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Mankato, MN, USA


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"You're all gonna DIE!" -Cr0w, "Mass murder makes me happy..." -Dark Lotus


About Me
General: Still under construction...

I am an eclectic (left-hand) pagan priest. I was initiated into wicca on Samhain of IXVas. I have since then taught wicca in two guilds/covens and studied with and joined an Asatru kindred (in a little under a year). I was initiated as a priest during the summer of XL. I have a natural affinity for almost all animals (except humans). I am bi-sexual. I used to have long (dyed) black hair, brown eyes (always in black shadow, liner, n mascara), long (real) fingernails (also always covered in black polish), & pale(ish) skin. I am 6' 160#, with impeccable style for clothing (I wore black before it was cool). Now i have short hair which i cant seem to do anything with, short fingernails, i almost never put on any sort of makeup (with the exception of my face paint on the right occasion) and im right around 120# instead of 160#. I've lived in Minnesota my whole life, spending 5 years of it trapped in a sadistic boy scout camp called the Minnesota Department of Corrections for hooking up with a girl when I was a senior in high school, who i thought was closer to my age (17 at the time), and who turned out to be only 13 years old. Some of you may quit talking to me once you know this but if you do it's your loss more than mine, for I have much to offer the world...

Interests: I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge (among other thirsts), I will not pass up the opportunity to learn something especially if it is occult or vamp mythology which remain my two greatest interests, but that being said I pass up no mundane knowledge either for I have learned that most (if not all) knowledge is useful and can be integrated into what I so loathfully call a life. I am also highly entranced by any and all types of divination. I consider myself an exceptional tarot reader and am also pretty damn good with the runes and pendulum. I love Ouija as well even though some people make fun of it as a simple board game. I spend most of my free time surfing the net, reading, watching movies, cooking, or working on cars (import tuners and american muscle mostly, along with my friends' rides which seem to break down constantly up here in the frozen tundra). I also fancy myself an amateur painter.



H.R. Giger,

M.C. Escher,

and various others.

Music Tastes:

All sorts.

I love classical (fave. Tchaikovsky),

goth metal (Type O Negative, Einherjer),

rock (Meat Loaf, Rob Zombie),

hard rock (Marilyn Manson & too many more to list),

rap (Eminem, mystikal, lil wayne),

Hatchet (ICP, boondox, and everyone else on psychopathic records)

country (the pre-95 stuff that is void of christian content and hasn't transitioned to pop),

new-age (soft instrumental),

techno (anything with a heavy bass and no overwhelming high treble)...


Anything with occult connotations (direct or indirect),
horror, fantasy, musicals, n some chic flicks...

favorites include but are not limited to:
Top Gun,
Requiem for a Dream,
What Dreams May Come,
William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' (90s version),
Blade 3,
the Matrix trilogy,
A Clockwork Orange,
the Last Mimzy,
White Oleander,
Final Fantasy- the Spirits Within,
Spirited Away,
Brokedown Palace,
True Blood (tv series),
Sweeny Todd,
House of 1000 Corpses,

vampire creed


the Satanic bible,
Satan Speaks,
the Devil's Notebook,
Satanic Witch,
(Ann Moura) the Green Grimoire,
(Raven Kaldera) Mythastrology & Urban Jungle,
(Belanger) Psychic Vampire Codex & In Their Own Words,
(Stephen King- ALL),
(Anne Rice- Most...)
(Augusten Burroughs- all),
(Marilyn Manson- autobiography),
(Leilah Wendell) Our Name is Melancholy,
(Christopher Penczak- all),
(Dante Aligheri) the Divine Comedy,
(Richard Metzger- Disinformation) the Book of Lies,
(Brian Froud) the Runes of Elfland,
(Jeff Belanger) the Nightmare Encyclopedia,
(Konstantinos) Nocturnicon,
(Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki) the Ritual Magic Workbook,
(Susan Gerulskis-Estes) the Book of Tarot,
Morgan-Greer Tarot,
(Hal A. Lingerman) the Book of Numerology,
(Florence Campbell) Your Days are Numbered,
(Arroyos) Chart Interpretation Book,
(Clevely, Richmond) the Cook's Encyclopedia of Herbs,
(McBride) the Encyclopedia of Occult Sciences,
(Angeles Arrien) the Tarot Handbook,

and YES, I protect myself...


Daemon- Protection

BEWARE: Should you see this on someones profile, let it be known that this protection extends further than VR, should they wish it.
You were warned...

My Protectors... and Protected

furuya protection




darkinfatuation protection




















You may learn something...

If you went to hell, what role would you play?

When your not standing by satan your delivering messages to the heavens above. You get a cool ride though, lol. Your quick thinking.
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What is your demon type?

Formally a servant in the kingdom of heaven, your search for answers beyond your conventional teachings has brought onto you a loss of innocence. enlightened, you strike back and defect, turning your white wings black in exchange for moral freedom. your thirst for individuality and power is what drives you most. your motto: "better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven". remember, black is not a color of evil,but a color of protection...you are probably hard to get close to.
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Avoidant Disorder:High
Dependent Disorder:High
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:High

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Vampire Quiz
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Personal Survey

Name: Daemon Azrael LaVey

Birthday: 11-11-IXX

Birthplace: Scott Co. Hospital, Shakopee, MN, USA

Zodiac sign: Scorpio- Rat

Shoe size: 11.5

Skinny/Average/Pleasantly plump/FAT: Skinny

Righty/Lefty: Righty

Can you afford to lose weight: Hel NO! iz a skellington!

Fave part of your body: Cannot say...

Least fave part of your body: Stomach/Knee tie

Fave part on the opposite sex: Eyes/Legs tie

Biggest Turn-On: Able to handle a gun &/or car

Biggest Turn-Off: Sloppy- chewing w/ mouth open

Describe the perfect date: Flowers, food, car, movie, bed

Top 4 qualities you look for in the opposite sex: Pagan, aggresiveness, intelligence, looks

First Kiss: age 4- the one that meant anything age 11

Are you dating anyone: no

If not, do you wish you were: not right now

Who: N/A

Ever kissed a member of the same sex: yes

Current Crush: Eliza Dushku

If someone really liked you, would you want them to tell you: yes

Long distance relationship or no relationship: either, we made planes for a reason

Coke or Pepsi: faygo

Cars or Trucks: depends

Cats or Dogs: both

Hot or Cold: cold

Pants or shorts: pants, definately

Long sleeves or short sleeves: long

What are you wearing right now: (jan 2009ce) express jeans and thermal, a-shirt, silk boxers, socks, slippers, baphomet necklace, and tommy glasses --- (jan 2012ce) echo jeans, a-shirt, boxers, socks, slippers, hatchetman necklace, and some cheap ass shopko glasses! lmfao

What are you listening to: forsaken, korn

If you could have one wish, what would it be: 5 billion dollars cash- tax free

What is your favorite season: minnesota- summer. anywhere else- winter.

What is your favorite type of music: psychobilly

Do you have a website: does this one count?!

Have you ever been in love: yep, a few times.

How many times: 6, i think.

With who: past lovers, duh

Do you like camping: yes

Do you like theme parks: never been to one with the exception of renfest, which was amazing!

Indoors or Outdoors: outdoors, weather permitting

Favorite type of movie: anything occult

3 names you might name your son: Loki, Anton, ???

3 names you might name your daughter: Lilith, Luci, Cerridwen, or named after another goddess

How many kids do you want: 21-22

What age do you want to get married: dunno.

What age do you want to have your first kid: sad panda...

Do you have any siblings: yes

How many: 1 sister and one of each step.

What pets do you have (if any): none anymore.

T.V. or Computer: computer

Do you play an instrument: my stereo?

Do you speak more than one language: gibberish, daemonian, spanglish, pig, and some german, latin, french, spanish (none of these fluently though...)

What are your 3 favorite sports: golf, wakeboarding, and snowboarding (and yes, golf IS a sport!)

How many posters are on your wall: none.

Hardwood floor or carpet in your bedroom: carpet

Is your room messy or tidy: lol

Would you let your crush or b/f in your room: hell yeah

Do you like to burp: if nessasary

Top 5 favorite foods: pepperoni pizza, mint bon-bon ice cream, tater-tot hotdish, venison steak, better-than-sex cake

Have you been on stage in the last month: no

How many best friends do you have: i dont know anymore.

Would you rather go to the movies or rent a movie: rather go but cant afford it so rent (or download)

When was your last date: too long ago to remember... :'(

3 Favorite things to do at home: internet, cook, read (with my eyes, aka watch movies)

Swimming in the ocean or a pool: ocean

Are you confident: enough

Do you like to take risks: if the payoff seems worth it

Favorite subject in high school: lunch

Least favorite subject in high school: homeroom

Are you in high school: hell no

Clothes shopping or grocery shopping: does pizza hut count as groceries?

Do you have a job: I work for the Dark Carnival.

Do you drive: tis my favorite pastime.

Say one extra thing about yourself: everyone quit calling me jesus christ years ago, people. if you absolutely insist i will respond to 'God' but im getting tired of people always calling me by the other one. find somethin new, would ya?


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