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When reactions turn into hurricanes

~* Coven and Mentorship *~


I'm the girl that's been through hellfire and yet is still here fighting her way through this lifetime.

I'm 5'3" Green eyes, Dark reddish brown hair. I'm very pale naturally (which only fuels my love of all things Vampire), My body betrays my personality, and I love so many different and sometimes conflicting things that I never fit in.

~ I find vampires (obviously), and pirates completely irresistible.
~ I'm naturally an insomniac. I'm always up at night and not always happy to be awake during the day.
~ I'm pretty passionate about many things and can't just simply "like" or "dislike" something. It's a Love it or Hate it type of deal.
~ Books, Movies, and Music are my addictions. I can not live without them.
~ I'm slightly OCD and like numbers to be on 5's and 10's if I can help it.
~ I'm a "Jack of all trades, master of none" type of girl and love it!
~ I have very distinct light and dark sides to my personality. If you like one, you probably won't like the other.
~ You'll either love me or hate me. Take your pick.
~ I'm both a loyal friend/ally and vicious enemy
~ My friends are my family and I'd do anything for them.



~ I love to read and have various literary obsessions, I could read these books over and over till the day I die (and I will). This is only a very small selection of the many many books I love to read.

- The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
- The Harry Potter books
- The Black Dagger Brotherhood books
- The Traveling Vampire Show
- The Southern Vampire Chronicles

~ I love to find a new good book. For me it's like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. My list is ever growing and it seems for every book I read 3 more end up on my list :)


~ I LOVE to watch movies! In the theater or curled up on the couch doesn't matter. I like pretty much every genre and will watch ANYTHING that strikes my fancy (Yes I totally still watch kids movies!)

~ These are my top 20 (ish) movies I could watch repeatedly and never get bored!
- LOTR Trilogy
- Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2,3 (& 4 Soon lol)
- Nightmare Before Christmas
- Hold That Ghost
- Surf's Up
- Snatch
- Queen of the Damned
- Interview with the Vampire
- Muppet Treasure Island
- The Goonies
- Constantine
- The Wedding Date
- Harry Potter (Though the actual book to movie adaptations are FAIL I still love them)
- Ghost Ship
- Armageddon
- Finding Nemo
- Star Wars
- Moulin Rouge
- Every adaptation or variation of Peter Pan
- Anything and Everything Tim Burton

* My actual favorite movie list is ridiculously long, and grows almost daily *


~ I love almost every genre of music. It keeps me sane. It keeps me alive. Of course, I have my favorites and ones I least like, but I listen and respect all forms of music. Especially the forms, few people are into.

~ Music Hunting is a favorite past time of mine and I'm always looking for new bands/artists. So if you have any good recommendations send me a message!

* I originally thought I could condense my favorite artists/bands into a reasonable list to post here... but I found it way too difficult. I just love way too many different things for that to ever happen lol *


~ I enjoy tv almost as much as I enjoy movies. You never know what useful tidbits you can pick up. And sometimes its just nice to have your brain shut down and focus on someone else's life lol

- Supernatural
- True Blood
- Grey's Anatomy
- The Closer
- Bones
- Psych
- House
- Rizzoli & Isles
- Leverage
- Dexter
- Project Runway
- Angel
- Charmed
- Tons of different shows on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, the Travel Channel, the Food Network, the History Channel, and Bravo


~ I love to dabble in all sorts of things. By no means am I an expert at anything. I just do them for me :)

~ Reading/Writing
~ Music Hunting
~ Watching Movies
~ Singing
~ Painting/Drawing/Collaging
~ Beading/Making Jewelry
~ Discovering/Learning New Things


~* Loves *~

~ I love tattoo's (especially on guys) and I have 2 so far.
~ I LIVE for learning new things.
~ I LOVE kisses on the hand. They always make me smile and sometimes blush
~ I love the scent of fall; it's my absolute favorite season.
~ I am a Foodie and I like to attempt to cook.
~ I LOVE Peanut Butter!
~ I love animals. ALL animals. Though that doesn't mean I want all of them as pets.
~ I love to daydream
~ LOLCatz always makes me giggle
~ I love Lightning and Thunderstorms!
~ I love being hugged and to hug. I adore that intimate contact.
~ I love lips and teeth. If you have a good smile and great teeth I'll puddle at your feet (especially if you have fangs)
~ I have a weakness for cologne. If you smell amazing I'll be putty in your hands.
~ I adore accents! I could listen to someone who has one talk all day long
~ I find eyes to be completely mesmerizing and absolutely gorgeous.
~ I puddle on the floor for a Basso Profondo voice and even more so for the choirs.


~* Hates *~

~ I HATE being lied to
~ I despise abusers (male and female alike)
~ I hate clamy weak handshakes
~ Spiders terrify me. No matter how big or small I will freak and bolt or sometimes pass out
~ I hate to BE cold and when snow lingers around for too long.
~ I can't stand when people OVER use txt speak. I much prefer the proper language but sometimes it can be useful (like when my mind is moving too fast for my mouth....er fingers).
~ I HATE seafood. Gross!
~ Ventriloquist dolls creep me the fuck out!
~ I HATE to be called "Cutie"
~ Even though I LOVE eyes, I can't handle anything touching them. Even seeing someone put contacts in literally makes me gag and my eyes water. In movies I can handle all forms of bloody torture except when they go after the eyes.


~* Rating *~

Right now it's pretty simple. You rate me and I will rate you.

~ Everyone starts with 10 and will usually end up with 10. I don't rate down because I disagree with something you believe in (Political or Religioius views etc). That's not fair, they are your views and you are welcome to them. Just as I am to mine.

~ Add, Rate, Stalk, or Bite I don't mind, but if you are just trying to say hello and start up a conversation... a message works much better ;)

~ Everyone has interesting things to say, but not everyone will agree on what makes it interesting. I only add journals that really strikes my personal intrest.



~* I've got friends in all the right places *~





*** I'm always tweaking things here and there so check back to see what's new! ***

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