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I haven't lost my faith...I never had it.

You could say I am aged like a fine wine... or more accurately like a bottle of Thunderbird left out in the sun...poorly. I've lived quite hard and played even harder in my youth and me body is probably ready to give up the ghost but that hasn't completely slowed me down. I've moved about quite a bit in the last decade and seen a few countries here and there as well as a bit of this one.

My travels have shown me interesting views on both the subcultures of life and the supernatural things beyond life. I've always been interested and drawn to the idea of the supernatural but have not had any experience that would lead me to outright believe in it's existence. I used to write contracts to the devil when I was but 8-10 years old and leave them in me desk hoping for a signature in the morning. No such luck of course and it probably had everything to do with the massive loopholes I'd always try to put in them (10 year olds aren't known for their legal subtlety). Nonetheless, my interest in the dark and alternative beliefs dropped me squarely in the middle of the goth scene for the latter half of my childhood and on through me twenties. Punk was also a huge influence in me early years and now that influence is waxing as me need for graveyard adventures wane.

I was born under the sphere of artistry and have been involved in some art form or another throughout my life. I was a painter and hope to be again soon as well as involved in sculpting and writing. I also had a brief (not very brief) stint in the music world when I sang for The Winter Chapter for some years. Actually close to 8 years and we had a pretty good run of it. My lyrics tended to be dark, based on vampiric or ghoulish ideas and heavily laced with religious imagery. While not religious myself, I find the iconic figures of religion and Christianity in particular to be quite visceral and they evoke strong reactions on both ends of the spectrum. Our first album was titled "Time of Faith" because I thought it was ironic as well as slightly mocking. A shot across the bow of religion.

I remember the Masquerade and it's take on vampirism that I found both entertaining and thorough. It blended well with the love of books like Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Anne Rice as well as the more conservative Bram Stoker and Le Fanu. I see it's influence all around the vampire communities and find that to be a well earned legacy.

I am a Duke in the House La Bella Oscuridad. That means I am an Asst. House Master. I'm also in charge of the Music Hall as well as helping our Mistress of the Hall: Darkness Bound with any other operational and graphic requests. I have had the pleasure of designing the last two crests of our house (top of page) as well as the ranks of nobility you'll see on our member profiles and the main LBO Page. I am often making graphic adjustments and creations for our house and halls. If you have any questions about the Hall "Rhythmic Souls of Music" or halls in general, and if you have questions about La Bella Oscuridad (or houses in general), feel free to ask me. Cheers.

I should also note that I am very VERY bad at punctuality...which means I can be slow to respond or faster than you were expecting but either way it's a surprise to you and me both. I'm also currently prone to long spells of zero contact followed by spells of increased interaction. Hence the Methuselah Crest. For now the ancient vampire sleeps.

042606- I suppose as a mere WHELP, it's neither here nor there. Tentative though sometimes bold but evidently with much to learn.

042706- Having now achieved the mighty and feared rank of MOSQUITO...I now realize the power in my hands...I blend with the shadows in search of that elusive vein and having found it...I drink...I savor...I ...I am undone.

042806- I have given up my tiny wings of the mosquito for the dark embrace of the SHADOW. My path to the Caitiff has begun in earnest. There are dark houses and covens here in this world of blood but their existence is all I know of them.

050206- A MARPLOT...a meddler...to undermine the success of a venture...heheh me likes it...but where to meddle...whose life to meddle in? My path progesses quickly. There is a hierarchy here. There are rules.

050706- At last i have reached the CAITIFF. Now to figure out how to stay at this level ;) I am afterall now "a despicable and cowardly wretch"...hmmm I used to have a song titled "the wretched in me"...maybe that's a sign

050906- I slipped into the shell of the GHOUL without even noticing. My skin dampens as the moist graves and fog hug me like a frightened child.

051106- Kidnapped like a thief in the night. One wakes up to find a family. I have been adopted by a house of intellect and creativity. I look forward to rising from the ashes with my new breathren of the PHOENIX - La Bella Oscuridad.

051506- Having shed my ghoulish skin, and left my body behind, I am shadows, I am ether, the SPOOK means listening and learning. A fly on the wall...but I have a Master and she will direct us.

052006- I have seen my powers coalesce. My direction becomes more clearly defined. While a PHANTOM is still ethereal like the spook, we are no longer confined to observers. The phantom is adept at making it's presence felt and it's intentions known.

060106- The SHADE...I am beginning to understand my history...the memories of my life. My ghostly body takes even more form as I coalesce around the dreams of my living past. The Prince...he is aware of us all.

060606- Today I became a FIEND as rumours of the antichrist and armageddon swirled about this date. Either way...as my spirit coalesces into the fiend, it would appear that the powers that be have a darker purpose for me. The now complete memories of my past only confirm it.

061406- The full knowledge of my wicked past having been laid out before me. The UNCLEAN SPIRIT clings to the final pieces of guilt and regret as the last vestiges of humanity begin to be scraped from my soul.

062706- Humanity seems so distant. One can hardly notice that my form now was ever really anything but a frightening reminder of death...a SPECTER.

071206- To go from a reminder of what could be to a prophecy of what will be...Dark times ahead for those who see me. The final spirit form - the WRAITH. The evil omen of my kind embodied now on my path toward the fulfillment of that omen.

072606- Flesh...I once again have flesh...and hunger. A BLOODSUCKER...I fear my soul is lost but the thirst is all I can think about at the moment.

082906- My flesh gains purpose after my true first 'feeding'. Thirst with direction...VAMPLING...young, hungry, perhaps lacking in self control but able to feed...and more importantly to know why.

112906- It seems like it's been months...I thought I would gain more control after evolving into the VAMPIRE, but the thirst has multiplied a hundred fold. Fortunately I have recovered enough of my sanity in between feeding to at least find a haven and begin thinking about my new life in the shadows.

121506- There seems to be no limit to the amount of humanity I can lose. Just when one thinks that evolution brings a sense of peace, the thirst returns and I descend into the wilds of a SAVAGE where my only thoughts are of prey and slaking my thirst for fresh blood.

011007- The power of my spirit is too strong for this shell of a body and once again I must discard it until I can learn to contain my newfound energy. As the SHAITAN, purpose and strength temporarily relieve me of my blind thirst for blood and I see clearly again...if only for now.

020807- I have learned to control the power of my spirit. I can now return to my body and the ways of the flesh without fear of destroying this vessel. But in my body, there is the thirst. More tempered, more directed but still there. The BLOODDRINKER is cultivated enough to understand both thirst and taste and to appreciate both.

021607- With more and more control over my spirit and my body, comes newfound abilities. When the blood is directed towards more than just sustaining my life, I find there is much that can be accomplished. As a CHANGELING, the shape and form of my body is now clay to be molded into whatever I see fit.

031407- Again the time has come to evolve. My bite becomes more venomous as does my personality. I seek to poison the well, to make toxic my relationships with mortals. A VIPER in the pit of humanity: both deadly and unkind.

032807- The peace of the grave has long since abandoned me. I need the distress of those around me to kindle the spirit inside me. As a FIREBRAND, I need the heat of civil disorder in order to feel the life of the blood as it boils in my veins.

052507- The time quickly approaches me where one must have complete understanding of what I am. As one's power increases the knowledge of how to use it becomes paramount. The SAVANT has a thirst for knowledge that is almost as great as the thirst for blood.

062707- My knowledge and status among my vampire breathren grows and my needs grow with them. It becomes necessary to challenge the system, to speak out for my beliefs while always knowing that the ways and laws of the Prince are forever and cannot in truth be defied. As an INCENDIARY, it is necessary to make this last confrontation before accepting my fate and my future.

071007- The complete knowledge of what I am...the rage of the monster i have become causes me to rampage, kill and tear down the world around me. My fury will be a tool for the Prince and my House Master and they will use me as a DESTROYER.

071307- I have grown to such strength that I begin to view my sires with the jealousy and the contempt of one so near their power. I must exercise caution for they still have dominance over me. It is because of this that I don't move against them directly. The ICONOCLAST seeks to destroy anyone with blind and abject reverence for them...tearing down the symbols of their deification in order to show that we are all as they are.

072507- One of the last steps in the journey of the vampire requires that I learn the deepest secrets of our kind. The ways and paths of the dark magic. The NECROMANCER holds the most guarded knowledge of the dead. It is not just what we use...it is what we are.

081407- What's done is done...my fall complete. There is no salvation for the damned...no turning back from SIRE. All that remains is the endless call of the night and the silent cries of my prey and perhaps a brood of my own if I so choose.

While I've got you here, be sure to stop by my potions section. I think you'll find them both usefull and delicious (especially since their main ingredients are alcohol :)

Do you like your name?: I do...I'm named after a great cartoon character.

Are you named after someone?: Guess I answered too soon. I am named after Felix the Cat

Does your name mean anything?: Felix means "cat" as well as "happy or content"...if you've ever looked at a cat in a warm sunspot on the carpet...you understand how it can mean both. So, Felix the Cat might actually be translated at Cat the Cat :P

How old are you?: Ancient...or so my sawbones claims i must be to have done the damage I have.

When is your Birthday?: All Fools Day...what was New Years on many early calendars. The fool or jester like the druidic bard is hardly a fool beneath the costume.

What is your zodiac sign?: Aries

Where were you born?: Southern California

Where do you live now?: Reno, Nevada

What color are your eyes?: My eyes have all but lost their color to time and the weariness that comes with it.

What color is your hair?: Irish Red when it's not shaved clean from my skull.

How tall are you?: 6 foot 2 inches

How much do you weigh?: 208 pounds or so my sawbones tells me today.

What is your race?: Irish and German on about a half and half mix. That means I can drink...I like to drink...and if drunk, I am prone to thoughts of world domination and genocide...tough break, that.

What is your worst fear?: Boredom and being condemned to forgotten history.

¿Habla español?: Si, Yo hablo un piqueno pero se es mucho anos y no tengo gusto de el mucho.

Do you smoke?: I have smoked since the wise age of 11 and continued in earnest almost daily for about 20 odd years. Now I only smoke when I'm drunk...which is all the time.

Do you drink?: Life is best met on an even playing field...that wobbles from side to side beneath your feet. I like to have a self induced astigmatism. I'm pretty sure I've got a potion for that. I drink...heavily...but that's me own business that I've now plastered on me profile (viewable by hundreds of disinterested yabos).

Do you cuss?: Less than I'd like. Somewhere in my years of managing other people, I ended up developing the foul habit of speaking rationally. Pity me.

Do you use drugs?: Some things are better left unsaid - like a pound of protection beats an ounce of lead.

Do you play in a band or play an instrument?: I spent some years singing for the gothic band The Winter Chapter. We created some good music before our imminent self destruction over 'direction'.

Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?: I've almost got me full sleeves done. They are full of images of 'true crime', bar scenes, and graveyards. Bela Lugosi is on me right arm and Felix the Cat is on me chest. I have a Virgil Finley drawing on one arm called 'the Mistake' (you'll have to look it up). I also have 4 ear piercings (0 and 00 guage) and a PA (10 guage)

Do you wear jewelry?: I typically wear silver skull and fire rings on most of me fingers. Big ugly ones that help me make children cry.

Do you have any self inflicted scars?: I was branded a member of the Skunx (skins, punks and drunks) in the late 80's / early 90's by me mates Gordy (the Unknown Bastard) and Lars Fredricksen (the Known Bastard). Which means I have an "S" branded on me arm in a state of drunken bravado.

Do you stand for originality and creativity?: Creativity is all some of us 'ave got. Writing, painting, sculpting, singing as well as individuality and personal creativity.

Do you like biting?: No...I like eating...take that how you will.

Do you like candles?: not as much as a large bonfire.

Do you like incense?: I used to crush and burn my own sage incense but these days, I have little use for smudging.

Do you like to write poetry?: I have been known to pen a few though song lyrics were my 'forte'.

Do you like meeting new people and hanging out?: I like hanging out all over the place...which means I can make a right nuisance of myself.

Do you like your handwriting?: Sure...I'm no Benedictine Monk scribe but it's legible and with forbidden.

Do you own a web cam?: yes

Do you own a thong?: Did I steal the wrong questionare here? No I do not own a thong.

Do you attend a church? I don't believe in them. I think churches are just fronts for car theft rings and illegal bingo houses.

Do you believe in god?: I'd like to say no but I've cussed him out so much that you'd think I was talking to someone.

Do you believe in vampires?: If we're talking about the mythological, literary, Dracula type of vampire...lets just say that my skepticism has always stood in the way of a really good time.

Do you believe in witchcraft?: see above.

Do you believe that you can be possesed?: Oh I'd really like to think so...that would go far to explaining my behavior at times.

Do you believe in love?: Yes

Do you believe in love at first sight?: No...that's infatuation in my book.

Do you believe in love at first fright?: I don't even know what that would mean.

Do you believe in forgiveness?: Yes. Holding a grudge takes too much time and effort. I've better things to do.

Do you wish on stars?: No but I've challenged the dead and cursed the gods and attempted deals with the devil so I won't make fun of someone tossing coins in wishing wells or wishing on intergalactic suns.

Do you want to have kids?: I can neither handle nor appreciate yard apes.

Do you believe you know the person you'll marry?: I am 'with wife'...married for a few years.

Do you ever get off the damn computer?: Yes...to drink or start trouble in the real world.

Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?: You might not think so but yes. My word is my bond.

Are you evil?: Only in a global sense. On a personal level I'm quite easy to get along with unless I'm drunk and or pissed off (which is all the time).

Are you a paranoid obsessive compulsive skitsophranic?: I've had me head shrunk and found little use for it. I'm neither depressed nor manic...merely an addict.

Are you a violent person?: I've taken martial arts for self discipline and maintain balance in my emotions.

Are you a virgin?: Hehe that would sure piss off the missus

Are you kinky?: There are things I wouldn't even ask me wife to do...

Are you religious?: I thought we covered this. I dislike organized religion and don't feel any particular affinity with any 'accepted' religion including spiritualism.

Have you or will you ever steal?: Only what I can get away with and I'm a terrible thief so I don't practice that diversion any more.

Have you ever tried to commit suicide?: Youth is wasted on the young eh? We've all done stupid things.

Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself or someone else?: You mean like a fight? Aye. Hurt myself? See above.

Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?: I shave it now but in the past I did. Laser Blue is the ultimate haircolor.

Have you ever played a ouija board or used tarot cards?: Yes and while interesting from a knowledge or entertainment standpoint, the results were uneventful.

Have you ever had a song written about you?: I've written songs about me but no one else has.

If you had a favorite serial killer who would it be?:Butch "because serial killers are people too"

If you had a choice about how you wanted to die what would it be?: It's rude I know, but I'd want to take a bunch of you with me. Sorry.

Does pain turn you on?: No. Passion simply makes pain something else.

Who is your role model?: Joe Strummer

Who do you admire?: Anyone who goes out on their own to do what they love.

What is your favorite game?: Poker, no eh Cranium...no eh Call of Cathulu...aw hell probably just drinking games.

What is your favorite movie?: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead...If you have not seen it...see it now. No really I'm not asking. It is by far Gary Oldman's and Tim Roth's best acting ever.

What is your favorite band? SLF, The Clash, The Damned

What is your favorite song?: Right now? Folsom Prison Blues...That's Johnny Cash.

What kind of books do you read?: Everything from historical to non-fiction political to sci-fi to comedy to biographical. I like to read. Just got through reading "In God's Name" by David Yallop which discusses the probable murder of Pope John Paul the First inside the vatican (1970's).

What is your favorite color?: Green...fekin' shamrock green.

What is your favorite food?: Sushi...albacore sashimi

What is your favorite drink? Shots of Jim Beam, Cheap Vodka and Gingerale, Capn' and Coke. Pabst Blue Ribbon. I'm a cheap date.

What is your favorite animal?: All of them. You'll never get me to choose. I'll narrow it down to mammals but that's it. I'd probably prefer to save an animal over your measly hide. Sorry 'bout that in advance.

What is your favorite part of your physical appearance?: Lately I suppose it's me white trash 'Deadwood' mustache and chops. That or me ugly tattoos.

What is your favorite part of your emotional being?: My unwavering understanding of those around me. What are you lookin' at?!

What song makes you cry?: Redemption Song as sung by Joe Strummer

What song makes you happy?: "Chim Chim Cherree" from Mary Poppins or "Professional Pirate" by the Muppets

What do you like to listen to before bed?: Our cats purring.

What do you like most about life?: Experiencing it in ways that are hard to remember the next day.

What do you dislike most about life?: Responsibilities ;)

What is on your pillow cover?: It's white on white stripes

What is on your coffee Cup?: I don't drink caffeinated beverages. I'm health conscious that way :P...Otherwise, I have a skull coffee mug but it's holding loose change. Go ahead and ask me about shot glasses.

What kind of shoes do you wear?: Motorcycle boots that used to zip up but have long since given up the ghost...me wife calls them my Johnny Depp boots as I guess he doesn't like throwing things away either.

What kind of cologne/perfume do you wear?: I don't wear 'scents'

What kind of clothing you're wearing now?: Denim jeans and a ringer tee.

What is your job?: Graphic Designer (freelance and as an employee)

When did you last cry?: Probably some flick that got me all emotional. Constant Gardner perhaps.

What subculture do you belong too?: Punk, Goth, Net

Would you ever kill yourself or someone else?: One never knows but I'd have to have a pretty good reason eh?

Would you rather be with friends or on a date?: Friends getting rowdy and in trouble somewheres

If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be? I actually had forgotten to fill this out. I like small ugly dogs like pugs but if I could have ANY animal i'd probably go with something unusual like a possum...not likely though as possums tend to be fierce fierce fuckers.

3 cities you wouldn't mind re-locating to?: Belfast (Ireland), Prague (Czech Republic), and Iwama (Japan)

Are you the center of attention or the wallflower?: Little of both I'm afraid. Couldn't get into trouble being a wallflower now can you? But I can stick to meself if I'm in a tense environment...I'm not real comfortable around college fraternities.

Are you a daredevil?: No just careless.

Are you happy with yourself?: I'm pretty alright once I get to know me.

Are you happy with your life?: So long as I don't get too comfy then yes.

Four words that sum you up?: Creative, funloving, bit of a drinker (oh shit that's four right there..."Bit of a Drinker")

What do you collect? Hot Stuff (the cartoon devil) and Felix the Cat (...the cartoon...cat)

Biggest funkiest wildest dream? I don't really remember my dreams but the parts I remember involve amorphious flesh like creatures with no faces in a sexual nature...maybe I oughta go back for another head shrinkin' after all.

You are Caitiff

You aren't sure where you came from. Perhaps your sire did an embrace and run. Or maybe your sire was an outcast himself. Either way, your powers are unique and really don't belong to any clan...or maybe a little from each. Because you of these circumstances, you aren't really sure where you belong. You tend to wander and do a bit of soul searching in your eternal life. Maybe some day...you have a while after all.

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

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