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“'You'll get over it...' It's the clichés that cause the trouble. To lose someone you love is to alter your life for ever. You don't get over it because 'it' is the person you loved. The pain never stops it just dulls

She is elayne cross


I was told to give my profile an update, a rant. Hmmmm a rant that is always a good thing, so I guess it is time to update.

I am still learning about how to do all this background stuff but as I learn it I will add that to my profile. It will always be a work in progress in that respect.

Lets see a bit about me. I am old, laugh, I have two boys and I am separated. I am an educator and work in the inner city for about 15 years. I have my BA and two certifications in teaching along with my Masters in Educational Leadership.

I have an issue with people who do not do for themselves and allow others to do for them, more like Wwe do not allow people to take responsibility for Ttheir actions. Some how I think that will come out strange as I have stated openly, I am submissive. But it is not a strange statement and I will explain.

Everyone in her opinion must work. Just because you do not wish to do a job does not mean you cannot do the job. As the saying goes “you can give a man a fish and feed them for a day, but teach a man to fish and he can eat them for a lifetime”. In today’s society Wwe give out the fish and do not teach anyone how to fish.

Wwe have also taken away the act of responsibility. Kids and people today believe that they are entitled to something instead of working for it. They also believe they do not have to take responsibility for their actions. If you do something wrong they you take the consequence for that action. It is as simple as that. Yes I realize that there is always going to be the scenario of he stole to feed his family, but I do not refer to this I refer to the student who cheats and then a parent comes in and they get no recourse and the child is allowed to take the test again. I refer to the person who at 19 owns a gun and kills another and they blame it on his environment. I refer to the men and women, who openly cheat, lie and steal in corporate America and are surprised when someone says to them this is wrong.

In addition to these acts of responsibility we then must also turn and look at those our young people look up to. Those within the recording and sports industries who make money hand over foot (so to speak) and yet when they do something wrong it is brushed over and made to seem unimportant. Athletes who are caught doing drugs, cheating, causing harm to another, speeding, or acting inappropriately are shown in such a light that they are revered and put on a pedestal. Their actions cause them a slap on the wrist or a fine. With that one fine I am sure that that athlete could feed a family in a poor neighborhood for a month.

Many of these athletes, actors and recording artists do not give back to the community. Yes there are exceptions such as Will Smith and Bon Jovi who actively participate in creating environments in which they encourage stronger family bonds and understand that it really does take not just one person but an entire community to help the young people of today. There are many more who actively give back.

The funny thing is as you read this profile in your heads you are going she is so not submissive, and if that is the case then please read up on the lifestyle. Being a submissive does not mean that she is any less opinionated then you. I chose to give the decisions that I make daily to another. For anyone who has experienced the lifestyle whether a Dom/Master or a sub/slave then Yyou understand the power exchange. For those of you who do not ask. I talk about who and what I am openly. Being a submissive does not mean I cannot think, I do not hold opinions and I am unable to function on my own. It means that I willingly give myself to another.


What she is:

Vampire – Sired by Liam Xanti Cross

Part of the ShadowCross Clan


female, submissive

she is submissive and slave to only One. who that One is will remain to be seen. she was owned slave for two years and learned quite a bit about herself.


please do not assume since she is submissive that you can message, male or female, and she will bow down before you. this is an earned right and unless you earn it it will not happen.


she speaks in third person, although not all the time. it is a habit from when she was owned as are other things she still does.

no the picture in the profile is not me, it is a representation, and avatar that i feel represents who i am.


about me, hmmmmmmm. This is never an easy thing to write about oneself.

I found the lifestyle about five years ago. It was a girlfriend at the time who told me about it and from that point on I was hooked. It was seemed to make sense, to fill that void that always seemed to be their.


From that point on I devoured everything I could find on the lifestyle. I was able at the time to find a good chat room with fabulous people who were able to direct me to sites where I could read more information. In addition I was able to talk to people who were actively engaged in the lifestyle who were not shy about sharing and spoke to me openly and honestly about their experiences. This consisted of not just submissive but of Dominants as well.


I was owned for almost two years. It was a long distance relationship but one where I gave myself willingly to another. It was not an easy journey, but then again when is a journey without its bumps. I grew and better understood.


I am no longer owned. I was not told the truth and chose to leave my former. It has been an interesting road to the present, for that was just over a year ago. I again have been lucky to have met people in real time and on line who were able to help me heal and grow and better understand the lifestyle. For at that time I was under the impression that Eeveryone had similar views. I was a novice when my former found me.


Now as for who I am that is easy. I am very much aware of who I am, although the realization was not an easy one to admit. I am outgoing, a smart ass and one who is known to make sarcastic comments. I am also one who does not do drama in any form. For she will often fall quiet in mid conversation if she feels her mouth will get the better of her.

Respect for her is earned or better said it is given until there is reason for it not to be given. She is vocal and opinionated on many subjects. She does not know it all and will not claim to, for life as a whole is a journey and in which Wwe never stop learning.

Just a bit to update my profile. It has been some time, and I still do not believe that my words or thoughts have changed. So the profile itself will not change but I believe some more information is needed to fully understand who she is. As a profile, like any other document that is a reflection of a person, it is something that can never be completely finished.

With that said, let me add to what I have already written. It is my own little two cents about the rating that is required. I personally rate almost everyone a ten (although admits to having a few nines mixed in). she is grateful and honored by all of those who have given her a high rating, smiles, it is so very nice and as always she has no problem if anyone offers suggestions or help to improve what I have.

What gets me is that so many have an issue with this situation, when it is clearly stated that you must rate others profiles, portfolios, and journals when you sign up for Vampire Rave. Now many people clearly state in their profile what they expect to see when they look at your profile, portfolio, and journal, which makes it quite easy to what your rating will be and why.

Personally I do not have a problem with what rating I get. If you feel I should get a ten or a seven or a three, which is your determination. I am not going to go back and rerate you lower or rate you the first time lower just because of this fact. That is petty and childlike, and as I would hope to come off as the adult I am I will not be participating in this type of behavior. If you feel there is something that I can do to improve, as I have already stated, I am open to suggestions.

Now the next update is a blurb about my journal. At the present time I am honestly not sure how to write in my journal. Now that is a funny statement I am sure, makes me sound a little off center, laughs, but there is actually a meaning behind that sentence. I am currently going through a divorce, and for those of you who have never, I wish you never have to. And for those who have, you understand the stress and aggravation involved. I cannot write in a journal thoughts about me when they might be complete and utter rants of a personal nature. If you wish to know of me, I have no problem with you asking but I will not advertise my personal business.

So i have decided that the journal is posted will be the journey of who elayne cross is, which is ultimately her alter ego, although both parts, submissive and vampire, live together. At times the struggle on who will win is interesting, although I do believe that both parts will eventually live in conjunction with each other. So she is using the journal to show more of a role play. There is insight into her in the role play, if one takes the time to read it. I hope it is enjoyed. I will start the journey from the beginning and lead you to the present.

I enjoy role playing immensely and is always happy to have a willing partner. If you are interested ask. I will tell you where you can find me. (in chat of course not in real)

i ask if you add me as Yyour friend please let me know. i do not wish to be on anyones list who is under 18.

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