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Romulus, MI



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"Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc. We gladly feast on those who would subdue us." -Addams Family Credo



I remember when I was afraid of the dark and things that might eat me found within.

Vampire Pictures, Images and Photos
I realized soon the dark was comfy and that the things that really eat you up are in this world.

said no

I love aesthetically pleasing things: photos in black and white or sepia; the curve of a woman's hip, the sharpness of a man's jaw.

Bi Pride Flag

My sexuality is mine alone. I would call myself pansexual as I do not choose lovers based on the genitalia they were born with, no more than I would choose someone based on eye or skin colour. And yes, for me..the best feast is off the energy created through the sexual act. I prefer lovers with the same eclectic tastes as my own.

Artistic and maybe even a bit shallow, you belong to the clan of the Toredor. You have a keen eye for pretty things. The embrace is looked on as perserving all beautiful things for eternity. You are the sensual vampires that you hear people talk about that seduce to get what they want. This clan is the one thought of as being the spoiled sort who want to get what they want. However, you usually work right under the ventrue clan as they try to carry out their plans.

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

I'm not into puppies, rainbows and long walks on the beach. I like HUGE dogs (I own a 230 lb mastiff), thunderstorms and long walks through old graveyards.

Who am I? A grown woman, a mother, a friend, a lover, a wife...who still believes that there are briars where dark flowers grow; that there is always beauty at the end of a stiletto heel and there is always dignity in the different.

What is your demon type?

possessing an irresistable unearthly beauty, you are the master of appearing to lose in order to win. a shameless seducer and dangerous manipulator, people never know what they are getting into with you around. rather than use force, you finesse your way into and around things and always get what you want. you're a taker not a giver, but somehow no one seems to notice how much you can drain them of, even while they're handing everything over to you. your motives maybe uncertain but your powers are not.
How do you compare?
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Why Kyriele??? Why the hell NOT!

The real reason behind the name is an amalgamation. Kyrie Elaison is a song in the Catholic Church. Kyrie means Lord or Master. Elle or Ele is the French feminizing form. Thus, Kyriele, a Lady/Mistress. Because I'm such a GOOD French Catholic girl :)

I am the elder of two daughters born to a well off family (big fish in a small pond). My mother was incapacitated due to MS and manic depression and my father was an alcoholic. Reading and music became my escape from everything. The darkness found within King, Saul and others seemed to be only things that could devour the stuff going on outside my bedroom door.

I am on my second marriage to an extremely creative man 10 yrs my junior. We have just bought a house in Michigan and so I will be moving with my youngest three children to the great United States of America (but did he have to pick the place with the highest unemployment and foreclosure rate??) I have a 23 yr old daughter, 21 yr old son, 17 yr old daughter and identical twin 9 yr old sons. All have Celtic names as I find it such a lyrical language. (Courtney, Colin, Shannon, Hunter and Liam)

The Brood

Movies: Original B&W Night of the Living Dead; Ginger Snaps; Bram Stoker's Dracula; 30 Days of Night; Black Sheep; Fido; Zombie Apocalypse (independent student film made in Michigan)
Books: Clive Barker's Imajica; The Thirst; Salem's Lot; The Stand; It
Songs: Closer - NiN; Black Parade - MCR; I'm The Only One - Melissa Etheridge; Take Another Piece of My Heart and Get It While You Can - Janis Joplin; Perfect Drug - NiN; Question of Lust - Depeche Mode; Bloodletting - Concrete Blond

Disgusts Me:
1. Snakes! How evil IS something that can move faster on land than I can and has NO LEGS!!!

2. Rats! Filthy, bubonic-carrying, flea infested, sewer-dwelling (sorry to any Nosferatus :) ), not afraid of human vermin!!

3. And green peppers. Yeah..I know..pretty innocuous after snakes and rats..but I hate the stupid things: cooked or raw. Yuck!
Green Pepper

My little fireball, SamotDuKyrie: He's so "hot"!


And our demonic twins: Satan figured he'd do God one better and send his only begotten TWO sons to Earth :)

Satanic Twins

And ratings....for those of you who care.


I'm always amazed at the average rating of like 9.5 for someone who has not bothered to upload an image, has no quote and in description says: If you wanna know, ask me. If that's all you got? All you get is a 1. A little personal info and a picture (I don't even care of WHAT..just a visual please!) will up it to a 5. A 9 is a great profile...10's are perfect. If you have most of your profile as a pile of protection stamps or quizzes, regardless what I learned about you in the profile, chances are it's a 9. If you're a regular member and can't see the rating and are interested..drop me a line and I'd be happy to tell you what I gave you and rerate if you'd like. Usually, if I've rated you low it's because you were new and had nothing in your profile yet OR you did that fucked up spelling thing (yewz r kewleeossss!!) and I couldn't understand a word you were saying. I also will rate lower if the only thing you can say is you're a young girl, who's bi and if I don't like it I can fuck off. I could care less what you're sexuality is and neither does anyone else on VR. No need to be militant. This isn't high school. No one is going to climb all over your shit for being EMO or punk or an outcast or a deviant :) I've always said...this is the Island of Misfit Toys!

PROTECTION??? Not needed :) But friends are always great :)








Ode to the Disbanded:

I remember coming on to Vampire Rave for my first few days. I read the FAQ and everything I could in the main forum. I learned about inductions and researched the 7 Houses and the many covens listed under Societies. They all seemed to represent respect to the coven and others, a sense of family, a sense of decorum and sometimes, a leaning towards perfect profiles or magic or vampirism or skepticism or warriors or heroes. Then there came the Island of Misfit Toys. The place for the rest of us. This was built on the principles of FIERCE loyalties and SWIFT judgments...much like those in the vampire packs described BEFORE Twilight :) Hours were spent in the coven forum, threads being closed for length quicker than in the main forum; participation levels were insanely high. But..all good things must come to an end. This is my ode to Monomacy. May our lamia rest in peace. May our members find themselves in homes they feel comfortable and free in. May we all one day be under the same roof again.

Assistant Coven Master
Coven of Monomacy

(and a shout out to the now dearly departed Stikkisan :) )

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