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Right beside you "Boo"



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exams all week groans uni totally doing my head in!

Vampire Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Bine aţi venit!

Welcome to my blood lust
wont you come closer my dear
let me breathe in your essence
you have nothing to fear
Love me now or want me dead
tis not mattes to me
blood will be shed
be my meal or be my friend
the decision is yours in the end....
Witch, gypsy hoodlicious queen too
Know my friendship is strong and true
here I am as I was before
its you I want and I want more......

Welcome to my page
I am true PSI Sanguine Vampire and show no shame of flaunting it!

welcome to my Lair after much work I am proudly inducted into the very coven that marked from the beginning
the Coven of De Morte

Vampire comments and graphics

Been here many moons ago see my lifestyle took me away from the virtual world for a short burst but this will be my 3rd year with the rave....yes I am back after what seems a long time but only a short few bursts of months... gave up my ranking my place to take a inner journey to find out exactly where I meant to be..RIGHT HERE!
A polite word of warning to one Vampyre to .... another....

If your here and you treat vampyrism as a joke you are
A FOOL! It is very real! whther that be sanguine or psi or both...This is not a vritual World where you can play foolishly and think you,ll escape unscathed
Think again....

this is a life that should not be chosen lightly nor taken for granted....
sure it has its perks
sure you dont have to be actually dead like in the movies to be a vampyre so many other ways we have cleverly evolved over time

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave

My ways are simple in Life I live not to please others but to coinherse with others of my own kind the "Dark Kind"
I am very 1800's as to say.... very medieval choosing to live through my past lives as if they are in my present...

i can tend to be quiet a misbehaving little pixie at times forgive me for that

its in my makeup.... good at times............ bad alot of the times... giggles....

TO the vampires I met here many moons again I have missed you to those who do not know me welcome...I dont bite hard unless you peeve me off!

Vampire comments and graphics

I have many vampyre friends on here that watch my back
as I do theres.......
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave

I am empathic I feel all do all be all....
I take great enjoyment of Psychicly feeding but only with your permission
I am strong no fluff bunny come into my world and you may get more than you bargained for.....
I astral often visit places I dont mean to go its just where my soul takes me forgive me now if it takes me to you....

My Passions My loves....
Anything Gothic!
Anything even remotly vampyre related
The 1300's
Nine Inch Nails!

I love to Dance ( teacher of bellydancing ,hiphop, jazz and ballet)
I love the Rain and dancing it in swirling around and around putting my hands up to that great big universe and thanking her for all we have....
I love lightning nothing better than standing out in the middle of a storm and feeding off its awsome energy!
I love astrology and have so many books on it I could open my own library D:
I love to play the guitar the piano being my biggest passion and am a lover of the Arts....
I love to sing
( or try to ) hahahahaha
other loves
My Shop Its a natural alternative healing clinic it is my own work my own Shop ..I am the in house psychic there ..as well as a crytstal and chakra healer healing the energy points most humans tend to neglect...
I am also training to be a masseuse so inbetween Uni and the shop and family theres not much left of me to go around lol....
I am currently studying a advanced diploma in Western Medicne and a cert 14 in massage.... so yes I often fall asleep on my text books....
I am gypsys leading back through 5 generations to the surrey gypsies that came from romania...
I am empathic, psychic a medium yes I reguarly talk to dead people and quiet enjoy it!
I work with clients to help their loved ones get their messages accross then cross over only if they wish to

Death does not scare me
Ive seen enough of it in my life NOT to be afraid.....

I dont have many but the most no 1 NO no is Manipulative MIND GAMES!
If you choose to play with me you might get more than you bargained for...
Once you get in my mind theres NO escaping!
no 2 hate: people projecting negativity onto you I dont dance to the tune to lightly of someone projecting their low self esteme issues onto me Because their Life sux and mine doesnt!
tolerated alot of that in the past and wont tolerate it again! 3. Pathological Liers:Just stop only person who believes you is yourself so why do it?
Backstabbing and Bitching I dont play into it so please dont involve me in your immature Crap....
and thats about it :)

To My Vampire Family
I am currently at Uni studying western Medicine, and cert iv in massage as mentioned above ..Work as a psychic and chakra healer at my Shop and have a mortal family to take care of as well as my coven so if I dont answer you straight away be Patient I do log in everyday when I get the chance bar some weekends... So if I'm not here I'm not to far away:)

its broad
I love my stuff like Rob zombie, cradle of flith, evernesence, Linkin Park, Night wish, Black Sabbath ,looooooooooooove Nine Inch Nails, Static x, Korn, The 13th Floor to name a few

thens theres my spiritual side of music
enigma, deep forest,romanian, bellydance and various other pagan music

Fav soundtracks and Movies?

Queen of The Dammed ( soundtrack and movie no 1 for me)
Vampires suck ( funny movie)
Van Helsing
Interview with a Vampire
( totally into ) Vampire Diaries ( shakes head)
The Lost boys only no 1
Interview with a vampire
oh and totaly hooked on Vampire Diaries! sad but true Im in love with damon! so loooooooooove what he does with his eyes and his smart ass attitude now thats my kind of vampyre!

I dont mind getting bitten infact it apeases me but when I BITE genrally its because your profile has caught my eye and I now wish to get your attention....
I do enjoy interlectual conversation so please do not take my bite as a open invitation to cyber My bite is as i said because you gained my attention nothing more nothing less....
I have my soul partner in life he is for me as I am for him mind body and soul....

Ghost & Graveyard Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

My Mentorship

I HATE LABELS! simply put I am of gypsy blood who believes in all universal powers deities and energies...I am psychic, I am a healer, empath and a psi vamp all raveled into one tidy neat buddle of kick A!
I am universal , like the little universal child you have never met dont try to figure me out You never will and I will be so entertained whilst you do try for many moons to see what makes me tick... good luck with that I even confuse myself!
As mentioned earlier I dont like LABELS I draw my energies from many paths many beliefs and..
I simply practice many paths evolving them all into my workings for my desired results....
I love working with voodoo, hoodoo, gypsy magic and of course native american magick most!
my friends tease me call me wytchdoctor
they arnt far off the mark...:)
I am magikal, mysterious, sensual and align at all times with the great devine...
In rhythm with my own energies I beat to the sound of my OWN drum!
I am a medieval romantic... loving all ways of old....
I have been told I have popped up in many ones past lives....
I live to be in unity with the universe as it lives in unity with me ...

Witchy Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Finding magic in a simple breeze....
My lfe is magical therefore so is my soul, my breathe, my very being....

I am here to co inherse with others of the same beliefs...

Vampire yes Proud PSI Sanguaine as I mentioned before I dance to the beat of my own drum...
add me if you dare befriend me but if you cross me that is a whole new ballgame be for warned I dont lay down that easy!

I gave away to notions of what others thought of my pallete many moons ago

I am what I am nothing more nothing less.....

Medium, voodoolicious gypsy queen I strive to
to be at one with you all it seems

love and lust are just some of my delights but get on the wrong side of me
and Prepare for devilish Frights.....

Please be kind with your ratings as mentioned earlier I do run 2 businesses ( I am a dance teacher and a shop owner ( natural healing shop masseuse of shiatsu and crystal chakra healer as well as the shops psychic . and im in my first year at uni So I am here when I can be
its simply when I log on Coven first
Ratings second
answering emails last....

Book & Candle Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

As busy as I am The Rave is very important to me I take my Coven seriously as I do my friends their time is sacred with me so please respect that....
Coven first Friends Second....

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Favourite Movies of all Time

My most beloved vampire Movie is
Queen of the Dammed I totally Love Lestat!
Would be his donar any time!

my other fave of fave movies well series is


So love how these girls kick demon butt!

many other movies I love I will upload later


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favourite all time song reflects How I feel personally!
Slept to long

Walking, waiting
Alone without a care
Hoping, and hating
Things that I can't bear

Did you think it's cool to walk right up
To take my life and fuck it up
Well did you
Well did you

I see hell in your eyes
Taken in by suprise
Touching you makes me feel alive
Touching you makes me die inside

Walking, waiting
Alone without a care
Hoping, and hating
Things that I can't bear

Did you think its cool to walk right up
To take my life and fuck it up
Well did you
I hate you

I see hell in your eyes
Taken in by suprise
Touching you makes me feel alive
Touching you makes me die inside

I've slept so long without you
It's tearing me apart, too
How to get this far
Playing games with this old heart

I've killed a million petty souls
But I couldn't kill you
I've slept so long without you

I see Hell in your eyes
Taken in by suprise
Touching you makes me feel alive
Touching you makes me die inside

I see Hell in your eyes
Taken in by suprise
Touching you makes me feel alive
Touching you makes me die inside

Feel free to add me as a friend , bite and rate but dont hate thats Not what im here for!

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
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You have been visited and rated fairly by Viscount Sire NikkiAidyn. Feel free to stop by my profile... All adds, rates, and favors are returned.

Enjoy the darkness.

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