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Cut them down and make them holy, forgiven on this ground solely, bear no arms I'll rip those from you! As a corpse no more harm you'll do!

Ok here is my second shot at this, I am a 27 yr old blk Jersey girl, not that I like Jersey but still I call it home, I'm a bit of a loner tho I do have a small group of friends, as flawed as they are there ok by me, rocky sometimes but still chill times all around.

I don't rly do to much as I am limited as to how I get around, I also work aaaaaa llooottt and don't rly have the time to do much as my jobs are a bit demanding, they are not to hard of jobs, however the fast food business can get nasty and a tad shady at times, great ppl to talk to but as far as working some suck others are gold either way a job is a job.

I like to consider myself a nice and caring person, I will go within my bounds of course to try and help someone as best I can, although I will give it my very best if I feel as tho I am being used or the words I choose or have chosen to say to you have lil to no value or meaning to you I will speak no more, I will still be polite and mind my manners but that's it, if you ask me something that you do not agree with then I plz ask that it be talked about, I can be cold, unfeeling, sometimes wit out knowing or realizing that I have done so and it has in fact put me in deep water XD on the other hand to that. if it issues a warnt for me to be this way then I will do so in a polite manner, the fire that resides within me can burn for the life time of all time, I have no problem turning it off, I rly don't like being that way so I let it go at times cuz for the most part its stupid anyways.

I also like to consider myself a pagan, I don't rly follow all the rules I feel they are more guide lines, I don't mind getting my hands dirty just as long as it is within reason also in respect to certain things, I feel as tho one person can have more then one soul, sounds a bit out there but its what I believe and some experience has made me believe, I will say that I kno I have more then one soul, that would have to thanks to my beautiful spirit fox Kyra, she has been with me for all of life some ups and downs but we are in a very good place, she can be a bit strange and from what I am told a very big girl she is a 3rd wolf and has 12 tail's, trust me wen I say its a lot haha, think of a rly rly rly big doggie with 12 fluffy talis swaying behind it ready to jump on you at any time to say hello I love you. Cute but not at the same time, if the doggie didn't get you imagin someone hitting you in the face with a water balloon - _- there's that...

I also believe a person could have had more then one life but I guess that goes with the topic, I feel as tho I've had more then one, I also feel like this is not my last, I sigh at this because all and all I am a narcissistic cannibal.

So a bit more about me, I'm a very strange person n often kinda weird but if u can get past my stand offish ness then we cool :D I do kno what kinda vampire I amwhat I am, what that is and means is I'm an in between, I am neither here nor there but just in the right places for some in the wrong time for most and very often not being able to help myself so I get burned so to say but I do it to myself most of the times, I also am a confliction to myself, how you ask, hehe I'll be more then happy to tell you.

If you kno anything about vampires and the faeries then you should kno that they rly don't like one another, may not be true for most but I have found that no matter what there will always be that hate or dislike for both parties, now this is where I come in, by blood I am the river nymph Styx's I am not a fairy, there is a difference between the two, I'm more on the human side where as the fea are more like Tinkerbell, do I dislike the fea, you bet ur fuck ass I do, I can not stand them, nasty lil things......anyway I will respect them for the fact and only for the fact that my spirit fox enjoys them and they like her, however I do not mind if they make themselves known to me, not that it would matter

I attract everything under the sun due to the sweet blood that runs threw my body, cursed with the smell of flowers any all flowers, to each person a different smell of flower, now take that and put vampirism in the mix, I am full vampire with sweet nymph blood, I hate the blood in my body and I wish I could bleed it out n sleep but you kno some ppl come into ur life and make it rly hard to think that way ~sighs~ I digress.

Anyways I have and do drink blood but I'm more so for the energy part of that aspect, I'm a energy feeding vampire, I can more then likely read you a lot better then ur own best friend or lover or whoever tf u think knows you but I do not say cuz ppl are funny bout things and I'd rather watch it unfold anyway and just laugh cuz I knew they may not have but I did or my absolute fav is wen ppl ask me to read them and oh do I read them, its suddenly oh that's not right do it again, if I hang or talk to you long enough, sooner or later I'll find ur spirit or it'll find me, I read ppl many was as most ppl would but I am now trying my hand at card reading n this is where it gets touchy for most cuz again ppl asked to be read yet don't like the answers n to that I say to bad then don't ask. ~more again later~

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