Touch Me with Your Love
And reveal to Me My True Name

Oh How I wish
For Soothing Rain
All I wish is to dream again
My Loving Heart
Lost in the Dark
For Hope I'd give My Everything
Oh How i Wish
Foir soothing Rain
Oh How i wish to dream again
Once and for all
And all for Once
Nemo My Name forevermore..

Nemo Sailling Home
Nemo Letting Go

Oh How I wish.....

God Dont I!~Ah Well~

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