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Kneel before the Goddess Ma'at. Let her weigh your sins on her scale, those guilty she will rip out your beating heart and eat it.

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Maat: The Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Morality

Maat, also known as Ma’at or Mayet, was a female goddess in the ancient Egyptian religion who represented truth, justice, balance and morality. The daughter of the Egyptian sun deity Ra and wife of the moon god Thoth, she served a kind of spirit of justice to the Egyptians. She decided whether a person would successfully reach the afterlife, by weighing their soul against her feather of truth, and was the personification of the cosmic order and a representation of the stability of the universe. The earliest writings where she is mentioned date back to the Old Kingdom of Egypt more than 2,300 years ago.

The Egyptian culture was centered on order, everything had its due place in the world. This included religion, society and seasonal changes. The goddesses Ma’at came to represent the concept of balance and order because many Egyptians needed to explain the world around them. She was the one that kept the stars in motion, the seasons changing and the maintaining of the order of Heaven and Earth. The opposing force of this was known in ancient terms as “isfet” or chaos. Ancient Egyptians considered the desert beyond the Nile River to be chaotic; whereas, the area close to the Nile was considered orderly. Together, these two forces brought balance to the world in which they lived and was an important part of everyday Egyptian life.
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Ma'at is usually depicted in the form of a woman seated or standing with outstretched wings attached to both her arms. In other instances she is seen holding a scepter in one hand and an ankh (the symbol of life) in the other. Her statue was a stone platform depicting a stable foundation on which order was built. A common symbol associated with her is an ostrich feather, which she is almost always shown as wearing in her hair. Often, the Feather of Ma'at was a distinctive feature of her headdress. Less frequently images of the goddess showed her without a head, instead replaced by the feather. In other images the feather alone conveyed her presence. This feather has come to symbolize her being, as well as the representation of balance and order, it became a hieroglyph for "truth"
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Ma’at was associated with the law in ancient Egypt. From the 5th dynasty (c. 2510-2370 BC) onwards, the Vizier responsible for justice was called the Priest of Maat and in later periods judges wore images of her. The 'Spirit of Maat' was embodied by the chief judge in charge of the Egyptian law courts. He had a dual role, serving as both a priest and working directly in the law courts and justice system. The "Priest of Ma’at" began court hearings whilst wearing the feather of Ma’at and all other court officials wore small golden images of the goddess as a sign of their judicial authority, also as a symbol that their judgement would be balanced and fair. Priests drew the Feather of Ma’at on their tongues with green dye, so that the words they spoke were truth. The priest would rule on the earthly punishment according to the nature of the law that had been broken. Punishments included imposing fines, corporal punishment and in extreme cases capital punishment. It was considered a crime against Ma’at if a person engaged in jealousy, dishonesty, gluttony, laziness, injustice, and ungratefulness. The guilty Egyptian was deemed to have violated the Spirit of Ma’at and would face a further judgment in the Underworld during the ceremony of justification in the Hall of the Two Truths. The 'Spirit of Ma'at' detailed in the wisdom literature contained practical guidance with examples and some rules applied in previous law cases. These kinds of instructional texts have been described as "Ma’at Literature".
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Ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods, one was certainly Ma’at, although Egyptian archaeologists now believe she was perhaps more of a concept or an ideal. It’s reasonable to assume her principles aided the people of Egypt in being better individuals and that she could be compared to the conscience of a person. There was a small temple dedicated to Ma’at by Hatshepsut, the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, Egypt’s first female pharaoh, at the Karnak temple complex in Luxor Egypt. Largely in ruins, it still preserves inscriptions of some of the viziers of Ramesses III and XI. A previous Ma’at temple existed in this area, indicated by reliefs and stelae belonging to the reign of Amenhotep III. The temple is inside the Precinct of Montu, the smallest of three enclosures at Ipet-Isut.

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My name is Nikki.. Most know me on this site as LadyBloodMoon. Love me or hate me, I'm true to my nature and what I feel is right.. Those that's been on this site for awhile, either know me , or know of me.. I can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. How you choose to treat those I care for, and how you choose to treat me, will decide in how I treat you. I was once a loving trusting person, but over the years here, Ive had my trust abused, and seen way to many drama ho's start shit here.. I do like to make friends here, but realize at this point in my life, it will take awhile to get close to me.. If I befriend you, I'm loyal and can be the best friend you will ever have. If you betray my trust.. I will either shun you, and banish you from my life, or knock you on your ass.. Depends on my mood that day.

I am a H.L.V ( Human Living Vampyre) What is that you ask..
1. We do not live forever but we do come back in the next life knowing who and what we are.
2. We do not turn into bats or mist.
3. Holy water or crosses do not harm us.
4. We do not sleep in coffins; well some of us do but that is a matter of choice.
5. Sunlight does hurt some of us but it also causes harm to the mundane if exposed to it for too long.
6. For some of us, light is harmful to our eyes.
7. Yes we feed. We feed from blood, psi energy (Parana), Sexual energy or emotional energy. There are some of us that say they do not feed from blood but all in all most of us do. Blood is one of the purest forms of energy. Is it not said the Blood is the Life?
8. We have laws and codes of conduct that we live by. Those that break the laws are shunned by the community.

Because of what books and Hollywood makes us out to be we are evil in the eyes of the mundane.
If people took the time to understand who and what we are, maybe there would be less hate but wishing for that is like fighting for peace. For those of you who are thinking that this is what is best for you or think that it is cool to be a Vampyre because of what you think a Vampyre is, I would say read, study and learn to pull the facts out of the bullshit that Hollywood and books have made us out to be. Seek and ye shall find! This life is not a life for all and should be looked into long and hard. Some of us can choose, but there are those of us that had no choice in being Vampyric.
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You may notice that I have acquired a lot of profiles here. I have several profiles to help out in other covens. Some have made comments about the profiles and covens, alliances, and mentorships that I have here... as well as tried to be me... "smiles" To those.. you can try, but you shall never be me... I shall continue to express myself as I see fit..
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I am a Kitra / kee’tra / : A term for a councilor in the roads and caste system. Serving a variety of functions in the community, they are lovers and donors, counselors and confidants. In ritual, they often serve as altars, acting as the fulcrum of power between Mradu and Ramkht. Most Kitra are submissive, offering themselves in spirit and flesh to their Mradu or Ramkht. Kitra are also skilled donors, and keep their energy in top form to nourish members of their Household/Order, often being the Keepers of the Golden Circle. They are often very sensual, highly sexually charged, and trained in the arts of lovemaking and entertainment for the pleasure of the Order or family. This road is modeled from the example temple concubines, young men and women pledged to their temples, who offered themselves through service and flesh; these concubines were highly valued and cherished by the priests and warriors they served.

Companions, Counselors and Concubines are the gentlest and often the most understanding. As a rule, they are devoted to the welfare of others. They are a lover who understands your needs, a friend who does not mind you crying on their shoulder and someone you can rant to when you are fed up with life. Counselors are sacred and cherished and anyone is very lucky who has one for a coven member or friend.

With this being said. I can be a friendly ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on. Or just someone to talk with. If you would like to talk , just send a message.
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Alright when it comes to adds and rates I normally will return them all unless you are special enough to be sitting on my block list. Its very rare that I Block someone , But If I do... Know I have more than one profile so when you get blocked by me you get hit by all my accounts. Things that will get you blocked.... Being disrespectful to myself, Friends, or those I consider family. Blocking or downrating myself, friends, or those I consider family. I will return the favor and it will stay until things are made right...

BlessedBe to you..


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