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Welcome to my lil place . Make yourself comfortable. I am LadySynn. I enjoy having pets/subs. It brings me great pleasure. I am a H.L.V. I take a pet /sub or two on occasion. I feed of blood and energy of many forms.

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I crave and desire to touch and taste flesh. I am a Dom. I offer affection, and friendship. There are different forms of submission. I desire complete devotion, and submission. Loyalty , I'm second to no one.

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Submissive (sub) – As a sub you submit to your Dom, you give up control for long periods of time. However you have your opinions and your choices and you can still make them. Say you do the dishes and pay the bills, these things usually are still under your control. It changes only during set times and parameters. There is also the thought of the “power balance” between dominant and submissive. Meaning that in a submissive role although you give up the control the power is really still 50/50 just in a different setting and under more intense circumstances. Sex is usually a large part of this relationship and mostly where the submission enters in. Now don’t get me wrong the intensity is still strong and the punishments and pain are real and overwhelming however you have more of an option to stop and this doesn’t spill over into the everyday that much.

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Slave – As a slave control is given up completely. The power balance is completely tipped in the Dominants direction. However keep in mind this is a choice the slave makes not something she/he was made to do. Slaves usually are slaves 24/7 (as I explained personally I do not believe there is part-time or 24/7. Those in BDSM lifestyle are always part of this as it is a way of life, a way of philosophy and not something we take a break out of it. Of course, if one anticipates BDSM as it appears on porn movies, then is hard to understand what i am talking about). They may work but when they get home there is no distinction from normal day to a BDSM day, that person is always a slave from the day they ask for that. As a slave sex is still very real and alive however not always the goal and not needed for the Dominant and slave to be in that persona. As a slave the lifestyle is usually (I disagree on that “usually” and i would say the word might fit better) more intense in pain, humiliation and just pure pleasure (It is always about pleasure.Even when it does not involve any sexual act pleasure to serve and pleasure to control is there. I would say instead that in a Master/slave relationship is easier to explore the darker desires of our soul.

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Talk, accept,admit,explore and find out more about fetishes and needs that usually most people are afraid to even speak off) . Something to remember however is that as a slave this does not mean if the Dominant asks you to break the law or hurt yourself that you should obey on a whim. If a Dominant is asking you to do things that are against the law or against your moral values than he or she is not a true dominant. (additionally how far the Master will go, how much He will push his slave’s limits and what practices He will use are pre-discussed, agreed and in event no matter how confident the slave is a safe word should be agreed for any situation the slave would like to stop what is going on. The more a Master and a slave are honest and open with each other the better it is to understand each others needs and what should they do at time. Honesty, communication and trust are essential and clearly time in order to progress and enjoy more such a relationship).

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Pet – This hasn’t always been a classification of a submissive person and is still controversial in some circles. A pet is more on the side of a slave except for one large difference, sex does not have to be involved. In many cases it is not. If you have become a pet it is to give up yourself and obey, you gain pleasure from the control and the obeying not from sexual play. There can be play but it is rare in this kind of lifestyle. This submission is one of the most dangerous because you can lose yourself mentally because you so rarely have thoughts of your own, you usually do not work and although you may discuss things with your Dominant he is last say in all things. You are what your Owner says you are and wants you to be.

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Ultimately the deeper you go into submission the stronger you have to be which of course is peculiar since you have to give up more of your control with each level. But you have to be very sure of yourself to give up every ounce of control and thought. Taking each step is serious and should never be taken light by the Dominant and submissive, especially if you want to remain safe, sane, and consensual.

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I am a Regent of the Court Of Mystical Mounatins. In East Tennesse.

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We are building and working on Vampyre Evocatus Halo. We know that stepping out of the shadows can be a hard thing to do, especially in a rural area. We are here and you will be welcome to those whom live in East Tennesse. Come join us in building the structure that this state needs.

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Eternal Night is a group of family of like minds. We come together to support each other and to celebrate each others personal growth and enlightment. We know that awakening and personal growth can sometimes be lonely and painful, and overwhelming. We are a group that studies Vampyrism and Paganism.

For those whom ask about lineage. My sire is Lord Ryu. From The Sabertooth Clan Omega Family.



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As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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